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Sleuth 26/10/2007

Mick Hucknall exclusive: was he the greatest singer the world has ever known, ever, ever, ever?

Published on October 26th 2007.

Sleuth 26/10/2007

Bolton puritans
Sleuth’s publisher, Gordo, appeared with Gordon Burns (the new ever-youthful Sir Cliff) on the couches of North West Tonight earlier this week. He was defending foie gras following Bolton Council’s decision to ban the tasty morsel due to its ‘intensive’ production methods. The Council’s getting a reputation for curious food decisions. Earlier this year they had a French and German delegation over and treated them to a swanky lunch in the Town Hall. The Germans seemed fine with it, the French less so. The only drink available was water. No wine. Monstrous monsieur. As one French guest sarcastically noted, “we have a choice of lovely vintages, sparkling or still.”

Fireman Scam
Sleuth loves Liverpool. And this little number on our sister website Liverpool Confidential is extremely funny. Remember that Warren Bradley, the Council Leader in Liverpool, remains a part time fireman, then click here and enjoy.

Echo reverberates
Meanwhile work is being completed down on the Mersey waterfront for a Scouse arena just like our own but oddly only half the size with a capacity of 10,500. The local paper, taking a leaf from our own fine daily organ, will be sponsoring the venue. So instead of the MEN Arena, it’ll be the Liverpool Echo Arena. Echo Arena? Wasn’t that the nickname of G-Mex as a live venue? Not the best of names then. Sleuth wonders if the name Echo Arena has had any feedback?

Dark day for city’s music
Speaking of music Sleuth had a night in this week to quietly mark the passing of Simply Red. Sleuth went to dig out all his favourite albums and listen to them. Unfortunately he didn’t have any. Mick Hucknall, the red-headed, love god, who fronted the band, is reported as saying that 25 years was “long enough for anybody”. Music insiders think that’s the minimum sentence he should get.

Comings and goings in Old TraffordApparently there will be a candlelit vigil tonight outside the first house Mick bought after he started to make money. This lies at the corner of Brooks Road and Booth Road in Old Trafford. The vigil will consist of hundreds of women who first experienced…er…love there in the late eighties and early nineties. The theme will be, Youthful Folly. There will be a counter vigil of taxi-drivers lamenting lost fares. As one cabbie told Sleuth yesterday, “Mick, didn’t like to wake up next to the ladies. He gave us a good bit of business in the early hours when he was getting shut of them.” One pair of girls who got Hucknalled were given £3 by the millionaire singer to get back to Bramhall. 'Money's too tight to mention' - indeed.

Regal riots
Sleuth was listening to Radio 5 on Thursday about how the media distort the truth, something Sleuth can’t abide. These were mainly stories from normal folk who have been victims of fibs. Sleuth’s favourite porker involved the rather more famous Morrissey. Sleuth attended a Smiths’ concert in Newport, South Wales, in his callow youth. Towards the end of the set some skinhead loon pulled Morrissey off stage. It was bedlam. Morrissey went to hospital, the band carried on without a singer: magic. Next day in The Sun, a journo claimed that the Manc songster had been dragged off by ‘monarchists’ incensed by ‘The Queen is Dead’. Jeez, those violent gangs of monarchists eh?

Kloot scoop
More music. It seems that Coronation Street is getting aware of the real city around them. Last week Manchester band, I am Kloot, were name-checked by Fiz and John during the programme. The pair discussed going to a Kloot gig, and Fiz said the lead singer was 'really sexy'. What next Gail Platt crowdsurfing at Take That gigs? The boys have a new album, Play Moolah Rouge, out in early 2008, and gigs in late November at the Academy. This venue is convenient to say the least. Kloot’s unofficial house-bar is Big Hands on Oxford Road in University-la-la-land. You can see them performing here most nights, not necessarily musically and often horizontally, after enjoying the fine range of alcoholic beverages. Good lads.

Rolls Wrong
Sleuth loves B of the Bang next to Manchester City. It’s ambitious, gorgeous and exciting. It will one day be a classic Sleuth is sure – as long as bits stop falling off. The city is right to sue the company that made it, but it’s probably a bit harsh on the artist Tom Heatherwick. This is, after all, the most dramatic public sculpture in Britain, 60 metres tall, and angled far more steeply than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. At least you notice the thing. A more recent sculpture is this Rolls Royce grill placed in Hulme Park to mark the site of the factory where the first Roller was produced. One local resident said to Sleuth, “I look out of the window and now I see what looks like a bloody big tomb in the park. It’s even got flowers all around it.”

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Where is James Purnell?
Following James Purnell’s faked photograph at Tameside Hospital, we ask the Culture Secretary and MP for Stalybridge and Hyde, where he’s not been this week.

This week James Purnell’s not been raising money with the Spice Girls

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11 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

BertieOctober 26th 2007.

Jeez, that Rolls sculpture is awful. Bet the wind doesn't whistle as noisily through it as past the Beetham Tower though...

EWOctober 26th 2007.

This clip of Mick has always been a favourite of mine: http://www.rathergood.com/bunny_too_tight/

snoopOctober 26th 2007.

Sleuth should change his name to Private Defective. He derides the Sun story about the "Monarchist" skinhead attacking Morrissey because of their song The Queen is Dead. Sloth should know that many skinheads supported the National Front and the National Front are rapid monarchists. It's easy really. All you have to do it think.

t'edOctober 26th 2007.

hi confidentialists. any of you guys at mancon towers fancy selling a serious business site instead of this fluff, give me a callcheck out...http://www.placenorthwest.co.uk

BertieOctober 26th 2007.

Surely nowhere in Bolton serves foie gras anyway though? NOt like its regulalrly on the MCDs menu.

SallyOctober 26th 2007.

Well the 200 plus fans of Mr Hucknall who turned up to his book signing last week will miss Simply Red, that's for sure.

samOctober 26th 2007.

I applaud the councillors of Bolton for banning foie gras from their menus - the suffering caused to provide this 'tasty morsel' is unacceptable and I hope it will be banned nationally before long

Dave FOctober 26th 2007.

I remember "handsome" Mick kopping off with my female companion at an International 1 gig and whisking her away to his Brook Road lovenest. This was at a time when "Money's too tight to mention" was rocketing up the charts. They both reappeared later at a mates party in Chorlton. Mick was armed with a bottle of champagne which still had the Safeway price sticker on of £18.50. His mistake was to put it in the fridge as it was quickly discovered and the label defaced with a new "Money's too tight to mention " logo. I ended up escorting the young lady home after Mick left -presumably to seek out another young wench !

SleuthOctober 26th 2007.

Snoop, I'll keep my title. The National Front are a little different from monarchists. Also there are lots of different types of skinheads, this one was wearing the garb of a punk but had a shaved head - maybe should have said this. Also the point is that the Sun didn't track him down they no doubt got the story syndicated to them and changed it to suit their dislike of Morrissey.

JohnOctober 26th 2007.

So " Simply Red to split up ", a nation mourns, however I'm slightly confused as for the last couple of decades Simply Red has consisted of the Ginger Gargoyle + whatever session musicians were desperate enough to take the Simple Shilling so does this mean that, in fact, Mick has at last fallen out with himself??

GordoOctober 26th 2007.

t'ed, is that you paul? very odd behaviour??

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