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Videos, poster spoofs and rant magic

The Congestion Charge <strike>debate</strike>..er row: latest developments

Published on November 21st 2008.

Videos, poster spoofs and rant magic

Confidential is following, and oft-times leading, the congestion charge/ transport innovation fund debate. We’re sort of in favour of the £3bn spend on public transport in Greater Manchester. But we’re open to all opinion.

Thus the row between Graham Stringer and Jim Mackrell on Confidential was a ball, with over ten thousand people reading the stories and hundreds ranting. The comments were largely intelligent as well which made us proud of our readership.

Now with the all votes having to be in by December 11 it’s interesting to see the tactics being employed by those who would have us say yea or nay.

Have a look at this, it’s worth watching the whole clip – click here.

Now have a look at this – click here.

Fun aren’t they. Both of them.

Although that revelation that Sir Neil McIntosh, the official returning officer for the referendum, gets £600 a day consultancy fee is hardly that astonishing. Does the journalist that exposed the story or the funsters who made the poster have any idea of the going rate for consultancy fees for top people? If this were law, accountancy, image management, branding advice, PR (and we’ve got an interview with Max Clifford going on the site shortly) then £600 per day is at the low end of the scale. The very low end. Remember Sir N isn’t just anybody: this was the guy who presided over the referendum on Scottish Devolution.

Meanwhile Confidential’s thanks goes out to the record ranter in our brief history. This goes to Regen08 for contributing almost 4000 words in rants to the Congestion Charge debate in recent articles. Our correspondent Sleuth was in the Lowry the other day and saw this picture. It’s not you is it, Regen08? We're worried you might be getting too-much-looking-at-screens-itus.

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21 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Rubber DuckNovember 21st 2008.

"I'm going to get myself a convoy and drive from Rochdale to Cheadle straight through your purdy lil' town. Now you've made our rig's exempt and smokey keeps the cars out of our way"...........*Honk*-Breaking News-62% of voters in the Greater Manchester area have voted NO to more taxes on the working man by rejecting the proposed congestion tax.-End of news flash-Rubber Duck says: "Dang!"

another city dwellerNovember 21st 2008.

CITY DWELLER: why no discount for city centre residents? Because if we drive into the city-centre in the morning rush hour then we cause as much congestion as any suburbanite. And the same thing if we drive out of the city centre in the evening rush hour. But surely the perk (or one of the many perks...) of living in our fine city centre is that we're more likely to be driving out of the city in the morning, which won't incur the charge, and driving back into the city in the evening, which we can also do for free.

IDOLSNovember 21st 2008.

Regen08 "do you work for the council, or their PR agency??" That rant was scripted straight from the councils bid document I'm sure...

scoteeeNovember 21st 2008.

The f***ers cant even empty my wheelie bin for my £125 quid a month, I am dam sure theyre not have my money again so I have to cross the boundaries to dump it myself!

Ray VonNovember 21st 2008.

Alf Tupper is right - this is the same Government that promised us the dosh to expand Metrolink before, only to snatch it away at the last minute. This time they'll probably insist that the CG is imposed even if only 40% of the improvements have taken place. Then we'd ALL be in the sh*t.

IDOLSNovember 21st 2008.

I agree that the city centre is constantly rammed during rush hour and indeed often during the day, but I see the Manchester Congestion charge seems as being unfair on hard working commuters. It is already scandalously expensive to park in the city, and an additional “tax” by the council in my opinion is a cynical way of raising revenues to cover a short fall in revenue which they failed to forecast in years gone by.I’m for clarity / correction on this point, but is it just me, or does anyone else wonder where the money is coming from to fund the current “Manchester Congestions Charge: Vote Yes” campaign? For someone who works in the advertising industry, I know the large sums involved, and do not think this is an appropriate way of spending city centre dwellers council tax.Perhaps the council should have taken better care when planning Manchester’s growth (for which we’re all thankful) and incorporated the necessary infrastructure to facilitate it????

heatsekerNovember 21st 2008.

Regenen08 your not proper Manchester so **** off you tart.

IDOLSNovember 21st 2008.

...So you have faith in a council fulfilling this "once in a lifetime opportunity" when they've clearly failed to see the need to invest in Manchester's Public transport system as the city expands? Did the growth of city dwellers / business in Manchester just happen overnight?? They're blatantly jumping on a London bang wagon which the good people of Manchester will not be so stupid to support. PS: Rail fares are up 6% again, apparently for "network improvements" Is that the next stealth tax we're liable for when the council urge us to use "Public transport" post congestion charge? PPS: I live in the city and pay Manchester city council tax, walk to work, I'm objecting to the principles at stake here....

Artie FufkinNovember 21st 2008.

Regen08 contributing almost 4000 words in rants to the Congestion Charge debate yest he still couldn't manage to answer my points. Vote no, it's all too fishy otherwise.

Regen08November 21st 2008.

Oh and I drive a car so its not like I would be exempt from the limited charge either.

Regen08November 21st 2008.

Hi Artie - reverting to type I see - misunderstaning, misleading and misrepresenting. Your points have been comprehensively addressed on a number of occasions by a number of contributors. So you better not cross me! I can be a pretty scary person when riled as you can see from my image that ManCon have helpfully posted above. Just make sure you VOTE YES for improved conditions for motorists, a once-in-a-lifetime, £3bn transformational investment in public transport infrastructure, a cleaner, greener city and a significant and sustainable boost to Greater Manchester's economic competitiveness - all part funded by a limited, weekday, peak time only charge.

CITY DWELLERNovember 21st 2008.

Why is there no discount for those who live in the City Centre like there is in London?I walk everywhere now but would have to pay to visit my Family in the morning or early evening! Ridiculous!!!!!!

green breen spleenNovember 21st 2008.

What's the issue with being green and the environment anyhow?We have no major control over the planets bahaviour as it slowly dies.Its gonna change anyhow.When were pumping more **** in to the atmoshpere in the industrial revoloution the temp dropped!!!It's all political money making bollox!

REGNovember 21st 2008.


Regen08November 21st 2008.

No - I'm a regular mancunian that passionately believes in my city, wants to see it prosper and have taken the time to carefully consider the proposals. I genuinely believe this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that the city simply cannot afford to pass up.

Ali McGowanNovember 21st 2008.

I agree with the No-ness above... I've already said [like a broken record] - NO, NO, NO. [Apparently a famous woman once said that - and it wasn't Paris Hilton but she did have light coloured hair].

U SuffrageNovember 21st 2008.

I live outside the voting area, but I'd have to pay. Oh Manchester! Where are the Pankhursts when you need them?

Alf TupperNovember 21st 2008.

Man-Con Quote:"We’re sort of in favour of the £3bn"Which three billion is this? At last years prices, £320 goes on the charging apperatus, £220 million goes on Talking Heads, £600 million is kept in AGMA's back pocket for cost overruns etc That total is nearly £1.2 bn - about the same as the loan. The TIF are only giving £1.441bn of the £2.7billion. Please remember that we are dealing with government here - We know they pay £18,000 to design a pedestrian crossing (thats draw it not build it) they pay IT companies £8,000 to move a computer from one office to another at week-ends (Probation Office contract) pay a private agency £87 an hour for labourers, £1800 for an agency nurse for a week-end shift. So their £1 spend is equal to a private company spending 30 pence

Arfur FathersNovember 21st 2008.

I'm still at a loss to understand why the City of Free Trade and the Repeal of the Corn Laws (less than 200 years ago) would propose a tax to make itself uncompetitive. If all the recently installed obstacles and "street-nsrrowing" measures were reversed, the problems could disappear overnight - both for motorists and Public Transport. Our City has always used radical solutions (Ship Canal, Railways, Roads). If something got in the way? Knock it down, build what you need and MOVE ON! That's radical.

Artie FufkinNovember 21st 2008.

Regen08, you haven't addressed my points, you tried but I have since explained why you are wrong. You'll have to try again. I'm starting to think you ust may be on the make out of the whole thing. Corruption makes people desparate, BTW has anyone ever seen how desparate Richard Leese appears to be these days.

Alf TupperNovember 21st 2008.

Quote:...."Regen08 says.....“ Oh and I drive a car so its not like I would be exempt from the limited charge either.”You will be able to drive around all day long for no charge - as long as you do not cross a toll point - all it costs you is the fuel you use. Does nothing to ease congestion or for the environment either.

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