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SLEUTH: Choice Site Changes | MCR Tap | Library Walk | Mealworms | Water Music | Saucy Russians

Week 45: curry, beer, Bez, worms, crickets, loyality, rancour and water music

Written by . Published on October 31st 2014.

SLEUTH: Choice Site Changes | MCR Tap | Library Walk | Mealworms | Water Music | Saucy Russians

SleuthSleuthSleuth is a sideways glance at the city every week, it's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. He's several people all at once. We give £25 for every story/rumour and piece of absurdity you find for us to publish. Sleuth sometimes even gets serious. We ask for the money back if any legal action follows. Follow Sleuth on twitter @mcrsleuth

Castlefield Gets Eastern Choice

After the row over the former Choice restaurant in Middle Warehouse becoming a craft beer and good food bar Sleuth hears the debate is about to get spicy. After planning permission for the bar was turned down plans are being put together to create a high tone Asian restaurant with top-notch food amid high end surroundings. Sleuth reckons this use, centred on food, should work for the classy site, as long as the restaurant can curry favour with residents.


Speaking Of Castlefield - Bring Up The Bodies

Sleuth received word from AbbottVision, a company producing a Channel 4 drama, that they'd be filming in the Castlefield canal basin on Thursday and Mancunians shouldn't be alarmed or even take offence if they witness police finding a body in the canal and fishing it out. It'll only be showbusiness. Sleuth learns the name of the drama is No Offence and also that there are unconfirmed reports the plot revolves around a man who wished to open a craft and beer bar in Choice but the locals turned on him.

Fishing in the Bridgewater Canal can deliver strange catches


Fishing in the Bridgewater Canal can deliver strange catches

Tap For Manchester Piccadilly

Sleuth hears Manchester is about to get a new Tap at Piccadilly. Confidential's resident beer-swiller Neil Sowerby broke the news earlier this month:

"The folk behind the Euston Tap, only a Pendolino ride away are to open in Manchester Piccadilly at the other end of the line. This will be a serious addition to a station complex that is trying to up its food and drink game. If it replicates its Euston offering of eight rotating cask ales, 20 on keg, plus 150 bottled beers, it should make missing a train or two de rigueur." 

There's no licence application submitted as yet, but having spent a good few hours in Euston's forebear, The Sheffield Tap, Sleuth is looking forward to a decent beer option around the station. Sleuth once wound up in Piccadilly station's Mayfield pub on the receiving end of a lasagne and lager that was enough to make a shy bald buddhist reflect and plan a mass murder.

Euston TapEuston Tap

Speaking Of Licences...

Sleuth mentioned this one back in September, but plans are kicking in for another new wine bar OR wine-lead restaurant (didn't you know wine bars are the new indie coffee shops which were the new burger joints?) at 225 Deansgate, the site of Bake Station at the entrance to Great Northern. The new wine bar will be called Pane Vino and should open before Christmas, all being well with the council's licensing department. Of course, 'pane' being the Italian for bread and 'vino' for wine, Sleuth is expecting wine and nibbles. That or a play on the words Sleuth has muttered red-faced and crapulent following a heavy night on the grape... "Pain"... "Vino"... *slump*.

Bake Station to turn Pane VinoBake Station to turn Pane Vino

Screwed Up Joy

Sleuth was on an Haunted Underworld tour this week led by the Confidential editor. There was one young woman who from beginning to end had her fingers in her ears and her eyes tight shut and was being guided round by her friend. When the terrors of the underground had been negotiated and the screams had died, Sleuth asked the woman whether she'd enjoyed it. "Oh yes," she said keenly in the fresh air above ground. "But you didn't see or hear any of it," said Sleuth. "I know but I still thought it was brilliant. I love ghost tours in the dark," she said. "Eh?" said Sleuth.

I've Never Enjoyed Anything More

I've Never Enjoyed Anything More. Pardon? Who said that?

The Library Walk Enquiry

Sleuth attended the Library Walk inquiry last week which has been adjourned until next week because there were too many people who wished to make representations to the inspector. The inquiry revolved around the council needlessly chucking away £3.5m to close the public right of way and destroy one of the most elegant spaces in the city with a grim, dark box, linking the Town Hall Extension and Central Library. Confidential's been on top of this from the start - click here. Some evidence has been odd to say the least, Sleuth loved it when the council stated Central Library needed a 'more legible entrance' so he went outside to have a look.

Today's puzzle children is this. In the picture above which is the 'more legible entrance'? Is it a) that big columned thing on the left? Or is it b) that dark glass blob thing between the buildings?Today's puzzle children is this. In the picture above which is the 'more legible entrance'? Is it a) that big columned thing on the left? Or is it b) that dark glass blob thing between the buildings?

Glass Water Music

Sleuth popped over to Washington D.C. last week (Sleuth invented the world's first real Star Trek teleport transporter machine so that he could 'pop' to places 3,500 miles away for an afternoon, but hasn't told anyone yet because he's greedy) and came across this lovely old fella playing the crystal glasses in Old Town Alexandria - George Washington's adopted hometown. "Hey, are you guys Brits?" said the lovely old crystal glass fella. "I was in Britain once," he continued. "I came over to play the Paul Daniels Magic Show." And with that he broke out into Rule Britannia followed by, well, what else... Star Wars.

Saucy Russians

In March 2013 Sleuth's colleague David Blake went for an eye-full at the Killing Kittens Sex Party, an elite sex club which had just touched down in Manchester. Needless to say, the story proved a popular read. "That Killing Kittens story has taken off again," said Confidential's social media guru, Helen. "Again? Why this time..." asked Sleuth. "Well," said Helen, "looks like we're big in Russia now, Killing Kittens has had thousands of reads in a few hours. Those saucy Russians." Confidential publisher Mark Garner comes darting out the office: "We're big in Russia? Right. Quick. Get on that domain checker, now type 'Россия Конфиденциальная' (Russia Confidential)...

Killing Kittens partyKilling Kittens party

Sleuth's Gross Food Of The Week...

Splendid Sausage on John Dalton Street have outdone themselves. Their Halloween special (this Fri to Sun), the Halloweiner, features spicy sausage, bacon, onions, pumpkin and squash croquettes and REAL crickets and meal worms cooked in garlic, chilli and ginger wrapped in a briche bun (£8). Crickets AND meal worms. Yummy. For dessert Anc & Dec will appear from the kitchen with a couple of juicy Kangaroo nads to finish things off...

The HalloweinerThe Halloweiner... mmmm

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14 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousOctober 31st 2014.

Well that's one in the eye for the "Concerned Residents of Castlefield" - a smelly curry house instead of a destination fine dining restaurant. This is what happens when you make objections to anything and everything.

5 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 31st 2014.

A couple of things Anon 1) Are you off of the 1970s.......smelly curry house? 2) Vicus (in Castlefield) has 2 Indian restaurants under it without complaint. 3) It wasn't residents (of Middle Warehouse) that put the kibosh Meantime taking on Choice it was the previous owner Jon. Residents and councillors had some minor concerns and flounced off in a huff.

AnonymousOctober 31st 2014.

Castlefield will soon become the "Curry Quarter" with lots of Honda Civics tooting their horns over Eid. It'll make for a marvellous diverse vibe in a previously stuck-up white middle class area.

Calum McGOctober 31st 2014.

I love complaining. Love and kisses from Concerned Residents of Castlefield.

AnonymousOctober 31st 2014.

Anon 2: you are correct, it was the owner who decided he couldn't be bothered to engage with MH residents - even though most of their concerns wouldn't have stopped a new bar. Anon 1 (the main poster of this) clearly has a little bee in his or her bonnet, awww :)

Alan RedfordDecember 9th 2014.

You couldn't be more wrong about akbars I live above the smelly place and we have had nothing but trouble with noise and smells ever since it opened I feel sorry for castle field or soon to be called curry field

Ian ChristieOctober 31st 2014.

No Sleuth, you got it wrong, the plot of No Offence revolves around a developer seeking to develop Plot G between Merchants Bridge and the Wharf, haha!

Kevin PeelOctober 31st 2014.

SSSHH, Ian. Don't divulge the campaign tactics at this early stage!!

1 Response: Reply To This...
Ian ChristieOctober 31st 2014.

Ooops, Sorry!!

AnonymousOctober 31st 2014.

Not the best timing with the body in the canal article...

1 Response: Reply To This...
Doomcan GloomOctober 31st 2014.

Somebody's been reading the MEN again: doom, gloom, doom, gloom

Graeme WrightNovember 1st 2014.

Anyone remember the time when sausage sandwiches tasted of sausage? Sorry but crickets and meal worms either belong in the ground or a Z lust celebrity's digestive system

RevaulxNovember 1st 2014.

Not sure where the Tap is going to be squeezed in. I know the Euston one is really pidgy but I'm not aware of any similar nooks and crannies at Picc. I'd love to see the chap who owns the Dewsbury and Stalybridge buffet bars take over the fabulous and crappily run domed buffet at Vic.

MollyDecember 5th 2014.

new bar THE TAP sounds good to me but, will it be like others, well overpriced we wait with baited breath!!!

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