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Sleuth 04/11/11

TGI Fridays In The RX, Snails On Church Street, Dame Nancy Rothwell’s Deficit Dumping, Shedloads Of Parking Nonsense

Published on November 4th 2011.

Sleuth 04/11/11

Sleuth is a sideways glance at the city every week, it's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. We give £25 for every story/rumour and piece of absurdity you find for us to print. Sleuth sometimes even gets serious. We ask for the money back if any legal action follows.
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Sleuth's TGI Fridays Row

TGI Fridays is opening in the Royal Exchange early in the New Year. It will be trading on the Cross Street side of the building. There's a planning row going on about whether the brash signage will clash with the elegant Royal Exchange stone facade. You decide - the image at the top of this page shows what it will look like. Sleuth thinks its fine. It'll add a dash of colour to the street there. Give the place a bit of life. 

Sleuth The Editor Of Michelin Guides And A Lady From Wisconsin

Sleuth was trying to find an image for Rebecca Burr on the internet. She's the editor of the Michelin UK guide and London Confidential had interviewed her (click here). Of course being an incognito food reviewer she wanted her image to remain a mystery. Sleuth thought he'd have a Sleuth around and found this woman, but doesn't think it's the Ms Burr he was after: http://www.modelmayhem.com/94339 

Sleuth, Snails, 63 Degrees And A Remarkable Story

French 023Snail heavenSleuth had a look-see at the new French restaurant, 63 Degrees, on Church Street this week. He was impressed. The editor will have a full review up by Monday. The snails were absolutely gorgeous, earthy with beautiful parsley sauce and lovely crunchy spuds.

The story of the Moreau family is interesting too. The manager, Alex Moreau, moved to the city when his Manc girlfriend returned home. He worked for the previous tenant of the 63 Degrees site, the ill-fated Simple at the Light. 

When that closed and recognising the rubbishy nature of Cafe Rouge and the good, but expensive nature of The French at the Midland, he spotted a gap in the market. So he talked to his dad, Eric, who has worked in two star Michelin restaurants in France. The result was that Eric and his wife Florence (Alex's mum) moved out of their suburban Parisian house and bought a place in Chorlton. Wow, that's doing it properly thinks Sleuth. Let's hope we can have a second French Eric making a mark in Manchester.

Sir Richard Leese and the truth behind the ‘shedload’ censorship

After the well-reported confusion with American broadcasters this week (click here) Sir Richard Leese has confirmed to Sleuth that Manchester will make ‘shitloads’ of money from fining motorists who aren’t aware that Sunday parking on Manchester streets isn't free anymore. 

Metrolink's New Small Carnivore Passes Prove A Success


Chips And Fox 005

Sleuth's Worst Definition Of 'Long Haul'

Confidential put up an article about the response of the two Manchester Cathedrals to St Paul's Cathedral closing its doors due to the protest camp outside. The anti-capitalist protesters there seem set to stay for many months. Representatives of Manchester's version in the Peace Gardens at the back of the Town Hall told Confidential (click here) they were "in for the long haul". “I have no intention of leaving,” one of them called Keith said, “If we can create a utopia, why would I want to leave?" He's left now - utopia lasted just a couple of weeks.

Sleuth And Dame Nancy Rothwell And The Isle Of White

Dame Nancy RothwellDame Nancy RothwellSleuth was present at Confidential's Big Interview with Dame Nancy Rothwell - the vice-chancellor of the University of Manchester. The interview goes up on Monday. She explained that the massive £30m debt crisis the institution had suffered from had been made to vanish largely through selling off land and properties that were no longer required. Later, Sleuth was chatting this over in a pub when his friend had a eureka moment. "That how we should solve the national debt crisis, we should sell a bit of Britain off. What about the the Isle of White? It's got great access, lovely properties and we really don't need it," he suggested. Sleuth's been leaving messages on the Downing Street voicemail ever since. This is a goer.

Sleuth, Halloween, And Horror

Sleuth was scaring people under the city in the dark during the Confidential Halloween tours. He was mid-story and it was pitch-black in the deep undercroft where he was stood with 30 people. It was tense, everybody knew something terrifying was coming. Sleuth was distracted though, "Is somebody ringing a bell?" he asked. Silence. "I can still hear it," said Sleuth.

A very small female voice came from the group, "When I’m scared I ring my little angel bell," she said. "A what?" asked Sleuth. "A little bell shaped like an angel, it helps me calm down when I ring it," she said.

"Ringing your little angel bell sounds like a euphemism to me," said Sleuth, before continuing to a conclusion of pure terror - at the end of which all anyone could hear was the woman frantically ringing her little angel bell. 

Sleuth's Lies To Tell Tourists

The Trafford Centre is a 'pop-up shopping centre' in a 'crazy stylee'. It's just a bit of fun. 

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26 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousNovember 4th 2011.

Sleuth - I think you are behind the times, the plans were revised on 10 October and provide a much more subtle shopfront and signage design. Red and White stripes replaced with steel and glass.

Greek TonyNovember 4th 2011.

That Isle of White idea's a good one. It's a bit of a pointless place.

David AttenboroughNovember 4th 2011.

That fox was on my tram this morning. It was rude, first it talked really loudly on its mobile, then it started to listen to really loud thrash metal.

J HarveryNovember 4th 2011.

Snails. Yum. I'm going this lunchtime.

The FoxNovember 4th 2011.

Dear David, I was the fox on the tram. I apologise for my rudeness. I'll try and keep it down next time.

Calum McGNovember 4th 2011.

Yes, it's wonderful people are being fined for parking on the streets. Another money-making ruse where our dear Council forgot to listen to what people wanted. The sooner we get an elected figurehead the better ;)

2 Responses: Reply To This...
CBNovember 4th 2011.

What about Cllr Richard Leese?

AnonymousNovember 4th 2011.

The council we have are elected but the chances of anyone voting a non labour council (or mayor) in are close to zero so they can just do what they want with no efective opposition to worry about.

Have to say though on most things they do a rather good job so would we really want to vote for a diferent council anway even if we got cheaper parking?

AnonymousNovember 4th 2011.

Who needs a utopia when you've got scotch eggs that appease your gaping insecurity about your identity eh?

AnonymousNovember 4th 2011.

Isle of WIGHT....sigh....

3 Responses: Reply To This...
FurFoxAcheNovember 4th 2011.

Glad someone else picked up on that.

tblzebraNovember 4th 2011.

Yes, that's a bad one when th'editor claims to have a map fetish.

GadgeNovember 7th 2011.

I wondered whether it was just a ploy to make them think that they were selling the Isle Of Wight but actually selling them the Isle Of White, like the (apocryphal) story about the American buying London Bridge when he was expecting Tower Bridge.

AnonymousNovember 4th 2011.

I think Sleuth must have spent too much time slouched in the Press Club if he thinks the Vegas-style shopfront is just fine. This same approach has been used by one of Manchester 'premium' hotels to add some sparkle and colour to Brittania's boring old listed stone-built warehouse on Portland St. I'm sure TGI Friday's will be every bit as classy as that institution.

The revised plans are better (intriguingly they appear to have been drawn on the same date as the previous plans) but they don't come with any covering letter or explanatory notes confirming they supersede the original, so any planning permission must specify drawing 38C only.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
tblzebraNovember 4th 2011.

You think the Britannia is a 'premium' hotel? mmmmmm They already have their Christmas tree up. Nuff said.

And it's not stone-built; few of our ex-cotton warehouses are, it's front facade and sides stone-clad. The bits you aren't meant to easily see are utilitarian brick (some are even glazed round the back).

AnonymousNovember 8th 2011.

? I'm confused, if you look closer the drawing 38C clearly states revision C was drawn on 7/10/11 therefore superseding previous revisions.

Weby72November 4th 2011.

I've no particular fondness for the Isle of Wight, but surely selling London off would be a better cash-cow. Besides, the Houses of Parliament and its inhabitants have already been well and truly bought by multinational corporations and the banking fraternity.

Paul MorgansNovember 4th 2011.

Must have been a very heavy week if Thank God it's Fridays signage is looked upon favourably. Crass!!!

AnonymousNovember 4th 2011.

What no Guy Fawkes tour surely a more suitable Manchester tour with the excellent link/myth to Ordall Hall.

David in CheshireNovember 4th 2011.

Last time I looked, there was only one cathedral in Manchester. Where's the other one? Chorlton?

There is a big pointy stone building on Chapel Street, but we all know that's not actually in Manchester.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
SleuthNovember 5th 2011.

David. Sleuth has a big picture of Manchester in his head not a tiny little parochial one. So is Westminster Abbey in London? It's not in the City of London but it's certainly in London - if you see what I mean. Salford Cathedral is in the bigger idea of Manchester

David in CheshireNovember 8th 2011.

Oh sure, it wasn't a very serious complaint, but I honestly did sit here wondering for about 30 seconds where the other cathedral might be.

I think it was a matter of phrasing and capitalisaion. The "two Manchester Cathedrals". I probably wouldn't have reacted to "the two cathedrals in Manchester". I would probably have a similar response to "the three Manchester Universities" (or whatever number there may now be), since there's only the one.

David in CheshireNovember 9th 2011.

Indeed, and it wasn't terribly serious, but I did wonder for 30 seconds where the other "Manchester Cathedral" might be. The other cathedral in Manchester would probably not have triggered my confusion.

Voice of the Ironing BroadNovember 4th 2011.

Small comfort for all of those who lost their jobs because of the University deficit. It wasn't a deficit after all. Perhaps some of those resources could go into the pension fund ....which now has a deficit

David in CheshireNovember 9th 2011.

Hmmm, the system won't let me reply to my own post, so I'll continue here.

I wasn't being terribly serious in my comment about Salford Cathedral, but I think it was triggered by the use of "Manchester Cathedrals". "The two cathedrals in Manchester" would probably have passed straight through what passes for my brain.

Keep it up.

David in CheshireNovember 9th 2011.

Oh dear, now there are three comments from me all making something similar to the same point. I had better compound my sin by posting this as well ...

Is there a moderation delay? My reply from yesterday afternoon has only just appeared, to me at least. Yes, I force reloaded the page :)

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