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Gordo's Bits and Bobs

Sleuth's away: Victoria Beckham invites Gordo to dinner, David Mallon arrested for goat sacrifice at Circle Club.

Written by . Published on August 29th 2008.

Gordo's Bits and Bobs

Victoria Beckham mithers Gordo

Some feller called Mr Farrel, a bit of a nerd by all accounts, was knocking about town earlier in the week. Must have been one of Gordo’s relatives from Dublin, the Farrell’s of Castle Street, one of whom got shot early in the last century for buying stamps in a post office. Or something like that. (That will be Pharrell, Gordo, you knob- Ed) He called the office to see if Gordo wanted to come out to play, but Gordo sent La Moyo instead. She took him to the Tai Woo. Class bird. Arnie had told Gordo that he was in Ithaca earlier in the day.

Little Arnie Hira comes on the phone last night at eleven o’clock. “Dad, Dad, wake up”, squeaks the good looking little brown feller, “Victoria Beckham is in Ithaca and she wants to meet you.”

“Is that the gobby bird with no arse, tits that don’t move and eats water?” asks Gordo. “I’m staying in kip.”

As it happens, Gordo was in Ithaca last Friday with Cat Johnson, who eats anything that’s put in front of her. She comes from Tyldsley. It turns out that Nasser, the chef from Nobu in London who opened the place has departed. This has nothing to do with the time that Gordo found him outside The Castle in the Northern Quarter talking in tongues one Friday night. Chef ‘Stormin’ Norman is on the tools. Huseyin Bozkurt, Manchester’s most immaculate Maitre d’ is in charge of front of house. He was looking good on the night.

The food was, if anything, better than the previous deliveries under Nasser. Norman’s brigade is to be congratulated in their efforts in the difficult times they must have experienced over the past few weeks. If only they can get rid of Arnie, they will be cooking on gas.

Mallon’s Circle Club in devil worship shock

Gordo was invited by the PR poppet Joanna Simpson from Get a Life PR to the Circle Club to have a look at the new ultra secret private members ‘inner’ sanctum. It’s black, with a pentacle drawn on the floor and seven booths. You enter through a door stolen from Wormwood scrubs, the one where the people used to pass under to get hanged.

Apparently, several wealthy well-known devil worshippers, including Wayne Mellor, have paid a reported £100,000 each to ‘own’ a table on a sort of ‘dark side’ time share arrangement. There are lots of Latin inscriptions which are apparently deadly if recited backwards in the right order, according to High Priestess poppet Emma Chadwick. There is one table left by all accounts. Don’t hang back. The party piece starts as the sprinklers come on at five in the morning when the kitchen brigade start to prep the black pudding and so called 'Oxtail Pudding.'

Gordo, having pushed a severed goats head to one side, sat down with SKIVE PR’s Andy Spinoza, both of whom found themselves sat opposite a couple of interesting looking fellers from The Metro, one of whom kept muttering “I like fire, me.” The other looked like he had just been dug up. “Bloody hell,” says Spin, “you two look like you have just stepped out of a Cohen Brothers movie!” Gordo thought they turned out to be a good couple of lads, but wouldn’t like them turning up to take his niece out.

One thing these devil-fellers seem to have in common, apart from rough trade, is good food. The canapés, representative of the Circle’s new menu, were fantastic. Keep your eyes on this chef, name of Neil Lorenzo. Gordo will be eating there next week but avoiding the manacles.

Mr. Farrell running after Gordo.p>
Victoria Beckham and her friend Cheryl Tweedy watching Gordo eat.p>
Metro blood drinkers move in on prey. They will get a surprise.

Devil worshipping canapés.

Gordo’s bits and Bobs
Gordo was asked by Sleuth to replace his column this week, and this is the piss poor effort he has put in. However, Gordo is going to do a bigger effort next week. He wants to include a briefing on food matters, if you are a PR poppet who has good information on behalf of our restaurant/bar/club clients, email your releases to gordo@manchesterconfidential.com. Any restaurants that have news or deals coming up who don’t use PR just email details and your contact details to the same.

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Red KenAugust 29th 2008.

The chophouse rant is gone . Quote " I do know the exact circumstances of Rogers and Steve's divorce and it ain't really any of your business " Unquote . By the way thats direct from Manchester Confidential . Strange what influence people can have....ain't it

AnonymousAugust 29th 2008.

Good to see Gordo's bits and bobs back again!!!

susannah (of trinny and susannah)August 29th 2008.

stop being mean to arnie s hira (even tho he rejected my facebook request to join love ithica), we all know what victoria eats for breakfast, she wants us to, she probably told the daily mail herself, maybe she ran to the ithica loos and called mr. editor in cheif.p.s in response to trinny rant, thanx for revealing my crush to the world, macnhester, whatever

ChickAugust 29th 2008.

So, did a Daily Mail photographer eat with VB then? There's an awful lot of detail for just guess work. With the sheer amount of employyes at Ithaca, can you be sure it was not one of them? Like they say, any publicity......

Big Daft FellerAugust 29th 2008.

Eh, Circle fan, is that you Mr. Mallon? 'I've been lucky enough'? Bugger me, pass me a sick bucket!

Arnie S HiraAugust 29th 2008.

I love this website, I really do, especially the rant area, sometimes it makes me smile, sometimes, obviously it upsets me and like anyone can sometimes steal your energy and put you down for a moment or longer, especially if your getting tarnished for no reason. So, I'm speaking out, targeting the peeps, who conclude on assumption only, have a go for no reason! So, let’s get one thing straight, what the papers printed regarding VDB did not come from Ithaca Manchester Limited. Secondly what was printed with regards to what she ate was far from the truth. What she drank was all wrong as well. How much was spent was not precise either. Victoria Beckham is one of the most photographed people in the world, that not Ithaca's fault. She is one of the most followed as well with regards to paps, that’s not our fault. It was common knowledge she was in Manchester, and the paps do what they do. Not really my concern, but don’t drag ITHACA into it and make accusations without evidence. It's not fair and not nice. Chill out, if you don’t like us, fine, that's your democratic right. If you do, cheers and we appreciate it. Give us a break a quit with the negative energy! But most of all have substance to your accusations. Tah Arnie.

FlowerAugust 29th 2008.

So much anger in these words...joking aside.....peace and love man!

Red Ken Me LaughAugust 29th 2008.

All a big conspiracy aint it Red boy? Get a life

soloAugust 29th 2008.

i will pay you to stop talking about yourself in 3rd person?

AnonymousAugust 29th 2008.

Handed membership in recently, the door policy STINKS, why pay membership to be treated like cattle!! it's a joke!

GregAugust 29th 2008.

Cringe. The clue is in the phrase "As long as you come down at a reasonable hour ..." A real punter would have said "go down" not "come down" which indicates the writer is there, or rather, works there. Sack your PR, Circle!

I love soft shell crab too mmmmmAugust 29th 2008.

I aint read all the comments so someone may have mentioned this but didnt harvey nics pay for VB et all to eat at ithaca as she had been there launching her new perfume?? It was common knowledge she was in Manchester so putting 2 and 2 together you'd guess that she would eat at Ithaca, it being the restaurant of the moment.

GregAugust 29th 2008.

I put the review down, not the venue though, didn't I? Also, lighten up!

nosey parkerAugust 29th 2008.

Hey good to see Gordo Bits and Bobs - Are you and Cat Johnson together you dirty dog Gordo! you go to lots of places together!! Where's the last Paris Review, thinking of taking my bird there, bit like you hey Gordo!!

Thoroughbred MancAugust 29th 2008.

While Sleuth's away, Gordo will play...

ashAugust 29th 2008.

Circle fan? don't you mean Circle Management? Poor plug for manchesters answer to "Angie's Den"

fine foodAugust 29th 2008.

who cares? everyone talks, the food and drink is quality there, end of.

anonAugust 29th 2008.


John McrAugust 29th 2008.

One thing about the circle is the staff are nice, ive never really had a problem there BUT how can it justify a membership fee? It used to offer so much more, escape from the idiots on deansgate, a good place to hold meetings during the day and it was really good for creative networking. All of that has gone, it looks like a theme pub with all the Jesus Elvis crap on the walls, gone are the slick grey granite surfaces and replaced with torn wood that looks like an All Saints store, It doesnt offer anything different to a lot of Bars in the city centre. Its original vision of being a place of circle from creatives was lost a long time ago, now its somewhere you can get a drink when everywhere is closed and pay through the nose for it.

AnonymousAugust 29th 2008.

does 'circle fan' mean 'circle staff'??There's no way that post is from a genuine customer.

EmmieAugust 29th 2008.

It doesn't clear it up at all manc! Some of the staff in there are proper gossips!! who's he trying to kid!

trinny and susannahAugust 29th 2008.

I would like to rant about the spontaneous departure of Nasser from Ithaca, (who we call “Ithaca Cheffry”) as i have christened all the Manchester chefs e.g. Neil is “Circle Cheffry” and Andy is “Walrus Cheffry”, so yes Ithaca Cheffry…my sister fell a little in love at first sight with him and we have thoroughly enjoyed stalking him whilst he has been in Manchester, he has no sense of humour towards this and is often found with a girlfriend wrapped around his neck, she is shielding him from the claws of all females, its quite funny. don’t leave ithace cheffry, marry my sister and live happily ever after on black cod!!Pharrel is too cool and he knows it, which just makes him annoying and so im glad he was taken to dinner in rubbish tai wu.Circle fan is HILLARIOUS, but you get points for trying, I love circle because its open late, its interesting, the staff are adorable, I like the music-ish and there’s always exxxtemely funny people to gossip about mostly the “shiny” people of Manchester, those girls and guys with shiny hair shiny legs shiny faces and shiny dresses, trying so desperately to be something important, and nothing was more entertaining than Sunday night bank holiday at circle, the shiny people trying so urgently to get into the inner circle, each thinking their “safe” with the bouncers and each getting rejected, I think it’s a bad idea to have the entrance to the inner circle on the dancefloor as the entire area was just filled with tension, shiny people aren’t used to not being allowed in to play, but as for the inner circle itself I like it a lot, the booths are totally comfy the new bar is great for speed and the atmosphere is very cool but not much…fun, hopefully inner circle members will loosen up in time and have boogie. : )

goodfornothingAugust 29th 2008.

cheers for a WICKED review circle fan.

FiAugust 29th 2008.

Says it all about Ithaca really. I drove past at midnight last night and saw loads of photographers outside. Clearly, they were tipped off. Ithaca must have been taking lessons from San Carlo. Another good reason not to eat there - ****, VB would have put me off the mediocre food alone without being met on the way out by a bunch of fat, scruffy, 'paps' from the Sunday papers.

MatAugust 29th 2008.

Circle Fan has successfully put me off ever wanting to go anywhere near the place. Oh, and it's "Tyldesley".

CIRCLE FANAugust 29th 2008.

Hadn't been to circle in ages, went in one night for the first time since its been refurbished and had such an amazing night I've been back nearly every weekend! As long as you come down at a reasonable hour there are no issues at the door, People also need to understand that the door staff have a stressful job, keeping the wrong crowd out and dealing with a groups of people who've been out most of the night! I think the crowd has changed creating a wicked atmosphere, the new decor is stunning,I've been lucky enough to get a chance to look in the new inner circle and I'd like to say there is nothing sinister or remotely devil worshiping about the theme of the 7 Deadly sins, its a truly stunning space with a wonderful hostess - Marina who ensures that everyone's looked after, the rest of the staff are friendly and really accommodating and the DJ's play better & better every time we're down!I've been reading some of the reviews, its obvious its coming from a person's personal view - I'd advise one goes down and experience Circle for themselves, all in all Circle is my new venue of choice for a WICKED night out...

EmmieAugust 29th 2008.

Arnie, if the Daily Mail printed incorrect information why don't you take it up with them instead? You never hear about what celebrities eat at other upmarket restaurants such as Nobu though do you? Didn't the details of Jay-Z's meal get leaked as well? I'm sure I saw that somewhere on this website! It seems a pattern's emerging!!

Red KenAugust 29th 2008.

Get a life , all I asked about was Steve Pilling and the rant . Who gives a flying F--k about some skinny bint called Vicky . I do however care about someone who is a giant in the Manchester restaurant .He has spoiled me and my colleagues over the years and I wanted to know the truth and I finally got it before it was censored

daily mail readerAugust 29th 2008.

it's an absolute outrage! hanging's too good for them!

GordoAugust 29th 2008.

Gordo is annoying isn't he solo? How much are you prepared to pay him?

AnonymousAugust 29th 2008.

I know so many people that have cancelled their memberships recently. I can't say I've ever been, but going on their word of mouth alone I would never go. And the Circle Fan review is clearly by an owner/pr person - it's too false, informational and even gimmicky for it to have been a real review!

CarlAugust 29th 2008.

Can I just say that you all seem to put The Circle down, have you tried it? What it is the point slagging a review by somebody who has obviously spent time to share their experience with you. Circle fan has given a great little review on a venue which is a hidden gem in Manchester. It doesn't pretend to be anything it isn't and still has the ability to generate at atmosphere and a presence. "Come down", "go down", "turn up", "make an appearance" who cares how it is written, everyones grammar and understanding is different!

Arnie S HiraAugust 29th 2008.

Emmie, I did that once before and it cost me nearly £8000 in legal fees. Simply, I will not waste good money after bad. That's my perrogative. Your comments are not hurting my business, they just hurt me. But if you get off on that, then thats your perrogative. Laters.

JeffAugust 29th 2008.

I was in Ithaca on the night VB was there and although I guessed she may be there, we didn't see hide nor hair of her (my mrs wanted a peek).The service & food were second to none & you would not have guessed there was a VIP party elsewhere in the establishment.It was possibly the best meal I've had out in Manchester for years with regard to both food and service.

I love soft shell crabAugust 29th 2008.

Oh Arnie; don’t fret too much about leaks. You’ll drive yourself bloody mad if you do and this is probably the tip of the iceberg. You need to develop a thick skin, because if you run a high profile eatery that entertains the likes of VB and Jay Z then a lot will be printed about you; most of it crap! Just get your team to keep up the good work and in good time people will overlook all the superfluous nonsense that’s written and come to know Ithaca for its fab food. I personally love the soft shell crab more than life itself and the pan fried fois gras is fit too! It seems that the food hasn’t suffered since Nasser buggered off, so no harm done there. And last time I visited there seemed to be less staff milling around trying to run the show and instead just leaving the ever capable and charming Hussein to do his thing. So just ignore the wicked whispers. In fact someone once gave me a mantra that I really like and you may want to use it yourself. “Never explain, never complain”.

John McrAugust 29th 2008.

Circle Fan you wouldn't happen to work there would you? You seem to know quite a lot ;o)

AnonymousAugust 29th 2008.

Greg get a life!

PeterAugust 29th 2008.

Wheres the rant and article about the chop house and Steve Pilling gone . Blimey you turn your back and the beggars have it away

KAugust 29th 2008.

I completely agree with Carl! People are too quick to judge! The Circle is a great club! I'm more than happy to pay the membership fee if It means I know I'm going to have a good night with people that have the right attitude, the staff always give good service and you know there isn't going to be gangster wannabe's making me or my friends feel uncomfortable. The Club is great in the daytime too Having lunch meetings where you know the foods amazing always helps. I just hate seeing people always trying to put downers on what is actually one of if not the most versatile members clubs around.

GordoAugust 29th 2008.

Don't be so nosey nosey! Third installment due next Tuesday keep your eyes open, wait till you see this nosh, even photo phil will be impressed!

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