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What will change with the Congestion Charging initiative?

Here's a map and a description of the Transport Innovation Fund changes

Published on June 10th 2008.

What will change with the Congestion Charging initiative?

Largely in their own words, these are some of the intended public transport benefits of the TIF bid’s supporters. Make your choice whether you believe them or not.

‘The TIF package will include day-time trams every six minutes from Piccadilly to Droylsden and from Victoria to Chorlton and East Didsbury (on new lines).

'The bus network will be radically overhauled providing more frequent, reliable buses running as part of a well-coordinated and simplified network. These will include features such as service improvements to key employment areas such as Manchester Airport and Central Park and to hospitals.

'Specific improvements include major changes to the way in which bus services along Oxford Road operate. The route which is one of the busiest bus routes in Europe, will see major work carried out to improve journey times.

'There will be major new interchange facilities created at Chorlton Street, at the old Mayfield Goods station next to Piccadilly station, in addition to refurbishments of the facility at Piccadilly Gardens for the new bus transit services. The Mayfield changes will include a coach facility.

'There will be major refurbishment work carried out at Piccadilly, Oxford Road and Victoria stations plus additional capacity on rail routes into the city centre at peak times The new Metrolink extensions include a second city centre Metrolink line to relieve capacity constraints and improve city centre access. Local bus service improvements to key employment areas such as Manchester Airport and Central Park and to hospitals.'

Remember the congestion charge will not happen until these changes are underway. When it does begin in 2013 it will run Monday to Friday 7am-9.30am into the city, and 4pm-6.30pm out of the city: you pay nothing travelling the other way. This is through an inner and outer zone. If you do the journey once each way at these times it'll set you back £5, or multiplied by five days a week, £25.

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Kev PJune 10th 2008.

Ooo, I haven't seen the map before, looks really exciting. I've set up a Facebook group for anyone who wants to SUPPORT the TIF bid and you can sign up to it here - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=17193979785

PaulJune 10th 2008.

No Middleton on the map i see so we are getting nowt again.But the charges obiously.

AnonymousJune 10th 2008.

So we know how much the Congestion tax is going to cost but what concerns me is whether there will be any regulations over the price of the public transport? How much is a ride on one of these shiny new buses or trams going to actually cost us?

AnonymousJune 10th 2008.

Typical bloody mancunian responses. All cynical and whinging. "ooh we dont like it! It'll be a disaster" Yar-de-yar. If you had it your way Beetham Tower would never have been built and the Hulme tenements would still be standing. Embrace change and stop mistaking cynicism for intelligence. It takes more imagination and intelligence to be positive about something than just gobsh*te it.

ABJune 10th 2008.

Does anyone know which roads the new city centre crossing would run down? If it goes from G-mex tram stop to Victoria it could go straight down Deansgate? Also as an ex-Londoner I'm really looking forward to the introduction of Oyster cards - no more scrabbling for change as the tram pulls away without me. :-) I'm for it, just can't wait, until we get better transport.

Cllr Mike AmesburyJune 10th 2008.

Over the next ten weeks we all will have the opportunity to shape our transport infrastructure for this and future generations. The £3 billion plan if accepted will revolutionise public transport investment throughout Greater Manchester. In short it will mean more buses, trams trains and stations while having less jams, pollution and frustration.This is a real chance for our city & Greater Manchester to have a transport system that can match the best in Europe, which will keep our economy growing, get more people into jobs, and improve our health and air quality.Every household and business in Greater Manchester will be consulted on the proposals from July. This is your opportunity to make an informed decision.

chippyJune 10th 2008.

it will be a disaster, the council couldn't organise a pish up in a public open space, oh hang on…

BecksJune 10th 2008.

Cost of public transport doesn't matter to low lifes, they just get on and off as they please with no one to stop them.I can see that there are pro's; i am just so massively disillusioned with the way the Metrolink to Altrincham from the city is run when it's only a straight up and down track. I just can't believe that this will go as they say.

DaveJune 10th 2008.

Drew Peacock - I'll take you up on that bet, they can't start charging before they build the Metrolink!Other than this I wish people who whinge would just read the proposals first, and the background to them - eg yes there will be extra trams on the current metro lines, and that this will be implemented in a totally different way to the number plate recognition city centre method in London, hence it will collect revenue more efficiently.

AnonymousJune 10th 2008.

as per the advert on the radio it has been getting more congested and taking longer to get to/ from work why because they introduced bus lanes empty 60% of the time reduces the road width forces cars into smaller space whos causing the congestion then ? is this a deliberate ploy ? to get us to buy into this? ps still takes 1hr 40min to m/c center down a6 by bus on a good day

AnonymousJune 10th 2008.

Don't you find it funny that GMPTE and TIF and the Council are so keen to build metrolinks to where the old railways used to go before Thatcher ripped them out? I look forward to the improvements, but going off how long it's taken to get Stockport train station "improved" and the west coast main line work in general, I worry how long everything will be out of action for

polkybJune 10th 2008.

Do you all know how much it will cost to set up and run this insane Idea?London has makes £10m profit from every £1bn taken. What makes you think the Manchester scheme (which is far more advanced) would make any more?It's insane and we should just do what Birmingham and Edinburgh did and say no to congestion charging and then get gifted the money anyway.

AnonymousJune 10th 2008.

from one anon to another anon - I'm not a whinging manc I am intellegent person who had a point of view- I expressed my views about the congestion charge and I sincerely believe it wouldn't work in the way the authorities think it would and it would cost us all more in the long run - I like beethams tower actually and I embrace change ... perhaps are you someone who just can't pass your driving test?

MikeJune 10th 2008.

I do agree with the point made about too many stops. Metro link to Alti works well because it goes fast. Only 7 stops in all.The Airport/Didsbury lines will be stopping every 2 minutes, over 12 times .... Chorlton to the airport for example must be >30 minutes which is pretty poor.Nevertheless, I large part of my wants this to work. Just put a few more things Bolton's way to convince them ;-)Mike - M21

AnonymousJune 10th 2008.

yes I can see the irony in spelling intelligence wrong btw

Bring it on...June 10th 2008.

I'm amazed how snobbish people are about public transport. I've used buses in Manchester for 25 years and I've had time to read newspapers and books, I've met some cool people at bus stops, I've been able to do good deeds like help elderly passengers with shopping and tourists who are lost, I've saved money on petrol, parking costs and parking fines, I've even chatted people up and been chatted up. Generally it's not always a lot of fun, but it's not the hell on earth some people posting here seem to think it is (the people who are most scathing about using buses seem to be people who have some fear of what they're describing as 'the great unwashed', which tells you all you need to know about their right-wing Clarkson-style ignorance). I've witnessed some teenage high spirits occasionally, and I've heard some **** ringtones but so what? Deal with it? It's called real life.

PaulJune 10th 2008.

So the powers what be at Rochdale want the extra tax as they don’t live on the boarder of the C zone and will get an upgrade of there links another shaft up the arse for the people of Middleton don’t worry Rochdale you still get my council tax. It reminds me of the time when we had our premature baby at North Manchester hospital they told us you cant get your aftercare from here go to Rochdale for our aftercare Rochdale told us you had your baby in north Manchester they should provide it so we got none. Also thanks Rochdale for letting us pilot you alternate week bin collections you bunch of c***s.

Kev PJune 10th 2008.

Spot on Dave, go sign up! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=17193979785

mikeJune 10th 2008.

Why not follow other countries examples and ban large vans & heavy goods vehicles ( axle weight to be determined )to the night time, or alternatively restrict access/ egress during the proposed charge times. This would make a huge differance to traffic and allow a better flow of transport. Check out Dubai U.A.E

Kev PJune 10th 2008.


beebulJune 10th 2008.

Anyone willing to take a bet that 'Kev P' works for the TIF? Or is a fat cat at MCC :-pHe posts all over these boards with Pro 'Con' Charge rants.I think this will be a disaster for Manchester.. security on public transport is a huge issue for me. The cheaper you make it the more you'll get groups of youths bunking off school riding on it all day and causing misery to people going about their business. Wait to see the MEN full of stories of people getting stabbed on the tram to work. Another way for the govt to extort tax from the working [wo]man. Think we might move out of the area to be honest. Had enough.

AnonymousJune 10th 2008.

Typical manc? Guess what we are mancs!!!! This is a site to rant so we will, I'm guessing you haven't been on public transport lately! To and from Manchester is awful, not only did someone try to mug but on another occasion my little brother was held at knife point on the bus, during the day! So yes I will be negative, how are they going to stop things like that happening, I bet there aren't any plans to stop that. Total waist of my tax paying money!

mememeJune 10th 2008.

Am i rigt in looking at that map that there will be a metro to the airport?If so, the amount of stops on the way is far too many, it would take hours to get there from the CC.

AnonymousJune 10th 2008.

Does the P in 'Kev P' stand for Penis?

LouiseJune 10th 2008.

How about we bring back Ticket/Bus Inspectors? It will help with the whole yob culture thing, and it will make the buses run a lot faster cause there will be non of this queuing up t the bus stop cause everyone wants a MagaRider! The buses will be on time and it will boost employment. If we can have them on the trains (well most trains) then why not back on the buses??

AnonymousJune 10th 2008.

The new and so called improved public transport will most likely increase in price to keep them looking good, but what about safety? I used to get the bus but it was so unsafe I had to buy a car! It is also cheaper for me to drive to work everyday in my little car (even with the petrol increase!) than to get the bus or train, I also have the luxury of not being mugged!!!

BecksJune 10th 2008.

Actual, another thing, just had a closer look at the map.... I understand it's just for reference but you go past Sale Water Park on the Met now, Roundthorn and Baguley are within a 10 minute walk of Brooklands - why is this even needed? Why can't people get the train to the airport, or get a bus from Altrincham. Why can't buses be improved, it's cheaper and easier. I reckon Serco have got a plant somewhere....

Drew PeacockJune 10th 2008.

I can bet you this now. The Metrolink extensions will have not even started, never mind finished before this charge comes in.

AnonymousJune 10th 2008.

hmph......the public transport system that is currently in place is dreadful (20mins in car would take me 1hr30 min on a bus due to having to change bus in town), I know the argument is that the money will fund improvements and the council will be given money - but the council is incompetant (nice reference to the football chaos above), it won't be completed in time (or at all) it will still be a trekk to get into work and/or cost a fortune. Plus I work in a well dodgy area and I really don't want to be hanging around waiting for buses where I work unless I want to make friends with some local dodgy types ... With living costs on the rise, and house prices going down and eveyone feeling a bit s-h-1-t at the moment I think we need this as much as a big gaping hole in manchester's head. I do remember being promised an extension to the tram system a while ago but the government pulled the cash - so the gvmt has manchester city council over a barrel now does it? - we'll give you the money if you ensure you create cash cow for us, my cynical side http://forsees:2013 £5, 2014 £6, 2015 £7.50 .... etc.

AnonymousJune 10th 2008.

What about the current metrolink lines that are already overcrowded, I get the metro in from Sale to town, are there any new trams for me?

JoanJune 10th 2008.

This site is worth looking at; it explains a lot. http://www.gmfuturetransport.com/default.aspx Paul - Mills Hill is on the map; that's in Middleton

AnonymousJune 10th 2008.

sorry but have you considered the ramifications of this congestion charge each day thousands utility vans /lorries carry our goods/ services in and around manchester the cost of our day to day living is going to soar as firms pass on the congestion charge to the consumer ( us )and as the prices finally start to bite less and less people will be willing to travel into the center opting to stay and shop outside the zones driving out the business the life blood of the city -and then ho-look they have introduced charges to all forms of transport because there was a drop in revenue - mean while the fat -cats will be emigrating to pastures new leaving us to wallow in the mess they created as usual

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