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Sleuth 01/06/2012

New Bar, Roof-bathing, That George Orwell Quote, Litter Streets

Published on June 1st 2012.

Sleuth 01/06/2012

SleuthSleuthSleuth is a sideways glance at the city every week, it's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. He's several people all at once. We give £25 for every story/rumour and piece of absurdity you find for us to publish. Sleuth sometimes even gets serious. We ask for the money back if any legal action follows. Follow Sleuth on twitter @Sleuth

Roof Bathing - The New Manchester Fashion
Sleuth loved the new Manchester phenomenon of 'roof bathing' in the recent hot weather. He spotted this while cruising in his dirigible (airship folks, get an education). The man on Manchester Central (aka G-MEX) wins the May joie de vivre award. Sleuth missed these Withy Grove roof bathers (second picture below) but spotted some tell tale signs of their roof bathing capers. 

Man at work - before he decides he needs a little napMan at work - before he decides he needs a little nap. See main picture for that forty winks.

Spot the open rooflights and the scattered clothesSpot the open rooflights and the scattered clothes

Sleuth Offends Random Man
Sleuth regularly uses mini-cabs. So he called one the other day. A car drew up outside the house. Sleuth sauntered out of the house, opened the back door of the car and got in. One should never get in the front of a cab - bad form. "Opera House, please," said Sleuth. "You're joking mate," said an angry looking driver after a pregnant pause, "I'm waiting for a mate from across the road, going to the bookies." Sleuth looked down the street and saw a badged up mini-cab approaching. As he got out of the stranger's car he briefly wondered whether he should leave a tip. 

Trof Launches New Bar
After all the bar openings this week, we have another one to announce. Trof bars are extending their Manchester empire with the opening on 1 June, of Gorilla, in the old Green Room site on Whitworth Street West. The rumour going around is that if you stand still long enough in Manchester, say on an empty plot of land, then a Trof bar will eventually open in your navel.  

Nice paintjob, coupla points
Sleuth is happy that finally the staircase from Deansgate/Castlefield Metrolink station into the main Castlefield Urban Heritage Park has been restored and repainted. He's also happy that some use has been found for all the spare turquoise green Metrolink paint that must have been left hanging around after the latest rebranding of the system. But maybe the Council should have asked the residents what colours they preferred and also maybe have fitted the new lights before painting the stairs. 

Some Metrolink colour returnsSome Metrolink colour returns

Once Neigh And Thrice Neigh
Sleuth was at a football dinner for the parents of his son's team. "Three boys?" mused one mum. "We've got a girl too. Very expensive. We bowed to the pressure and got her a horse. And now we have to pay for the horse's pills as well." "Oh dear," said Sleuth, "what's the matter with it?" The woman paused and looked at Sleuth. "This might sound funny but it's actually serious. It's got hay fever." Sleuth definitely thought it funny. (By the way, Sleuth looked it up, click here).

The Greatest Penalty Shoot-out In History For Great Manchester Schoolboys
Sleuth's son's footy team Trafford Schoolboys u15s suffered the most tragic of defeats in the North West Final in Liverpool. After defeating Salford, Knowsley and Liverpool on the way to the big game they lost on penalties to Stockport. It was 4-4 after extra time, and 14-13 for Stockport on penalties. Great game though and someone had to win. 

The second penalty about to go in, there'd be many more before the heartacheThe second penalty about to go in, there'd be many more before the heartache

Mark Addy reprieve?

Sleuth has heard worrying rumours that the compulsory purchase order for several hundred acres of central Salford might mean The Mark Addy - the pub with the best river terrace in the city - is demolished. So he asked Salford City Council for a quote. This is what he got back. Councillor Derek Antrobus, Salford City Council’s Assistant Mayor for Strategic Planning, said: "The Mark Addy is a Salford institution which is a magnet for the area. We understand the owners want to build on their success by improving the Mark Addy and discussions are taking place between our development partner, English Cities Fund, and the building owners about their own plans for either the redevelopment or substantial refurbishment of the Mark Addy.” Sounds promising. In the meantime here's a picture of some Dublin Bay prawns taken in that recent sunshine. Chef Robert Owen Brown genius at its best.

Lightly pulsing prawns of happinessLightly pulsing prawns of happiness


Runaway quoteRunaway quoteWhile George Orwell went shopping for replica City shirts (such a fair-weather fan), his mates William Shakespeare and Oliver Cromwell went to The Castle pub. Shakespeare said, “This happy town is a morsel for the delight of the senses, a dainty tart to tickle the tastebuds of sensation.” “Aye,” said Cromwell, slapping his leather clad thigh, “and it hardly ever rains, you know.” On his return George Orwell couldn't agree more and after seeing some large people eating Manchester Eggs declared, “Manchester, the belly and guts of the nation.” 

This was then put on a banner on High Street Car Park.

Which was unfortunate as it is all equally ridiculous.

Sleuth started the rumour that George Orwell had said that about the 'belly and guts'. 

He never uttered those endlessly replicant words. 

Here’s the full story of Sleuth’s shame from a previous column. 

Sleuth’s lies to tell tourists

George Orwell once said this about the city: ‘Manchester, the belly and the guts of the nation’. He was in the pub with William Shakespeare and Oliver Cromwell at the time.

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15 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Daniel JamesJune 1st 2012.

New bar opening? Was this to be the Tib Street Tavern?

Had the pleasure of going this week and it is wonderfully fitted out, with friendly staff. A well deserved addition to the area.

Kevin PeelJune 1st 2012.

Did you actually make up that Orwell quote? I always believed it! You didn't make up the great Jesse Jackson one aswell did you?

SleuthJune 1st 2012.

Kevin, I didn't make it up. It was an accident. Read the links. Somebody told me it and I didn't check it and it all spiralled out of control.

AnonymousJune 1st 2012.

Love the Mark Addy. Just give it some money to sort out it's toilets!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
TrevorJune 3rd 2012.

And some disinfectant for the carpets

Calum McGJune 21st 2012.

And some decent food. The meal I had was crap and no one bothered to reply to me about it. Won't go back!

Kevin PeelJune 1st 2012.

Haha, that's fantastic! He definitely should have said it.

SwissJune 1st 2012.

Does the Mark Addy still have the same "sticky" carpet that's been there for years?

Not been in for a while hope it's changed!!


Calum McGJune 1st 2012.

The Mark Addy... I'd be more concerned about splashing out a lot of money for a delicious-looking homemade pie that was actually a complete and utter waste of money and the fact no one bothered to reply to my polite email. Won't be wasting my money there again...

AnonymousJune 6th 2012.

I know! The staircase should at least reflect Metrolinks new yellow branding, this would give visitors a clearer understanding that the steps link Castlefield and the tram station. Also that bright red is ghastly and doesn't tie in the darker red brickwork and arches found around it - am sure this could have been better executed.

DavidJune 10th 2012.

Maybe you should give up on your nepotism with your family.It must be embarrassing for the poor lad to keep mentioning him.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
SleuthJune 11th 2012.

You asinine person Sleuth's done it twice in about a year. And it is Sleuth's column and it was the NW final and it was 14-13 after penalties.

DavidJune 12th 2012.

Can you tell me any other writer on Manchester Confidential,or any other on other websites who feels the need to do this?.Its you are foolish and stupid.

SleuthJune 12th 2012.

David perhaps it's best you don't read this column again as it gets you angry

Phil MurphyJune 12th 2012.

Charlie Brooker at the Guardian recently dealt with the very same complaint David, have a look:

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