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VIDEO: Manchester Airport Metrolink Opens 3 November

Service will run between Cornbrook and Manchester Airport every twelve minutes

Published on October 13th 2014.

VIDEO: Manchester Airport Metrolink Opens 3 November

THE NEW 14.5km Metrolink service running to Manchester Airport will open to passengers from Monday 3 November.

As is now common with Metrolink's new service announcements, the project has been delivered many months ahead of schedule.

“For Wythenshawe in particular, Metrolink will provide new and easier ways for people across Greater Manchester to reach the town centre"

The service will run every twelve minutes between Cornbrook station and Manchester Airport and take approximately 45 minutes to complete (Adult peak return ticket is £4.40).

Here's a sped-up driver's eye view of the journey (45 min journey in 2.5 mins):

Stations serviced between Cornbrook and Manchester Airport (including fifteen new stations):

Cornbrook - Trafford Bar - Firswood - Chorlton - St Werburgh's Road - Barlow Moor Road - Sale Water Park - Northern Moor - Wythenshawe Park - Moor Road - Baguley - Roundthorn - Martinscroft - Benchill - Crossacres - Wythenshawe Town Centre - Robinswood Road - Peel Hall - Shadowmoss - Manchester Airport

Although the service will only run as far as Cornbrook initially, this will change when the Metrolink's Second City Crossing project comes into service in 2017.

A 300-space park and ride facility (free for Metrolink passengers to use) will open at the Sale Water Park stop, conveniently located just off Junction 6 of the M60.

Footage of the M60 bridge installation – one of several major structures created for the new line:

Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair of the TfGM Committee, said:

“Seeing our trams reach Manchester Airport more than a year ahead of schedule is a truly amazing achievement – and a game-changer for the communities set to benefit from its fifteen new stops and frequent, fully accessible services.

“For Wythenshawe in particular, Metrolink will provide new and easier ways for people across Greater Manchester to reach the town centre and all it has to offer – as well as making it a more attractive place to live, work and do business.

New serviceNew service

“The arrival of the new town centre interchange next year will, of course, make it even easier still.

“For people already living along the line, it will provide new ways of getting to work, leisure, health and education opportunities.

“Because of that, it’s going to be a catalyst for great change and growth, and I am truly delighted we’ve been able to start that process so much earlier than we expected when we first started this very ambitious and challenging project.”

Adult peak return examples:

- Manchester Airport to Cornbrook = £4.40

- Wythenshawe Town Centre to Manchester Airport = £2.40

- Baguley to Manchester City Centre = £5.70

The new service will bring changes to the first and last trams across the network and passengers are advised to check the Metrolink website from Monday 20 October to see if and how their first or last services are changing.

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AnonymousOctober 13th 2014.

Why wouldn't you just take the train to city centre in 10 mins. What a waste of money

4 Responses: Reply To This...
Simon JOctober 13th 2014.

The train isn't very convenient if you're travelling to or from Wythenshawe, Sale, Chorlton, Whalley Range, anywhere west of Cornbrook interchange, or places nearby. What a waste of oxygen.

SquirrelitoOctober 14th 2014.

Its not about the city centre passenger. Its about linking Wythenshawe into the rest of the city and the airport where many local residents work. That was made pretty clear all along.

Calum McGOctober 14th 2014.

Anon. What a pointless post.

AnonymousOctober 14th 2014.

Same applies to Victoria to Rochdale but it's to join up the areas in between. For example a lot of people in Wythenshawe work at the Airport.

AnonymousOctober 13th 2014.

45 minutes? I didn't think it would take that long. I'd still recommend people to get the train into Piccadilly from the airport. Great for people south of the city and in Wythenshawe that work at the airport. The next major task is to convince them all to use the bloody tram!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 13th 2014.

The important thing is to have the tram running at night in the hours the train service does not operate.At the moment public transportation does not cater for those arriving late at night or leaving very early morning.

AnonymousOctober 13th 2014.

I agree, but if you know public transport that runs those hours, buses mainly, it does attract the 'not rights' and, we' are talking the centre of Wythenshawe now!

Ghostly TomOctober 14th 2014.

I think that linking all the communities along the new tram route to the rest of the city is as important as linking the airport to the tram system. The train will provide a faster link to the city centre for people arriving to the airport. But workers at the airport and the, being constructed, Airport City will use the tram to get to work if they live along the route. And it will see more trams going through Chorlton especially in the rush hour which can be like cattle trucks at the moment. Except there are probably strict rules as to how many cattle you can put in one truck. Good to see it will eventually run into the city centre by 2017. If an international traveller did use the existing tram to get to their city centre hotel they would be mightily confused to be grown off at Cornbrook which gives a great view of one of the most derelict and underused parts of the city.

DarrenOctober 14th 2014.

I'm not familiar with the area to be honest but from talking to people who live and work around here, they all say the same thing. There's too many stops which makes the journey time more than double that of the train and it's more expensive too. It's the exact same thing i heard from people who lived near the Oldham line. They preferred the train. It was quicker and cheaper. For those that live close to the stops it could be good for getting to the airport, but I'd have to see it running for a while without any problems before I put my trust in it to get me to the airport on time. Oxford Rd should be the next line up for discussion. It would serve so many points of interest and take so many buses of the roads. And as others have mentioned the system needs to run later into the night. We are a student City with lots of nigh life and after hours drinking so as far as I'm concerned it should run until 2/3am.

6 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 14th 2014.

But not everyone lives near the train!

Penny CloustonOctober 14th 2014.

Whats the point of making Oxford Road a tram line as well when all the investment has been made to make it pedestrian, cyclist and bus friendly. With bus stops being more frequent the trams really wouldn't get the use.

Penny CloustonOctober 14th 2014.

What does seem a shame is that there is so much bare concrete. Why couldn't it be infilled with concrete grids filled with grass just like around Exchange Quay.

AnonymousOctober 14th 2014.

Penny, I understand that people from Wythenshawe would faint at the site of grass, greenery and nature.

ClenchOctober 14th 2014.

Anon, you've obviously never been to Wythenshawe. Say what you like about the place otherwise, but the residential areas are actually pretty fucking green, particularly compared to the rest of Manchester. Moron.

DarrenOctober 15th 2014.

The met is a lot cleaner than buses, better for the environment. And if less buses were on the road it would make it more user friendly for people on bikes.

AnonymousOctober 14th 2014.

St Werburgh's not St Weburgh's

Rick22October 14th 2014.

Wow, allot of negativity on here for what essentially is an improvement to the infrastructure of the city. Too many stops? seriously? having lots of stops means the tram is accessible to more people. Too long a journey? the tram is there for convenience not speed. I agree the tram should run later in the evening, an additional couple of hours would enable more people to use the service in the evenings at weekends

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 14th 2014.

I expect many of those criticising don't really have any interest in areas like Wythenshawe having improved infrastructure.

AnonymousOctober 14th 2014.

Despite the fact that I won't be using the tram, I do live in Wythenshawe by the Airport and I am excited for this to finally be open. It'll be great for the local community, especially the older people.

AnonymousOctober 14th 2014.

The extension is great news and ahead of schedule which is brilliant. It is however disappointing to see some poor customer service creeping in with the changes to everyone's tram times only being published on the morning they actually change. There will be a lot of very annoyed people on Monday 20th when they have their tram times changed on them with no advance notice. I don't see why metrolink can't publish the new timetable in advance so that people can plan their journey.

AnonymousOctober 14th 2014.

This makes sense now. Jason Orange quits Take That to be a tram driver in his home town. Giving it back to the people so to speak.

Trish KarneyOctober 14th 2014.

Why on earth did they not make Baguley an interchange station with the National Rail mainline? This would have given the good people of Wythenshawe a mainline station and interchange point for the people of Chessex coming into Manchester, giving them another reason to leave their cars in their driveways.

4 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 14th 2014.

Because TfGM can't build new national rail stations off their own back, I would imagine.

Stephen NewtonOctober 14th 2014.

That's a really good idea. Shame TfGM didn't think to propose this.

AnonymousOctober 14th 2014.

Great for Stations from Knutsford to Chester perhaps. But that's it.

AnonymousOctober 15th 2014.

Because there's already a far better interchange with the national rail network at the airport which is at the end of the new tram line!! Baguley would be on the line between Stockport and Altrincham which generally just has local services between Manchester and Chester. The airport has frequent services to many more destinations.

AnonymousOctober 14th 2014.

Do wonder how much of the anon moaning is because it's Wythenshawe and heaven forbid we spend money there.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Trish KarneyOctober 15th 2014.

I also suspect the Cordellias of Chorlton and Dianas of Didsbury are less than thrilled at being more connected to Wythenshawe; and that's the reason this is being pissed on from a high height by many anonymous posters. Plus a National Rail station on Baguley would have meant people in that expanding area could travel fast into Piccadilly. The airport as a true interchange doesn't work due to it's curious location and lack of parking.

DarrenOctober 15th 2014.

Trish who is pissing on this from a great height? I pointed out what people who live in the area told me. The train was cheaper and the train was quicker. It's the same thing the people who live near the Oldham line told me. I'd have the Met going all over Greater Manchester if it was down to me, but I don't like the fact we have the most expensive light rail network in Europe that stops running before 1am. That's my gripe. It should be cheaper and it should run later.

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