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Sleuth 23/09/2011

Liars Bar To Open, Bentley Move To City, And Even More Bars For The Northern Quarter, Lies To Tell Tourists, Lies, Lies, Lies

Published on September 23rd 2011.

Sleuth 23/09/2011

Sleuth is a sideways glance at the city every week, it's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. We give £25 for every story/rumour and piece of absurdity you find for us to print. Sleuth sometimes even gets serious. We ask for the money back if any legal action follows.
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Sleuth Gains A Liar But Loses A Pussy

The Liars Club is opening in the Purple Pussycat. The lowdown speakeasy under the Starbucks, under Mojo, off Bridge Street, is becoming even more of speakeasy as it becomes The Liars Club. A tiki bar. Or so Sleuth has been told....

Brewdog Bar arrives

Sleuth likes the Brewdog Company. He likes that they're coming to Manchester, click here. He likes the arrogant cut of their gib. A while ago in the Food and Drink Round-up we put this.

'Confidential is fascinated by the marketing approach of the Brewdog beer company. The label on their ‘5am Slam’ beer reads like this. 'You probably don’t know about beer. You don’t understand beer. You don’t know what good beer is or how truly pathetic mass-market beers are. This is condemningly ironic considering how much beer we drink in the UK.

'Would you apply the same lack of care, knowledge and passion in other areas of your life? What does this say about you? Maybe you want to define yourself with bland, tasteless lowest common denominator beer. We won’t have any part of it.

‘It’s not all your fault. Constrained by lack of choice. Seduced by the monolithic brewers huge advertising budgets. Brain-washed by vindictive lies perpetrated with the veracity of pseudo-propaganda. You can’t help being sucked down the rabbit hole. The UK beer scene is sick. And we are the doctor.’

Bless them. 

Sleuth’s Direct Sign Of The Week

Sleuth loved this sign in the Kings Arms on Bloom Street in Salford about their food offering. By the way if you saw the new student sitcom 'Fresh Meat' on Channel 4 this week you may have spotted the Kings Arms.

Man With Kettle On 003

Sleuth’s  Man With A Kettle On Head Picture Of The Week

See the top picture for a top piece of knitting being shown off at Brook's Bar. Funnily enough the Kings Arms in Salford plays host to the Manchester and Salford Knitting Society.

Sleuth’s Fish In A Hat Award Of The Week

Sleuth was chatting to Rochdale chef Andrew Nutter about his 40th birthday party before it took place on Monday. Sleuth said, "Is it true that you're going to have a boat filled with dancing dwarfs arriving at the Mark Addy? That's not very PC is it?" "No, that rumour's wrong," said Nutter. "There's only going to be one dwarf and he's just going to be giving out the canapes." "Oh," said Sleuth, "that's ok then." "Well, whitebait at least, from a sombrero with a dip in the middle," said Nutter as though it were the most reasonable statement ever. "Ah," said Sleuth. 

Man With Kettle On 013

Sleuth’s Bentley’s All Round Of The Week

Sleuth learnt this week that every first team signing gets a top of the range Bentley when they join Manchester City as a little perk. Sleuth dicovered this after nearly taking the front-end off Kolo Toure's into Man City's car park earlier this week.

Sleuth’s New Expressions For Human Beings

Nick Smith, the business development boss of Manchester City, doesn’t call players 'players' anymore he calls them ‘Footballing Assets’. In Scotland footballing assets are called 'crap'.

Sleuth's Clever Readers Of The Week

Sleuth did a tour of Manchester's libraries the other week including a visit to Chetham's Library. The amiable librarian Micheal Powell put out the books Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels read when they studied in the library in the 1840s. Here are two of our readers in the library. Sweet place. The library is in a building of the 1420s and was created in the 1650s. Every Mancunian and every adopted Mancunian should visit. It is pure magic. Pure inspiration. Sleuth wants to go there now and just breathe in the atmosphere.

Chopin 004

Sleuth’s  Rant Of The Week

This from ranter Richard HJ about the Shaun Ryder talk led by Luke Bainbridge at Waterstones last week. 'My personal highlight was the slightly sad revelation that Ryder has built a tiny Hacienda in his garage complete with bar made out of bits of the Hacienda because "you can't smoke in pubs anymore".' 

Sleuth's Box Of The Week

This box was found close to the Opera House. Could it possibly be of a theatrical origin? Still Sleuth loves the idea of a 'Wig Room' although the word 'Oven!' on here is confusing.

Chopin 017

Premiership footballer in cliche shocker

Smalling and SmudgeSmalling and SmudgeSleuth was at the Generation Pop gallery on New York Street this week for the Lou Molloy tattoo exhibition - he's the man behind David Beckham's famous angel tat.

Chris Smalling, of Manchester United and recently England, turned up. In a bizarre twist on the modern footballer, Smalling's girlfriend is a Page 3 model and DJ. Sleuth could never have predicted such things. She didn't play many records but she did do a lot of bending over.

Here she is, and here's Smalling with our man Smudge Jones

Get your hits outGet your hits out

Sleuth's odd dish of the week

Sleuth was in Yang Sing this week and spotted this tasty treat - grouper fish 'nestled in a mountain range.' Of walnuts.

Is the fish nestled in the mountain range, or does one have to take the dish to a mountain range to eat it?

Sleuth likes the idea of being nestled in a mountain range of walnuts. It sounds comfy.

Food for hikers?Food for hikers?

Sleuth’s Lies To Tell Tourists

The new Liars Bar in the city centre has a well in the centre out of which flows pure dandelion and burdock. 

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11 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

John NuttallSeptember 23rd 2011.

Isn't the location for the new Liars Bar a bit close to its biggest rival - Panacea?

JennySeptember 23rd 2011.

Not much of a sleuth The Kings Arms is on Bloom Street not Bootle Street.....

1 Response: Reply To This...
SleuthSeptember 23rd 2011.

I am a fool. Bloom Street it is.

Angela DunnSeptember 23rd 2011.

The best menu description I have seen: chefs own cheese imprisoned in a short crust pastry. ...I didn't feel tempted to buy it.

Simon BinnsSeptember 23rd 2011.

Tsk, Mr Schofield. Good spot Jenny.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Jonathan SchofieldSeptember 23rd 2011.

I didn't write it Simon, Sleuth did.

WoksmugglerSeptember 23rd 2011.

Clever readers, but not clever writers!
Manchester's library's? Libraries, surely?

1 Response: Reply To This...
SleuthSeptember 23rd 2011.

Indeed. A fool Sleuth is. Changed.

AnonymousSeptember 24th 2011.

Do you not even pay the minmum wage?! That poor Smudge chap can't even afford a haircut! ;)

RevaulxSeptember 30th 2011.

"Cut of their gib": isn't it jib, ie a sail which sticks out at the front of a boat?.

Brewdog is run by former partners in the excellent Thornbridge brewery in Bakewell. The latter's Jaipur IPA is a classic; even better than Brewdog's admittedly very good Punk IPA.

AnonymousFebruary 9th 2012.

the answer to the wig oven is the wigs for theatre get set on rollers then put in a large oven that bakes the wigs to give them a proper set, they are then taken out cooled down and then dressed out to whatever the style may be!

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