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Total Excellence Centre Seminar: Are you making the most of your team?

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Published on November 17th 2005.


How many F’s can you see in the above sentence?

Three? Take another look…….

Still certain there are three? Well, the correct answer is six. When told to count the F’s you brain will work phonetically, picking up the ‘F’ sound in FINISHED, FILES and SCIENTIFIC but ignoring the ‘V’ sound the F’s in the word OF produce. See, there really are six Fs!

It’s all about looking but still not seeing the truth of the matter. A lot of the time in our daily lives we look but don’t see, especially in the workplace. Just like your bum doesn’t look half as big as you think in those jeans, do the people you work with see you the same way you see yourself? Are you as reasonable as you think you are? Or, could you do with voicing your opinion more often? Well, last night a few members of the Manchester Confidential team, along with some of our readers, attended a Total Excellence Centre training session at the Great John Street hotel to find out exactly what we’re like to work with……….

Training – it generally gets a bad press. Employees can feel it’s a waste of their time, having more important stuff to be doing back at their desk. Often they’re receiving training in area which they don’t need it. Employers can also be less than keen. Here you are investing in someone, spending time and money to increase their capacity and skills and there they are playing hangman on the handouts. Not so effective after all.

Total Excellence Centre run a number of training courses all geared towards getting businesses to work together more effectively and more efficiently. The session we attended was called “The Colours of Life” which aimed to get people to understand aspects of their own behaviour at work as well as those of their colleagues. By recognising our strengths and weaknesses and the strengths and weaknesses of those we work with, the team can only become stronger and therefore more productive.

So, it’s all about understanding who is on your team and more importantly how they fit into that team. To help us understand our very lively and totally yellow (keep reading, all will be revealed) seminar leader, Tom Courtney, set us a challenge. If we were a musical instrument what would we be and why? Now, whilst this may seem like the usual corny team-building gubbins, it was actually really interesting to hear how people saw their role in their organisations. For example, Gordo, full of modesty as usual, saw himself as a set of drums. Why? Because he sets the pace. Clare, the newest recruit to the Man Con team saw herself as a triangle because she’s the perfect background accompaniment.

We then received our own personal style analysis. A few days before the seminar we had all filled out a multiple choice questionnaire and the analysis was based on our answers. The results are shown in the form of colours. Dealing with both your natural style and then your behaviour at work, the colours refer to different aspects of your character. Blue and green relate to more introverted whilst the red and yellow denotes a more extroverted character. Everyone is a blend of all of the colours but some colours are more prominent than others.

The specific colours denote the following traits:

  • Red: Dominant – A ‘red’ usually has the ability to make decisions, pushing things forward and are usually individualistic
  • Yellow: Influence – Yellows are usually great motivators, with the ability to deal with people, but they are not generally task focussed
  • Green: Steadiness – Greens are usually slow to deal with pace or change. They don’t like argument and generally deal with people on a peace keeping level.
  • Blue: Compliance – Blues show the ability to deal with facts and figures and have a great deal of patience, although they are not generally personable, preferring to stick to the task in hand.

Everybody at the seminar was surprised at how spookily correct the report was as a guide to their character. The report also highlights your weaknesses as well as strengths (apparently I can be quite glib under pressure) and whilst some people did not immediately recognise some of their traits, their colleagues certainly did.


p>“I can honestly say it was an eye opening experience. I gained such an insight into how I am perceived by others and also where my strong points and weaknesses lie, I now have clear guidelines on how to improve myself.”Andrea Tickle, Customer Management, TalkTalk Business.

“What I found particularly helpful were the different ways in which other people should deal and handle me and exactly what makes me tick.”Ian Cook, Chief Executive, Promedia.

“To be honest, I was initially sceptical as to how the questionnaire could give adequate insight into my management style but when I read the report I was amazed at the level of detail and accuracy. It was also beneficial in that it made me realize that I had to adapt my style to suit the style of the person I was managing so that I could ensure our team operated at an optimum level as opposed to enforcing my natural style on those around me.”Angelene Woodland, Marketing Controller, Littlewoods.

“A clever style of analysis. My report was very accurate - warts and all! Beneficial to all people in all professions.”Shannon Douglas, Barclaycard.

The style analysis includes your general characteristics, communication tips, areas for improvement as well as the perceptions other people have of you on a good day and on a bad day. Also included in the report are the do’s and dont’s for other people when they are communicating with you, as well as the best ways your boss can manage you. So it’s all good stuff, whether you’re a member of the team who needs to understand how you fit in with the rest of your colleagues or whether you’re the team leader who needs to know which management style each individual best responds to.

A good night was had by all and I think we certainly left seeing ourselves more clearly, despite consuming a few glasses of wine. Gordo is currently studying all of the Man Con team’s charts in the hope that they might hold the secret for him to have a quiet life. I think not, there’s certainly a few ‘Reds’ in our office.

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