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Sleuth 3/08/07

…..As recommended by Terry Wogan

Published on August 3rd 2007.

Sleuth 3/08/07

The Eurovision Breakfast Contest
Sleuth keeps an eye open for oddities around the city. Having cadged a lift back from Leeds with a driver who thought the M62 a challenge from Need for Speed, he stopped off at the Abergeldie café on Shude Hill for reinforcing sustenance. Munching on a piece of black pudding Sleuth mused on the footnote on the A-board outside the Abergeldie pictured below. “How come Terry knows this place?” asked Sleuth of the boss. “No idea, only had the café a year,” came the reply, “it really intrigues people though.” By the way did people know that Manchester Confidential comes recommended by Leonardo da Vinci, Virginia Woolf, Prince and Sleuth's mum. Oh and God.

Tyke originality
Sleuth had been in Leeds seeing what the city has to offer. During the process he enjoyed one of the best meals of his life (complete with lovely and witty company) at top restaurant Anthony’s. Anthony's provides exotic, yet familiar food, and makes a trip to our dour Northern neighbour almost a necessity. Later on Sleuth went for a wander round Leeds and in about three streets passed Croma, Sam’s Chop House, Piccolino and the Restaurant Bar and Grill…Sleuth was getting bewildered - had a more mundane but cleaner version of Manchester been constructed over the Pennines? All the place needs now is an Abergeldie for the cross-fertilisation to be complete.

Out on the tiles
Sleuth loves the rainbow mosaics scattered round the city pavements. They’re part of the Lesbian and Gay Heritage Trail, set up during EuroPride in 2003. Each one marks a site of significance in Lesbian and Gay history in the city. Sleuth knows that the one on Newton Street marks the site of Grassroots bookshop, the first shop to openly sell gay and lesbian literature in the seventies. Unfortunately the mosaics have no plaques nearby telling you why they are there: costs, planning permissions and all that. Sleuth passed a fella standing with his mates and looking at one of the mosaics. “I don’t know exactly what this one’s for,” he was saying, “but I do know that something significantly gay happened here.”

August funSleuth is looking for Confidential correspondents for a couple of events that Gaydo’s alerted him to – see our home page for the full story. These are Saturday 18, Munch, Wet and Wild (A refreshing alternative for women as part of Pride Games at Cruz 101) and Tuesday 21, Village Barman Rear of the Year Competition (a chance to see the best bottoms of those who serve you drinks). Fundamentally, this must be a popular event as its taking place in the Ritz not in the Village.

Devil’s work
Sleuth got a fascinating email the other day with some stories concerning life in the Northern Quarter. It was impressive stuff, especially the story about the pub break-in in which a woman rang the Police and the boys in blue got there sixteen days later. “We couldn’t find it,” they explained. Which either meant she’d phoned the Singapore police and they’d come by boat or the local officers need a good slapping. Sleuth looked to the top of the page to check who’d sent the email. It was satanspawn. Sleuth thinks you really have to be cautious when choosing an email address, if you want to remain credible.

Karnival comes to town
Cllr Pat Karney was at Manchester Confidential’s Future of Castlefield debate on Wednesday 1 August using his natural verve and showmanship to good effect. At one point he said, “when I first moved into the city centre seventeen years ago the only people living here were oddballs, lunatics and caretakers.” As far as Sleuth is aware Cllr Karney has never been a caretaker.

Just say yes
Phil Griffin is the writer and broadcaster who was a star guest at the Castlefield debate. He gets passionate about things and rightly so. “You know,” he said. “The Planning Department can say no occasionally, they can tell people to come back with another design, they can say that a building is just crap.” Cue some of the loudest applause of the night. Sadly nobody from Planning had bothered to come along to hear these revelations. There’s probably a form you can fill in back at the Town Hall though, isn’t there?

The paths of heeling
After the debate, Sleuth retreated to the bar with a goodly number of audience members. Lisa Ashurst from Urban Splash was there with a friend. The latter had closely followed the debate but felt that there was something else missing from Castlefield. “We need lady trails,” she said. Sleuth looked confused. “You know smooth areas where heels don’t get caught in cobbles so you can walk into town without breaking your ankle.” Sleuth wondered if there was a European grant scheme available. Then again putting cobbles around establishments might keep out those terrifying Hen parties.

More birds
Howard Sharrock and his wife were enjoying a coffee on their balcony in town this week (it’s the only place they can go, see Sleuth a fortnight ago) when a peregrine falcon took a pigeon out of the air right in front of them. It then landed on the roof of the Employment Tribunal building for al fresco dining with its mate. As Howard, said to Sleuth, “it’s not the first time that a still warm carcase has been picked over by birds of prey in that building.”

Technophobia privatedectivus
Sleuth was having trouble with technology today and found it difficult to open this link:
Wonder what it says?

A large part of Sleuth is on holiday for the next two weeks so Sleuth will resume on 24 August.

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17 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Red FredAugust 3rd 2007.

anyone else slightly nauseated by the continual love-in between manc conf's editor and pat karney? 'natural verve and showmanship'. should be called sycophant not sleuth, but s'pose helps in greasing the oil wheel, eh

Michael ParkinsonAugust 3rd 2007.

No not you Rossy, you might just talk all the time not let anybody else get a word in edgeways.

andyAugust 3rd 2007.

what a ****ing sad state of affairs when Leeds and Manchester are basically identical cities - we call Manchester unique, original, the first to do this that and the other - bull****. This place is fast turning into a city with no originality. Take a trip to Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham, Sheffield etc and there is the proof

Jonathan RossAugust 3rd 2007.

Can I come too?

WaAugust 3rd 2007.

And Eric Cantona and Rio Ferdinand came from Leeds too

BarryAugust 3rd 2007.

All it needs now is a Leeds Confidential. Oh, but then you're launching one aren't you?

Michael ParkinsonAugust 3rd 2007.

And I love the Abergeldie too, what days do you go? I might join you.

ElizaAugust 3rd 2007.

Tampopo and fab cafe are other manchester originals... but I think they had Room and Harvey Nichols first...the war is on

ElizaAugust 3rd 2007.

mojo's was a Leeds first too... I think its even stephens... as for mundane!?!

JeremyAugust 3rd 2007.

Cllr Karney, I love that North Korea Day idea. That's a cracking idea. Please promise it's going to happen.

Terry WoganAugust 3rd 2007.

I love the Abergeldie and really enjoy chatting with the builders about the latest sports news whilst nursing my tea and getting stuck into a full English breakfast. I whole heartedly recommend it.

insomnia curedAugust 3rd 2007.

this has been printed off for my friday night read, no longer do i struggle to sleep at night. thanks mc, i am so grateful. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Minutiae FishAugust 3rd 2007.

I bet that Eliza would make a magnificent guide to Leeds around the bars and restaurants.

cllr.pat karneyAugust 3rd 2007.

Really pissed off you are highlighting Abergeldie--this is my local.Fantastic tea and toast for £1-10.As london journos and bbc soon up north lot read this site we are weeks away from their visits.This is a protected low key manc institution-I dont want it in the next man.international festival.If you repeat your promotion then big trouble--- on our first north korea day in september we will close down this site.Jumping subjects just being reading L'Pool Con for first time ---they really treat their councillors with love and respect over there!!..See you at Depercussion--what a fantastic talent Steve Smith and co are.I hope we can get together some future crowd pullers.Pato

Graham NortonAugust 3rd 2007.

And me?

GordoAugust 3rd 2007.

Pat, we luurve you Pat! Anyway Red Fred, wait until we start the campaign to flog the airport, you won't be seeing much of a love in then....

Stephen NewtonAugust 3rd 2007.

Good to see you plugging the Abergeldie. This is one of the city's best 'greesy spoon' cafes good honest food and great value. But the smoking ban has hit them very hard.(And thanks for that link, which works fine from here!)

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