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Sleuth 30/11/2007

Mrs Thatcher gains massive Manchester support and the city’s huge Morrissey protest

Published on November 30th 2007.

Sleuth 30/11/2007

Morrissey Awareness Week
After the NME lost its head yesterday about Morrissey allegedly being nasty about immigration, Sleuth has found spontaneous outbursts of support for the singer breaking out across the city. This is the best so far. Here, on Market Street, we have Metropolitan interactive art student Lora Marsden, complete with tattoo, declaring Morrissey innocent of all charges. Very interactive indeed. No doubt, this protest will grow exponentially during the day, until Manchester storms the NME to tar and feather the feeble editor with his silly sixth form opinions. Or maybe not.

Hi-tech mishap
Last night there was another bloody awards ceremony – next year let’s have a moratorium on them shall we? They’re usually just a load of back-slapping bollocks - aside from brand awards which Confidential win of course. This time it was the Fresh Digital Awards, at the Hilton Hotel. The happy sponsors were Code Computer Love Ltd: very happy sponsors as it turned out as they pocketed several gongs. This might have been a surprise to some people. Might have. Sadly the organisers had mistakenly printed up the winners prior to them being announced. Sort of took the tension out of the event. Or even the whole reason for holding it.

Mrs Thatcher gains support in Manchester
Sleuth was in Albert Square on Tuesday, the day Manchester United were playing Sporting Lisbon. Sleuth bizarrely found himself stood next to Carol Thatcher. "Hello Carol," he said. "Do I know you?" she said. "No I just thought I’d say hello." Awkward pause. Sleuth looked at Carol, La Thatcher looked at Sleuth. "Want a beer? Or a German sausage?" he asked. Just at that moment a group of Sporting Lisbon fans recognised her, started cheering and getting out their camera phones. Carol was led away by her minder. The Portuguese left, excitedly chattering away. Sleuth was puzzled. Is Carol worshipped as some type of religious figure in Portugal - The Virgin of the Hectoring Voice perhaps? Or were these members of the Sporting Lisbon MILF appreciation society?

Manchestoh Guardian 1
Sleuth was amused to read the piece in the Guardian about Emma Clarke, the London Tube voice-over woman, who lost her job after recording a series of spoof announcements. One of these, quoted in the paper, ran, 'Residents of London are reminded that there are other places in Britain outside your stinking city, and if you remove your heads from your backside for just a couple of minutes, you may realise the M25 is not the edge of the Earth'. The Guardian seemed to appreciate this for poking fun at blinkered, self-involved London. Shame then that the paper described Emma Clarke as coming from ‘Altringham’.

Manchestoh Guardian 2
Then of course there was the Guardian’s Northern England supplement sponsored by the North West Development Agency and their regional equivalents. The front page picture montage included an image of ‘St Anne’s Square’. Oops, that would be St Ann’s Square - without the e. Yes, Sleuth holds his hands up, pointing that out is petty. The really silly thing was that the captioned picture didn’t show St Ann’s Square at all but St Peter’s Square. Wonder what those deep pocketed tax-payer funded sponsors thought of that slip-shoddery after paying so much for the supplement?

Zion centred
Sleuth was intrigued by the recent global email sent to everyone in the City Council from the Town Hall. The opening paragraph read, ‘Zion Arts Centre in Hulme is going for a one-off chance to win £80,000 in the ITV and Big Lottery Funds Peoples Millions Awards’. It also said, ‘Zion, which is supported by MCC is a valuable resource for the city, needs your support.’ It then said, ‘Manchester City Council Employees are reminded that they should not use their work telephone lines to register their support for Zion Arts Centre.’ In that case you have to wonder how the emailer sent out the message. In his or her own time? On his or her own PC?

Complete Hunt
Sleuth attended the Tristram Hunt lecture at Urbis on Wednesday. Hunt is the delightful bright young thing of British historians and delivered a powerful and entertaining talk on nineteenth century and modern cities, Manchester in particular. Before the event he was asked how he wanted to be addressed, Tristram or Dr Hunt. He thought for a minute. Then said in his wonderfully clipped and polished English, "Doesn't matter. Don’t think either will endear me to the audience, do you?"

Middle-class hunt
During the questions after the above lecture, a member of the audience stood up and pointed at the panel, Tristram Hunt, Steve Connor, of PR agency Creative Concern, Councillor Jim Battle, Deputy Leader of the Council, and Confidential's own editor, Jonathan Schofield, who was chairing. "We are talking about modern cities," said the man, "yet the panel are all white, middle-class and male." Sleuth couldn't help smirking. The questioner was white, middle-class and male. Middle-aged too. With sociology lecturer braces. Typical of the species. Sleuth wonders about such self-loathing. Is it just a British white, male, middle-class thing? "I'm really very, very sorry," said the Chair to the man, "I just can't help it."

Where is James Purnell?
Following James Purnell’s faked photographs at Tameside Hospital, we ask the Culture Secretary and MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, where he’s not been this week.

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23 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

EmmaNovember 30th 2007.

Morrisseys comments were as the Guardian put it, 'clumsy' but then he has never been one to save other peoples feelings in his unending mission to tell the 'truth'. If it is the truth of course....

DFNovember 30th 2007.

The Gruniad getting things wrong surprises you? They're not exactly a paragon of spelling and grammatical accuracy.

AnonymousNovember 30th 2007.

Hang on. The first Engels lecture chaired by some one hates fundamentalist socialists. This city is going to the dogs.

JamesNovember 30th 2007.

Jenn, I was there too. But the lecture wasn't only promoted to white, middle-class males. There weren't leafleteers stopping said men in the street and giving them the info but ignoring young females and other ethnic groups. If there wasn't more such diversity than you can hardly blame the audience who did turn up.

JamesNovember 30th 2007.

Get Real I love your name - as if. I'm white and middle-class but not a lefty although funnily enough I live in Chorlton. The problem of your tax bill is the endemic acceptance of failure and low aspiration brought on by generations of natives being unemployed prior to the recent immigration. People need to get an education, learn to speak correctly, stop calling anybody a snob if they try to break out and stop above all blaming everybody - usually immigrants bringing fresh energy - but themselves for their failings.

scottNovember 30th 2007.

brel i was illustrating a point, i apologize if it came across as 'guttersnipe'. But your last comment goes to show what i am talking about. why do we hold this guy in such reverence?!!( poor morrissey had to sod off to LA...boo hoo! because the evil nme from big old london had a crack at him...save it!) As for the 90s forget them there over.Why doesn't everyone go home have some weak tea put cemetry gates on the record player and have a cry. Why every sensitive mancunian over 30 feels they have to defend this moody strefordian millionaire is beyond me!

BrelNovember 30th 2007.

Morrisseys manager has issued a statement along the lines of my first posting. He has added a further email from Jonze, where the journalist basically says how pleasant and humble Morrissey was during the interview!If anyone doesn't think that this journalist has been pressured into supporting the NME's editorial stance, they need to read the emails and look at the chain of events. It looks clear to me that the NME and Jonze have been found out?

WBNovember 30th 2007.

Connor MicNicholas is a retard, why did no journalist give his name to the article?Middle-class boy trying to make a name for himself. The NME will lose readers not gain them from this, its not 1992!

JennNovember 30th 2007.

Surely Sleuth is refering to the Engels Memorial Lecture not the 'Tristram Hunt lecture' Like the panel and the man mentioned above the audience was mainly 'white middle class males' and after the welcome we got I'm not surprised if thiese events remain so. Being young and female it was implied by several such men that we were only in attendance for the (quote) 'Tristram fan club' No wonder there's a lack of diversity at such events!

AnonymousNovember 30th 2007.

I thought the point was that the Guardian were agreeing that Londoners should know more about the rest of the country and then completely undermining itself by mis-spelling the Altrincham. Which it didn't, so the criticism is misplaced. But if that wasn't the point please do enlighten me.

SamNovember 30th 2007.

Hi,Join the anti-NME, Pro-Morrissey Facebook protest mmu.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6246092146SAY… NO TO SLACK JOURNALISM!!!

BrelNovember 30th 2007.

So. Jonze (or whatever his name is?), refused to have his name associated with the interview, then emailed Morrissey's management to warn them of a stich up, for reasons that he couldn't fathom. Then after publication (without his name) goes ahead, suddenly he decides that he agreed all along with the NME's editorial line?I wonder at exactly what point the words "or you'll never work again in this town" were said?

WayneNovember 30th 2007.

Anonymous is a correct, if a bit outdated, alternative to missing the point.

BrelNovember 30th 2007.

Scott. It was the last stab in the back from the NME in the 90's that led to Morrissey departing for LA. Your Burlusconi jibe was a bit guttersnipe to say the least. I once sat on the same train as Sebastian Coe, but that doenst mean I'm any good at running!

GordoNovember 30th 2007.

Jenn, spill the beans so I can take the piss out of Schofield, who was the panel member?

scottNovember 30th 2007.

brel i was illustrating a point, i apologize if it came across as 'guttersnipe'. But your last comment goes to show what i am talking about. why do we hold this guy in such reverence?!!( poor morrissey had to f**k off to LA...boo hoo! because the evil nme from big old london had a crack at him...save it!) As for the 90s forget them there over.Why doesn't everyonego home have some weak tea put cemetry gates on the record player and have a cry. Why every sensitive mancunian over 30 feels they have to defend this moody strefordian millionaire is beyond me!

SleuthNovember 30th 2007.

You're right Jenn about it being the Friedrich Engels Memorial lecture but then I'd have had to explain who Engels was, why we had lectures dedicated to him and so on. What did you think of the debate, aside from the middle-class thing?

Kid DiscoNovember 30th 2007.

Wow, I didn't even know the NME was still in print, I thought they closed ages back?

BrelNovember 30th 2007.

The 90's are over? Nobody told me! "Millionaire","Boutique Hotels","Rome's cafe's". Sounds like petty jealousy to me?

AnonymousNovember 30th 2007.

Altringham is a correct, if a bit outdated, alternative to Altrincham.

Get realNovember 30th 2007.

At the end of the day if I hadnt been in Manchester for the past ten years (funnily enough since this free and easy Labour Government got in) and then i returned last week, i'd be absolutely horrified at the number of foreigners living here. What disgusts me the most are the indigenous english treacherous disloyal bunch of lefties who are supposed to be on our side! Its cool to be a tree hugging Guardian reader though isnt it? Its great that celebrities like Morrissey are starting to speak out, Billy Connolly has voiced similar concerns on radio five the other evening, is he racist then too? as well as me just because we dont want to be overrun with people from godknowswhere? Lets open the debate at last and talk of deporting people before any more serious problems like civil war (cos it will happen) start to arise. The government as usual has no idea how many are here (thats apart from those smuggled in with TB, hepatitis, AIDS etc) has no planning strategy regarding housing infractstructure and health/education provision although why should my hard earned money go to pay for some war torn african kid living in Ardwick? Not my problem or our countrys problem we need to close the borders to the worlds waifs and strays.......sooner the better. UK is now seen as a soft touch thanks to this Government. A Billion alone pays for their benefits to live here!! We need to put the GREAT back into Britain before we get too unrecognisable as a country completely. I counted 2 white people on the bus to Moston on Friday night out of a possible 24 seats the rest were foreign. Is this right?

scottNovember 30th 2007.

morrissey hasn't lived in the uk for years, he chose live out his james dean / roy orbison fantasies in LA, and now he is drinking in the same cafe bars as silvio berlusconi in rome. maybe if he spent a couple of months back on kings road in stretford not chelsea he could form an opinion that wasn't formed whilst looking out of the window of boutique hotels. ok it sounds like nme have done a number on him, but why do we, especially mancunians apply so much gravitas to everything that falls out of his mouth, lets get over ourselves cos he is never going to!

JennNovember 30th 2007.

(In Response to James and Sleuth)I am not suggesting that the promotion for the evening was selective at all. I was simply trying to say that I can understand that some people from outside the demographic in question may be put off attending if (IF) my experience was typical. However I enjoyed the lecture and ensuing debate although I do think that the thread deviated from the topic a little. I did sense some tension between the chair and a certain panel member, but if anything it made it more interesting and the humour of it all won out! I shall be keeping an eye out for the next one.

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