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Vision & Media staff on four-day week

20 per cent pay cuts for three-month ‘trial period’

Published on October 4th 2010.

Vision & Media staff on four-day week

Staff at Salford Quays-based Vision+Media have been moved to a four-day week and given a 20 per cent pay cut.

The cost saving measures will be in place for three months, following cuts to its budget and the abolition of the NWDA and the UK Film Council. The agency’s 40 full-time staff will go down to a four-day week from 1 November, 2010.

The Film Office, which provides locations and productions support which, will not be affected by the four-day week, but the rest of the Vision+Media office will be closed on Fridays during a three-month trial period.

The building will still be open and meeting rooms will be available for hire. The marketing team will also be available five days a week for media enquiries.

Vision+Media’s chief executive, Alice Morrison, said: “Given the current funding uncertainty, we are having to make significant savings. Our decision to implement a compulsory four-day week for the next three months will allow us to retain our diverse and highly skilled team, while remaining as flexible as possible to address the financial challenges and capitalise on any opportunities that arise.

“This is a crucial and exciting time for our digital and creative companies that we represent, so we will continue to meet all current, agreed and funded activity across the sectors and are resolute in our goal to create a world class digital and creative economy in the North West.”

Last year Vision+Media invested £9m into the digital and creative industry in the North West, directly supporting 350 businesses and over 500 individuals through events, one-to-one advice sessions, surgeries, workshops and programmes.

The film office has facilitated 540 productions in the last 12 months, resulting in 1,904 filming days, bringing £48m worth of inward investment into the region.

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Claire VoyantOctober 4th 2010.

...and in three months time you're gonna tell us all the funding's gone (we know that now) and sack the lot. Yaaaawn!

Temporary HeroOctober 4th 2010.

Certainly beats sacking people now doesn't it? I'd say well done for trying to be flexible and find a way though the current mess of funding to continue.

I'd really miss 20% of my wages each month, but the benefit of an extra three day weekend, I think I could handle less money for that

Claire VoyantOctober 5th 2010.

Touchee - you can try. Let speak again in three months.

Fund ManagerOctober 5th 2010.

Either there is funding or there isn't. NWV+M knows the answer to that one. They are not private, they are a quango. Reducing hours only delays the inevitable, good staff will move quickly with slackers staying behind. I recommend to downgrade!

Temporary HeroOctober 5th 2010.

There's nothing to speak about claire, I'm just applauding the management for at least 'trying' to help keep people's lives together instead of letting them arrive to an empty office.

Good staff will move quicker, no doubt, but at least they have a few months to get themselves sorted instead of a few hours

AnonymousOctober 5th 2010.

This is why the white elephant Salford Quays needs public sector jobs like the BBC in order to survive.

The BBC doesn't need to worry about getting cash from customers. If you don't pay you get taken to court and given a fine and a criminal record. What a shame that Vision+Media can't employ the same sales tactics.

EARL OF DIDSBURYOctober 6th 2010.

Just shows what a waste of time vision and media are, just another parasite on the public wallet , lets hope the bbc is made to pay its own way next.

AgricolaOctober 6th 2010.

Earl of Didsbury, there are many things we should cut but let's keep the quality that the BBC provides. It's a British saving grace.

single mumOctober 6th 2010.

Does that include the top 10 bbc directors who cream off 5 million a year , or the MD whose on over 450,000 a year 880.000 a year with pension options , and the army of 23000 overpaid staff on hugh wages funded by a stealth tax that people are forced to pay despite a declining viewership per annum , get real AGRICOLA , IF YOU want the bbc YOU AND YOUR Guardian reading latte supping crowd pay for it !

AgricolaOctober 6th 2010.

I don't read the Guardian. Nor do I stew in a basin of envy.

TomOctober 6th 2010.

I Heard the BBC are getting a wapping 3.2 billion a year off the taxpayer, i hope this new government gets to grips with this organisation , i heard they sent 500 people to the olympics in 1st class and now there going on strike ?? is this true? surely not?

MEDIA MOGULOctober 6th 2010.

I don't think they flew 1st class, however they went over the top in true BBC fashion , the Beeb simply needs streamlining then floating on the stock market , it then can compete on the open market , selling some great programing as it all ready does very successfully , strip back the nonsense like minor channels , the world service and try to bring local advertising / funding to support local news/ programming , this way they can abolish the licence and compete freely , there could be a pay for view option for specialist channels too. The new Beeb will probably have a staff of around 5000 to 6000 and the Board of Directors would be replaced with an electable chief on a voluntary basis.

AnonymousOctober 7th 2010.

AS Agricola says, we should keep the quality the BBC provides, but let's get rid of the rubbish it provides. If we did the licence fee would be about £10 per year.

Why do we need a tax backed by fines and criminal records to fund trash like Eastenders and Casualty? Surely we get enough of that kind of garbage provided by the comercial sector.

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