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Sleuth 29/06/2012

The Funniest Manc Youtube clip plus Ten Years Of Eating In Red Hot World Buffet

Published on June 29th 2012.

Sleuth 29/06/2012

SleuthSleuthSleuth is a sideways glance at the city every week, it's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. He's several people all at once. We give £25 for every story/rumour and piece of absurdity you find for us to publish. Sleuth sometimes even gets serious. We ask for the money back if any legal action follows. Follow Sleuth on twitter @Sleuth

The Wharf Opens On Tuesday

After dry runs this weekend and on Monday night, The Wharf will open in Castlefield - pictured above. Sleuth is looking forward to this immensely. The company behind the place is Brunning and Price who have a good track record of creating attractive and busy pubs. This one will have 370-covers over two-and-a-half floors and employ 80 people. 

The chain is expanding aggressively - the website offers a £5,000 finder's fee for pub sites - and work is ongoing ahead of opening in St Martin's Lodge overlooking the Roodee racecourse in Chester and at a site outside Telford.

Sleuth thinks that the Throstle's Nest in Old Trafford would make a wonderful venue. That's largely he has to confess, because he lives about three hundred metres away and would like a decent operator to move in. 

Could he have his £5,000 now? In cash.

Ten Years Of Nosh

Sleuth often hears that Eastern cultures take a longer view than Western ones. This was apparent with the ‘passport’ the editor, Schofield, was given at the launch of the second floor dining area of Red Hot World Buffet on Thursday. The document, mocked up to look a bit like the real deal, allows the bearer 20 per cent off a Red Hot World Buffet meal for ten years. Ten years, imagine that, a decade of cauldron fun. Damon, Snoop, Bjork and Sinead will be delighted next time they’re in town - click here.

Passport for ten yearsPassport for ten years

Red Hot World's Night Without The Tiles

“So you’ve not finished then?” said Sleuth to Alison, the press lady of Red Hot World Buffet. He was looking at the lack of ceiling tiles and the chip board entrance to what the restaurant wants to be their VIP area. “We have finished, this is an amusing idea to have it looking like this,” she said. Sleuth wasn’t laughing, he was feeling he wanted to sneak back with some tiles and finish the thing off.

Bald head, bald ceilingBald head, bald ceiling

The Gaslamp Enigma: Was Sleuth Drunk?

Sleuth was in the Gaslamp bar in the city centre with a group of guests. He looked out of the window and wondered if he’d drunk too much beer. There was a bike outside in the little courtyard but was Sleuth standing on his head or was the bike defying logic.

Bike mind gamesBike mind games

Bike mind gamesBike mind games

The Funniest Manchester Youtube Clip Of The Week

Following our story about the ‘fake’ camera hidden in the toilets of Simple in the Northern Quarter, Sleuth had to admire the nimble spoof feet of another Northern Quarter bar with this fine video. Common you are the The Funniest Manchester Youtube Clip Of The Week winners. 

Sleuth's Humorous Bus Driver Of The Week

So Sleuth went to the end of his road where the London Olympic Committee had kindly placed the torch parade route. He was just a little perturbed that the torch went past at 6.45am - why so weirdly early? Didn't they know Sleuth had been out the night before. Anyway, the 86 bus, had somehow got caught up in the procession, lodged in with the overbearing sponsorship vehicles. The bus driver was grinning, and now Sleuth is a little in love with him. As he passed by the driver mimicked the torch bearer and lifted up his small but ignited cigarette lighter. This gave the crowds lining the road a big laugh. It was also deeply unnerving: until that moment nobody had realised bus drivers had a sense of humour.

86 in the procession86 in the procession

Prudent Banker

Sleuth bumped into a banker the other day with the Cooperative Bank. The Manchester based business has been more prudent than other banks and never needed a bailout. Still what with all the row over Barclays and the slimy Bob Diamond there's a lot of mud sticking to the profession. "When I'm asked what I do," said our gent with a canny wink, "I just say I work for the Coop." 

Manchester Gets New Mobile Toilet Facility

Sleuth's thinks the toilet roll in these new mobile toilets would be better on the inside.

Small mobile convenienceSmall mobile convenience

Sleuth's Lies To Tell Tourists

Olympic 011
During celebrations and special occasions police are always concerned about ne'er-do-wells and bad folk.

To combat this all the naughty people are coralled into a sealed security zone in Albert Square as happened recently at the Manchester City Victory Celebration and when the Olympic Torch came through.

They are only let out after any such celebration concludes.

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Maggie MilnerJune 29th 2012.

Jonathan - Sleuth is just you - the clues are all there this week (or did Gordo just opt out for this week?!!) - dont know how you would find the time to go to the Throstles Nest though with your busy schedule!!

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SleuthJuly 6th 2012.

Sleuth is a composite character of several writers that's Gordo-free, he does his thing well enough on his own

David in CheshireJune 29th 2012.

I worked behind the bar the Throstle's Nest for 11 weeks in the summer of 1978 - student job. 77 days straight without a break, although I didn't do every lunchtime. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The food was basic pub grub but very acceptable, and we were allowed to choose our lunch from what was left at 1:30.

I suppose it's changed a bit since then.


AnonymousJuly 1st 2012.

you mean that the Thostles Nest is still there... Shhh Tesco will be after it soon. Watch for a new layout licensing notice!

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