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Manchester as we know it laid bare before you

Written by . Published on March 13th 2015.

SLEUTH | Huge New City Development | McTague Hits Chorlton | Dishes Of The Week | Lovely Menu

SleuthSleuthSleuth is a sideways glance at the city every week, it's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. He's several people all at once. We give £25 for every story/rumour and piece of absurdity you find for us to publish. Sleuth sometimes even gets serious. We ask for the money back if any legal action follows. Follow Sleuth on twitter @mcrsleuth


Exciting times in terms of development in the city centre. On Thursday it was the turn of Gary Neville to outline plans for Jackson's Row in the city centre. More trees on towers and rooftop gardens. Here are some sketches of how the development probably won't look like after going through planning but they give an impression of the ideas being circulated. Sleuth is worried though, where is the historic Sir Ralph Abercromby pub in these dreamings? The Abercromby is a fine boozer, it was were victims of the Peterloo Massacre were taken in 1819. Surely the pub won't suffer last orders? Manchester simply can't afford to lose such associations. Neville's Manchester dreams

Neville's Manchester dreams

Neville's Manchester dreams

Neville's Manchester dreams

The Sir Ralph Abercromby

  The Sir Ralph Abercromby


Gary Neville presented the above plans at MIPIM 2015, the property fair in Cannes, after commenting for Sky on the previous night's Chelsea game against Paris St Germain. His opening line was: "It's unusual to see English people enjoying themselves in Europe." 


Surprising news from a noticeboard at MIPIM. 

When the man get that knighthood?

When did the man get that knighthood?


The famous former Aumbry chef, star of Great British Menu, Mary-Ellen 'Spoons' McTague is putting in a shift at the Cellar Key in Chorlton on Thursday 19 March. A four course menu will be matched with wines from the ninety plus list in this new generation wine-bar. Last time she visited she sold out in three hours so you best get nimble with your fingers on 0161 881 1305. The price is £60 a head. Sleuth can't wait.

Mary %26#38%3B MeSpoons McTague at Celler Key


Jeez thought Sleuth as he tucked into a whole beautiful plate of squid ink blackened rice and seafood at Iberica Manchester, this is about as good as food gets. I really am squids in, Sleuth thought. 

Beautiful and dark

Beautiful and dark


Jeez thought Sleuth as he tucked into pollack with all the trimmings including chopped chilli, at Pertutti on Liverpool Road. This really is the dog's pollacks, Sleuth thought.

Tuttily lovely

Tuttily lovely


Jeez thought Sleuth, as he tucked into superb pizzas at Honest Crust in Altrincham Market and forgot to take any pictures except blurred ones of the fine staff working in the Market, this place is about the nicest catering establishment in South Manchester. I must market it down for readers, Sleuth thought.

Honest Crust at Altrincham Market Hall

Honest Crust at Altrincham Market Hall

Charlotte at ReserveCharlotte at Reserve

The beerman from Jack in a BoxThe beerman from Jack in a Box


Sleuth hasn't had happy catering experiences at Old Trafford. The Red Cafe in United's stadium is very much motorway service station standard. So Sleuth wasn't expecting much from Cafe Football in Hotel Football. But then lo and behold the clever menu sang a song of really good Americana meets British nosh. Great fried chicken and a beautiful vimto trifle. Sleuth thinks they've created the perfect family menu. 1-0 to Cafe Football.  

Cafe Football scoreseCafe Football scores

Cafe Football is not to be trifled withCafe Football is not to be trifled with

Eric MorecambeEric Morecambe


After the food Sleuth went to the roof. On the ninth floor of Hotel Football is a five-a-side footy pitch. But forget the football the views are astounding, especially the one north taking in MediaCityUK, the moors and the city centre. Back of the net.

What a bloody gorgeous view

What a bloody gorgeous view


Sleuth was in Fumo at an event late last week. He was sat opposite two fine Hungarian chaps who were attending a conference in the city. One was a huge Manchester United fan. There were three hotels that delegates were staying in and as fate would have it he'd been allocated Hotel Football. "Do you want a Quays or a Stadium view?" the receptionist had asked when he'd checked in. In his charming accent and imaginative English our lovely visitor said, "I couldn't bloody believe my lucky stars, I fell to my knees and thanked God for this privilege, and shouted so very loudly, "You are an Angel sent from Heaven, please the Stadium!" I think I scared the receptionist to the back teeth. I leave the curtain open so the big red neon sign can sleep with me."

The happy Hungarian is the one on the right

The happy Hungarian is the one on the right


The Pound Pub in Atherton, yes that's its name, sells everything for £1, apart from the pints which are £1.50. 


This from the Misery Evening News.

A man was stabbed through the penis after a trivial altercation in a pub turned to violence, a court has heard.

As the 64-year-old victim Terence Flood was tended by paramedics he was terrified to hear them say “it’s a bad one”.

His attacker, 71-year-old acquaintance Alex Walker, who has no previous convictions, admitted wounding Mr Flood with intent and possessing a lock knife and was jailed for six years.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the incident happened on July 14 last year while the two men were by chance in The Pound Pub in Market Street, Atherton, near Wigan

Walker maintained that he did not mean to stab his 'friend' in the groin area.

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27 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Poster BoyMarch 13th 2015.

The Abercromby has been sold for redevelopment subject to contract.

Post Library WalkMarch 13th 2015.

I feel a Save The Abercromby campaign about to start.

7 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousMarch 13th 2015.

I've got a feeling that such campaigns are never successful though?

AnonymousMarch 13th 2015.

I thought the Ancoats Dispensary campaign succeeded?

Another CampaignMarch 14th 2015.

Anon, doesn't mean you should give up. This is an important pub.

Save the AbercrombyMarch 14th 2015.

Cities need to retain structures that tell stories, that provide variety, add grain and texture. Elizabeth House where One St Peter's Square now sits didn't do that. The Abercromby does that in bucketloads.

Save the Abercromby 2March 14th 2015.

The pub must stay to get rid misses the point about cities as old, yet looking to the future, as Manchester. It needs a refurb at present but given Gary Neville's seeming appreciation and love of Manchester, to incorporate it into the designs rather than demolish it does not seem beyond the wit of man.

AnonymousMarch 15th 2015.

The initial plan, by all concerned, was always to save & redevelop Ancoats Dispensary though wasn't it Anon 9:39? The development then failed obviously - and now the building has been saved (hopefully?) from simply rotting away. All very different from recent campaigns, in this city, to save a building, public space or walkway etc against the wishes of MCC and their favoured developers in the first place I suggest! They just never succeed and don’t seem to make a blind bit of difference, in this city.

AnonymousMarch 15th 2015.

Looks like Daisy Mill in Longsight is for the chop too. This time MCC own the building and are determined to demolish it, in this case to build a new school. Convert it? Nah. Use the vast tracts of open land around it and in the wider area? Don't be daft! Heritage? Who cares! Who will miss just another 'ugly' old mill building seems to be the thinking in the corridors of power. Shocking attitude.

AnonymousMarch 13th 2015.

Also the police station façade on Booth Street should be incorporated into the new build surely???????

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousMarch 14th 2015.

Totally agree. Yes, surely?

AnonymousMarch 14th 2015.

I'll try again..of course it won't, it's not listed so it will go. The fact that it is elegant, would enhance the devopment and makes manchester look better is irrelevant. Would it Remian in London? Of course it would. Would it Remian in most cities in the world? Of course it would. Will it Remian in manchester? Will it b*llocks. Sorry but we are selling future generations short if another piece of architecture goes. And this on the day that De Gea's wife was asked if it was true that manchester is uglier than the back of a fridge. Well yes, yes it is. And knocking down decent old things doesn't help.

Kevin PeelMarch 13th 2015.

Always nice to first hear details of a major development in the city centre second hand through ManCon via a retired footballer in Cannes. Needless to say we would be sad to see the Abercromby go too.

6 Responses: Reply To This...
DavidMarch 13th 2015.

Why don't you ask your boss Leese why this is?,and if your not satisfied with the answers,perhaps you and the other Labour council members should do something about it?.Surely your there to represent your voters,the people of Manchester and not merely to serve the interests of the Labour leadership and their favoured developers.

SquirrelitoMarch 13th 2015.

Oh, Kev, not this old tune again. Always the last to know. Its like Axis all over again, where you blustered and churled about not being informed even though Cllr Leese had been at teh announcement. Either party leadership don't feel the need to keep you in the loop or you really only get your news from ManCon. Joan always seems to be genned up, time you made sure you were too. Get your eye on the ball, sunshine.

JoanMarch 14th 2015.

I am no more 'genned up' than Kev on this one, or any developments. What happens is that in publicising development ideas our planning officers follow legislation, whereas developers follow marketing advice. With high profile developments that sometimes produces a media launch before ward councillors are informed. There's plenty of developers who speak to us prior to media launch, and the courtesy is appreciated.

MichaelMarch 14th 2015.

Why mention it on here?

SquirrelitoMarch 14th 2015.

...and didn't Neville make this presentation at MIPIM as part of the council-led Manchester delegation, eh, councillors?

JoanMarch 15th 2015.

That's perfectly true, but for various reasons not relevant to the original point. I'm happy to elaborate via email cllr.j.davies@manchester.gov.uk

AnonymousMarch 13th 2015.

Perhaps Kevin now it happen to you,you might understand how other people in the city feel who are ignored and not consulted.

Poster BoyMarch 13th 2015.

Someone has an inflated view of their own self importance.

AnonymousMarch 13th 2015.

Looks like i dared to criticise knocking down the booth street facade and my comment was deleted. Sorry ManCon, but if i cant offer criticism when i adore this city and want only the best, but you have a different view and choose to police the comments that get made, then well...doubt I'll be following the site much longer. If that's what you stand for then it doesn't stand for much, don't engage with different views, just block 'em. Don't convince people like me why I might be wrong, just delete it. How very progressive. Well done you.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
EditorialMarch 14th 2015.

Anon in this case it's probably the fact that loads of info is being shuffled around and bits appear and disappear as we prepare for the complete facelift and relaunch next week.

AnonymousMarch 14th 2015.

Fair enough. But Schofeild did have a thing the other week when he decided he was deleting 'negative' ie 'not agreeing with his' comments. Suppose I just put 2+2 together and made 4.

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