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Sleuth 05/08/2011

Barton roof dining, Pablo Cannavaro snapped (almost), new University of Manchester security plan, Satan's shocking ad and graphic insults

Published on August 5th 2011.

Sleuth 05/08/2011

Sleuth is a sideways glance at the city every week, it's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. We give £25 for every story/rumour and piece of absurdity you find for us to print. We ask for the money back if any legal action follows.
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Sleuth's Mystery Picture Of The Week or Maybe New Security For University

Sleuth was sent this picture of Oxford Road by Stacey Berry, oft-time reader, sometime writer, for Confidential - this is her blog from high up in Beetham Tower (click here). The picture below is Sleuth's favourite picture of the week. Now folks, look beyond the charming picture of mother and child off to a 'do' and spot in the background how it appears the University is employing George Lucas as a security advisor.

Oxford Road - who are they in the distance?Oxford Road - who are they in the distance?

Sleuth's Favourite Sign Of The Month

There's one of these on Portland Street and one around the corner on Princess Street. Sleuth knows it refers to the nearby Goth club, presently hemmed in by roadworks. So will lots of readers. But it isn't so obvious for overseas guests. One German visitor Sleuth was escorting around this week pointed at the sign and asked, "Does Manchester have a very diverse religious community?"  

Reassuring words on Portland StreetReassuring words on Portland Street

Graphic Novel Community Gets Graphic

After the editor, Jonathan Schofield, showed his frustration with Superhero movies this week in his review of Captain America (click here) and took a pop at graphic novels and comics, he was attacked in the rants and by direct emails and tweets. Sleuth's favourite via a red herring of a Hotmail address simply stated: 'Fuck off Schofield, you narrow minded (insert c-word here), you're a bastard'.

Meanwhile annother bemoaned his 'lack of respect for the graphic novel community'. Sleuth wonders where that graphic novel community is located. Is it maybe up a valley near Hebden Bridge, does it have a lot of comic book shops? 

Graphic Novel Community Bookshop, somewhere in the hills near HebdenGraphic Novel Community Bookshop, somewhere in the hills near Hebden

Confidential's Graphic Novels

We do our own graphic novels in photographs of course. Here was our best recent one - click here for a revealing and dramatic episode of Red Hot World Buffet Saves The World For Bargain Eating. In the picture below Snoop Dogg is investigating.

Superhero Snoop Fights Against The Evil CroquettesSuperhero Snoop Fights Against The Evil Croquettes

Salutation Saved For The Nation

Sleuth met Dr Wang Chill at the Salutation behind All Saints on Higher Chatham Street for a pint this week. Chill had recently been sex-tourisming in France and was looking polished. The Salutation is a good pub that seemed, until recently, to be a target for the demolition boys with the site to be re-developed as student accommodation (or maybe a Home for Retired Members of the Graphic Novel Community). That fate has now been averted. The prolific Manchester bar empire, Trof (Trof, The Deaf School and other outlets) has taken over and is refurbing. Indeed as Sleuth was drinking the barmen kept nipping away to re-paint a wall. 

Salutation saved at the Metropolitan UniversitySalutation saved at the Metropolitan University

Fabio Cannavaro In The Flesh Almost

Sleuth was in San Carlo on Thursday night. He walked through a scrum of paparazzi at the door, "Not tonight lads," said Sleuth, "I'm after a quiet night." The snappers looked confused. On the way through the restaurant Sleuth's way was blocked by a small chap surrounded by excited gents. The chap looked familiar. Then it struck Sleuth, it was the World Cup Winning ex-captain of Italy, Fabio Cannavaro. Sleuth thought he'd best get a picture as well - as a member of the media and all that. It's all in the timing of course, so this is Sleuth's picture below. Rushed things you see. Cannavaro, in town for Paul Scholes' testimonial, was off before Sleuth could re-adjust.

Pablo Cannavaro enjoys a visit to San CarloPablo Cannavaro enjoys a visit to San Carlo

Sleuth's Pat On the Back Of The Week

We ran this story about seeking volunteers for planting apple trees in the city centre. We ran it on the Wednesday and by the Thursday all the volunteer slots had been filled. Well done readers, you green fingered, beautifying bunch of opinionated sods. 

Sleuth Compliments The 'Pool

Sleuth went to Liverpool last weekend. The son shone, and Chevasse Park in the Liverpool One development was a model of how families should be catered for. Check out this You Tube clip of Sleuth and Young Sleuth. The editor's writing an article comparing how the two cities measure up for visitors.

Sleuth And The Rooftop Party

One of the week's more delightful events of the summer took place on Wednesday. This was the launch of Barton Arcade's rooftop terrace garden. The hosts were owner Morgan and Nadine.

There were lots of lovely people there including Craig from the Circle Club plus his charming book-keeper who believes in a Barton Arcade ghost called 'Derek'; Alex about to set up her own model shoot place on Cheetham Hill Road; a couple of Helens (including Confidential's own party beast, Helen Ramsbottom); Joanna Simpson a well-known city bon viveur who does more than PR; Chris Grimes also of Confidential who enjoyed the company so much he missed a flight to France the following day.

Howard Sharrock and wife Judith were also present, naturellement, as well as a couple of Irish friends of Morgan's from Limerick who were on a personal mission to drink all the grog as quickly as possible.

Chefs for the barbecue were the aforementioned Sharrock and, of course, Gordo, the only man to arrive in shorts. Shamelessly so. Gordo had brought so much meat it looked like there'd been some dreadful slaughter on a roof in Manchester. Sweeney Todd on high.

Despite Sleuth having to slope off around 8.15pm it was a fabulous occasion on a lovely night, where Manchester's buildings sprang to life in the late evening sun, and the conversation flowed as freely as the beer, wine, champagne and spirit down the throats of Morgan's Irish mates and Chris Grimes. 

The chefs, Sharrock is about to swat Gordo for wearing those shortsThe chefs, Sharrock is about to swat Gordo for wearing those shorts

Up on the roofUp on the roof

Up on the roofUp on the roof

Up on the roofUp on the roof

Up on the roofUp on the roof

Up on the roofUp on the roof

Up on the roofUp on the roof

Up on the roofUp on the roof

Up on the roofUp on the roof


Much meat in skyline meat festMuch meat in skyline meat fest

Up on the roof

Up on the roof


Up on the roofUp on the roof

Up on the roofUp on the roof

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34 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

SmittyAugust 5th 2011.

Just slag off Doctor Who and then you'll have the full Wrath of Geek unleashed on the site.

Love from Smitty, a member of the much-maligned homosexual, Doctor Who fan, cat loving, comic reading, trekkie, tweezer collecting community (we're bigger than you think)

SleuthAugust 5th 2011.

As a Timelord himself, Sleuth likes Doctor Who. Mind you he can't stand that Torchwood programme. Takes itself too seriously that one and that Captain Jack is annoying as Chris Evans in Captain America. It's possibly something to do with the word Captain.

AnonymousAugust 5th 2011.

Er what's a tweezer collector?

Jonny JealousAugust 5th 2011.

Nice rooftop terrace that. Lucky buggers you lot aren't you?

BlondieAugust 5th 2011.

I reckon Gordo was behind the anon hotmail email.

Greek JohnAugust 5th 2011.

Those star-troopers are mint. It's a perfect picture moment

Phil MurphyAugust 5th 2011.

Sombody has hacked the site and put "Written by Jonathan Schofield" at the head of that piece. It's probably one of Jonathon's hacker pals in a ploy to win him credit because he was too scared to go up on the roof himself.

SleuthAugust 5th 2011.

We'll remove that immediately Phil. Your truth is manifest and your knowledge profound.

The EmperorAugust 5th 2011.

That picture is definitely picture of the week. It's sort of perfect in it's composition with the mother and daughter in the foreground and then the storm-troopers slouching along in the background.

AnonymousAugust 5th 2011.

I agree with the University procedure here. Security must go inter-galactic

Luke RoadwalkerAugust 5th 2011.

It's good to see that they're crossing the road on a green man in an orderly fashion.

Michael GandyAugust 5th 2011.

Does no-one know how to spell "accommodation" these days?

ShuttyAugust 5th 2011.

Sorry guys but it's 'Fabio' Cannavaro. Legend.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousAugust 6th 2011.


AnonymousAugust 5th 2011.

Great news about the Salutation!

shesgotmedalsAugust 5th 2011.

Is the roof top garden open to everyone?
Can it be booked for a Do for example?

Stacey BerryAugust 5th 2011.

I took the photo to try and find out why did the stormtroopers cross the road.

I've been reliably informed that it was to get to the dark side.

Albino Chicken LegAugust 5th 2011.

Nice shot of gordo in his shorts...no wonder the all the ladies love him ;-)

Val WhiteheadAugust 5th 2011.

The Stormtroopers were part of the Rock Radio Wedding day they were having at the museum.

SleuthAugust 5th 2011.

Val you're destroying the fantasy.

CheesemanAugust 5th 2011.

That is a cracking picture of the storm troopers. Funny because you look at the woman and the kid first.

FR NAugust 5th 2011.

Had they nipped down from the Death Star for a Starbucks and maybe some dinosaur bones in the museum? Makes Stars Wars more cosy.

CBAugust 6th 2011.

Absolutely love the fact that you've got the time and date on the photos. Classic early digital camera 1990'S vibes.

Rooftop looks ace but can't they get some turf? Green felt it a bit poor...

NNNNAugust 7th 2011.

That picture of the storm troopers is ace

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