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Sleuth 27/05/2011

Vimto removed, Beckham, Giggs, the fast head of an artist and we win an award

Published on May 27th 2011.

Sleuth 27/05/2011

Sleuth is a sideways glance at the city every week. We give £25 for every story/rumour and piece of absurdity you find for us to print. We ask for the money back if any legal action follows. 

Double decker super douper injunction

Ryan.jpgSleuth was at Manchester Airport. At Terminal One the bus stops bear the names of famous Mancunians and adopted Mancs. Sleuth had forgotten who that famous footballer was at the centre of the Twitter scandal. “Who was it?” he said out loud to a puzzled looking Uzbekistan gentleman. “You know that football player who gets homesick and really did miss Wales,” said Sleuth to a confused and frightened seeming Malawian. Sleuth looked down onto the etched glass. Ah yes that’s who it was. 

Sleuth, David Beckham and Twittergiggs

Gary Neville's testimonial on Tuesday provided an opportunity for Giggs, Scholes, the Nevilles and David Beckham to party like it was 1992. They chose Australasia (click here) as the venue even though it hadn't opened yet. It was a right good do apparently. It put Sleuth back to about 1995 or such when he was esconced in Deansgate bar Johnsons (owned by the same team as Australasia).

Sleuth was with a buddy and they'd had what's known in the vernacular as a 'skinful'. Beckham and Giggs came in and though yet to reach their pinnacles of fame, were still well-known enough to be quickly surrounded by girls. Sleuth and the buddy were talking gibberish to a couple of ladies who just upped and left.

"What's David Beckham got that I haven't?" said Sleuth's friend to one of the girls. 

Fortunately she didn't say talent, good looks and a staggering earning potential but she did say, "It's Ryan Giggs we want to talk to, not Beckham."

Sleuth said, "I must tweet that," and then realised Twitter wouldn't be invented for another 11 years.

Giggs was certainly the more lady-pestered that night. Five years later there was no contest as Beckham took over and went global.

Meanwhile Giggs was doing a fine job of being, as Sleuth's mother used to say, 'a dark horse that one'.

Thanks to davidbeckham.fans-online.com for the pic

Vimto sculpture disappears

vimto.jpgSleuth is worried. This Vimto bottle sculpture by Kerry Morrison has been lifted away by a crane.

This happened yesterday, Sleuth was told about it in the afternoon, but got the proof in the evening.

We're sure it's been taken away for a polish and a scrub. We're sure it's been taken away for maintenance.

The University of Manchester or Vimto, surely wouldn't want to get rid of something as funny and joyful as this: a sculpture that celebrates the creation of Vimto as a temperance drink in 1908 on this site by John Noel Nichols.

SDC12992.JPGSleuth loves Vimto, it's short for vip and (vim to)nic and is an anagram of vomit. What's not to love?

We're making phone calls this morning. We'll tell you as soon as we know what is happening and why. 

The First Street sculptures (off Albion Street at the end of Princess Parkway) are recent additions to Manchester public art and are cheap looking embarrassments. This work had literal charm, a bottle surrounded by the ingredients in Vimto. And wit: it was about twelve foot tall - reality stretched. 

WE'VE NOW HAD A STATEMENT FROM THE UNIVERSITY: 'The sculpture has been sent away to a specialist firm for this work and will be returned to site as soon as the work has been carried out.'

Sleuth’s best amended sign of the week

IMAG0291.jpgThis unphoto-shopped image sent in from Mr Paul of West Didsbury shows some flair in the graffiti area.

Sleuth's daft question of the week

Woman in neat business suit with briefcase asking a City fan in a cast of thousands at one of the crash barriers on Monday night, "Hello, could you tell me what event this is?" The man with his City shirt emblazoned over his generous torso, gazed for a second at the light blue explosion taking place down Princess Street and said, "No idea, love."

photo.jpgSleuth best pavement parking pic of the week

This was sent in by our just-moved-into-Chinatown correspondent. Here is a car thumbing its nose to traffic wardens by parking on the pavement on Portland Street. Apparently if you park on pavements the traffic wardens can’t get you. Of course that might be pure rubbish but it's what Sleuth hears. Or heard. Somewhere once. 

Sleuth's really fast head of the week

Dan Dubowitz had been drinking in the Marble Arch pub since three when Sleuth caught up with him at 6.30pm. He was there with some chums. and ex-moustache of the year nominee Matthew Horatio Frost. Dubowitz has been the artist in residence for Ancoats for a decade and amongst several works has produced Peeps, spyholes into the hidden spaces of Ancoats buildings. These give an intriguing and occasionally unnerving glimpse into how life is brief and how all must change. Tempus fugit and all that.

Quick head.jpgThe Peeps project is being celebrated with guided tours and a fabulous Manchester University Press book from 1 July for four days. 

Sleuth left the pub at 7pm. He called Frost to take a picture for him of the artist. This is what he received the following morning.

"He seems to have a really fast head," said Sleuth. "He does doesn't he?" said Frost. "It doesn't really do him justice I suppose," he added. 

Manchester Confidential wins

We won Magazine of the Year award last night at marketing and pr news website How-do's awards. Cheshire Life were joint winners as well. We do more than thirty pieces of independent editorial every week about Manchester. Every week. Independent. Saying what we want. And allowing criticism of what we do on the rants on the site. Awards are ok but it's the independence, and what we do that really makes us proud. The most important thing is to get better at it.

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5 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

TinaMay 28th 2011.

I like Vimto. I like that statue, glad to see it back

Maggie MilnerMay 28th 2011.

Well done Mancon for your award.
Can you give us an update when the Vimto statue returns please - him indoors forgot the camera on your recent tour and wants to go back and take photos!

Eddy NicholsJune 2nd 2011.

Latest news is that the VIMTO sculpture has only been taken away for cleaning and repair. Thats good news but sometimes these things have a habit of never coming back even when promised.

tblzebraJune 2nd 2011.

Yeah, where's 'Vigilance' by Keith Godwin gone, since it 'disappeared' from outside John Rylands Library?

Eddy NicholsJune 2nd 2011.

Egg - zac - lee!

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