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Sleuth 27/11/2009

The most inappropriate sign of the week and other pictures in an illustrated Sleuth.

Published on November 27th 2009.

Sleuth 27/11/2009

Sleuth’s most inappropriate sign of the week
As spotted by a Confidential reader.

Sleuth’s unholy trinity of the week
Sleuth was checking out Rosso, the new Italian place at the top of King Street this week. He went with Gordo, and Neil Sowerby, food critic, late of the MEN. Alex Poots, Director of Manchester International Festival joined them. After four bottles of wine it was decided one of the 2011 festival events will be 'Shoot the Critics', a live public execution extravaganza hosted by chefs.

Sleuth’s wasted bar opportunity of the week
This is the Athenaeum on Spring Gardens, a magnificent palace of a banking hall filled with two for one deals on Blue Wickeds.

Sleuth’s interesting room picture of the week
This was in Manchester Airport. Sleuth’s camera battery had run out when he tried to take a picture of the room next door for OCD sufferers: The Habitual Washing Room.

Sleuth’s most protected cone of the week

Sleuth’s puzzle picture of the week
Is this ship in a shipyard, 2 miles from the Town Hall, 15 miles from the Town Hall, 30 miles from the Town Hall?

Sleuth’s result of the week
The removal of the worst mural in history in Castlefield. This has come about through Confidential’s Castlefield campaign in which local residents and businesses are trying to ensure Castlefield becomes beautiful - with massive help from the City Council. This ill-drawn abomination is on its way at last.

Sleuth’s youngest commentator of the week picture
Sleuth was at the Bolton Wanderers v Blackburn Rovers match on Sunday. Meanwhile the witty Blackburn fans (their team won 2-1) were chanting to the tune of the classic Lancashire County Cricket Club ditty, this version: "Oh wanky, wanky - wanky, wanky, wanky Wanderers."

Sleuth's favourite headline of the week
Sounds tragic, reads absurd, made Sleuth grin – inappropriately

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28 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

GordoNovember 27th 2009.

Anon, an old pal of mine, Chris Lloyd, was the creative director on that shoot, so it wouldn't surprise me...

ENovember 27th 2009.

I know I complained about it, but I will sort of miss those Romans.

Eddy RheadNovember 27th 2009.

Is the mural at MOSI the one that used to be on the gable end of its original premises on Grovesnor Street?I'd just presumed it had been Schofieldised* and wiped from history when they moved but it has suddenly dawned on me that they just moved it. *From the verb Schofieldise - or 'to destroy anything that is considered a bit shite' - origin of word unknown. eg "The owners of The Triangle shopping centred feared their precious public art would be Schofieldised"

Julius CaesarNovember 27th 2009.

Hamburglar you fool. This mural was only done in the 1980s. The Romans had left 1500 years ago prior to that. A real Roman mural that scale would have been a World Heritage Site but probably wouldn't have been painted on an arch from the yet to be invented railway system.

Doctor jonesNovember 27th 2009.

Last time I was in there was quite recently, funnily enough. Saw an ageing rasta puke on his own shoes, chuckle to himself and then pot the black to win the game. Now THAT was a missed opportunity for everybody who wan't there!

Eddy RheadNovember 27th 2009.

I always thought the roman mural was rubbish. In fact after coming out of The hacienda one night somewhat 'refreshed' we discovered the artist, obviously proud of his work and pitching for other commissions, had actually put his phone number in the bottom corner. Needless to say we all squeezed into the nearest phone box (this was the late 80s after all) and rang the poor fella at three in the morning to tell him what we thought of his mural. Anyway - despite what i and others think of this mural does anyone else not fell a bit uneasy about how easily it has been decided to remove this mural with little or no debate of its merits? We might have all thought it was rubbish but im sure many people might think the Madox Brown murals in the town hall are a 'bit rubbish' but doesnt give us the right to paint over them.

A L'eau, C'est L'heureNovember 27th 2009.

Re: Picture Puzzle of the Week.... I see no ships! 2 miles from the Town Hall.

AnonymousNovember 27th 2009.

we are asking for a preservation order on the Panels round Origin (the individual units have names now) as a memorial to the Heroic Regeneration of Manchester RIP with an annual ceremony celebrating the tragic ambition of Donal Mulryan with an address by Sir HB Entertainment will be by 'Competitive Crane Climbing

YorkieNovember 27th 2009.

"Nothing shows a man's character more than what he laughs at."I guess this is what Sleuth's This 'n' That calendar will say tomorrow...(I've got a calendar from another source with apparently-matching wisdom.)

sproutNovember 27th 2009.

I had a French friend stay over years ago and he was amazed when I took him for a drink in Athenaeum (we actually went via a pint of Holts in Eccles for the juxtoposition). This was when it was very busy every with quite a trendy crowd and unwilling doormen. A real shame when you see how it is now (and has been for prob 15 years).

C 2 the GNovember 27th 2009.

Thats a fair assessment but still think its a shame nothing better is done with the building

C 2 the GNovember 27th 2009.

Atheneum is now a sad excuse for a bar, a building like that should not have pool tables and fruit machines amongst the old tables, shabby carpet and frankly awful toilets. The toilets would go well in a scene from Trainspotting. Now I quite like a game of pool and a good pound or five in a fruit machine however not in a building like the Atheneum, this is like an opera singer performing at a Jedward concert they just don’t go!I can’t believe nobody over the years has seen the outstanding potential in this place, it should be great!

Jonathan SchofieldNovember 27th 2009.

Oops John, fishing around in the backoffice denied us your genius. The Athenaeum is a totally missed opportunity.

Comrade SchofieldNovember 27th 2009.

Yep, that would be the mural on the back of the old Granado Studios tour building, which is actually well-drawn and well-executed. However when the People's Republic of Castlefield is declared then the Political Committee on Public Art may decide on behalf of the people that it is a typical example of decadence and needs to be 'improved' away.

AnonymousNovember 27th 2009.

Thing is, the place survives in an area notorius for more upmarket places not doing so. Reform, Room, Establishment etc etc. They go for the after work crowd and it keeps them going. Room and Reform were both set in great surroundings but failed eventually. Athenaeum just keeps on trucking.

JohnNovember 27th 2009.

My favourite memory of Atheneum is from some years ago when I was having a quiet evening drink in there admiring the spectacular interior when someone reversed a car through the doors.

AnonymousNovember 27th 2009.

funny thing is i'm sure that bird with long legs works in a local strip joint - No joke.

CasNovember 27th 2009.

If anyone does anything about the mural at MOSI that my apartment looks down to then I'll have ya! I love it. Not sure why it's there as few people can see it properly but leave it alone Schofield.

Red KenNovember 27th 2009.

This is the site of the new Manchester Training hotel , if they can get the funding . I actually quite like the posters , I used to stroll past them and smile....they hit all the PC buttons

CasNovember 27th 2009.

Eddy, I don't know to be honest. It's the one with pictures of workers, one looks like Deco. Link: farm2.static.flickr.com/…/573036_3dc46b19fa.jpg… - Not the best view as the best view is from one of my balconies!

The HamburglarNovember 27th 2009.

Sorry you're right, i just checked on wikipedia... it were the druids what done it.

LondonerabroadNovember 27th 2009.

Now the Castlefield mural has gone, could Confidential do something about the hideous multicoloured hoardings surrounding the stalled Origin development on Princess Street and Canal St? They're nauseatingly pre-credit crunch...

Jonathan Schofield - editorNovember 27th 2009.

Good Lord Eddy, we don't want a bureaucratic process getting in the way of everything. These murals were flaking and irreparable. They would have cost a fortune to re-instate. And aside from that they were utter shite, probably inaccurate, painted as though by a four year old and made Manchester in its prime historic area look amateurish, even silly and disrespectful of its immensely significant history. We have to seek quality on top of quality and nothing but the best for Castlefield. As a final note, it was the Castlefield Residents and Small Business Forum that recommended their removal and then the hard work of the city that delivered it.

SleuthNovember 27th 2009.

There's a green ship with a white bridge undergoing repair, 2.5 miles (sorry 2 miles was a bit of a cheat), in the dry dock opposite the Media City site and just down from the Imperial War Museum North.

CheesemanNovember 27th 2009.

I won't miss the Romans. I always thought of them as smart compared to the barbarians but this lot and eyes on the same sides of their faces and looked like binmen coming off shift.

Red KenNovember 27th 2009.

Anonymous, thats the best rant I have ever read on Man Con . Brilliant and priceless at the same. I know Sir Howard , think he would feel the same.

GordoNovember 27th 2009.

Well said Londoner, I agree and that bird with the long legs and the squinty eyes looks like a bunny boiler to me...

The HamburglarNovember 27th 2009.

To be honest I'm surprised it wasn't listed... Roman artefacts are normally pretty safe aren't they? What next? Knock down that complete roman gatehouse that sits opposite the mural? Is nothing sacred anymore?... Tsk... this blimmin' council...

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