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Our menus, Black Dog Ballroom


Starters + Appetisers
Garlic Bread£2.95
Garlic bead + cheese£3.75
Garlic bread + tomatoes£3.75
Tomato and mozzarella salad
Onion Rings
Mixed dressed olives£1.95

Black Dog Salads
Char grilled chicken and chorizo with mixed leaves, sun blush tomatoes, olives, peppers, cucumber£5.95
Goats cheese with mixed leaves, grilled courgettes, aubergines and peppers with croutons and melting£5.95
Classic Caesar salad with marinated anchovy, char grilled chicken and freshly shaved parmesan£6.75
Marinated steaks with mixed leaves with marinated artichokes, olives, sun blush tomatoes, peppers and cucumber with strips of chilli£5.95

Tuna Nicoise


Crisp fried halloumi with cous-cous and pomegranate salad


Proscuitto, peach and buffalo mozzarella salad with rocket and mixed leaves


Feta cheese salad with olives, sunblush tomatoes, cucumber and mixed leaves


Black Dog Burgers
(All burgers made from 100% local Cheshire beef and served on toasted seeded bun, including fries and garnish)
The Classic Northern Quarter Pounder
Salad and Black Dog relish
Chicken Burger
Breaded chicken fillet with salad, Black Dog Relish and garlic mayo
Spicy Bean
with garlic mayo and Black Dog relish

Extra toppings all 75p

Lancashire cheese, blue cheese, goats cheese, mozzarella, bacon, pepperoni, pastrami, chorizo, jalapenos, olives, chillies, peppers, red onions, roasted Mediterranean vegetables, fried egg, gerkins

Black Dog Pizza’s 12” or 6”
Margarita (V)
Classic tomato + mozzarella with fresh torn basil
£5.50 /
New Yorker
Mozzarella, tomato, pastrami, pepperoni, sliced jalapeño peppers, black olives
£7.50 /
Hawaiian Tikki
Smoked Cheshire ham and pineapple with a drizzle of Black Dog rum reduction 
£6.95 /
Mozzarella, tomatoes, pepperoni and optional sliced jalapeño peppers
£6.95 /

The Hot Dog
Spicy Italian sausage, pepperoni, chilli steak stripe, red chillies, sliced meatballs, tomato and mozzarella

50p of every pizza sold will be donated to Manchester Dogs Home

£7.95 /

Cajun Chicken

Tomato, mozzerella, Cajun Chicken, char-grilled peppers and red onion

Rustica (V)
Char grilled vegetables, artichokes, olives, goats cheese on tomato base with pesto dressing
£6.25 /

Extra Toppings

Blue cheese, goats cheese, bacon, pepperoni, ham, chorizo, chillies, peppers, artichokes, anchovies, jalapenos, olives, pastrami, chilli steak steak, meatballs, roasted Mediterranean vegetables, red onions, fried egg


Ballroom Cocktails


Twisted American classics. These drinks are blackdog versions of our favourite american classics, the Manhattan, The cosmo, the martini, the sour and the julep. As prohibition gripped New York, the elite upped and drank elsewhere, mojitos in cuba, bellinis in Venice, however, these yankee classics remained.
BLACKDOG MANHATTAN - Cherry – vermouth – bourbon whiskey
Smooth Woodford reserve bourbon is stirred down with Guiseppe Carpano’s 1786 formula for the first ever vermouth, Dutch black cherry liqueur and Italian bitters. The history of the Manhattan is often quoted as having being created for Winston churchill’s mother when hosting a party at the Manhattan club.
SHERBET DIB-DAB COSMO - Sherbet – cranberry – vodka
What could make a cosmo better girls? If it was free?? Fair one, well this one is well worth the money. Wybrowa orange vodka, lemon and lime juices, limoncello and cranberry juice, finished with a sherbet rim. Tangy, effervescent, sweet and sour. Lip smackingly luscious.
GOTHAM CITY SOUR - Apple – vermouth – applejack
Applejack is the original American spirit, similar to calvados in its production; we shake it with apple liqueur and spicy, sweet vermouth. Served short on the rocks, reminiscent of an apple flan, with the rich spice from the vermouth it’s a frothy drop.
BIG APPLE MARTINI - Pear – vanilla - gin
Not an apple in sight…. Luscious pear nectar, delicious vanilla sugar and Beefeater gin. Simple and chic, the best drinks often have the fewest ingredients, enabling the guest to taste all the flavours in the mix. We hope this delicate, distinctive drink achieves what it set out to, delight.
RAISIN AND ROSEMARY JULEP - Fig – rosemary – bourbon whiskey
As southern as grits!! Kentuckian hospitality hasn’t got a bit on us, rich fig, mint and raisin and rosemary infused Four Roses small batch bourbon sit in a tin with plenty of crushed ice. Mighty fine on a hot day, even better with good friends, a sophisticated sipper for the modern man (or woman…).


Brooklyn was independent of New York City until most recently; these drinks are independently-minded, avant-garde creations. Not the usual here, homemade tinctures, syrups and cordials, and unusual flavours combine taste and theatre.
PBJ - Peanut butter – popcorn – rum
Americana in a glass indeed. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, drive through movie popcorn and mama’s finest blueberries. Beefed up with Banks XM5 Guyanese Demerara rum, this drink is based on a drink called a flip, using a secret ingredient to bind all the flavours and thicken the texture,
18TH AMMENDMENT - Pistachio – apricot – absinthe
‘La fee vert’, the green fairy was the focus of vociferous temperance campaigning. Absinthe was seen as evil and hallucinogenic after van gogh cut his ear off, however this was most likely due to the incurable syphilis he suffered from rather than the booze. Regardless they banned it, only repealing the law in march 2007, we take this illicit substance and mix it with pistachio, apple and apricot brandy.
FRANKIE RUSHE - Spice – Buckfast tonic wine – Irish whiskey
Inspired by one man in his search for Buckfastian perfection. We take Blackbush Irish whiskey, lemon juice and cloves and shake it with Buckfast tonic wine. Previously the retreat of tramps, we modernise and revolutionise the fates of this medicinal marvel. Monks from Devon craft this tonic, using secret recipes (that no one would really want to steal anyway).
BLAME CANADA - Maple syrup – slow roasted spices – Canadian whiskey
We have painstakingly created a distinctive homemade maple spiced syrup. Slow roasted cinnamon and ginger root are added to ground mace and allspice in a pan with maple syrup, this is then left over a low heat for a couple of hours giving us our homemade syrup, old fashioned style we stir this with rye whiskey, finished with a zest. During prohibition Canadian clubs biggest client was Al Capone in Chicago…..makes you think.
NAPOLEON’S DYNAMITE - Rhubarb – butterscotch – cognac
Based on a blue blazer created by ‘professor’ Jerry Thomas, theatrical and dangerous, warmed Courvoisier vsop exclusive, butterscotch and Giffard rhubarb liqueurs are passed between two heat resistant cups, mixing, blending, warming and bringing to life all the smooth buttery notes in the brandy, served with a clove studded orange zest. One for the highlight reel….


This section contains the oldest drinks on our list. These libations rarely see the light of day, we at the Blackdog believe they need more time in the limelight. Sophisticated and timeless, these are the standards bartenders should be judged by. You don’t have to be wearing a sharp suit, smoking an unfiltered cigarette talking to Jayne Mansfield, but it certainly helps.
SAZERAC - Peychauds bitters – cognac – rye whiskey
Created: 1859 - John Schiller – sazerac coffee house, New orleans
Brown sugar is stirred with Antoine Amedee Peychauds’s New Orleans bitters, Sazerac rye whiskey and Martell vsop cognac, then served in an absinthe coated tasting glass. Slick, suave and stylish. Bonds drinks ‘em, so…….
CORPSE REVIVER NO. 2 - Anise – lillet blanc – gin
Created: 1930 - Harry Craddock – Savoy cocktail book
Beefeater gin, French Lillet blanc vin aromatisee, lemon juice and Cointreau and just a dash of absinthe. It was said that the corpse reviver should be drink ‘before 11 am or whenever steam and energy are needed’, it was also noted that ‘four of these taken in straight succession will un-revive the corpse again….’
TOMMY’S MARGARITA - Agave – lime – tequila
Created: ?? – Julio Bermejo – Tommy’s Mexican restaurant, San Francisco
The classic margarita is served ‘up’, with cointreau and a salt rim, this twist goes back to basics, using just Tapatio Blanco tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice and agave nectar. The agave plant is the base for making tequila, from it a low GI, wonderfully sweet honey like syrup can be harvested. This is used to sweeten this delicious drink.
RED SNAPPER - Tomato – spice – gin
Created: 1921 – Fernand Petiot – Harry’s bar, Paris
The pre-cursor to the bloody mary, we substitute the vodka for Beefeater gin and serve the drink ‘up’ in a fancy cocktail glass with a salt and pepper rim. More complex than a bloody mary, not designed for blow your head off spice, talk to your bartender who will tailor this drink to your palate.
3 STAR RUM OLD FASHIONED - Brown sugar – bitters – rums
Created: 1880’s – unknown bartender, Pendennis club, Louisville, Kentucky
The original drink was created for a distiller Colonel James E. Pepper who in turn took the drink to the waldorf Astoria. Originally made with whiskey we have substituted a blend of rums;- pungent Jamaican, vanilla Venezualan and rich Guyanese. Together they give the most luxuriant rum experience. We also use our Blackdog bitters no 1 containing fig, orange, vanilla and a reduction of Brooklyn lager.
Have this drink made with Barbancourt 8 year old Haitian rum for £8 and we at the Blackdog will donate £1 to the Unicef Haiti appeal


Tasty, tacky, sweet, fun-loving, easy drinking, luminous, delicious, care-free, mouth watering, divine, scrumptious, bright, ambrosial, delectable, enticing, exquisite, sprinkles and spaklers, creamy, bubbly, unpretentious – gorgeous!
THE PASSION OF LADY PAW-PAW - Orange – grapefruit – passionfruit vodka
We head to the pacific islands for this drink. Don’t listen to em, every menu needs a blue drink. Our guilty pleasure, skyy passionfruit vodka, Jamaican grapefruit, lemon juice and orange liqueurs give us the definition of a holiday drink. Fun fun fun in the sun!! A ray of sunshine in your day
AN ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK - Roses – cranberry – gin
Immaculately presented, sweet smelling and devilishly charming, that is how an Englishman travels the world, so why not here. Bombay sapphire gin, pinot grigio blush wine and rose petals with cranberry and a splash of lemonade. Not too sweet, not too sour, a delicate floral drink.
THE PINK ONE…… - Berries – peach – bubbly
Berries and bubbles. Strawberry and raspberry, soft peach and a slug of vodka topped off with a girls best friend. No…..champagne! For ladies what lunch, not ladies what punch. Silky, sensual, and salacious. Treat yourself and your friends to one of these.
Turn your bottle of champagne into a jug of ‘the pink one….’ For a £15 surcharge on top of the price of the bubbly.
COFFEE & DOUGHNUTS - Coffee – white chocolate – vanilla vodka
Here we go, vanilla vodka, Austrian white chocolate liqueur, Italian coffee and macadamia sugar. Served short in a fancy cocktail glass with a little chocolate doughnut. Naughty!! Not just for cops.
PAPAYA DON’T PREACH - Tropical juices – watermelon - rum
I’m in trouble deep!! Guava, papaya, lime and watermelon served with Santa Teresa Claro caipirissimo style. Served tall over cracked ice, one sip and you’re there sunning yourself on the beach in the Caribbean. Or, in a basement in Manchester. Whatever…..

Staten island

Foreign fancies. The first thing immigrants saw of Great Gotham when arriving from the sea was Staten Island, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, (as well as a giant whorehouse in a building shaped like an elephant). These beautiful beverages hail from the home countries of NYC’s melting pot community. Caribean rum, brazilian cachaca, japanse shochu, Mexican tequila and Peruvian pisco, together with all the flavours and aromas of their respective regions.
JAMAICAN ME CRAZY - Your choice – your way – wray wray!!
This is a random rum punch, different and bespoke everytime. You, our guest must give your bartender 3 ingredients, or your favourite rum, or a flavour you hate or no information at all and they will create for you your own Jamaican rum punch. The only thing it must have in it is J. Wray & Nephew OP Jamaican rum. Great with pear, lime, Guiness!! Hell everything really
OSAKA MY BALLS - Root ginger – thai sweet basil – lemongrass shochu
The biggest selling spirit in the world is shochu (japan) or soju (korea). We take Japanese shochu and infuse it with fresh lemongrass, giving us a sherbety far eastern spirit. We then make a quick ginger beer with root ginger, lime juice and sugar, toss in a couple of Thai sweet basil leaves and shake the hell out of it. Served short on the rocks.
LITTLE BIRD - Grapefruit – maraschino cherry – pisco
Here at the blackdog we are championing the return of the Pisco sour as one of the greatest drinks of all time sadly lost to many of our generation. As such we bring you this tall version of the Peruvian powerhouse. Pisco ABA, maraschino liqueur, citrus, and ting, topped off with crème de mure.
EL LUCHADOR - Pineapple – mint – tequila
Don’t you wanna taste the glory, see what it taste like?.... 100% agave El Jimador reposado tequila shaken with koko kanu coconut rum, and our house vedeeta mix containing fresh pineapple, mint, coriander and a chilli hit. Refreshing, flavourful and thought provoking, the best way we have found to get girls drinking tequila, apart from just giving them a shot!!
GARAPA DOIDA - Acai and goji berry – lime – cachaca
Meaning ‘crazy sugar cane juice’ we have a brazilian treat for you. We brew a strong acai and goji berry tea then make a caipirinha a with velho barreiro cachaca and condensed milk. We add a few dashes of our Blackdog bitters no 2, containing cardamom, lemongrass, kaffir lime and pink peppercorns.

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