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Sleuth 14/12/2012: Hasselhoff, Pheasants, New Choc Shop

The absurd truth for Manchester

Published on December 14th 2012.

Sleuth 14/12/2012: Hasselhoff, Pheasants, New Choc Shop

SleuthSleuth is a sideways glance at the city every week, it's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. He's several people all at once. We give £25 for every story/rumour and piece of absurdity you find for us to publish. Sleuth sometimes even gets serious. We ask for the money back if any legal action follows. Follow Sleuth on twitter @mcrsleuth

Sleuth, Neighbourhood And No Reflection Up The Diners

Sleuth was chatting with Roz Hughes, one of Manchester's finest citizens, this week. She was asking where Confidential were going for their Christmas meal. Sleuth told her Neighbourhood, the new operation in Tower 12, Spinningfields. He told her he was looking forward to it as the food is very good, the only thing he wasn't sure about were the tables with their mirrored surfaces. "There'll be no dancing on them then," said Roz, "especially for the girls in party dresses."

Lovely pasta on a platter, mirrored table beneathLovely pasta on a platter, mirrored table beneath

Sleuth's Gentleman Of The Week

This is David Hasselhoff. Sleuth was at the gala night performance of Peter Pan in the Opera House where the Hoff was appearing as Captain Hook. He was gracious, gave of his time, and never seemed to get bored as he was being mobbed by folk in the aftershow party. He was signing autographs left, right and centre, and even ladies' tops, as seen here. Peter Pan is huge fun by the way - review coming up over the weekend on Confidential. Get down there and laugh your socks off at the music hall humour.

Woman lets The Hof get at her chestWoman lets The Hoff get at her chest

Sleuth's Birthday Party Of The Week

This was the aftershow party at the Opera House. The Hoff and the cast were there plus numerous celebrities Sleuth had never heard of from reality TV shows Sleuth had never heard of.

The party included a celebration of 100 years of the Opera House. Everybody joined in with a rousing version of 'Happy Birthday dear Opera House'. There was a birthday cake from Slattery's. This is The Hoff cutting it.

Later someone from the Opera House said, "Will Confidential be the only magazine in the world that puts a suet pudding as headline picture rather than international star of stage and screen David Hasselhoff?"

"Yes," said Sleuth. 

Cake fun and happy birthday Opera HouseCake fun and happy birthday Opera House

Cracking New Chocolate Shop In Town

Love this place. The Bonbon Chocolate Workshop has opened on John Street, off Thomas Street, in the Northern Quarter. It's a delight. Handmade Manchester chocolates, perfect for presents, from the team behind Teacup. There's scarcely ever a queue as well - unlike the parent shop.

Choccy love part 1Choccy love part 1

Choccy love part 2Choccy love part 2

Sleuth's Strange Arrow Of The Week

Sleuth was in Bonbon Chocolate Workshop described above. Chris Drury, artist and good egg, was in there making a point. "What's that?" asked Sleuth. "It's a curvy arrow to direct people here," said Mr Drury. Sleuth thought a moment, "I dare you to go out drinking with it, stand around holding it high, pointing at the person two along?" said Sleuth. "Good idea," said Chris, shaking his head.

Man with a point to makingMan with a point to making

Sleuth's Suet Pudding Of The Week 

Every seven days or so Sleuth is stopped in the street by policeman, firemen, concierges, Brazilian dancing girls, Postal Workers, contortionists, American football players, David Hasselhoff, men with arrows, the complete cast of The Hobbit and asked "What is your favourite suet pudding this week?"

Well this week it’s the Banyan Tree’s marvellous curried chicken chilli suet pudding at £9.75. There is none better in the North. True it’s a veggie suet but it’s a rich thing of great subtlety and verve. Perfect chips and perfect mushy peas too.

Suet puddingSuet pudding

Sleuth's Pheasant Of The Week 

Every seven days or so Sleuth is stopped in the street by policeman, firemen, concierges, Brazilian dancing girls, postal workers, men with arrows, contortionists, American football players, David Hasselhoff, David Cameron, David Andgoliath, the complete cast of The Hobbit and asked "Where have you found a lovely pheasant this week?"

Well this week it’s at the Mark Addy, where Robert Owen Brown, the best game chef in the north is preparing a platter of pheasant with game crisps and the trimmings. It costs less that £17. It looks like the royal family are visiting.

Pheasantly surprisedPheasantly surprised

Sleuth’s National Day Of The Week

Sleuth’s relieved to hear it’s National Postal Workers Day on Monday 17 December - one of the busiest days of the year in the postal industry’.

To celebrate National Postal Workers Day, the Communication Workers Union is asking the public ‘to think of their postie, give them a smile and appreciate the work they do all year round’. At Confidential we’re already putting the bunting up.

To celebrate Lynda Moyo’s going to open an envelope, Ruth Allan is going to blow up the neighbour’s violent dog, Jonathan Schofield’s going to draw a caricature of Postman Pat in his diary on Yule Log day. 

Gordo's going to eat a postbox.

They’re going to do this two days late, second class. Then they’re all off to The Marble Arch at 2pm to drink.


They're going to be drinking with all the posties who nip in from the depot over the road to spend a quick five afternoon hours over a pint or ten. 

Postman Pat drawn on Yule Log SundayPostman Pat drawn on Yule Log Sunday in the diary. 

Sleuth’s Banned Phrase Of Every Week

The editor has banned the use on Manchester Confidential of the phrase ‘with a twist’, as in ‘it’s traditional French food with a twist’ or ‘it’s a 1970s' club night with a 1990s' twist’.

He’s banned it because ‘with a twist’ has become trite and hackneyed and because he’s a word fascist.

Sleuth wholeheartedly agrees. So Sleuth finds himself in some difficulty when he's asked by fooodie types what fusilli's like? “Er...well,” says Sleuth, “it’s like spaghetti with...er...a twist."

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9 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Wall-EDecember 14th 2012.

The comments about neighbourhood on here don't sound too good. I was really looking forward to trying it.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Stealth BomberDecember 14th 2012.

why, did you want to dance on the table sin your party frock?

bigearsDecember 14th 2012.

Wall-E get down and try it, well worth a visit!

IanDecember 16th 2012.

It's not worth a visit, very disappointing. Was looking forward to a relaxing meal but it is like a bar. For those prices I was expecting much more. No bread or anything, food was underseasoned, burger was dry (and at £14 one of the most expensive). They should cover those mirrored tables with cloth.

Plus the staff wearing yellow bow ties, braces etc. just feels like a gimmick.


1 Response: Reply To This...
Bilbo BagginsDecember 19th 2012.

not much you like is there Mr. Hall?

IanDecember 16th 2012.

Also, while waiting for our table I watched a woman being served her pizza (£9 or £11) and she was like "is that it?, that's the pizza?!" because it was tiny! Not what you would expect in a 'New York eatery'

RobbsyDecember 21st 2012.

Bonbon is a great addition to the NQ - and Manc foodie life in general - excellent quality and seems they really care!

The nugget of salted caramel in my hot chocolate was simply perfect! All chocaholics should pop in and experience a little pleasure on these cold days :)

Wall-EDecember 24th 2012.

Really enjoyed neighbourhood. Crab and scallops starters excellent, cheese dumplings average. Chicken thighs and burger both superb mains. Wine good, service friendly with a couple of minor slips. Atmosphere good and nicely busy. Certainly as good as Australasia with similar vibe. If you fancy good food in swanky but less formal atmosphere it is as good as you'll find in city centre.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 2nd 2013.

yeah i was in neighbourhood on saturday it was good a bit up it own arse in there just coz there is a few celebs and ballers but the staff are nice and the music was great on saturday night not sure if they had a dj or it was a cd but great mix of tunes

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