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Sleuth 22/06/07

Ambitious museums, turkeys and a well-known sports’ presenter is hanged outside a Manchester pub

Published on June 22nd 2007.

Sleuth 22/06/07

What’s in a name?
IT SEEMS Manchester ’s biggest museum is getting ambitious. The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester is re-branding itself. Given that title you can understand why, by the time staff had given the name callers had usually hung-up. Anyway the bright-eyed marketing guys and gals have sat down, spent some money and come up with a remarkable name change. Drum roll please. Sleuth can reveal that The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester is going to become the Museum of Science and Industry. Er…ok. An insider told Sleuth that they want people to call the museum MOSI. Bit like MOMA ( Museum of Modern Art ) in New York, except with trains rather than Cezanne. Having Beetham Tower at the end of the road seems to have gone to their heads.

In the dock
SPEAKING of museums Sleuth attended the fifth birthday lunch of the Imperial War Museum North at the Quays this week: a charming affair in an excellent venue. He couldn’t help nod agreement when the lead speaker, Felicity Goodey, who is a sort of cultural ambassador for Manchester’s neighbour city (no don’t smile), said, “This whole area was Manchester Docks when it was thriving but when it closed it became Salford Docks. Typical.” If Manchester is the second-city of the UK at least Salford is the second-city of Greater Manchester. Don’t know what they’re whinging about.

All in a name
The most shoe-horned, made-to-fit name ever in the history of acronyms has been manufactured at the University of Manchester. A new study being carried out is looking at how city centres are heating up due to buildings, roads and traffic, using Manchester and Sheffield as examples. The name of the study is SCORCHIO: Sustainable Cities Options for Responding to Climate Change Impacts and Other Outcomes. Scorchio, honestly.

Animal laughter
SLEUTH’S favourite gaffe of the week took place on ITN – that news channel which seems to have lost all its chairs so the presenters are always rushing about. Upon the death of Manchester’s most controversial comedian the presenter announced the death of Bernard Matthews and how the tributes have been flooding in. Apparently the turkeys of Norfolk were gabbling with relief. It was Mr Matthews who had the last laugh this time though.

Briton’s Unprotected
THE BRITON’S Protection, behind the Bridgewater Hall, is one of Manchester’s finest and most popular pubs. Metier is a developer which owns land on either side and wants to put the pub on a concrete raft and shift it four metres to the east to fit against the wall of Jurys Inn. Of course the Briton’s Protection is listed and nobody but the developer wants this to happen. Or maybe not. It appears the Council are keen to have another tower here to mark the ‘gateway’ to the city from Princess Parkway – see the pic we managed to get hold of below. Sleuth hears on the QT that the Planning Department has indicated to the developer that they would look favourably on the proposal. This despite the storm of protest it has stirred up – inevitably many original features in the pub would be damaged or destroyed. As one regular told Sleuth, “It’s a pointless plan. Although if they could shift it nearer to Piccadilly Station, I suppose I wouldn’t have so far to stagger to the train.”

Tatty Tatton
MORE PUB trouble down at Northenden. The Tatton Arms, the big mock Tudor pub by the River Mersey has been boarded up for sometime now with a for lease sign. This has been taken down and metal grilles attached to the windows. The local am dram group occupy part of the site and it’s been indicated that they have to move. Apparently the new owner of the land, one Mr Jamil, has a record of keeping interesting buildings empty and decaying for long periods of time. Sleuth wonders why he might want to do that? Might it be that once it falls into rack and ruin it will be easier to demolish and build some crap apartments or housing. Thus Northenden will lose its potentially most appealing recreational space on the riverside. Shame then, that the present City Council leaflet promoting the virtues of Northenden has the Tatton Arms in its full glory, on its cover, to show what a lovely suburb this is.

Hang ‘em high
MEANWHILE it appears that a famous TV presenter is much older than he looks. Mr Thomas’s Chophouse was originally built in the 1860s. But take a look at the signboards. Hey, isn’t that Desmond Lynam up there?

Lotus position
Mr Thomas’s near neighbour is Lotus Bar and Grill. Sleuth is concerned that their latest venture, trying to turn a bus stop on Bridge Street into a sophisticated dim sum experience, might not have worked out.

Having a blast
WELL DONE to Margaret Newton and James Ivison who won our competition for two Sony games Resistance: The Fall of Man featuring our fine old Cathedral. Sleuth will be off into the Cathedral later to add the equivalent value in cash to the donation boxes and doing what Sony should have done, giving some compensation to the Cathedral.

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13 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Bob MonkhouseJune 22nd 2007.

....And less disabled spaces.

Helen KJune 22nd 2007.

sorry, not the Mancunian Way, Princess Parkway.

AnonymousJune 22nd 2007.

A refurbished Tatton Arms, serving good food, would be a real boost for the area. Couldn't agree more about the Metropolitan, been going there for 3 years and this summer it has become a victim of its own success - way too busy, causing long delays at the bar and grubby toilets by the end of the night. Definitely lost its 'chilled out' appeal.

CarolineJune 22nd 2007.

Blimey. You wouldn't get much sun in the BP beer garden with that there, would you?!

Helen KJune 22nd 2007.

So the first thing you see as you come in on the Mancunian Way will be a blank wall of glass. I can't think of a more unsuitable place for this tower - it may be slimline from the side, but from the front it's like a brick in the face. What on earth are the planning department thinking of even contemplating putting such a building in such an unsuitable place!!!!

andybickJune 22nd 2007.

Sorry you have lost your precious sun trap Chubby Brown. How ignorant and self centred is that. City South is no small builidng, no doubt of a similar bulk the new one which is causing you problems. Sorry mate, live in the city centre over looking a surface car park and you have to be a fool to think that they are not going to develop the site. Durrr! Whats better a surface car park serving no purpose which is an unproductive use of land and a blot on the landscape or a new building which actually serves a purpose. NIBMYism is live and well. Live in the city centre and you have no right to moan about that sort of stuff - sorry mate!

AnonymousJune 22nd 2007.

As a Northenden resident I've heard the Tatton Arms has been taken over and will become a lovely family friendly pub and fish restaurant - about time too! It is such a lovely old building with a perfect riverside location. An end to the chavs and a nice pub to finally drink in locally rather than always heading to The Metropolitan in West Didsbury which is overpriced and lost its chilled out atmosphere - its full of wannabe WAGS and too many over inflated egos.

Karen the realistJune 22nd 2007.

regarding the Britons Protection please let me think that this council isnt as corrupt as we all think it is and will not even consider this indecent proposal to move this great institution? Never heard so much crap! One Peter Babb at the town planning dept is the guy responsbile for all these mistakes getting backing from his cronies at the town hall who are getting backhanders no doubt from the developers! yes HE'S the one pushing through all these mad ideas that are being given the green light and the one you should put forward any opppositions to. Heard also that the old Odeon cinema on Oxford Street(yes another part of our mancunian heritage) is going to be flattened alongside the block next door which admittedly is an eyesore and wont be missed! Theres flats being put up all over and just as you think you've been sold a great view and lifestyle then one Peter Babb comes along and wipes £20k off the value of your hard earned flat due to another block being plonked right in front of you. Its got to stop! and people have got to stand up and protest not sit there and moan on here endlessly! I do, and sometimes it works, write to your local councillors and MP's and if they dont listen threaten to withdraw your vote and spread the word! Good luck!by the way Rob Cotterill, have you no sense of civic pride? Flatten the town hall? Are you on drugs? youre obviously not a proud Mancunian though are you? probably another imposter from darn sarf intent on changing the fabric of the city for your own means trying to mould it into a mini London!

Penfold.June 22nd 2007.

Burn the plans and flatten the pub anyway. We need more car parks!!

Chubby BrownJune 22nd 2007.

Another tower! Maybe the council are concerned that we are losing our cultural identity, and with climate changes the pale and pastey complexion that typifies us Mancunians will soon be a thing of the past.In response they are rapidly building defences to ensure we see no sunshine, like the new block opposite my old apartment at City South, which used to have an awesome sun trap balcony, but is now cast into darkness at 5pm by the Lumiere Monster!

Chris WhitakerJune 22nd 2007.

Karen, whilst i agree with your comments i think maybe you need to read Rob Cotterill's comments again?..i think he was being SARCASTIC!, whilst some say it's the lowest form of wit, i got his vibe straight away...and i agree..this idiotic council has used June 1996 as an excuse to rape this City of all it's character...."Harvey Nicholls".....oh please........

woodsyonlineJune 22nd 2007.

the planning department has looked favourably on a totally mad plan. what a suprise. stop the madness. stop it NOW!

Rob CotterillJune 22nd 2007.

Oh good grief.Hey, why not just bulldoze everything older than 1996 and finish off what the IRA started?We can flatten that horrible old Town Hall for starters, and build a lovely new, gleaming glass-and-steel 48 storey tower which is more fitting to a Modern, Thrusting and Vibrant 21st Century City...

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