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Sleuth 29/02/2008

Michael Winner is a tosser, fancy being a webcam model and the first recorded sighting of Ithaca

Published on February 29th 2008.

Sleuth 29/02/2008

Tosser table talk
Michael Winner is generally acknowledged to be a complete toad. He recently gave the Lowry Hotel food a right thumping in the Sunday Times. Couple of weird things about this. First instead of reviewing the restaurant, the best way of gauging a venue’s nosh, he reviewed the mass catering at a Literary Lunch at which he was a guest. Worse you have to wonder whether the tone of the review had already been decided upon. Sleuth hears that as Winner got out of a hired Bentley at the Lowry he said to his driver, “leave the car out front, it might give this shit-hole some class”.

Raising the Ruth
Sleuth was pleased to see Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly officially opening Salford Central Station last Friday with its new entrance hall and restored Victorian brickwork. The former Education Secretary who is a massive fan of faith schools and wants more and more, apparently insisted on separate entrances for Catholics and Protestants and Others, plus a special First Class Waiting Room for Opus Dei members. Or maybe Sleuth misheard.

Thai Village
Crain’s Manchester Business has had a good start since their first magazine launched in December, but Sleuth was astonished by this story and it’s illustration. Apparently investors want to create a Thai Town in the Northern Quarter based on Chinatown. Nice idea. The helpful picture showed how this would work: some cutesy little buildings around a big ornamental tower thing on a roundabout. Sleuth wonders which back of a fag packet they drew it on. On a more worrying note, if you look carefully at the picture it appears that behind the Thai buildings the rest of north and east Manchester has been pulled down. Isn't that going a bit far?

Diet dies
Sleuth loved the way Clare Jones on Body Confidential destroyed a multi-million pound industry in one fell swoop. In her article the Pitfalls of Dieting – click here – she wrote: ‘Never go on a diet. What will happen when you go back to your old eating habits?’ Sleuth put the word dieting into Amazon and came up with almost 4,500 books. They’ll all be hoping that Clare’s words go unheeded.

Sleuth is pleased to hear that the Jobcentres are responding to the changing cyber world. Although in certain suburbs some of the innovations haven’t been received so well. Thus in Chorlton Jobcentre, the £10 an hour rate for ‘webcam models’ seems to have a caused a bit of a stir, with complaints and tuts. Sleuth doesn’t see what the problem is, everybody likes a flexible position, and in most jobs you have to bend over backwards to get ahead.

Ithaca – first recorded sighting
Sleuth was looking through the photo archive at Central Library this week. He was surprised to see that the oldest of the images was Manchester during the time of the dinosaurs. There quite clearly in the middle of the image was Ithaca - Arnie Hira’s longest running restaurant and bar project in global history. Apparently the business which threatened to have an opening party a couple of years ago has been worked on continuously over the last 25 million years.

Biggest disappointment of the week
The pound shop on Piccadilly has put its prices up. Now only ‘almost’ everything is that price. First we have the outrageous distortions of the government as they take away the Supercasino and leave us with lies, and now the pound shop. What is the world coming to?

Quote of the week
Graham Stringer on the government's despicable Supercasino decision and its apparent compensation package. He said: "There is not a single new job and not a single extra penny. It boils down to absolutely nothing. It is spin and hot air. They are simply pushing this into the long grass." Sleuth likes Stringer, thinks he's become the equivalent of a nineteenth century radical MP, non-party affiliated (although technically a Labour MP for Manchester Blackley), saying just what he thinks.

Rant of the week
This was posted on Ben Patey’s story about the Queen’s visit to Manchester on Thursday. Martin says: “I love this place and have been a regular for many years. The men's t-shirts are great and I never quibble over the price as I'd rather pay a little more for a t-shirt that is not going to be on every lad's chest when I go out on a Friday night.” Eh? Very relevant Martin. So does that mean you are a monarchist or not?

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the real secret squirrelFebruary 29th 2008.

The above post is by an imposter!! (how sad is that?)Have him flogged immediately. Actually, I find Winner rather amusing, but then I've never met him so that probably helps...Wasn't it another wonderfull human being Philip Green who flew the crocked Winner back to blighty on an air ambulance at his own expense? So at least you all know who to blame.

JinFebruary 29th 2008.

Sorry I meant 'not all silly stuff'.

NormFebruary 29th 2008.

Waynes world, Waynes world, party time, excellent!. Waynes super critique of that part of Manchester where the people who make our city tick live really knocks me out. As for Thai town I am sure it will really make Waynes day to be able to take a trip round what as you can see promises to be really great development when they demolish north and east Manchester. I'll see you there Wayne.

The Blue Planet Live!February 29th 2008.

Worth reading the letters to Mr. Winner on that page in the Sunday Times.The best was this,"Dear Michael Winner. Most people assert that you are a complete waste of space. I have to disagree. When photographed in white, you provide excellent doodling space next to the crossword."

Douglas Adams Supporters ClubFebruary 29th 2008.

Wow! Ithaca has become the real Cathedral of Chalesm.

too many shoesFebruary 29th 2008.

What sort of food critic judges a restaurant on mass catering during a function? Muppet!! The food at the Lowry is never anything short of fantastic and Eyck's (is that how you spell his name) Earl Grey crème brulee, was one of the best things I tasted last year. The food and service is consistently excellent, which is more than can be said for many Manchester eateries. Michael Winner is a buffoon. Clearly his recent brush with death, has not encouraged him to show a bit more humility, nor for that matter sense. He's one of those annoying Southerners that consider anywhere North of Hampstead to be rubbish before they've even crossed the threshold. When he lost several stone from his considerable bulk following his food poisoning, it's a shame more of it didn't come off his monstrously, huge ego.

deli llamaFebruary 29th 2008.

as a reminder .. Mr Winner is like the fly on the the side of the chariot wheel who ,on turning around and seeing all the dust,believes he has created it all himself...bless...

TrevorFebruary 29th 2008.

I think you'll find it was the famously literary Manchester Evening News.... and his book, The Fat Pig Diet - wankers

BertieFebruary 29th 2008.

Every time I see or hear 'Thai Town' I hear the words 'ToyTown' in my head. Is this really what North Manchester needs? I suppose the presence of Big Ears would mean at least ONE policeman out on the streets.

SuzanneFebruary 29th 2008.

Can't wait for Ithaca to open, it looks amazing and Manchester needs a breath of fresh air. Good luck with it! x

Book readerFebruary 29th 2008.

Who the hell invited Michael Winner to a Literary Lunch?

Helvetica BoldFebruary 29th 2008.

If everyone scratched the odious Winner of their lists, he'd not bother us or the restaurant trade again. The excellent Thai restaurant in Dulverton (Exmoor) where I had two jolly super suppers last week (on two separate nights, NB) said they rejected the offer to entertain the smug Winner windbag. Hurrah, I say. All rush to Dulverton and cheer.

soniaFebruary 29th 2008.

Michael Winner is notworth commenting about.

WayneFebruary 29th 2008.

North and east Manchester are a bit ****, maybe demolition is the only solution.

Simple SimonFebruary 29th 2008.

Anon never fear, they're alive and well and drinking in Panacea most weekends.

HowardFebruary 29th 2008.

I bet you like Clarkson as well don't you secret squirrel? I don't think his money making abilities were being discussed, just that he's a tosser.

HowardFebruary 29th 2008.

Watch out for those identitity thieves real SS.

Burt CocaineFebruary 29th 2008.

Love the Thai Town mock up. I'm seeing it as a William Blake gig, were he to have been commissioned by Hanna Barbara in the early 60's to design an 'East Asian Town set in Futuristic Northern England in the Future'.Fantastic Wilma.

JimFebruary 29th 2008.

Speaking of Crain's, seen this MEN story on their web bulletin. 'MEN paid-for sales down 13.5 per centThe Manchester Evening News is the worst performing regional evening newspaper in England and Wales in terms of declining paid-for sales, according to the latest figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations.' So it's all silly stuff such as that admittedly funny Thai Town pic.

Douglas Adams Supporters ClubFebruary 29th 2008.

Oh, go on, I'll explain...in a bit.

rogerFebruary 29th 2008.

The pound empire was always a doomed concept, just like my dads shilling shop

nathanFebruary 29th 2008.

Mr Winner is renouned for giving crazyly bad crisisims where ever he goes, I really don't think anybody pays him a great deal of attention nowadays. Oh and the adverts hes in in my own opinion are "Fantastic" ;o);o)

JinkiesFebruary 29th 2008.

My local shop charges 20p for a 10p mix, all the world is lies!

secret squirrelFebruary 29th 2008.

I personally think Mr Winner is great! How many people have had a life like him! His mum a notorious gambler lost the family millions yet he has made more. He has made lots of money from those silly adverts -which you must admit are memorable! And he doesnt take any sh*T - he was advised to have his leg amputated when contracting some strange disease on holiday - but got a second opinion and hey ho - he still has his leg! He has donated his house which I think is worth £35m to the national trust on his death just so greedy developers dont get hold of it and it is kept as part of our heritage - so at least he sticks up for his beliefs unlike the rest of the voting population who just get walked all over and fed sh*T!

AnonymousFebruary 29th 2008.

I bet Ithaca goes the same way as Odyssey - down the drain! What are all the tossers in Manchester doing until it opens?

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