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Wilson Memorial, Rude Punk, Disorder On Market Street

Sleuth Wk 34 and madness all around

Published on August 16th 2013.

Wilson Memorial, Rude Punk, Disorder On Market Street

SleuthSleuthSleuth is a sideways glance at the city every week, it's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. He's several people all at once. We give £25 for every story/rumour and piece of absurdity you find for us to publish. Sleuth sometimes even gets serious. We ask for the money back if any legal action follows. Follow Sleuth on twitter @mcrsleuth

Tony Wilson Memorial?

Serious Sleuth here.

Last weekend Sleuth was contacted by Terry Christian, the bard (or barb) of Old Trafford. It's now six years since Anthony H Wilson, the intellectual opinion-former who didn't go to London, died. Very many people including T Christian wonder why he's never been commemorated in Manchester for his contribution to city life - Terry Christian's article about this is here.

Of course what form a memorial might take is a difficult one, nobody in their right mind would think Wilson, the arch anti-traditionalist, would want a bronze statue like one of those dead Victorians in Albert Square.

But almost as interesting is who should pay for such a memorial.

Back to those dead Victorians.

Nearly all the nineteenth century statues came from donations from private individuals or from public appeals or subscriptions - old-fashioned crowd-funding in a way. People did this because they wanted to show their appreciation and respect.

Sleuth reckons if we are to have a memorial to Wilson then that is exactly how it should be funded. If, as Terry Christian argues, Wilson was fundamentally a man of the people it should be the people who fund any memorial.

So, who's going to start the public campaign?

Sleuth's Most Awkward Corporate Video Of The Year

Back to absurdity. This is from DWF, a law firm with a Manchester office. Sleuth loves the beautiful English awkwardness of this presumably team-building video. These are the partners of the law firm at their partner conference. Jeez. Why do companies put themselves through these things?

£154 - Includes Free Scottish Swearer 

Sleuth needed to get to Penrith, just under a hundred miles away on the train. He needed three adult tickets and one kid's ticket. Best price was just under £154. It was off-peak on a Saturday and Sleuth was wondering whether it would have been cheaper to fly to Spain. If he had done the latter he probably wouldn't have had to stand up all the way. The train was packed. At Preston, a red mohican Scottish punk of a certain age got on. He stood next to Sleuth and was chatting to his mate when his phone rang. He couldn't find it for ages which was a shame as the ring tone was a shouting Glaswegian repeating the two simple words 'Fuck Off!'. At least thought Sleuth, you get some entertainment for your £154.

Punk waiting for the phone to ring

Punk waiting for the phone to ring

Confidential Editor Wins Olympic Bronze

Jonathan Schofield, the Confidential editor, was honoured by Team GB on Sunday for his contribution to Britain's triumphant Olympic games last year. He was sent this tweet:

'Team GB@TeamGB20H  The european champions & grabbed the bronze in the Men's K2 200m

The editor was flattered by this but had to concede that the Jonathan Schofield in question was another Jonathan Schofield, a rower, with a different Twitter address. He admitted this to Team GB so they could direct the compliment to the correct individual, but not to his children who have been asking to see the medal for days now.

Jonathan Schofield - Not The Editor

The other Jonathan Schofield, the fit one, not the editor

Market Street Is Mad

Speaking of the editor, he decided a couple of weeks ago to film pedestrianised Market Street from Fountain Street to Cross Street. This is a mad street especially on a Saturday - street-hawker, busker central for Manchester. What he didn't bank on was a confrontation between some ugly BNP sorts and some crazy SWP types half way down the street. The policeman you see in the closing moments of this video was alerted to the nonsense by the editor and within minutes had been joined by three colleagues and had sorted the mess very efficiently. Good policing.

Sleuth And A New Asian Restaurant

Sleuth is looking forward to sampling a meal at the shiny new Asian restaurant on Cheetham Hill Road called Sahara. He is particularly looking forward to the puddings, in otherwords the Sahara dessert. Sleuth will get his coat. He's thinking of going next Dune. Somebody get their gun. 

Sleuth And Flying Carpet (Mattress) Breaches Parking Rules

Upper Chorlton Road mattress misdemeanour

Upper Chorlton Road mattress misdemeanour

Sleuth's Seafood Crisis

Sleuth enjoyed a meal at Dig The City last week with the editor, who also attended. He took some pictures. The food was beautifully cooked by two chefs, Lisa Allen from Northcote Manor and Mary-Ellen McTaque from Aumbry. One of the courses included oysters and cockles. There's a Wikipedia entry on Lisa Allen that is massively illuminating. Under the 'Personal life' section it simply reads: 'Allen has an allergy to shellfish'. A bit awkward for a chef Sleuth reckons but clearly, given the beautiful food, Allen has her coping mechanisms.

Beef and battered cockles

Beef and battered cockles

Sleuth's Weak Hands

Every seven days or so Sleuth is stopped in the street and asked by policemen, concierges, Tony Wilson, Lisa Allen, Scottish punks, mattresses, DWF partners and all the shoppers on Market Street: "Where can we see the weakest hands on a sculpture in Manchester?"

"Why," says Sleuth, "that would be in Castlefield on the old Congregational Chapel, next to Knott Bar, that was for a while a Pete Waterman recording studio graced by musical geniuses such as Steps.

The chapel was built in 1858 by Edward Walters (who also designed the Free Trade Hall, now the Radisson Blu Hotel on Peter Street). There's a window on the building decorated with the austere face of John Wesley with two pathetic hands popping over a wreath."

And to prove this he showed the policemen, concierges, Tony Wilson, Lisa Allen, Scottish punks, mattresses, DWF partners and all the shoppers on Market Street, this picture. 

Wesley's weak hands

Wesley's weak hands

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Simon TurnerAugust 17th 2013.

A bit more detail about that video where the editor happens across something political happening. The "crazy" SWP had legitimately set up a stall with anti-cuts, anti-austerity literature and material relating to the Peoples Assembly. They were subject to an organised attack by the far right but attempted to shout them down and stand their ground. However, one female SWP-er was punched in the face and the person who did it has since been charged with assault.

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