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Gordo's Bits And Bobs 02/09/2011

Best meal in a jar, Gaslamp and sexy Southern 11

Published on September 2nd 2011.

Gordo's Bits And Bobs 02/09/2011

Sleuth's away. Here's Gordo's bits and bobs...

Best meal in a jar or Jessica Lowe loves Gordo: THE PROOF

Cassoulet, Get Now FolksCassoulet, Get Now FolksGordo looked in the cupboard at home and it was bare. Apart from a nearly out of date jar of cassoulet from Harvey Nichols. Gordo doesn’t do food out of jars or tins (apart from very good anchovies and Heinz baked beans, but he livens them up with a splosh of Heinz tomato sauce and six or seven splashes of Worcester) but having had a pint or six of the guest bitter at Gaslamp, he was passing out with hunger.

Coming back to that cassoulet, it was the best he'd eaten in a long time. To show that Gordo takes his superlatives seriously, the fat one took a side trip to Toulouse a couple of weeks later and tried the house speciality at Les Jardins de l'Opéra on the main square. It was dry, horrible and a piss-take.

Jessica Lowe Loves GordoJessica Lowe Loves GordoJessica Lowe, one of only five PR girlies allowed in ManCon Towers in Spinningfields, and secretly in love with Fatty, has sent him pictures of the cassoulet, priced at £12.95. A bargain, the Toulouse sausage and duck legs melt in your mouth and the overall flavours are heavenly.

And the proof of that love? Take a look at the previously received picture from the fragrant one…


As a side issue, Gordo took the Chairman, Shagger Sharrock, down to Gaslamp last night and drank the Partridge best bitter by Dark Star brewery. It was wonderful. Mind you the very good looking barmaid didn’t seem to take to Shagger, which isn’t surprising, after his knee operation he’s got a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp; and gave bugger all as a tip.

Kentucky Chicken on steroids: Southern 11

Chicken Heaven At Southern 11Chicken Heaven At Southern 11Southern 11 is a new restaurant in Spinningfields. It specialises in Yankee nosh. Gordo has been there three times since it opened four or five weeks ago, the first two times, eating under pressure on both occasions as people were turning up late for the cinema and Gordo and grandson Harry were panicking. The card kept getting knocked back as well, doubly annoying. The food was a blur, but noticeably different to what he was expecting, which was grits and greasy fried chicken.

Last Thursday, Gordo was in London with Ruth Allen reviewing the latest flavour of the month, Hedoni. All she could talk about was just how faithful the Southern 11 cooking was to genuine American southern state cuisine; she thought it fantastic.

Snackette Of Nachos A La Southern 11Snackette Of Nachos A La Southern 11So Gordo nipped in on Tuesday for a quick nosebag on his own. Nachos with guacamole, cheese (amazingly a red Leicester which is three times the price of that plastic rubbish the rest of them pass off to us) and a zingy salsa. Then that chicken with creamy potatoes and white chicken gravy. The chickens are supplied by Reg up at Goosnargh (Gordo checked for porkies) and the crunchy coating, spiced brilliantly, is dead sexy.

Gordo is now wondering which bird to get stuck into next, Allen or Reg’s? On reflection, Reg’s will definitely be all the sweeter for not being able to answer back.

Go. Now. That’s it, RFN. Right Fuckin’ Now.

The Swedish Chef

The Swedish Chef's Fair Old Bit Of MackeralThe Swedish Chef's MackeralGoing back to the trip to Hedoni’s, down in That There London; it’s a Scandinavian feller as the chef. 1200 years ago they used to be known as rapists with bad hats and axes. It appears they have calmed down since then. He is, apparently, a gifted chef. Lauded by Time Out (5 stars), Fay Maschler (well respected critic at the Evening Standard) and Gordo’s personal favourite, Nicholas Lander at the FT. Gordo thought the place was terrific, the service exemplary, the food showing great promise and the Chef a boring miserable twat.

Fatty had asked for a picture with the leader of the Norse Gods.

“Ooh,” says the delightful (and fit as a butcher’s dog) French waitress, “’e doesn’t like having his picture taken”…

Gordo finally gets Mr Personality at his table.

Rum BabasRum Babas“No, I am a bit too tired to have my picture taken I am afraid. I don’t like the press; I have had a terrible experience ever since Fay Maschler and Lander wrote about us.”

“I read those”, says the balding fat one, “they were terrific and Lander in particular is a really good judge in my opinion”.

“Well, there is the problem,” replies Odin, “the phone never stopped ringing and we are now booked up weeks ahead and its terribly busy and I have no time to myself, it’s just all so depressing.”

His shoulders slumped across the table like a Gerald Scarfe cartoon.

Gordo knows what most chefs will be thinking.

Go and get a fucking life you silly bastard.

Meat, meat, sigh                  Meat, meat, sighGordo and some Very Hard Core Porn in Smoak at Malmaison

Gordo has eaten in Smoak at Malmaison two or three times and has been taken with the quality of meat, hard and raw, on display in its own cabinet. The boys buy full steak pieces on the bone and hang them themselves from four to five weeks in the display cabinets, then get the butcher in to pull them down into the constituents parts, including Gordo’s favourite, the 500g sirloin on the bone.

Have a look at the picture, Gordo apologises, but after owning his own hard core porn TV station in the nineties, the infamous Red Hot Dutch, he feels a lot better now he has found a substitute.

And Finally @GailSully shocks us all

The Sully'sThe Sully'sGail Sullivan, radio presenter and all round good egg, tweets Gordo asking for a recommendation for breakfast one Saturday morning. She turns up at Cicchetti as well, but what’s this, she’s been breeding? Dangerous. Love the kid, one of the best of its kind. Fast asleep.

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10 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

debholtSeptember 2nd 2011.

I can't tell you how much I love Southern 11 (no, I don't work there). I started off visiting the one at the Food Court and now feel like a bit of a proud parent to see the "proper" version doing so well. The only thing I'd change is I'd like to see them doing the corn bread muffins that they do in the Food Court as they are the best thing I've ever put in my mouth...

JessicaHNSeptember 2nd 2011.

Thanks for making my 'secret' love a very public one Gordo! Very pleased you love our Cassoulet. Better than one in Toulouse? Praise indeed.

HowieSeptember 2nd 2011.

Better start tipping again hadn't I?

AnonymousSeptember 2nd 2011.

I think you need to taste genuine American southern state cuisine, as it's nothing like what they serve at Southern 11! I've eaten there twice, both times been disappointed.

The pulled pork is too soggy and not flavoured enough, the brisket was as tough as a boot and the ribs were tasty enough but tasted of BBQ coating... rather than the real thing.

I've been lucky enough to taste the real thing a few times when in the US, burnt-end beans and real corn bread muffins with meat that has been in a smoke oven over night.

Southern 11's food tastes too manufactured/processed when it comes to flavours but fits in well with the other Zizzi's GBK style places it surrounds.

Lorraine ByrneSeptember 2nd 2011.

Southern 11 - Food very nice, especially the pulled pork - delish!!! BUT they need to get their timings sorted at lunchtime as they are losing money by taking too long to get their dishes out, even having pre-ordered the food. Once that's sorted, the place will be completely fab.

MartinSeptember 2nd 2011.

Best Breakfast in Manchester...............Cafe' North, Shudehill ...........'eggs benedict' WOW!!

Bill SullivanSeptember 2nd 2011.

And that 'sprog' is my Grandson. So with Gail being my daughter, you due a double whammy my dear Gordo. Watch your back, cos your too fat to run away !

Bill SullivanSeptember 3rd 2011.

If anybody (Gordo) has taken offence @ the above comment, I apologise. It was meant in jest. Perhaps the days of the 'ironic' comment are sadly dying !

GordoSeptember 3rd 2011.

non taken at all Bill, I would be the last person to complain at a little abuse!

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