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Transport For Greater Manchester Is The Best

Award puts GM's public transport on the top

Published on October 13th 2012.

Transport For Greater Manchester Is The Best

SOME might find this award a little surprising. But then maybe all transport authorities are on a hiding to nothing. They are either working well, on time, comfortable and so on which is normal. Or they are delayed and uncomfortable. Their best in otherwords can only ever be ‘normal service’.

Anyway all that follows below is a Transport for Greater Manchester announcement. You can sniff their pride.

The organisation responsible for Greater Manchester’s public transport was rewarded last night when it picked up one of the top prizes at the National Transport Awards.

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) was named Integrated Transport Authority of the Year at last night’s London ceremony.

TfGM is the first organisation to have picked up the top award twice in three years.

The ITA of the Year Award is presented to transport authorities which have shown progress, improvement and innovation in public transport.

Transport for Greater Manchester was also highly commended for its approach to improving bus services.

Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair of the TfGM Committee, said: “We are honoured and delighted to have won this prestigious award, which recognises our commitment to making Greater Manchester’s transport network one of the best in the country, putting the needs of passengers and the local economy at the heart of everything we look to achieve.

“The past year has been very successful. We’ve opened two new Metrolink lines to Chorlton and Oldham and we’re three years into a programme of investment that will make Metrolink the largest light rail network in the country by 2016.

“We’ve also been working closely with bus operators to improve services and drive improvements that have direct benefit to bus passengers.

“Our focus on working with industry partners has helped to secure long term improvements to rail infrastructure and services for Greater Manchester.

“We’re also building four new transport interchanges in Rochdale, Bolton, Altrincham and Wythenshawe.

“We’ve developed a wide-ranging programme of improvements for cyclists such as cycle hubs and free cycle training and have entered into an agreement for traffic signal maintenance that will cut energy costs by 60%.

“Our plans for the coming year are equally ambitious, and to receive this kind of recognition for our efforts to improve the transport network for passengers and deliver solid economic benefits for Greater Manchester is extremely encouraging.”

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Jeannette TravellerOctober 13th 2012.

Now who'd have thought that?

rinkydinkOctober 13th 2012.

I had a thought whilst reading it; why don't they rename Metrolink to Manchester Light Rail - or MLR - for short. Metrolink sounds outdated and provincial

1 Response: Reply To This...
IanOctober 13th 2012.

MLR sounds good.

The old trams are so much better than the new ones.

AnonymousOctober 13th 2012.

The NTA must have given this award based on a sexed-up TfGM press release. Has anyone from NTA been on a bus in Manchester? Have they paid the exorbitant fares? Have they checked the reduced timetables? Have they actually travelled on Northern Rail's ancient clapped-out diesel trains? I bet they never tried cycling in the city centre either, where cycle lanes are worn out and the roads so badly maintained they are a danger to anyone on two wheels. The shocking thing is that TfGM might actually believe their own hype.

Andrew BentOctober 13th 2012.

"We’ve also been working closely with bus operators to improve services and drive improvements that have direct benefit to bus passengers."

Those improvements take the form of services becoming less frequent, and revising the timetable so that it now takes almost an hour and a half to get from Leigh to Manchester.

If that's an improvement, I shudder to think what would happen if things got worse

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Andrew BentOctober 13th 2012.

Sorry,meant to be more specific, the services between Leigh and Manchester are the ones I'm talking about!

crisbyOctober 23rd 2012.

When public agencies talk about 'working with ...' they mean they're doing nowt. The buses won't get better until the tram network is finished and I doubt even God knows when that will be, though maybe if they got decent software engineers things might speed up a bit. Anyone have any idea when the Droylsden line will open? They were 'testing' it months ago.

Duke FameOctober 14th 2012.

Jeez, they have awards for drawing up timetables.

AnonymousOctober 15th 2012.


AnonymousOctober 15th 2012.

What a shower of shite

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Jonathan Schofield - editorOctober 15th 2012.

Anymore of this tabloid noticeboard stuff and I'm going to have to start moderating the rants. Reasoned arguments and a bit of humour please people.

NickOctober 15th 2012.

its a joke - im from manchester and live in london. London public transport is far cheaper and a lot more reliable. The jokers who run the metro, need to start dealing with the problems and address the issue that in the UK's best city has one of the most expensive, unreliable and inflexible transport systems in the UK. If they need money - go knocking on the doors of Manchester's big employers and ask them to sponsor the Trams - wake up public service and get with the programme!!!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 17th 2012.

That's because it's taxpayer subsidised. We all have to pay to ensure London works apparently.

crisbyOctober 23rd 2012.

Knock on doors of employers?? They tried that with the Trafford centre; Peel told them to get lost. Manchester doesn't need public transport as much as London does, so business won't stump up to anything like the same extent.

tblzebraOctober 16th 2012.

No way does TfGM deserve this award. It's obviously been given based on a submission by TFGM themselves, saying how fabulous they are.

I've just read a article in the MEN with this headline:
"10,000 complaints about Metrolink in one year."

Says it all.

AnonymousOctober 16th 2012.

well I'm pleased for them, if it makes them re-double their efforts ... but compared to London we are way behind .. where's our Oyster card? They can use it on overground, underground and buses, with a max fare per day ....

AnonymousOctober 16th 2012.

i travel on the new Metrolink a lot (especially Oldham to Chorlton) and its great - a far cry from thew little train, apart from the fact that theres nowhere for bicycles ... ongoing problem that loads of people comment on i know

GedleyOctober 16th 2012.

Let me check the date.
Right - Saturday was 13 October. Not 1 April then.
This is a joke though isn't it. Isn't it?
Hang on, here's another award - for the understatement of the year. This goes to M/C Con for "... this award a little surprising".

AnonymousOctober 16th 2012.

Ummm this is from a Manchester convert originally from Leeds.... The transport in Manchester is far far greater than say Leeds. I absolutely HATE using the transport over there. There are fewer train stations, Manchester has about 3 x as many, plus the tram, more regular buses and yes the buses are cheaper than in Leeds, MUCH more. The tram perhaps isnt the cheapest but after using the system for 7.5 years I am a great fan. We are luckier than most but I agree there are still improvements to be made & yes an osyter card would be a welcome addition.

AnonymousOctober 16th 2012.

Quite a bit of misinformed opinion in the comments above.

Sadly Manchester's transport system receives miniscule funding in comparison to London and TfGM have far less powers than TfL. For example TfGM do not control bus fares or timetables for the vast majority of services except a few evening and Sunday bus journeys (only the timetables).
If they had the level of control that TfL the services could be far better.
TfGM aint great but I can only assume that TfGM deserves to win this award more than comparable authorities such as Centro, Nexus or Metro.

NickOctober 17th 2012.

what do we have to do to get someone at manchester city counctil to take all of this disgruntlement serious and do something about it.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 18th 2012.

It's a sterile one-party state, so officers and councillors operate in a culture of town hall complacency and self-delusion, invariably harking back to the past - eg, the Commonwealth Games. They can't even be bothered to keep the city centre streets clean, let alone stand up for a 21st century transport system. And it's a national scandal that Greater Manchester buses and trains are virtually no-go zones for disabled people. We need a Mancs equivalent of Boris, or even Red Ken, to shake up these one-party dullards and deliver a system Mancunians deserve.

MahindaOctober 17th 2012.

Integrated?! Tell that to anyone who has to use a bus outside the most profitable routes. Okay, so we're never going to have the massively subsidised bus routes that London has, but some consistency at least would be nice.
Still, at least Metrolink are expanding. Just a pity Manchester is still such a "hub and spokes" system -- getting between spokes can be annoying.

CptCheerfulOctober 17th 2012.

Manchester's public transport is a lot better than most cities I've spent any length of time in. There's plenty of investment and development going on as well.

the Whalley RangerOctober 17th 2012.

If TfGM intends to compete with TfL, it needs to compete on a level playing field. When will they do that?

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