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Sleuth 01/07/2011

Abercrombie Re-opens, Derwent Holdings Yuck, Mincers And Tragic Life Stories

Written by . Published on July 1st 2011.

Sleuth 01/07/2011

Sleuth is a sideways glance at the city every week, it's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. We give £25 for every story/rumour and piece of absurdity you find for us to print. We ask for the money back if any legal action follows. Follow Sleuth on twitter @Sleuth

Sleuth tragic life story of the week

Sleuth’s absolute fave moment this week was finding himself in the rundown shopping centre West One (locals call it Worst One) in Eccles. He was in the WH Smith when he saw this section, see below, Tragic Life Stories, it was next to other sections titled Biographies and Celebrity Chefs - which may give an insight into life in Eccles. He took a picture on his Nokia to send to a friend. Nokia predictive text turns the word Eccles in Fables. So the message read ‘Tragic Life Stories in Fables’. 

Tragic Life Stories

Sleuth’s Life Rules Part One

This from GM Police. ‘Three people were injured when a fight broke out during a beer walk. At about 5.45pm on Saturday 18 June 2011, a fight broke out as two groups were walking along a farm track near to Lark Hill, Dobcross. Those involved were taking part in the Saddleworth Beer Walk and were making their way from Delph to Diggle. Both groups were dressed in camouflage clothing.’ Sleuth’s Rule of Life: Never have anything to do with anybody dressed in camouflage clothing who isn’t in the army. 

Sleuth's school and police story of the week

Sleuth's correspondent from the Sports Day Gazette was amused by this South Manchester school's solution to marking out the race boundaries - check out the picture below. "Is it a bit rough round that way?" asked Sleuth. "I didn't used to think so," came the reply, "now I'm a bit worried for the area."

Police TapeSleuth’s mince magic

Sleuth followed up the Mince Walk (click here or merely look at the picture at the top of these stories) a couple of weeks ago and asked organiser Rob Connelly how it had gone. He responded with: ‘It was a good laugh. God is obviously mincerphobic as it pissed it down. We got bored with Canal Street so headed up and through Piccadilly train station. I’ll tell you what, mincing is bloody hard work. No wonder, all the good mincers’ are skinny runts. I might produce a keep fit mince DVD and make some easy cash.’ Fat mincers out there please be in touch if you disagree. 

Hot PA

Sleuth, as an expression of the heat, on a clammy Monday said out loud, “It’s like a Turkish wrestler’s jockstrap in here.” The Confidential PA looked at him, arching her eyebrows, and said, “Just as I like it.”

Greeks Bail out Manchester pub

Sleuth was walking up Bootle Street when he noticed some welcome activity in the 200 year old pub that is the Sir Ralph Abercrombie - which has been closed for several weeks. A sign on the window deepened the mystery further, announcing the pub would be opening with a Greek food menu. How odd? We'll investigate. Whether it's being opened with German investment after IMF investigation is unclear.  

Abercrombie 002Where is Tom Bloxham MBE and his hat this week? Part 3.

Sleuth has often been asked, do you know Tom Bloxham, the Urban Splash property developer, and if so how do I recognise him? After being noticed in the long grass last week, Tom Bloxham and his hat have been seen guesting on stage with Bon Jovi. He helped out with a rendition of top hit, 'Living on a prayer in my building by the Ashton Canal in New Islington with all the cool writing on it.' Can you spot Tom here? 

Bon Jovi And Bloxham Mbe %281%29

Next week's surprising news on Manchester Confidential

Council considers fining or clamping people who stand or pass through street car parking bays in central Manchester when crossing the road

Chorlton tramline will open in time for Christmas but nobody knows which one

Openshaw resident flocks to Manchester International Festival's Marina Abramovic production

Serious Sleuth – Derwent v LCCC

So on Monday Lancashire County Cricket Club find out whether Derwent Holdings' pursuit of their arse over the redevelopment of the ground is upheld by the Court of Appeal.

Part of the problem is that Derwent dislike the proposed redevelopment of LCCC because it’s tied into the construction of a Tesco around the corner which will result in money flowing through Trafford Council to LCCC. This money will ensure the ground’s international cricket future – indeed its future generally. 

The editor of Manchester Confidential has interviewed both parties (more of this next week after the decision) but Sleuth says, let’s support LCCC dear readers.

Derwent’s motives seem dodgy at best. Sleuth for example doesn’t like the way their spokesperson didn’t want his name known, which as a senior figure with Derwent is just pathetic. Also he doesn’t like how all Derwent’s concerns seem purely selfish. Only they never state that.

The company’s worries around a massive Tesco being too big for the area, and there being too cosy a relationship between Tesco, LCCC and Trafford Council, mask a purely commercial desire to put a large Sainsbury’s in nearby White City Retail Park - which they own. But they never put their case in those purely commercial terms. It's pure sophistry.

Yet Sainsbury’s, unfortunately for Derwent, have made it clear they don’t want to be part of White City Retail Park. And the plans Derwent had for them were rejected months ago.

So what’s this appeal about?

In Sleuth’s opinion it’s about Derwent’s bitter, won’t-be-denied spoiling tactics. It’s about one property development company’s hatred of losing. In that desire to win at all costs they have been wonderfully consistent.

Sleuth would think more of them if they stated that fact rather than hide behind allegedly more worthy worries. It's grubby. Derwent's pursuit of LCCC through the courts stinks and does this region no favours. Then again Derwent lives in the tax-haven of the Isle of Man so it wouldn't care about that would it?



Quays 014LCCC, glimpsed in the sunshine from the south

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AnonymousJuly 1st 2011.

From EGi

Sainsbury's bowls out Derwent store claims
Daniel Cunningham 01/07/2011 14:18

Albert Gubay's bid to halt plans for the redevelopment of Manchester's Old Trafford cricket ground hit a stumbling block this week.

Supermarket giant Sains­bury's has sent a letter to the owner of Old Trafford, Lancashire County Cricket Club, saying it has no involvement with Gubay's Derwent Holdings.

Derwent, which is due in the Court of Appeal on Monday (4 July), has been campaigning against Trafford council's decision to grant consent for the revamp of the ground, which includes a 100,000 sq ft Tesco, since March 2010. It claimed to have Sainsbury's secured for a store at its nearby White City retail park.

However, Sainsbury's chief executive Justin King has this week sent an e-mail to LCCC member Geoff Shaffer. It read: "While it is true that Sainsbury's did once explore the possibility of a store on this site, we are not involved with Derwent Holdings' application.

"This is also true for the judicial challenge against Tesco's proposed store in Trafford."

Alan Burke, executive director at Ask, LCCC's development partner, said: "This has often been portrayed as a battle between Tesco and Sainsbury's and while it has been frustrating to see Mr Gubay's actions given the credibility of the backing of Sainsbury's, it is now clear that Sainsbury's is not involved."

Derwent could not be reached for comment.

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