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Sleuth 09/09/2011

New Korean Restaurant, Lies To Tell Tourists, Is Marriage A Problem In Online Dating? Plus Mark Dodson – resurrection man

Published on September 9th 2011.

Sleuth 09/09/2011

Sleuth is a sideways glance at the city every week, it's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. We give £25 for every story/rumour and piece of absurdity you find for us to print. Sleuth sometimes even gets serious. We ask for the money back if any legal action follows.
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Sleuth's Korean Restaurant Of The Week

This is Ban Di Bul  - pictured above. It looks good. It's a Korean restaurant on Princess Street just down from the tram lines. Sleuth loves the Koreana, the longest lived Korean restaurant in the country, not so far away on King Street West, so he sent a writer to get a menu. She was chased out until "the manager arrives - we don't want to talk". Sometimes people get so suspicious of Manchester Confidential - Sleuth has no idea why, we're always so kind to restaurants. We'll be in soon, with or without the manager's consent, to review. 

Sleuth's Upset Bass Player Of The Week

After New Order said they were reforming this week (click here) minus Peter Hook, we've had a response from the founding member and bass player - his capitals. Oh dear.

'I first I heard about this on Monday and it has taken me completely by surprise! Everyone knows that NEW ORDER without PETER HOOK is like QUEEN without FREDDIE MERCURY, U2 without THE EDGE, SOOTY without SWEEP! 

'On a more serious note, I do not understand the decision THE OTHER THREE have taken. I wish they had approached me first. I do not agree with the methods they have used and feel it would have been courteous and professional to have spoken to me in advance of the announcements. It is very sad.  

'Love PETER HOOK x Sept ‘11'

Sleuth's Festival of the Week

This was the Northern Quarter Festival - N4 Loves U - to mark the post riot city centre 'I love Manchester' campaign. More than fifteen thousand people turned up to enjoy the food, the drink, the music. Sleuth couldn't go so he asked his mate Roger P how it went. "Loved it. It was great," said Roger slowly, "lots of happy people having a really happy time." "You didn't go, did you?" said Sleuth. "I did," said Roger, "only I met a girl from Dorset about 6pm and went back to her place, so missed a lot of the music." I love Manchester, I love Dorset, thought Sleuth, thinking well done lad.

Sleuth's Unfortunate Band Name Of The Week

There were thirty acts including a host of DJs and bands at N4 Loves U. Given the theme Sleuth wasn't sure that it was a good idea to include a band called The Paris Riots. 

Sleuth's Lonely Heart's Question Of The Week

A Confidential person is trying online dating. One of the enquiries she got intrigued Sleuth. 'Hello', the message said, 'the fact I'm married is not problem is it?' Sleuth admired the man's candour, although funnily enough it did turn out to be a problem. Another one told our hero, 'I'd love to meet you. I’ve been gay for fifteen years, but I like the company of women.' Sleuth thinks that was just plain missing the point.

Sleuth's Idiot Political Movement Of The Week

This is the odious English Defence League who announced a rally date in Manchester only to cancel it when they realised they's already arranged a rally elsewhere on the same day.

Sleuth's Beard Of The Week

John Quilter, ex of the Chop Houses, ex of Marmalade, current of beard, is the 'food consultant' for Teacup in the Northern Quarter. We interviewed him this week for an article to go up next week. He revealed that the enterprising cafe has branched out into chocolates. Home made chocs. In Manchester. Nice. There are flavours such as pistachio, rose petal and some that look like Christmas baubles that are almost too pretty to eat. “I can’t take all the credit though,” Quilter said. “The Gingerbread Kid’s the one you should actually be speaking to.” Sleuth went back and took a picture of the latter talented man - chef John Farrar - sat on a Teacup sofa.



Quilter's Chocs 001

Mark Dodson And The Price Of Failure - Success

This from media news website How-Do.

‘Mark Dodson, the former cheif executive of Guardian Media Group Regional Media, has been appointed as the new chief executive of Scottish Rugby. Dodson left GMG Regional Media last year when the publisher’s portfolio of newspapers - including the flagship Manchester Evening News title - was sold to Trinity Mirror. GMG’s financial results later that same year revealed that he had received a £440k 'golden goodbye' upon his departure.'

Many ex-MEN staff made redundant under Dodson’s tenure will think the appointment a load of balls.  One of the comments on How-Do says it all.

‘Living proof that in the world of British management, failure, incompetence and the ability to run a going concern into the ground is no barrier to getting another highly paid job for which they are unqualified. Prepare for news of a huge new luxury management office complex being built at Murrayfield, the sacking of scrumhalfs and standoffs to be replaced by (cheaper) lock forwards and every game lost by Scotland to result in a huge bonus for the chief exec.’

Obviously ill-fated projects such as Channel M and ill-fated moves such as the one into an expensive new city centre office must have impressed the Scottish Rugby Union with their magnificent failure.

Parking Deal Scorn

Forget the City Council's ridiculous idea of still going ahead with charging for on-street city centre parking on Sunday and deny them funds thinks Sleuth. Here are car parks just over the river in Salford, a five minute walk from Harvey Nichols. OK they charge too, but they are never more than a couple of quid all day on Sunday - this one is just £1.50.

Irwell And Car Parks 424

Sleuth's Lies To Tell Tourists

The Manchester Wheel, in Exchange Square, is the oldest in the world dating from 2034BC. It was originally used as an astrological clock by ancient peoples who worshipped novelty mugs. They would sacrifice goats in what has become the VIP cabin of the Manchester Wheel, then study the entrails, and declare whether the next year would be good for retail. 


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SmudgeSeptember 9th 2011.

He should have said that 'New Order without Peter Hook is like Joy Division without Ian Curtis'

BSSeptember 9th 2011.

Bizarre Hate Triangle

HSeptember 9th 2011.

Lucre will tear us apart

JonnySeptember 9th 2011.

Thieves Like Us

AnonymousSeptember 9th 2011.

Blue Hooky

AnonymousSeptember 9th 2011.

True Hate

AnonymousSeptember 9th 2011.

Power, lies and corruption

suzyblewSeptember 9th 2011.

Just saw him a couple of hours ago in a questionable purple Ed Hardy t-shirt. No wonder he looked grumpy!

Michael WestSeptember 9th 2011.

Lies to tell to tourists. In 310 AD The Roman Emperor Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus declared Mamucium to be the birth place of the Sun God Sol Invictus (and thus the centre of the earth) and had an altar commissioned on the site of the present day steeple at St Ann's Church. A small cross (which many thought was a masons mark until the 1970s) is all that remains of the altar.

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