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Côte Restaurant Opens, Mark Addy Re-Opens, But Please Don't Drink On Mondays

Sleuth Wk 13: Food, Drink, Music, Posters, Truth and Love

Published on April 11th 2014.

Côte Restaurant Opens, Mark Addy Re-Opens, But Please Don't Drink On Mondays

SleuthSleuthSleuth is a sideways glance at the city every week, it's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. He's several people all at once. We give £25 for every story/rumour and piece of absurdity you find for us to publish. Sleuth sometimes even gets serious. We ask for the money back if any legal action follows. Follow Sleuth on twitter @mcrsleuth

I'll Get My Côte

Côte French Bistro has opened on St Mary’s Street in the old Prohibition site next to Gaucho Grill. Gordo was in within four hours of it opening and said to Sleuth on his return: “I like the place. It’s a chain but with properly decent French grub. We'll review it next week.” Sleuth replied, “Excellent, now are you saving that boudin noir* stuck on your chin for later.” "Yes," said Gordo, taking a selfie wistfully.

*Boudin noir is black pudding in French. Sleuth is fluent in five languages, English, Ancient Greek, Old Latin, Pointlessly Extinct Ruritanian and Hedgehog, plus he has a partial understanding of people from Yorkshire but none of people from Birmingham.

(Boudin noir below, with the duck in the main picture) 

It's black pudding bit not as we know it


It's black pudding but not as we know it

The Inspiration Of Elton John

"Nikita," said Sleuth, to one of the waiting staff in Côte as he wandered by this week. "Is that a Russian name?"

"No," said Nikita, "my dad just liked Elton John songs."

Could have been worse thinks Sleuth, could have been called Donna-let-the-sun-go-down-on-me.

Nikita - looking over the border with Ukraine wondering which bit to have

Nikita - looking over the border with Ukraine wondering which bit to claim

SMIZE Of The Week

Speaking of Gordo and 'selfies' - the current most over-used half word in the world - Sleuth went along to a Selfie Seminar in the city centre the other day. There really are such things. At the seminar there was a long discussion about smize and how to perfect it. Smize means to smile with your eyes. It's one of the great issues of our brave new world. Sleuth isn't sure he got his smize right.  

Sleuth gets his smise wrong

Sleuth gets his smize wrong

Addy Open On Irwell

The Mark Addy has re-opened while it refurbs in stages, that helps put money in the till to re-invest. The smelly stairs carpet has been replaced and the booths moved out so the live entertainment and music nights planned for the pub will have room to breathe. Jobs still to do include the main room carpet replacement and restoration of the entrance canopy. A proper iron fence has been added on the river terrace to stop people falling into the sweet River Irwell. Sleuth sort of regrets this, he used to freshen up in the river after a long afternoon in the pub and enjoyed the Addy's Annual Spank A Goose Festival. Weekend Northern Soul nights are planned soon and the cheese and pate food menu is a month or so away.

The addy is re-opened

The Addy has re-opened

Mr Cooper's Wins More Awards

Sleuth loves Mr Cooper's House and Garden. He likes to sit on the terrace and snaffle some of the best food in the city prepared in Simon Rogan's kitchen in the Midland Hotel by Adam Reid. So Sleuth is thoroughly pleased that the AA have awarded Mr Coopers a second rosette, underlining the excellence of the cooking. He might just run over there now and bury his head in that lovely ham and fig starter. 

Excellent food and interesting space

Excellent food and interesting space

Sleuth's First Sign Of Spring 

The deckchairs have blossomed in Spinningfields. 

Get the decks out and take in the watery April sun


Get the decks out and take in the watery April sunshine

Belle Vue Reinvented But No Chimps

Sleuth was pleased to read that the city council is rebranding Belle Vue as a centre of leisure and sporting excellence. To quote, 'Belle Vue was once known as one of Manchester’s most popular leisure facilities, and now the area is gearing up to revive its reputation as one of the city’s most prominent sport and leisure destinations. A new sports village will become home to national centres for both speedway and basketball. There will also be modernisation of the existing local leisure centre.'

"Can we have the big dipper and all the other amusement park stuff back as well. And the zoo too?" Sleuth asked a council spokesman.

"Sadly not," came the reply, "nor will there be a chimp wearing a smoking jacket which is a crying shame."

Sleuth has to agree, a real shame. The chimp was called Consul and was one of the greatest Mancunians ever - as this picture shows.

Consul getting ready for a night on the townConsul getting ready for a night on the town - with a limp

Sleuth's New Sport Title Of The Week

As this Confidential article from Niamh Spence announces, Manchester is to host the UK Kettlebell Championships. The sport involves 'jerk and snatch' - manoeuvres Sleuth's not come across before. The jerk involves lifting the kettlebells overhead with knees bent, and the snatch is using the hips to drive the kettlebell up and over the head. So if you want to see some jerk, or maybe admire some snatch, then put 26 April at Train Manchester, 6 Arundel Street, M15 4JZ, in your diary. 

A Little Bit Of Jerk, A Little Bit Of Snatch


A little bit of jerk and a little bit of snatch makes for a happy day

Sleuth’s Alcohol Consumption Advice 

Sleuth was at the WWI exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North this week and saw this poster. He has to agree. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday...but please not, for God's sake, Monday.

Not on Mondays please

Not on Mondays please

Sleuth’s Domestic Servant Advice 

Sleuth also saw this poster. It's sound advice even in 2014. Manchester City Council fully endorse point one.

Letting go of the servants can be hard but counselling may ease the painLetting go of the servants can be hard but counselling may ease the pain

Name For New Thai Restaurant Announced

The retreat of retail from The Avenue in Spinningfields continues. A large unit from the Chaophraya group is set to open with 'streetfood' called From The Streets Of Bangkok. But it's in a building - a permanent covered unit. Sleuth is getting very confused over the definition of 'streetfood'.

When is street food not street food?


When is street food not street food?

Sleuth's Shame

Sleuth feels very ashamed that he has no Northern Quarter bar openings to announce this week. He's been a naughty boy and promises not to let this happen again. Normal service will be resumed after the Sleuth's Good Friday holiday when no doubt another twenty Northern Quarter bars will be ready to go. 

Sleuth’s Lies To Tell Tourists

Sleuth is often asked by visitors what is the Ordsall Chord? They say, “Is it a new rail line to make the connection between Piccadilly and Victoria Stations more efficient?” “No,” says Sleuth, "it's this", before demonstrating the Ordsall Chord on his handy guitar like so.

Not this chord

Not this chord

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14 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

SmittyApril 11th 2014.

The first person who is able to "smize", while at the same time pulling a perfectly-executed "duck face" will be anointed the One True God Of Twitter. Unless the person who can tweet a selfie at the exact point they have disappeared up their own arse (I call this the "Quantum Anal Moment") doesn't get there first.

Richard KiddApril 11th 2014.

That's not a smoking jacket… more like a prison outfit. Was Consul sentenced to break rocks and sing gospel songs in the wilds of East Manchester, back in the day? No wonder he has the cane, he mustve been knackered

AnonymousApril 11th 2014.

So, this week Sleuth wasn't asked anything by Elton John, Consul the chimp, Northern Quarter bar owners, tourists, servants, policemen, consierges and all the competitors at the UK kettle bell championships?........I can only assume that Sleuth is either lazy or incapacitated as this article has a picture taken straight from the Man Con office.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
SleuthApril 11th 2014.

Sleuth took the picture from his desk to be accurate. But he's not been lazy, he went all the way to Russia to take that picture of Nikita.

AnonymousApril 11th 2014.

Good, because that is fucking annoying every week. Really distracts from the item of interest.

GimboidApril 11th 2014.

Agreed, Anon#2. It's really not as witty as Sleuth seems to think it is. Sorry Sleuth.

HGApril 11th 2014.

The MCC/car comment has really tickled me!

David in CheshireApril 17th 2014.

I was at Belle Vue Zoo about a week before it closed. There was a handwritten sign at the entrance: "Free to a good home, Zoo Keeper. Fully house trained".

DanApril 21st 2014.

Man alive, i'm so over the term "street food".

mike_aApril 29th 2014.

Went to the Mark Addy on Good Friday to watch the Duck Race, it was pretty much awful. The bar service was horrendously slow and there was a sign on the ladies' toilets advising that they're out of order and to use the gents'! Shame it's such a hole as the location is really good.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Jenny CollinsApril 29th 2014.

It is a great space but give them a break, they are open in order to be able to afford the improvements that (I agree) are required. It was brave of them to take this on and as far as I am concerned we should try to support them so that we can all enjoy it in the future!

Calum McGApril 29th 2014.

It needs demolishing and starting again. Then it could be bloody lovely. The place as it is stinks and is beyond grotty.

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