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The greatest sporting exodus in the history of the world

Jonathan Schofield and the morning after the Rangers’ madhouse

Written by . Published on May 14th 2008.

The greatest sporting exodus in the history of the world

READ the posts below the pictures on this page and it’s interesting to see how reactions to Manchester hosting the UEFA Cup Final moved from generally favourable to generally negative.

Then given the packed situation in the city the worst thing that could happen happened: the screen in Piccadilly Gardens which overlooked the largest of the city centre crowds, failed, just before the UEFA Cup Final started. 

To a degree this was inevitable. Just in terms of urine. Several Manchester alleyways especially around the fan zones in Piccadilly, Albert Square and Cathedral Gardens turned into rivers. And it wasn’t just urine that was being deposited. Some of the scenes were vile, some of the scenes were hell. By 6pm there was a form of anarchy on the streets. Manchester was under occupation by an army without leadership. This writer saw two big strong women walk into the Wetherspoons on Piccadilly pick up chairs and then wander out with them through the crowds into the central area of the Gardens. One was then sick on a stool they'd stolen earlier. Three people were slumped unconscious with drink. The pavements were carpeted with filth.

Then given the packed situation in the city the worst thing that could happen happened: the screen in Piccadilly Gardens which overlooked the largest of the city centre crowds, failed, just before the UEFA Cup Final started. There was no back-up screen except at the Velodrome, and although buses were put on to get people out there, a minor riot developed between frustrated alcohol fuelled fans and police, tooled up with batons and shields. Thirty plus people were arrested.

But this was a MINOR RIOT, not a major, window smashing, looting, extreme violence riot, it was not a battle. It was frightening for those of us who witnessed it, but it was quickly contained. We shouldn't build it into something it wasn't. I walked through the streets and there was no air of aggression, just drunken resignation at a team's defeat.

Perhaps more significantly a Russian fan from Zenit St Petersburg was stabbed, although his life was never in danger. Still with thousands of Manchester and Chelsea fans on their way to Moscow let’s hope this doesn’t excite any of the tough-nuts in that city to look for revenge.

We now need to pause for thought, cool down. The headline we posted on this story yesterday, and which we still carry today, was accurate. This was the greatest exodus of fans from one city to another ever. It was unprecedented, it was extraordinary. It appears that way more than the predicted 100,000 turned up, that maybe 170,000 to 200,000 came along. It literally was an army on the move, with no logistical back-up other than crates of cheap lager.

Given the UK's hapless record in recent UEFA Cups this couldn't have been predicted. It was plain odd that Rangers would have made it to a final being played in Manchester - they'd not been in a European Final for 36 years. Even if, say, Everton or Tottenham had made it then they would never have brought this many fans. This is important and underlines what a rare occurrence this was.

The reason for the numbers who arrived lies in the rivalry between Celtic and Rangers: a rivalry spiked by hideous sectarianism. This leads the fans of both teams to develop a hyper-loyalty, a desire to out-do each other in terms of support. In that mindset, when you can demonstrate your passion overland 200 miles away, rather than via air 1000 miles distant, you take advantage. And even given that the numbers were extraordinary.

With this pressure it’s hard to criticise the Council too much: three fan zones, with a fourth as back-up at the Velodrome, should have been enough, at the same time as many mobile toilets as could be found were brought in. The only major error was with not having a back-up screen at Piccadilly Gardens. Now the Council needs to make sure that the clean-up is quick. Let’s give them twenty-four hours to have it right.

On Radio Five, Sir Richard Leese, was asked: “Has it been worth it?” He sensibly said: “It’s too early to judge, we need to do a proper post-mortem.” He was then asked: “Should Manchester bid for major finals in future?” He paused and then said: “Yes, of course, we will bid again to hold major sporting events and finals. You cannot blame the preparations for the behaviour of a small number of people.”

He’s talking sense in this. Manchester must project itself on the international stage and it must bid for major sporting and cultural events. It’s unlikely that anything like the situation we had in Manchester last night will ever happen again. But to run scared from this unique event would be ridiculous and the biggest shame of all. Brave cities succeed.

Despite the litter and filth that we have to wade through this morning, that's worth remembering. And also that for much of yesterday the excitement was palpable in the streets, the collective awareness that something very, very unusual, very special was taking place. Those moments don’t come along too frequently.

The Aftermath























The original story...before the trouble

Confidential's done a little calculation. We reckon that the 100,000 plus supporters of Glasgow Rangers in Manchester constitutes the greatest sporting exodus from one city to another in the history of the planet. The streets look great, the squares packed, the crowds joyous, the off licences happy but empty...although we could do without the river of urine running down Spear Street and Scots openly snorting cocaine on the same thoroughfare.

Confidential has learnt that there are 21,000 drinking spaces in city centre licensed premises, and a capacity in the squares for 26,000. Perhaps 30,000 Rangers fans will get into the stadium. But if there's 100,000 in the city something really doesn't add up.And we've heard that the beer, all of it, might run out by 6pm. Confidential sincerely hopes and prays that Rangers win. I mean let's really, really, really hope they do.

Oh and we're holding a poll amongst the staff for the most unpopular Confidential teamster. Then we're going to dress the loser in a Celtic shirt and get them to walk through the Gardens. We're taking bets on how far they'll get.

And we've been charitable as well. Take a look at the four bottom pics we have here above the big one of Piccadilly Gardens. Directly beneath Confidential is an off licence which is living through the most popular day of its life. We found a bottle of beer in Gordo's office, put it in a bag, slung it out of the window and then lowered it to the thirsty crew below. Then we got a big cheer. Then the queue noticed several female staff at the window from Confidential and event company Ear to the Ground - with whom we share offices. Without hestitation they started to sing a charming little ditty suggesting the young women reveal a part of their anatomy for the gentlemen. You'll be glad to learn that the ladies turned down the kind offer.

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MadnessMay 14th 2008.

After seeing drunken fans at 8.00am this morning and then working my way through the crowds at 3.30pm, I was met with a lost rangers fan following me home telling me 'he's always wanted to marry an English girl'. It has been a very bizzare day! Lets hope the win!

RustyMay 14th 2008.

Yeah, "football should be banned." What a joke, I bet you work in Health and Safety. Killjoy. I walked through town at peak time 9:30 on the way home from work, not a bother. Dave....Racism what the hell are you on about?????? Hearts FC I lock up everything on a daily basis, I live in Manchester after all.

Jason GreenMay 14th 2008.

Shame they left so much rubbish behind...I mean Brown, Darling and the hoard of other Scottish MPs that don't belong here.

JinkiesMay 14th 2008.

But only three of them? I walked down the same street not 15 minutes ago and there were at least 20 people helping feed the new stream running down the side of the road. Here's me thinking drinking in the street was frowned upon. Mind you, I wouldn't want to tell one Scotsman to stop drinking, never mind 50`000 of them! Got to say though, it's a great example of the police and council working out what to do with so many fans around, great organisation (and that's not sarcastic).

Sean MolloyMay 14th 2008.

A bunch a muppet screamin U MANC B****** and kissing the Rangers Crest. nice... the clean ups gonna be MASSIVE!!!

Joan of JazzMay 14th 2008.

4.Consider then the cubic capacity of existing + temp waste bins in relation to the waste generated by residents + 120000 guests5. Anybody with a basic grasp of licensing law wld know that every off-licence in MCR should have their licence revoked (sell alcohol responsibly-24 cans + spirits for most customers?)Of course there were idiots who should be locked up although not all wear blue football shirts.(Cont)

robinMay 14th 2008.

the police and council need to meet and figure out where they went wrong. It's far too easy to criticise the rangers supporters who on the whole were fantastic and a pride to their city and football team. we took the supporters money but didn't provide them with proper facilities.the poice blocking off the street was clearly a tactical mistake. the lack of toilets, transport and the failing of the screne were catastrophic .I hope uefa turn down future bids from the city ..Sorry scotland we let you down.

Travis BickleMay 14th 2008.

Why does everything have to stop for a ****ing football match? These so called 'fans' are seemingly granted a license to carry on like they own the place; flashing their hairy bumcracks and man boobs, pooing in doorways (oh yes), dumping litter and passing out on the streets after consuming twenty cans of Tennants Extra. Imagine any of us non 'fans' behaving like that on a normal day of the week. Actually I don't blame the Rangers mob for the carnage; Manchester City Council wants to rake in the cash yet also expects people to behave like gentlemen after drinking from eight in the morning. Sorry, you can't have it both ways (Tescos, hang your money grubbing heads in shame). I recall similar scenes - though not as bad - at last summer's Artic Monkeys concert at LCCC. Once again, nothing has been learned. Don't bother with the enquiry: Tennants + Glaswegians = aggroFuck football!

DebsMay 14th 2008.

I think it went pretty well considering. Apparently there were 42 arrests, you can sometimes have that many on a normal pissed up Saturday night in Manchester. 42 out of an estimated 175,000 people - I think the fans did themselves proud. I've been in Manchester on derby day and the atmospeher then has been much more menacing - pissed up Utd and City fans hell bent on kicking each others heads in. Although the Rangers presence was a little intimidating for a woman walking through on her own, just through the sheer numbers of them, I didn't witness any bad behaviour. I haven't ventured back into the city centre since yesterday morning and to be honest I'm not looking forward to trying to dodge the trails of pish and trying not to gag from the stench!

JAYMay 14th 2008.

Seriously, what did you expect,the numbers were greater than anyone expected but the "fans" are the same in small or large groups.How many Celtic fans have died in the last 20 years at the hands of Rangers fans in the name of patriotism and the Queen. Being in town yesterday the singing of racist and sectarian songs was ongoing all afternoon and no action was taken even in full view of Police.Why?. I do remember one of Rangers chairmen? being filmed singing anti catholic songs in the not too distant past .Nice club and nice fans if you're a racist,sectarian orange order throwback to the good ol' days of the empire .Might just try and have a walk round my own town and have a quiet beer whist sat outside a bar, or maybe not, that wouldn't be tolerated it's against the law , f~~~in joke, J MCFC

Great BritMay 14th 2008.

THE BIGGEST MISTAKE ON THE NIGHT/DAY WAS RELAXING THE DRINKING LAWS FOR THE WHOLE CITY! whos idea was that?? luckily the fans mostly behaved and it was an exciting amazing show of solidarity, it was great seeing so many white faces and British flags everywhere for a change......mostly all well behaved, but not bad out of a possible 200,000 people! Its just shame we dont all stick together in such unity when we get extortionate council tax increases and millions of immigrants are let into our country!! It was like being in the seventies again! what bliss!

Joan of JazzMay 14th 2008.

Sorry but I really am annoyed but promise to end my missive shortly.I think the adage that refers to those living in glass homes is appropriate. MCR is a fantastic but clearly not perfect city. Famed for its enlightened citizens many of those posting here sully said fame with their lazy, ignorant + bigoted remarks (inc the beer dangling, rivalry exploiting MCR Conf team) Presumably those demanding screens for next week have no intention of drinking, dropping litter, being bad angry in defeat be nice pls!

philMay 14th 2008.

Not sure why people are surprised at what happened, the trouble wasn't that major just a major clean up job required! Suppose after all this giddyness we're not gonna be able to watch Utd win the Champions League on the big screens around town. Thanks for coming Rangers. ha

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

Auntyang - whilst there might not have been any trouble on your train the delay was due to Rangers fans (and we're not talking about hundreds - we're talking about thousands) running riot on the rail tracks of Manchester -trains cannot move whilst that is going on. Elswhere at least one train driver was injured whilst actually driving his train, hundreds of transport staff spent the night dodging glass bottles, spit and verbal abuse and at least 3 city centre railway stations were taken to pieces by your fellow countrymen. And throughout all this you so called decent people continued to blame the rail companies who pulled out all the stops to get an unprecedent amount of people home and you (collectively)repaid them by casuing thousands of pounds worth of damage.... God only hopes Rangers don't ever play here again - you should all hang your heads in shame!

Trisha1960May 14th 2008.

A shower of wild animals. Im glad im a celtic fan.

robMay 14th 2008.

Ive never posted on here but felt the need to this time. I live on Dale Street and i went out before the match to watch it in Piccadilly. When the screen failed a lot of the Rangers fans were awful, directing their anger at the police who quite rightly ignored them to start with. I saw one guy being withstrained by his wife and crying 10yo son whilst the police withstrained from using any force. I went back home to watch the game then afterwards went out again to soak up the atmosphere... well there were about 100-150 Rangers fans throwing bottles at the police in piccadilly who again were not retaliating. Then they rushed the police cordon which is when i thought the police were fantastic. You could really see they were brilliant at controlling this situation and when a heavy hand was needed they used it and fair enough in my view. If someone wants to come to Manchester throw bottles at the police and cause violence they should expect to get his leg chewed by a big alsation!TO some up in MY opinion. Unfortunate incident with the screen, idiot Rangers fans caused the trouble with the police doing a fantastic job to end it.

JohnMay 14th 2008.

Must say it was a superb cock up on behalf of whoever cocked up the screen!...What a bloody farce!...In fact I think most football fans at events like this are scumbags - Scots, English, whovever..it should have been shown at Old Trafford as mentioned earlier - at least then they would be coralled when they kicked off due to useless technical expertise!

John S. LockeMay 14th 2008.

I live in the Northern Quarter and I am one of the owners of The Northern pub on Tib St. and Oldham St. We decided not to open and I am glad we didn't. Although the majority of the fans seemed okay, huge amounts of them were completely out of control. I commented that the City had been over run with the same kind of people who had been the customers of our pub when it was known as The King. Thank God this is no longer the case! The Rangers fans had no concern or respect for our City...I spent the day throwing buckets of water down our entrance alley to get rid of the 'pish'...The girls who work in the flower shop next to us were groped and virtually assaulted as they went about there work. The police I saw where polite and courteous as they could be - the fact is that some of the Rangers fans were here to get smashed out of their minds and to make mayhem and they didn't give a toss about residents or our City. The kind of people who behaved as they did were scum...and scum will always behave the way they did yesterday...I know we owned The King and Manchester has its own share of scum exactly the same as the Scots who abused Manchester City Centre yesterday. It was destined to happen...booze, scum, football and a broken screen equals ...mayhem!

ExileMay 14th 2008.

Thank God it's sunny, can you imagine 10,000 'gers trying to get into Whetherspoons. Good luck to my fellow Scots, I have to listen to all the united fans constantly going on about how good they are (with good reason it has to be said!) but can we all get behind the brits tonight, lets enjoy the occassion, by the way,how many visitors came for the commonwealth games? and lets get both european trophies in the UK north of Watford given Fergie's boys will beat the blue southerners next week.Yes it's crowded, noisey, cleaning up will cost Manchester tax payers a few quid but they're doing what they do best, enjoying themselves and the city retailers and hoteliers can count their £25 million takings and smile. Wouldn't you prefer it like this than how our local fans are treated elswhere, Roma for instance............

Briteside27May 14th 2008.

It is clear that Manchester has been left with a massive clean up bill...MCC hope you're going to apply to Scottish parliament for a financial contribution to the cost? :) If they say no I'm quite willing to go and pee in their streets and fountains, drop litter all over their recently renovated gardens and assault their police. Also maybe next time the MCC should impose a ban on alcohol sales...low intelligence + alcohol = violence ALWAYS! derr!!

please get rid of the stenchMay 14th 2008.

I thought for the amount of fans etc it was actually quite a peaceful affair and really could have been alot worse and i was actually standing at Picadilly Gardens when the screens went off, all in all the whole day was a unique experience and quite mad to be part of...however my main gripe is now that the rubbish is almost cleared what is happening about the stench of urine!!! It really is foul and down every side street and the main areas as well....and it is so much worse than a usual saturday night due to the amount of people. Does anyone know when and how they are going to get rid of it all?

MancunienneMay 14th 2008.

Biggest invasion of any town ever?What about Barceelona 99?Don't remember Utd fans sh!tting on the Ramblas.Scots and Pigs performing to type.Why anyone's surprised is beyond me.Typical innocent mancs get the tab and the punishment.

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

thanks to this lot we're not going to have the big screens next week for the Utd/Chelsea final the council have confirmed it on the website. Looks like us mancs will be paying the cost for out-of-control visitors to the city not just in monetary terms. You'd think our own city would not tar it's own footballing fans with the same brush. I don't recall seeing any Utd or City fans on the rampage last night!

foffiMay 14th 2008.

It wasn't THAT bad! I live on Whitworth Street and it was swarming with Rangers fans from Tuesday evening onwards. It was quite nice to look off my balcony and see people enjoying themselves and something actually happening for once. There was no noise after the match finished. Although the state of the pavement on Oxford Rd this morning was hideous, i quite often see pools of vomit and chicken bones etc all over the place after a normal weekend. Have a bit of faith that our extraordinary council tax will have this sorted and cleaned up by tomorrow

greendecoMay 14th 2008.

The council are a disgrace, this was mayhem and should never have happened as someone said on Granada reports, why didn't they stay in Glasgow and do this? This for most of them was an excuse to drink for 48 hours and act like pigs. Both me and my daughter were abused and groped coming home from work, don't over react? Don't make me laugh K, what if this had happened to your Mum or sister?

DrakeMay 14th 2008.

Be interesting to see, next time someone gets a Fixed Penalty for drinking on the street, whether they use images of the POlice's reaction to this to argue that the Council have effectively cancelled their own bye-law.

Female MancunianMay 14th 2008.

I stupidly went out on my lunch hour yesterday but didnt bump intoany trouble, everyone seemed to in highspirits carrying crates of beer around and chanting songs, I didnt witness any trouble or agro.You would of thought I learnt my lesson getting stuck in hoards of human traffic over lunch not to venture back into the city centre but a few of my friends (all female) decided it was a good night to head to the Birdcage (they have a student night on there which is normally trouble free and great fun). We struggled to drive down deansgate as everyone was walking in the road cheerin and singing (think it was during the second half) and we eventually managed to park in the car park by Shudehill, there were people sleeping in their cars. It was quite scary walking trhough the large groups of drunk scotsmen but we managed to get though without any trouble, just a few cheers and leery comments. The street by the printworks was swarming with litter and drunken football fans, no trouble as of yet just a little rowdy, 4 police officers on horses marched through but then it tuned a bit nasty arouns 10.15pm - the birdcage never opened and the queue of students waiting to get in was large - as far as im aware none of the students were involved but 2 massively muscled, vest wearing skinheads started riling the rangers fans next thing we knew all the rangers fans were heading towards the troublemsome duo and i think it all kicked off and the police ended up involved, we called it a night and hesded back to the suburbs... much safer!!! Litter everywhere, manchester looked an absolute dump!! We also witness rivers of urine and even human faeces in carriers bags - disgusting!!!!

M1 dwellerMay 14th 2008.

I live in the top end of the Northern Quarter, up by Great Ancoats Street. Some of the behaviour I've seen tonight from the Rangers fans was disgusting. Chucking bottles and bricks at the police, who soaked it up and did little to provoke the incident. It's all settling down now, so I hope I'll get a good night's sleep.

elaineMay 14th 2008.

Work on Dale Street, streets smell discusting, vile footpaths,lets not have this again,too much drink, should't have had a screen in town, whats wrong with Platt fields plenty of bushes to wee in lots of space,it could have been more organised there.

NoelMay 14th 2008.

enough of this negative mumbo jumbo,im sure we can just build another city centre with my council tax alone! and way more importantly.....Jenni...you sound hot!

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

I appreciate it was a "wonderful event" but as a (small) 22 year old woman I felt genuinely scared walking through Picadilly to get to the station and out of the city. There's got to be something wrong there.

BigfishMay 14th 2008.

Yep - And the Hatton fight clashes with a bank holiday weekend, and a massive music festivla in the Northern Quarter. Oh dear!

John McrMay 14th 2008.

Who made £25 Million?? Tescos? Ticket Touts? I know i didnt get any money from it and having to walk through everyones pi** and sick this morning wasnt a very nice experience!

BillybigballsMay 14th 2008.

In response to people who throught that the Rangers fans were well behaved and that only a tiny number of them kicked off (remember 30 arrests, doesn't necessarily mean only 30 wrong doers).Watch this:http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7402702.stmNote how they single out the lone Policeman who falls over in the middle of Newton Street and they kick and stamp on him while he's on the ground. Animals.

MelissaMay 14th 2008.

Seems that my post has been removed.....for saying what town is really like and how the fans actually behaved!?!?! ha, well I know I speak for most people that live & work in town. The state of it is disgusting!!!

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.


FHMay 14th 2008.

we welcome these people to our city and they treat it lyk a toilet.A bit of banter and a jolly atmosphere is acceptable but my days! these people are animals

JuneMay 14th 2008.

I agree with the scared anonymous lady - I'm a small 23 year old and when I went out for some dinner I was leered at and made to feel genuninely intimidated in my own home town. I work just off piccadilly and saw some awful behaviour - I'm just glad I finally got to get home before stuff like this happened!http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/7402905.stm

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

Great, just heard on the radio, that because of the actions of those dickheads last night that there will be no big screens showing the European Cup Final next Wedsnesday

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

"Manchester must project itself on the international stage and it must bid for major sporting and cultural events" .... ok so why all the excuses to Mancunians regarding the lack of New Year's Eve celebrations? "The Council distribute money to other festivals"!!!! Are we not the people paying our Council Tax? Dont we deserve a bit of a celebration at New Year? And how can one miserable rocket, no chiming clock at midnight and an empty Albert Square remotely promote Manchester into "Centre Stage". All the other big cities in the UK make an effort! Stop making excuses and start looking after the people who make this city and pay dearly to keep it going

AmusedMay 14th 2008.

I work up in Salford Quays and a bus full of Gers fans parked up in our car park - they all got out and one had a p*ss on my bosses car - his face was worth them all coming down to manchester!!

MaryMay 14th 2008.

Don't class all people from Glasgow in the same light as rangers. i remember Celtic taking 80,000 too seville and there was no trouble

John S. LockeMay 14th 2008.

Dear 'A Mancunian'...Lots of the fans were well behaved and enjoyed the day for what it was...but there was equally a huge proportion of fans I personally witnessed behaving like animals...and as I have said - scumbags are scumbags...and lots and lots of the Scots I came into contact with yesterday were scumbags. I wonder if you were actually in the City centre yesterday?

KbMay 14th 2008.

The blame for this lies squarely at the council. A council rep was on tv last week welcoming the Scots to come and watch the game on our big screens. I would be REALLY f****ed off if I'd come over 200 miles to watch my team and then find that I'd been short changed.This is not the first time that Manchester has seen screen failure at a big football event. Anyone remember the riots after the screen failed on Exchange Square during a big England game??You'd think the idiots at The Council would have learnt from their mistakes DOH!

samwellMay 14th 2008.

hear hearI was there in the gardens last night when the screen went off, i think given the circumstances they were very well behaved bearing in mind that the very reason for being in manchester in the first place had been taken away.yes there was a little trouble but there is always a small minority of idiots where ever you gojust be glad you witnessed a once in a lifetime experience

MatthewMay 14th 2008.

Great Atmosphere?! I'm sorry but if you had seen the mass exodus coming down Market St when the screen failed you wouldnt be saying that! Its disgusting!!! £25 Million is fine for the massive companies but are they paying for the extra Police and roadsweepers? No! We are!!! What a disgrace, this is not what Manchester is about. Let them wreck their own city and judging form the louts that came here Glasgow must be one hell of a sh1thole so they wouldnt notice the mess! NEVER AGAIN its dangerous and just horrible, I shouldnt have to walk around my own town in fear of being attacked or caught up in some brawl?!

shaunMay 14th 2008.

Or Shep, it's a contradiction between an expression and the context in which it occurs. So your the only Scotsman allowed to leave the country? Clearly you can take the individual out of Scotland, but.....

Glaswegian proud to be living in ManchesterMay 14th 2008.

Amazing! People come on here to talk of the abuse that some people have inflicted both verbally and in their conduct, to some parts of our city and its people, yet themselves come from a place of anger and aggression.sheper00 uses sarcasm to talk of narrow-mindedness, yet communicates nothing of his broad-mindedness or liberal outlook (other than with his liberal use of angry and abusive vernacular).When reports from a hospital say someone's life is not in danger, usually that's the case. (Yes, I do have a medical degree) As has been suggested there could be more arrests on an average Saturday night in Manchester and far less profit for the sandwich makers, taxi drivers, contract cleaners, B+B owners as far as the Lake District etc. Can we be a bit less abusive/aggressive with our response to unsatisfactory situations?!?! I imagine that we'll find situations all through our lives aggravated if we react with such poisoned mental states. "Hatred is never appeased by hatred. By non-hatred alone is hatred appeased" (The Dhammapada)Don't take my word for it, try it...

mancladMay 14th 2008.

I am shocked I have seen some appalling scenes tonight in the city centre and I am not talking about Rangers fans tho i am in no way condoning the actions of a minority the standard of policing I witnessed would have Michael Todd turning in his grave, a police inspector I saw pushed a man to the ground and was rude and abrupt to others -nmerely fuelling their upset at the problems in piccadilly Gardens. Why was Old Trafford and the Velodrome not used to show the game from the start surley much easier to control fans in stadiums than on the streets and why no back up in Piccadilly Gardens, Rangers fans have been shortchanged by our city shame on you City of Manchester Council.I am appalled by the actions of the policeman I saw tho i am sure it will all be down to the fans (not what i saw)!

one dropMay 14th 2008.


Eddy RheadMay 14th 2008.

I walked through town last night.Seemed very busy. Was there something on?

Kev PMay 14th 2008.

Bigfish, you clearly weren't using your eyes - There were toilets and bins everywhere, you can't force drunken louts like that lot to use them though!

MartinMay 14th 2008.

I don't see how Manchester City Council can be blamed for this at all. We are not the largest city centre and yes we dont have facilities for over 100,000 fans but who other than London does. Basically if the big screeen hadnt broke and Rangers had won there wouldn't have been anywhere near as much trouble. Both of these were factors out of MCC's control so people should stop givin them crap and just accept that there is no city in the world that could cope with these crazy drunken Rangers fans end of!

happydriverMay 14th 2008.

I'm Scottish and I'm ashamed. I live in Manchester and I'm disgusted at the filth that descended on this city this week. Scotland was on show and missed a golden chance to show Great Britain, and the world, what a wonderful country it is. Those mindless fools should all be ashamed of their behaviour.

A MuncunianMay 14th 2008.

I’m absolutely amazed at some of the comments posted on here. I was in town yesterday and thought the atmosphere was absolutely amazing. The Rangers fans may have had one or two drinks, but everyone I saw were in a party mood here to enjoy the day. I didn’t feel threatened once. I thought Man Con was popular with young open minded people not conservative middle class forty somethings. Has nobody here ever been to a concert or festival – the result of having all these visitors is lots of rubbish, which I’m sure will be cleaned up by the council over the next 24 hours.As for the violence, there were 30 arrests and circa 50-75 people involved in clashes with the police out of 200,000. That’s a grand total of 0.04% of the visitors causing a problem, I think that’s a tribute to the temprament of the Glasgow fans. When we English go abroad 10,000 fans can destroy an entire town, smashing up bars and rioting through the streets. Could you imagine 20,000 England fans discovering they would not be able to watch the match because the screen was broken - there would have been total carnage.I’d just like to say to any Glaswegians reading this site that I felt the vast majority of you behaved impeccably and you showed us English how to Party. I’d welcome you back in my city anytime

John S. LockeMay 14th 2008.

By the way...I met lots of Scots yesterday who were absolutely fine and enjoying themselves...but loads of others were absolutely disgusting...and it has nothing to do with being conservative forty somethings...lots of the Rangers supporters were just foul..Wether the screen went off or not!

DecartesMay 14th 2008.

I thought it all went fairly well on the whole. Unlike Bigfish I saw a load of extra wheely bins out on the streets (big wide ones) and I thought most of the fans I saw were great (apart from the people pissing in the street). I hope we, as a city, recognise that more events like this are a good thing. The council needs to learn a couple lessons yes, but it was great on the whole. We should count ourselves lucky they behaved better than England fans abroad have done in the past.

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

There was a great atmosphere for most of yesterday and anywhere that 100,000 drunken people congregate is bound to result in at least a bit of violence. But I have seen worse on an average Saturday night in town. I think the council did a pretty good job of hosting the event even if with hindsight opening Old Trafford or the cricket ground would have provided a bit more space for the scots. I also think they have done a remarkable job today clearing the rubbish and hosing the streets down considering the state of it this morning. Its a once in a lifetime experience and we should be proud that our city can pull off events such as these with pretty minor incidents.

DavoMay 14th 2008.

What a disaster. I live on Dale St and the whole road stinks of urine and beer. I would've thought it would be a good idea to test the screen beforehand. Could have been a great day, but it's turned into a disaster.

Michael WestMay 14th 2008.

mmmmmmmmm the smell, the smell of stale beer and pish. I was expecting a scene to greet us like the aftermath of the June 15 bomb. The sight of bruised and scarred figures swigging from beer cans and an obviously shell shocked veteran (mit lost teeth) swigging from a litre vodka bottle did nothing to dispel my anticipation. As I closed into Piccadilly Gardens, a blood soaked stained t-shirt prepared me for the horror of war. 8am the morning after. I clambered over the barricades of "Pikadili Sqwr" and stood on a wall overlooking the fountain. There wasn't much to see - 12 council workers sweeping debris, a host of council officals in the Carlsberg beer tent looking unimpressed and the occasional utility vehicle swinging its way to collect refuse bags. No war zone.

ktfairyMay 14th 2008.

I was only joking about lynching the people in charge of the big screen!!

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

You would be hard-pressed to find a bigger crowd of bigoted half-wits. If you're a middle-aged businessman enjoying a drink outside the old Rosetti hotel on a normal weekend you are politely told: "After 8pm we can't serve you, its the council policy." If you're a sectarian singing bloater Pat Karney says come and visit we'd love to have you treat our city as a toilet. Don't worry about the clean-up, we'll sort it.

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

All football fans are hooligans! Stupidest quote of the whole rant section.To be surprised that 100000 plus drunk rangers fans would be pleasant is to be naive, to expect trouble was obvious, thank good it was minimal. The sectarian chanting and orange order style marches were bad enough but women ****ting in the street is something even the locals of collyhurst wouldn't stand for.The police didn't go far enough or is everyone happy to see cocaine being chopped up in public in front of kids, fights at 10 in the morning and todays wonderful smell of piss.And if anyone comes back with that celtic spirit and best atmosphere rubbish I will laugh. The fans all day were saying they hope United lose next wednesday and mancheser fans are nothing compared to them. Lets hope so.I live on high street andwatched the madness outside the arndale all day as well as walked among the fools during the afternoon, lets hope the train system doesn't let us down and they all get home today!ps Rangers were poor last ight and deserved to lose.

ScunthorpeMay 14th 2008.

Well, what did you all expect......a travelling circus of orangemen without the suits and bowler hats...exchange the Garvaghy Road for Portland Street, the result was always going to be the same. The worst losers in British football.....it was inevitable that anything that provented them from getting their own way would result in violence. I hope they are all on their way now and never, ever come back!! As for those arrested, they should be made clean up all the detritus the hordes left behind them. Scum.

MissCayMay 14th 2008.

Whilst I agree with the part of this article which states that the events of last night shouldn't put Manchester off from hosting major Sporting and Cultural events in the future, I beg to differ when you say it wasn't a "window smashing, looting riot." I take it you've not seen the smashed in windows of the Boots across from Piccadilly Gardens then?

AntMay 14th 2008.

I am not surprised at the behaviour of the football yobs - sorry fans. They are not here for a good day out - and you are encouraging it through the language you use ‘an army on the move’ – thought they were a group of fans – it is a football GAME not a battle!Your original article makes fun out of the sectarianism between Rangers and Celtic rather than condemning it i.e. implying someone in a Celtic shirt wouldn’t survive for long in the street. You also make fun out of the sexist songs aimed at your female staff – I am sure your equal opportunities policy wouldn’t allow you to do that to them – but you find it OK and amusing for them to be subjected it to from people outside the office window.When are you in the media going to stop writing about these things as though it doesn't matter - why are you not condemning the sectarianism and the sexism instead of making a joke about it? These yobs might then start to get the message that this type of behaviour is unacceptable in 2008.Are we cosmopolitan modern city / country or is it just a thin veneer and a soon as a few beers have been drunk then it dissolves in the urine running down the street!

SpennyMay 14th 2008.

People keep on saying that manchester is getting £20 million plus in money from this, yes that might be true but the money is going to the fat cat hotels / chain pubs / and supermarkets, and i as a manchester tax payer have to foot the bill for all the mess created by these louts...I'll pass on the money next time, and keep manchester a nice place to be....

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

It's disgusting when anti-war protestors are herded from the city centre by police because the council think they may cause damage and that couples quietly drinking wine in sackville park get told they can't drink there but the city council will let this number of anti-social people in the city centre to cause this ammount of damage after drinking for much of the day. Ridiculous.

secret squirrelMay 14th 2008.

MEN arena, Gmex (or central or whatever it is now) Appollo, Old trafford (footie and cricket)-all venues within the city that cope with large crowds on a regular basis. SJM are one of the biggest concert promoters in the country. Perhaps the lesson to be learn't is don't let councils organise these sort of events, let the professionals do it and charge the buggers in!! The city centre was never going to be able to cope with the numbers, even if it had been lower. They should have been spread out to venues that are all nearby.

Kevin @ M4May 14th 2008.

james rennie: how articulate you are in your words. As you don't even now me I suggest you wind your neck in and get a life. Or at least try to string a sentence together.Drake: Glad you found it funny. I commented on my perspective on what happened at the time from where I am, but since then I have been able to see more and find out more of what happened. I do hope they didn't pay the company for the faulty screen. It is suspicious that the screen failed, but you'll never find out. I also heard that a number of bars and premises were damaged. Perhaps it was a larger number of mindless moronic retarded freaks than first thought, but I am sure that the vast majority of fans were appaled by this. I also think that the council could have done some things a bit better, but I guess when the initial jitteriness of the police causing the council to have to negotiate and take a chance, things got mucked up. By the way, if any of the people who were working over those 2 days helping in the cleaning up, policing, or anything else; Thank You.

AnnaMay 14th 2008.

Working in an office overlooking Piccadilly Gardens I really thought the atmosphere here leading up to the match was good! Granted it started turning sour the more the day went on, but when you put that many footy fans in an enclosed area with beer and a handful of fans from the opposite team its going to get lairy. I genuinely think the trouble was caused by a minority of fans and its unfair to give the poor ol Rangers lot a bad name because of it. I even saw one portly bare chested fellow playing a flute just after the Zenit fan got down from the roof of Rice and was greeted by a rainstorm of cans of Special Brew. Bit of Greensleeves to relieve the tension, what a nice bloke. Watching them (erm, on my lunch break, not in works time, honest guv..) there did seem to be a few culprits who had their hearts set on causing a brawl - namely one skinny idiot with his ribs on display & blonde highlights, but other than that everyone else seemed to be there for the fun of it. I loved it all personally, even the attempted bike ride around town afterwards to get in the midst of it..stupid idea. I also think those responsible for cleaning up our lovely city today have done a great job, it looks almost back to normal..apart from the smell of wee and stale beer that seems to be embedded in every pavement, wall and square foot of grass - not down with that.Im sure I wouldnt like it as much if it was a regular occurance but for the sake of a couple of days I dont think its worth getting your knickers in a twist too much about.

DebsMay 14th 2008.

I walk down that particular alley way pretty much every day cutting through to the bus stops and from the stench they're definitely not the first to relieve themselves there!

JenniMay 14th 2008.

PS If the telly wasn't working in my house there would be a riot as well!!!! LOL

Roswell was realMay 14th 2008.

Actually NQ that's not a problem. See it wouldn't be a conspiracy if they'd just switched it off and said "we've switched it off". The conspiracy rears its head in the way the man tries to pretend something isn't as it was, that is to say, that the man tries to fake events and cover up reality. The repairmen and apology would have been essential to faking the technical problems. Don't let the man keep you down, seek the truth!

MelissaMay 14th 2008.

Suppose I'll join in on the forgiveness too!!!

ARNIE S HIRAMay 14th 2008.

i have never seen anything like it, the alley next door to 36 john dalton street leading on to lincoln square was a sea of urine and even excrement. it is disghusting. police on our road were amamzing in crowd control after the game ended.

Andy in GlasgowMay 14th 2008.

Thanks for your article. It fully reflects the views of the millions of decent Scots who despise Rangers FC and Celtic FC and the sectarian bigotry and nonsense which makes like a misery for so many people in the Glasgow area. Their obsession with the past history of Ireland is beyond the understanding of most Scots - we dont give a flying f*ck to be honest and would gladly see both clubs closed down forever.What you experienced in Manchester was what we get in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh every time Rangers in particular play in these places. But you got it writ large. Many of them are scum of the first order whose only other annual public outling from their drug and alcohol washed slums takes place at the vile "Orange Marches" across the West of Scotland - another "tradition" imported from Ireland. This is another excuse for copious bevvying and public urination on an orchestral scale.We should have closed the border on Wednesday when they were all out of the country. They make me sick. They make us all sick.I am sorry for the mess - most of us are not really like that.Andy, Glasgow

special kMay 14th 2008.

well - the "we" means me and my partner - so just my own family really (and we are togger fans too!) - I cant speak for anyone else can I - but I imagine others may feel the same. The council seemed to have a way of controlling say mardi gras when that began to get out of hand, by selling tickets for zones, by getting bars to give only plastic glasses of beer etc etc etc - its not that they don't have the experience of these big events - and yes people want to party, of course they do - and I dont want to ban drinking. But by advertising that there would be big screens in the city centre, and knowing that alcohol would be a big issue - surely more control should be exerted over the supply of the drink - I fully realise that many people brought their own booze and yes theres not a lot you could do about that, unless there was confiscation of bottles - difficult I grant you - and warnings in advance of that policy to the travelling fans - Manchester has a great reputation for family friendly events, that is now in tatters - we might be able to see it in perspective (not such a bad thing etc) - but the fact they've stopped the screening of Champions league tells the true story - at euro 96, there were bands and entertainment. When the only entertainment on offer is drink - well. A lot could be done in the promotion of the event - come and get wrecked in Manchester and we'll provide a big telly seemed to be the message received by the fans. I'm not claiming to have the answer Bacon Sarnie - but I do feel ashamed of the way alcohol seems to play such a massive part of what Manchester's culture has to offer. Its not just this event - self destructive drinking is prevalent in society anyway. Our council should be looking at alternative ways for visitors to be entertained - and putting money into supporting those who add value to the experience of visiting the city.Sometimes I feel that MCC has at its heart a property developing, tourism promoting strategy that forgets that the quality of experience of living in and visiting a place means more than bricks , mortar and beer......

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

Can't believe the lack of respect for our beautiful city.

stejaskiMay 14th 2008.

Of course the blame-if it has to be apportioned, lies with the greedy money blinded council. Some moron thinking that placing the "fan enclosures"in the middle of the city was a good idea, then are surprised when they get pissed off when the council contracted technology packs up!!If you allow them to stagger around drinking on the streets-which I thought was illegal-you have to be prepared for the consequences.I am annoyed that as a resident of the city centre with a business there too that I wasnt warned this was happening-but that indicitive of the arrogance of the council. Mind you its given Cheapo Local News and the Manchester Evening Nazi something to wallow in, ad infinitum. Got some fab footage of a row of really camply dressed "riot" police saving the city from three confused looking Rangers fans. Hilarious-I'll You Tube it.

special KMay 14th 2008.

We feel ashamed of Manchester - and of Leeses cynical comments yesterday. Yes people should be responsible - but the organisers contributed hugely to the behaviour by promoting the uncontrolled sales of such a dangerous substance as alcohol - He should be apologising to us, Manchester tax payers and citizens and to the visitors, for A) Manchester's self satisfied attitude that the event would "boost the economy" - turning a blind eye to the rampant and uncontrolled sales and use of alcohol to anyone - apparantly the supermarkets were setting up tables outside selling it. B)Then to blame the fans when the council have let incompetence rule regarding technology of the screen - not to have a back up screen was totally ridiculous - did no one ask the question "What will happen if the screen fails?" doh!!.I was in Manchester on Wednesday and sure it looked like it was great party and the fans were having a great time at 1pm. But only an idiot would not have anticipated the results of all the drink, the hot weather and the importance of the occassion i.e that it would inevitably result in some kind of trouble / accident. MCC - sort yourselves out - your too complacent. Dont count in my vote. How can we expect to have safe events when drugs (alcohol) are not controlled - and drug addicts sometimes dont control their habits on their own when there are unscrupulous pushers around.....

ShaunMay 14th 2008.

...Shepper00: do you fail to see the irony in your post?

AnnaMay 14th 2008.

Give the guy a chance! Maybe he has a sensitive side. I bet youd jump to the same conclusion if you saw John Rambo playing the harp wouldnt you. Ok, point taken.

Hearts FCMay 14th 2008.

I did warn you all!! At this point I would like to ask the good people of Manchester not to tar all Scots with the same brush because the rest of Scotland hate these parasites too! We have to live with them on a daily basis and they really are the dregs of society! I honestly hope uefa kick them out of Europe for 5 years after this, and watching the pictures on the news really saddens me that the city of Manchester had to endure such filth from such scum! No wonder the EPL don't want them, we don't want them either, but no one else is mad enough to have them, and now you can see why!

RichardMay 14th 2008.

Can I ask what Manchester got out of this - yes Sainsburys may have sold a thousand crates of Tennants lager but what did the city make out of it - and who pays for the clean up (the Council Tax payers I'll bet). What is the Council doing to arrange screenings for the real European final next Wednesday - surely we should be catering for Manchester residents not others. At least if we leave our rubbish everywhere we have to pay to clean it up!

LickyMay 14th 2008.

The behaviour of a significant proportion of Rangers fans was absolutely despicable. Apparently under the impression that non-stop binge drinking from 7am was acceptable, hordes of Buckfast-drinking morons have left my city ankle deep in a stinking mixture of beer cans, vomit and human filth. The failure of ONE of three big screens is not an excuse to reduce an entire section of the city centre to a war zone. Perhaps, had the 'fans' allowed the repairmen to do their job, rather than hurling glass bottles at them, they might have been able to continue watching the game in Piccadilly Gardens. Perhaps, had they not got so utterly, utterly wrecked on Tennant's Super, they might have been able to follow the instructions to board the buses to the standby screens at the Velodrome, instead of punching each other's lights out like the worst kind of hooligans. Perhaps, had they behaved like the countless thousands of people who visited Manchester for Euro 96, the Commonwealth Games or the Champions' League final, I would not now have such an incredibly dire impression of Rangers fans and my city would not lie under tons of blue, white and red squalor.

DrakeMay 14th 2008.

Sights of the night from wandering around town: female Rangers fan ****ting on the platform at Victoria; middle-aged Rangers fans chasing the dragon outside the BBC on Oxford Road; the girls at Lovely Legs refusing to go back in while there were Scots in the place; unconscious bodies everywhere; the trashing of Piccadilly. And Portland Street. More chaos in Manchester than anytime since the bomb (which was what Cross Street reminded me of). How much did the COuncil pay to get the final here? How much did they pay for the Police? And for the clean-up? And for the compensation? All that extra money coming into the economy went into bars and hotels, so how is all this being paid for? Could be an interesting few days, possibly a good thing it happened after the election. And will UEFA allow Manchester to host anything ever again?

Dawn, Le Mancunian MinxMay 14th 2008.

The photos are brilliant.....especially the extremely eyecatching one that shows various fans p*ssing up the wall. Mmmm..mmm! ;)

AlisonMay 14th 2008.

Atmosphere amazing, just caught the marching band and singing on Marekt St at lunch time. Some of the sights a little bizarre tho! Not looking forward to the walk to Victoria Station, don't care what you say, hoards of drunken men, very intimidating! Good luck Ragers hope you win.

A Scottish person who lives in ManchesterMay 14th 2008.

What a negative bunch the Manchester Confidential readers are! It was a fantastic day yesterday... the atmosphere was amazing! dont you relise the city made in excess of £25 MILLION pounds yesterday ..... Think about it ......

Not impressedMay 14th 2008.

Football should be banned. These idiots don't know how to have fun unless they're pished out of their heads. GET A LIFE.

steviestarshipMay 14th 2008.

shep, I haver to suffer these muppets twice a season at Tynecastle and no your not unlucky, they're like that all the time. Total in-breds the lot of them

JinkiesMay 14th 2008.

Suppose it's about time we found out what it's like for the rest of the world when United fans go to other cities.

Glaswegian proud to be living in ManchesterMay 14th 2008.

My Dad is a respectable Rangers fan of 70 years. He gave his and my brother's tickets to my 2 Uncles, so that 3 brothers and my wee cousin (both of us girls) could ALL come down to my home town to be in the atmosphere here - the build-up to 1 of the most exciting matches in 36 years for them.The Council did their best, as did the Police, bar owners, hotels that let us use their toilets whilst vying for taxis (Thank you!!) and many others.Yeah, looking back, each of us could have done any number of things differently. Let's remember a mancunian's analysis that only 0.04% were more serious trouble, before we say "all" anything! - As long as we can keep our own speech in check, we may allow ourselves to be less affected by the poison of our OWN anger or hatred against others (as voiced on MC) - THAT's what can lead to violence!! If 75% of people (never mind 99.96%) can practice some self-control and "self-police" others (which was also evident/necessary yesterday) we may be a much happier community - uplifting by example rather than scalding each other with our own burning anger.Thanks to those involved in the clean-up and I hope some of you got to benefit from the humour and friendliness that was spilled out (amongst other things!) on our city yesterday!

ShelMay 14th 2008.

The atmosphere was amazing yesterday and I didn't see any trouble. Best night out in Manchester for a long long time!!

daisyMay 14th 2008.

I dont think we would see the same behaviour from united fans in their own city it is a shame they wont be showing the game - we never had this problem when showing the world cup or any other event

DaveMay 14th 2008.

Ah yes, I remember the good old days. Glasgow, city of culture. There's a lot of Glasgowing on.

KevinMay 14th 2008.

"I'm sure they will be going home and telling other Glaswegians how great Manchester is"... Dear gods, I hope not! PS - They lost, HAHAHA!

jhoMay 14th 2008.

I know it's been said on here 100 times or more, but whilst the atmosphere was great on the day, it's Manchester residents and workers who are left to walk streetws stinking of urine and covered in a bizarre sludge which is god knows what. Manchester looks disgusting and any new visitors to the city aren't going to be left with a very good impression. I think the people who profited from the 25million should hand a little back so the whole city can be jetwashed with industrial cleaner. It's the first time i've ever wanted it to rain here!

BigfishMay 14th 2008.

Kev P – I did use my eyes. I didn’t spot any extra bins out on the streets. The normal bins were over flowing (so it would appear that drunken louts do know how to use them). There were no bigger bins, or recycle bins.I thought the atmosphere during the day was great. But obviously, it turned sour as it got towards the evening time.

thecolonel1947May 14th 2008.

I think sheper00 should say what he means and stop beating around the bush.

LeeMay 14th 2008.

I am so angry with the outcome of yesterday and last night, i work just off Market Street, between Piccadilly Gardens And Albert Square and between 9 and 6 yesterday i hardly managed to complete one piece of work owing to the drunken loutish behaviour on the street below, then after work i thought i would avoid the gardens to get back home to Dale Street, i thought i would cut through Aldi and through the Arndale, Aldi’s floor was covered in a black slime; a mix of piss beer and sick not to mention broken glass all over, i gagged on the stench as i quickly made my way out, on my way home walking into Stephenson Square a bus came past rammed with rangers fans, they were all banging on every window to almost breaking point. I then went for a "quiet" drink later that night and after buying my first and drinking half of it we were asked to drink up because they were closing the bar, and we were ushered out the back tradesman’s entrance, all bars closed at half 9 and we all had to make our way home early through utter mayhem being flashed as we walked past and avoiding piss streams at every doorway. This morning walking to work through Piccadilly gardens was like a scene from the Blitz!! they nicely washed stone pavements are now solid black with ****, piss, sick and rubbish EVERYWHERE! and the sun has really made all that smell delightful! im so so angry that this was all arranged in the middle of a very busy city centre during the middle of a working week resulting in the "normal" people of Manchester to have to battle through the last two days, at work and in leisure time, not good enough at all, and yes we have all been to concerts, generally these are contained and well ordered with the clean up taking hours not days, what i dont expect is my female housemate walking to work yesterday at 8am and being asked to show her tits to an already drunken mass of Scots, the only fun that was had was had by the rangers, not Manchester residents who will now have to endure the aftermath of the destruction of our City!

DutchyMay 14th 2008.

So Manchester City Council don't organise anything during New Years Eve due to not having the money or the resources, yet when there is a chance of 20 million punds coming in to manchester all of a sudden everything is possible? Drinking openly on the street? No problem! Try doing that during the Pride Parade and you get slapped on the wrists. Ow and it was great to see police everywhere in town as well, apart from canalstreet (eventhough it was full of Rangers fans).....thanks a lot for giving a toss....

Pat ManchesterMay 14th 2008.

I thought manchester was buzzing yesterday. Got to deansgate locks at 1pm went into loadsa bars and the fan zones and never saw one bit of trouble, nobody throwing up n nobody takin a piss in an alley! Considering there were so many gers fans and considering the amount of money that came into the city I dont think we have cause to complain. We watched the game in Lloyds @ printworks - great atmosphere, no trouble. Thought the bar was out of order charging to get in at 6pm and then upping the cost by 7. All the bars/restaurants/takeaway places serve the people so they should clean up their mess and people should stop whingeing.

LyndaMay 14th 2008.

I wish it was yesterday again...

Simon TurnerMay 14th 2008.

A week on Saturday there'll be 50,000 Ricky Hatton fans pissed-up in town before and after the fight. Perhaps looking for a fight of their own?? It's not a pleasant thought is it, but that's the next big event in our 'sporting' city. That's not going to be an easy one to police.

NoelMay 14th 2008.

Ha ha anyway! We certainly know how to welcome outsiders into our city and thats been proved again just like the Euros back in 96 or the commonweatlh games. We should be proud of ourselves, not many cities I believe have the ability to police and police well! Yes the screen was a farce and should have had a back up, yes the parks should have been used instead! Great hindsight isnt it. A pat on the back to us all!! try that in Rome! or Barcelona! thered be carnage

daisyMay 14th 2008.

I dont think you find yourself saying this very often but i was genuinely suprised at the behaviour of some people yesterday. i am all for enjoying yourself, supporting your team, drinking in the sun etc but why did this end in animals screaming and shouting? I, and a number of girls i know, felt threatened and disgusted by some people yesterday and no its not everybody but those people that let the others down need to learn how to behave, I cant believe we can fly to the moon and split the atom but some people still dont know how to speak nicely and use a toilet!

DaveMay 14th 2008.

Racist chants and pissing in the street. Wonderful atmosphere!

BigfishMay 14th 2008.

"a few of my friends (all female) decided it was a good night to head to the Birdcage"... Is there ever a good night to head to The Birdcage :-p

AuntyangMay 14th 2008.

Hi guys, I travelled down to Manchester to get in with the atmosphere and enjoyed every last minute of it. I thought all the locals were fantastic and couldn't have been more welcoming. It really disappointed me and everyone I spoke to the way the hooligans behaved and it can never be excused, those people are not true rangers fans and don't even deserve to be known as one. Like someone said out of the massive turn out only 30 arrests is in the minority. I was annoyed about the fact no trains ran, we did sit waiting on a packed train for 1 1/2 hours, no information about what was happening - and even in that circumstance there was no trouble on the train, jut tired fans needing their bed. I hope folks out there don't feel bitter towards the decent Scottish people who had the time of their lives. A big thank you is due to all who let us have a ball and my memories are nothing but good!


although my office is IN albert square and we had chanting and singing all day long GET OVER IT, its the first and perhaps the last time we'll see such a good atmosphere in the city. Perhaps if man utd tour the premiershipcup through the city we can show as good spirit.and anyone who believes that that screen FAILED is missing the trick. what - 10 minutes right before the game??? yeah right. the police got scared about what would happen if rangers lost, and made the ridiculous judgement that to avoid a riot later, lets antagonise the fans right before the start and turn the game off - then lets see if we can start the riot early.. foolish move - its hardly surprising a small minority of hoolighans spark off at that move.

sheper00May 14th 2008.

In the dictionary, irony does not equal a "funny co-incidence" shaun- it means SARCASM, ok? But i THINK i understand what ur getting at: and no, i dont. Goodbye and good riddance to 'em, tata , so long, don't let the train door hit yer flabby, Scotch ass on yr way out! And as for the supposed fantastic atmosphere, Scottish person- is that the ammonia-infused air of piss-stinking ginnels you're talking about?

KevinMay 14th 2008.

"And will UEFA allow Manchester to host anything ever again?" Dear gods, I certainly hope not! We can't blame the Council - They did an excellent job of planning the whole thing, they can't be held responsible for the fact that all football fans are nasty hooligans. They should really have seen it coming though. I hope future bids for sporting events (which should certainly continue) exclude anything related to football.

james rennieMay 14th 2008.

get real heartsfc you cant get to europe except on a package tour this rant is not for your personal gripes with rangers fans

DrakeMay 14th 2008.

Thanks to GMP for the helicopter over the city at 5 this morning. Much appreciated. Thinking 'thats way too early for the fans', but there ten minutes later was the first rousing chorus of chants. The supermarkets are doing well from Tennants' sales.

Glaswegian proud to be living in ManchesterMay 14th 2008.

Well done and thank you Mark for one of the most clear and constructive postings of the day! He says ......................................Chances like this don’t come along very often and should be seized. Use the experience of yesterday to get it right. If you care email r.leese@manchester.gov.uk with the following: Dear Mr Leese, I, as a resident of the City of Manchester, would not wish the events of 14 May 2008 to mean that our enjoyment of the event next week in Moscow be diminished. As such I request that you persevere with plans to show the event as a live public broadcast at key sites within our city.

JoanMay 14th 2008.

A friend and I, both with Scottish connections and a limited knowledge of football, have just spent a great evening in Lime watching the match in superb company. It was packed with Rangers fans who were friendly, considerate, polite and passionate but realistic about their team's performance. I agree the street urination is foul, but I see evidence of it every week in Manchester, even without Rangers fans present.

andy spinozaMay 14th 2008.

Superb photo essay. I love the one which looks like a queue has formed on Oldham Street outside Gordo's office..."so ye think ye can drink more than me, yer sassenach bast-arrrrd!!!"

sheper00May 14th 2008.

in relation to BillyBigBalls posting the video link of the voilence:i think that says it all doesn't it?some people were just out to cause trouble

PriceyMay 14th 2008.

"Minor Riot" - has anyone at confidential watched all the available footage - cars getting wrecked, a car being over-turned, hundreds of fans chasing police and jumping on one who fell, rangers fans fighting rangers fans. This was not minor - one person was stabbed for God's sake!!! This should not have happened, regardless of how many were there, or what percentage of the total number of fans caused the trouble. Just because the screen went off does not justify the scenes that were witnessed.Ranger's FC are known as Scotland's Shame - and Saturday night showed why!!

mcr girlMay 14th 2008.

I don't think we should be over reacting to what happened. The majority of fans came down here just to have a good time. Let's not judge all the Rangers fans by a stupid minority. With the amount of people that turned up in Manchester there would never have been enough toilets or extra bins. There are plenty of streets in Manchester that smell pretty bad on a Sunday morning so there are plenty of local people that use the streets as a toilet as well. The mess is inconvenient but it will be cleaned up. I am very disappointed in the council using this as an excuse to not provide any facilities for local people wanting to watch the match next week, but it's pretty typical of this councils attitude to the people that it is supposed to serve

SharkieMay 14th 2008.

Ben Cooke - The Best post on here!!!Most of the fans were fine. There's always a minority who make up the majority of the headlines...

sheper00May 14th 2008.

"Perhaps more significantly a Russian fan from Zenit St Petersburg was stabbed, although his life was never in danger. "What a dumb thing to say- thats alright then is it? Got a medical degree to back that up?

Major CheeseMay 14th 2008.

Calm down the lot of you. It really wasn't that bad. There was always going to be a clean up, actually a lot less damage than I expected. 200,000 golf fans would have made a similar mess if out in Manchester all day with that excellent part atmosphere.The only draw backs were a very, very small minority causing a tiny bit of trouble (which was dealt with swiftly), and the screen. Whether the trouble makers would have made trouble regardless of the screen is another matter.Shame they didn't win really, as this would no be discussed as the best sporting event in UK history (as some people were describing it yesterday afternoon).It's a bit of mess and a quick clean up. Deal with it. No harm done.

NQ ResidentMay 14th 2008.

ONly problem with the conspiracy story city centre resident (that the screen was deliberately turned off) is that the head of the company responsible has publicy apologised. It also doesn't explain the clearly visible technical repair people being bombarded as they tried to work. Though it was a rumour (along with one that the screen at the Velodrome wasn't working either) that did the rounds really quickly after the event.

ktfairyMay 14th 2008.

Go on then - I'l forgive you, if you send some beer to my desk via a bit of rope!!! :)

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

Well done to the people of manchester for welcoming the masses of rangers fans to the city, but a very poor show for the council and the organisers for such a poor effort to accomodate all these fans. I think the council were banking on 2 foreign teams in the final, not a 'home' team and their 'last minute' efforts to put on a show have let them down. Appauling!! from a city that has hosted some huge sporting events, this just shows the council were caught with their trousers well and truely down.

JonMay 14th 2008.

It was a disgrace how the city center thought they could treat what was a major game as a joke! they could have been testing the TV screens all day long in order to make sure they're working at the important time!!I even witnessed the police beat a man as he was walking peacefully with his son!

BMay 14th 2008.

It is the ugliest, filthiest sporting exodus in the history of mankind, if you ask me. A bunch of barbaric whose brains are as small as that of an ant and are as numb as “pish” stones are not welcome in this city. If to “pish” and be “pished” are all they want, they can go back to where they belong. Not sure why they even got upset by the failure of the screen. They lost after all. They deserved it. In a way, it was the Council’s fault, only because they took it on.

MaxMay 14th 2008.

I agree, why on earth wasn't Platt Fields or Heaton Park earmarked as a meeting place for the Rangers fans. Set up the screens in the park, put plenty of food and drink in place, pitch their tents, put in plenty of loos and contain the fans in a safe environment for themselves and the people of Manchester. How difficult can it be to predict? Surely this would have been a better event to police that the whole city centre? The council knew in advance there would be in excess of 100,000 people descending on Manchester so why all the problems? Everyone seems to be ranting about the, mindless idiots, the urinating and drinking in the street etc etc etc. Has anyone spare a thought about those Scottish people who were polite, friendly and respectable in our city and a pleasure to have to be our guests? Well obviously, as always, the bad outway the good! Such a shame - the early part of the day was such a great atmosphere!

DrakeMay 14th 2008.

Apologies for the double post. In response to Jonathan's article: of course, it couldn't have been predicted precisely how many people would arrive (though many people did), or that the sun would shine, but from the point of the semi-finals, the possibility of Rangers being in the final and the fans coming in huge numbers should have been part of the events planning process (Celtic took 80,000 to Seville for gawd's sake). You say the council had three fan zones. One, in Cathedral Gardens, only had a capacity of 5,000 (never mind the issue of whether its a suitable space at all). Exchange Square screen wasn't turned on till after the match started. The argument that this was only a minor riot misses the point of a day of escalating trouble across the city. The council should have planned for the possibility, should have looked at using the parks out of town to save the businesses in the centre, should have enforced a partial alcohol ban, should have tested the screens and built redundancy into the system, should have had contingencies when things went wrong. GMP gave up the city. The lack of arrests was only because the Police failed to intervene even at serious criminality. When the word came over Nitenet that all of the bars in PIccadilly were being turned over, one asked for assistance and was told by GMP 'to try talking nicely to them'. Cheers, a lot of help.

steviestarshipMay 14th 2008.

Be grateful they didn't win or they'd still be there! Well, until Giro day anyway.

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

Dunno what all you manc's are complaining about anyway. Come to Blackpool, its like that every weekend!

JonMay 14th 2008.

Why can't every day be like yesterday? Loved it.

DrakeMay 14th 2008.

Sitting on a terrace in the Northern Quarter, the city seems enveloped in a sickly smelling cloud. The scent of beer and pish hangs over the place. Lovely.

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

I live in the City Centre at No 1 Deansgate and my office is at the Triangle in Exchange Square so you can say I was slap bang in the middle of it all. I went to the Lowry for dinner but was supposed to be going to Tthaca which didn't open on police advice about safety. I am less bothered about the Rangers fans than the behaviour of the police and the city council. I understand that there has been a request for similar facilities to be laid on for the European Champions Final but the council has refused (please note I support City and hope United lose so I couldn't be more disinterested). If English football fans had been wandering around the City Centre with pints of beer like the Rangers fans the police would either arrest them or make them pour it away. Fans pissing in doorways would be arrested, I have seen Sinclairs Oyster Bar in the Shambles closed for a fraction of what went on yesterday and the evening before. If we can put these facilities for Rangers games andshow this degree of laxity how come Mr Karney throws a wobbly when England fans want to celebrate a football match? Lastly, the City Council should be have put loads of temporary public toilets all over the city centre; the phrase couldn't organise a shag in a brothel comes to mind but in this case they couldn't even organise a proper piss-up.

GuttedMay 14th 2008.

Half the firms in Manchester have closed early so that their people can get home on time...Not my boss (AKA the scrooge) however... Oh No no no would he even think of letting his guys leave an hour early on a hot sunny day to go enjoy themselves.... Gutted.

Jonathan Schofield - editorMay 14th 2008.

Agree with the comments that don't just jump in and apply blame. As I've put in the lead article on this page, this was an exceptional situation which I am very very glad I witnessed. It may have been brutal but it was also exhilarating. No city would have coped with this influx from more than 100,000 people determined to get drunk. Manchester actually coped well given the scale of the invasion.


I HOPE TO GOD MANCHESTER DON'T EVER HOLD ANYTHING LIKE THIS AGAIN!! After years of making this city quite spectacular, the place is now one great big toilet and looks like something off 28 days later, and will stink of urine for months to come.The people who came were scum, and should never be allowed back again - disgusting vile human beings and the greedy people who wanted this to happen should be made to clean the streets. There are thousands of city dwellers who no consideration was given to, who probably all lost two nights of sleep like I did.I hope the £25 million was worth it. It'll be needed to sort out the city centre aftermath.This was the first time I'd ever doubted moving back to Manchster after a 4 year hiatus and we should never be allowed to be invaded like that again.Our own United and City fans would have behaved much better (or so I like to believe anyway).AN ABSOLUTE MESS THAT SHOULD NEVER BE REPEATED IN THIS GREAT CITY, EVER AGAIN.

jenMay 14th 2008.

Everyone is over reacting somewhat. God, we do love to sit behind our screens in our cosy offices, hiding behind our false names and bitch about something that on the grand scale of things hasn't been nearly as bad as it could have been. Did you personally get hurt? OK the city stinks; it won't do for long, the rubbish won't be there tomorrow, the fans have gone now, stop treating it like a war has broken out.I do live and work in the city centre, and had to walk through it for half a mile this morning, it was dirty and stinky but hasn't all out runied my day as i'm sure is the case for all of us. get a bit of perspective in your thoughts. Would any of us rather be Burma or china right now? Its the grand scale equivalent of a tired mother cleaning up her teenagers bedroom under duress. It'll all be forgotten about soon.

crazyjohnMay 14th 2008.

Gutted that the metals fences have been up for the last two months around the grass areas in Piccadilly and what for? To be ruined for the whole of Manchester for the whole of the summer in one night.On the other hand I honestly think that last night was a freak encounter and that sort of thing will never happen again. You just can't plan for that amount of people arriving in a city for that type of occasion. For hotels to be booked up within a 20mile circumference of Manchester is unheard of.

DutchyMay 14th 2008.

So Manchester City Council don't organise anything during New Years Eve due to not having the money or the resources, yet when there is a chance of 20 million punds coming in to manchester all of a sudden everything is possible? Drinking openly on the street? No problem! Try doing that during the Pride Parade and you get slapped on the wrists. Ow and it was great to see police everywhere in town as well, apart from canalstreet (eventhough it was full of Rangers fans).....thanks a lot for giving a toss....

DaveMay 14th 2008.

Live and learn, to be fair the city (any city?) never hosted anything quite like this before. Next time, 1. keep a backup screen near to each site, 2. maybe hold it in the park next to the stadium, or peel/platt park instead of the city centre 3. use security and drink tokens inside to stop people getting so trashed, 4. get a load of those green portable urinal clusters sorted instead of the big cabins, and put them all over the place.

Jonathan Schofield - editorMay 14th 2008.

Folks, sorry - again. Some more rants have disappeared. We're updating the story with new images which means if you're on whilst we're changing, the rants disappear. Apologies. Please post again if you so desire.

shaunMay 14th 2008.

...however shep, i do agree with your second post. "..life was never in danger." What a ridiculous thing to say.

Thoroughbred MancMay 14th 2008.

The City of Manchester = Home of SportThe UEFA Cup Final today; the Great Manchester Run on Sunday; Manchester United in the Champion's League Final next Wednesday.And not a silly pink logo in sight.

please get rid of the stenchMay 14th 2008.

I thought for the amount of fans etc it was actually quite a peaceful affair and really could have been alot worse and i was actually standing at Picadilly Gardens when the screens went off, all in all the whole day was a unique experience and quite mad to be part of...however my main gripe is now that the rubbish is almost cleared what is happening about the stench of urine!!! It really is foul and down every side street and the main areas as well....and it is so much worse than a usual saturday night due to the amount of people. Does anyone know when and how they are going to get rid of it all?

james rennieMay 14th 2008.

to mancunian thanks mate for a bit of reality

prttygrlsmkgrvsMay 14th 2008.

The rangers fans were so friendly and nice on the bus on the way home to withington last night at half ten. I was more scared on the walk from my bus stop to my house through the council estate than I was of the boys in blue shirts. We had a sing song and a knees-up on the bus, and they were all polite and friendly. I realise this doesn't apply to all fans, but think that it covers the majority. I understand that it is distressing when policemen are injusred in the line of duty, ut it should be the envent organisers, not the glaswegians, with egg on their faces this thursday. Who crowds that many football fans into a small space without checking that the screens work properly? And of course there's going to be litter. They spent millions in our city yesterday, and totally brought the streets to life. It's a shame they're not all staying on til the weekend. The event organisers should be footing the bill for the clean-up, as this was indeed a business venture.

JohnMay 14th 2008.

Dirty bunch of pissed up scum buckets lots of them...some of them where okayish. but generally Glaswegians are the shi*e of Scotland - hope they go away and don't come back - ever again!

Matt PMay 14th 2008.

Hi GuysAs the city is still in a right mess, apart from the town hall where they have been painting new yellow road markings over the old dirty ones its time we started a campaign to clean Manchester.Its disgraceful that the streets of the city centre are still littered with dried human waste. After the councils crackdown on littering and the behavior of its residents over the last few years (I thought they worked for us??) isnt it about time we held them responsible for the absolute mess the streets are in.If this was a private event the organisers would have to answer to health and safety.

steviestarshipMay 14th 2008.

Anna, LOL! the guy playing the flute aint no James Last. king billy loyalist knukledragging bigot, he sure is!

Shame on the CouncilMay 14th 2008.

Manchester City Council couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. It is not rocket science to work out that a team with such a huge fan base, only a couple of hundred miles up the road and that haven’t been in a European final for nearly 40 years are going to come in their droves. But the Council says a week before the match, I know let’s tell them not to come if they haven’t got a ticket! GET REAL! Football fans travel anyway, look at past examples. Panic panic panic, they are coming anyway, ok then, let’s set up fan zones in Piccadilly, Albert Square & Cathedral Gardens and put up some beer tents and a couple of hundred portaloos. GET REAL! It is a city centre on a working day with no where near enough facilities. As another poster has mentioned what was wrong with existing places around the city with all the facilities required?Let’s sell them beer from 6am in the morning and hope the limited facilities laid on will do. GET REAL! It was blatantly obvious that they wouldn’t. Let’s have a back up plan a mile up the road and then try and move 10 to 20 thousand people, whom most have had a fair few drinks, in less than half an hour using emergency buses! GET REAL! It is physically impossible. With all this I am surprised there were only 40 odd arrests out of around 200 000 fans, especially with the result. A much higher percentage in the Council should be arrested for having their heads up their arses when it comes to organisation. If I was still a resident of Manchester I would be deducting a percentage from my next Council tax bill, why should the public pay for the incompetence of the Council?

Manchester Business OwnerMay 14th 2008.

Let's face it ... The council cocked it up! This final has been on the cards for over a year and it does not matter if it is Jock's driving down or Russian's flying in. Look at the English exodus that will happen to Moscow next week. I mean what would have happened if a club like Bayern Munich had met Rangers ... christ we could have been looking at 400,000 fans who all like a bevy. The City has a responsibility to set up areas well in advance and pre-book more than enough toilets / concession stands. But instead we only began receiving a trickle of information last week on the Council Website. And let's not forget some business' aren't so internet friendly so no mail out or Police advice means zero prep. No wonder we were unprepared.Nothing justifies kicking off like they did last night but I know how I would feel after being herded into an area with the promise of big screen coverage and no solution... What would they do if the screens at Live8 went down.. "Never mind folks, let's all come back tomorrow when they are working".When you are expecting so many people and quotes of £20m of money being spent in one day then lets make sure they get value for money. They were the City's customers.It all lands fair and square at the feet of the COUNCIL. So who can start an investigation on them? Or do we just allow them to point a few fingers... for a change. My belief in this City as an organising body is fading fast, that's the last major Football Tournament we will ever see for a while, hope you all enjoyed it.

DrakeMay 14th 2008.

Kevin @M4, thanks for that, the biggest laugh I've had for the last couple of days. Given that you patently weren't in the the city centre when things were kicking off (long before the screen went down---though weird it was the same screen company whose screen went down last October at the MOving Images festival)--paramedics assaulted, pretty well any female under 60 abused or harassed, drugs, drink, stone throwing at cars and people, and lots of violence. It wasn't a small core of fans, it was a large number. How many bars got done over? How many businesses lost serious money? But the council did well? The council needs to decide whether we're a serious business city or a party town. They don't go together.

Mr TMay 14th 2008.

These must be the 'before' pictures....

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

My desk overlooks the carnage that is Piccadilly Gardens at the moment. Some suicidal Zenit fan has just decided it was a good idea to climb on top of Rice and taunt the 5,000 odd Rangers fans! The police managed to narrowly avoid a manslaughter case!

DecartesMay 14th 2008.

I really hope they do put the big screens up next week.

DebsMay 14th 2008.

I wonder how long it takes for Metro users to come one whinging about the trams being stopped. It will only take them an extra 10 mins or so to walk down to either Victoria or GMex, the lazy buggers! Though to be fair I am glad I work just outside of the city so I didn't have to fight my way through them all at dinner. Walking down Market Street this morning at 8.15am was enough for me, although they were all nice enough it is still a little intimidating.

M1 residentMay 14th 2008.

Well thanks to that bag pipe player at 5am too.... Brilliant atmosphere, thank goodness I'm not cleaning it up..

BenMay 14th 2008.

1/ thank you "people" of Glasgow for trashing our city. 2/0 (ha!). 3/ another thank you to the doughty Stagecoach drivers for deciding to end the 192 service far earlier than the time-tabled midnight, so letting down hundreds of ticket-holding customers. How wonderful slowly to realise, having waited patiently at the Picaddilly Station stop (where service had been running early evening) from 11:30, that they've all packed up and gone home. I remember the same thing happening New Years 2006 when I saw a dozen buses labelled "000" pass me from 11:20 to 11:50 before I succcumbed and paid a fortune to a cabby to get me home for midnight. It's nice when you can set your own hours with impunity! Maybe Stagecoach management will pay my cab fares, given that they've again not fully-honoured my ticket.

secret squirrelMay 14th 2008.

What's with all the moaning city centre dwellers? I've lived in the centre since '91, got meself some earplugs (I recommend the Superdrug foam ones), never a problem sleeping...;-)So far the atmosphere is great, lets just hope it doesn't turn ugly later...SS

RubyMay 14th 2008.

I think it's a disgrace when people refer to the great atmosphere. Yes there were thousands, yes they were singing. But widespread singing of sectarian, racist and even Munich songs does not in my book constitute a great atmosphere. Bigoted Scumbags of the highest order! I'm glad they got beat!

LisaMay 14th 2008.

Do you know what, I think there are too many people moaning on here. Miserable old goats....Hane you got no sense of enjoyment? Let the fans enjoy themselves. I'm sure they will be going home and telling other Glaswegians how great Manchester is, lets at least try and make them feel welcome in our great city.

crazyjohnMay 14th 2008.

A thanks to everyone involved in the clean up, you did a good job

Michael WestMay 14th 2008.

Oh no - tadao ando - this is getting sick, it was pissed against or other working class people understood the theory of modernist art and pissed against confidential jardaniste?

paulipipsMay 14th 2008.

Thought I'd sit out on my balcony this evening and enjoy the sun with a cold beer - but theres no bloody beer cos these damned Picts have bought it all up - ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH - now all I've got to drink is an old bottle of Bacardi Breezer in the recesses of my fridge . Football - what a loadda crap !

DrakeMay 14th 2008.

Be interesting to see, next time someone gets a Fixed Penalty for drinking on the street, whether they use images of the POlice's reaction to this to argue that the Council have effectively cancelled their own bye-law.

MattMay 14th 2008.

The council is the convenient aunt sally again. People should remember - what happened in Manchester yesterday was totally extraordinary. I have never seen such an invasion before, ever. I thought the council were doing very well to get screens sorted and coping with such an influx. And I thought the Rangers fan were remarkably well behaved, considering. I was with the Ruskis and they were fine too. No trouble with Rangers fans that I saw at all. So a screen went down - stuff happens. Blame the Big Screen people, not the council. OK they should have had a back up - but it a bit bloody difficult with a big screen! I bet both the Rangers fans, when they forget the resul, and Zenit fans will think Manchester is the bees knees. The city should be proud of the way it coped. Not ashamed. And I think most people in the city, although totally gob-smacked for most of the day, will realise that this was something unique. It was actually the working class at play. Remember them?

Desperate United FanMay 14th 2008.

SIGN THIS PETITION, LETS AT LEAST TRY TO GET THE BIG SCREENS BACK IN THE www.gopetition.com/…/hampions-league-final.html…

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

I remember last year the pride/mardi gras celebrations were almost cancelled because of city council/police concerns about drinking on the streets and rowdiness. I've never seen the entire city centre in this state after Manchester Pride! Have you?

YoungMay 14th 2008.

I was in town during the day and night, I personally thought the mood in the day was brilliant, great atmosphere and it felt (as the article above said) like a once in a lifetime experience.The mood turned a bit sour later on BUT did anyone think anything different would happen? I personally didn't see ANYONE (apart from the police) being intimidated unless you're the sort of person (like some of the posters on here) who are intimidated by the look of a person rather than by their actions. I think given the magnitude of the event all we can say is that it was an unreserved success, 200,000 visitors and only 30 arrests when the majority of them had been drinking AT LEAST all day.

paulipipsMay 14th 2008.

Frustrating knowing some of the oooodles of cash spent today is going to those MegaCorp Vankers - Tesco. Selling shedloads of rock bottom priced beer by the caseload to allcomers from the market street store.Whats that crap they spew about 'encouraging responsible drinking 'Never mind my Council Tax can pay for their mess and they can pay off their shareholders with all the lovely money they have earned today. Fookin Tossers..Grrr!!!

KrissyMay 14th 2008.

I work on Hilton Street and the fans were great fun yesterday all seemed to be in order. I have been talking to a local bar owner who was very pleased with the way in which the day was panning out. However, this bar owner is in the know.... and it seems that the TV screen was not on the blink.... turns out the police TURNED IT OFF. The bar owner I know was ranting as he said this is where all the problems started. It all started with a hand full of Rangers fans on top of KRO2 roof who began to throw bottles at the crowd below. Instead of the police reprimanding the hand full of fans causing the trouble, they turned off the screen and spoiled it for the fans who were behaving. That is when they became angry. They poured into the side streets in search of a bar to watch the match which left tens of thousands of fans uncontained and out of control. I am not condoning the fans behaviour... it was appalling towards the end of night. But the event could have been planned better. Coming into work this morning was quite upsetting seeing what had happened to our beautiful City. Its all in the upbringing tho - I would never go to anyone else's home and treat it with such contempt. Big screen or no big screen they should have had more respect - its not the residents fault that you lost your stupid game......

jenniMay 14th 2008.

Hey Noel - you better believe it baby!!!

In the cityMay 14th 2008.

Manchester - Having a bad time?!? www.youtube.com/watch…

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

Manchester blame yourselves,these supporters travel all over europe with no trouble.If you sell them booze from early in the morning(tescos)and then the council cant get a screen to work then the police go in hard,what do you expect.Next week in russia we'll see how good the man utd supporters are.This was a one of from the rangers fans and you's are all going on like theyre animals

DrakeMay 14th 2008.

Apologies for the double post. In response to Jonathan's article: of course, it couldn't have been predicted precisely how many people would arrive (though many people did), or that the sun would shine, but from the point of the semi-finals, the possibility of Rangers being in the final and the fans coming in huge numbers should have been part of the events planning process (Celtic took 80,000 to Seville for gawd's sake). You say the council had three fan zones. One, in Cathedral Gardens, only had a capacity of 5,000 (never mind the issue of whether its a suitable space at all). Exchange Square screen wasn't turned on till after the match started. The argument that this was only a minor riot misses the point of a day of escalating trouble across the city. The council should have planned for the possibility, should have looked at using the parks out of town to save the businesses in the centre, should have enforced a partial alcohol ban, should have tested the screens and built redundancy into the system, should have had contingencies when things went wrong. GMP gave up the city. The lack of arrests was only because the Police failed to intervene even at serious criminality. When the word came over Nitenet that all of the bars in PIccadilly were being turned over, one asked for assistance and was told by GMP 'to try talking nicely to them'. Cheers, a lot of help.

andy bMay 14th 2008.

why did manchester council allow themto drink in street.we as manchester tax payers are not even allowed to sit in shambles sq or around with any glass or outside bars with a drink.i was once served a bottle of £16 wine in a plastic caraffe.Secondly why did manchester allow screens for them when for the world cup against portugals shambles sq had no screen to be seen.kerching! 25 million for business-will we foot the clean up bill,disgraceManchester tax payer

MelissaMay 14th 2008.

Ktfairy - mine was taken off too.....for just stating the obvious!!!! Mine wasn't offensive....however some of the fans in Manchester were. MC seems to disagree!

Michael WestMay 14th 2008.

Dunno, we managed to host Euro 1996 despite us bomb and I don't think any of us saw any blood or decapitations? Blame, that is always for our local councillors to outsource - (Pile it up Jim/Tesco - it's ur blame not mine). If the bookies reckoned that 23/1 Rangers would play in this city 9 months ago, think that is more probable than a bomb. This idea of two weeks notice is forgive well forgivin nonce. We knew. Even 2 weeks Police were talkin about no fan zones. Pat created them and blamed them on Tesco. How cool?

4by2May 14th 2008.

greatest sporting exodus in the history of the planet.........aren't you forgetting Moses and his sponsored walk from Cairo to God knows where.....

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

It was absolute carnage this morning. Seems like there was a massive outdoor Skins party last night that occupied the whole city...

PolMay 14th 2008.

I think it was great! To the fools ranting on about how there were drunken people on the streets, the mess bla bla bla, what do you think would happen if that many Mancs gathered together within the city. A day of such an atmosphere - well worth it.

Kevin @ M4May 14th 2008.

OK, so there was a lot of stuff going on! Firstly, I think well done to Manchester City council for the work they put into organising this. Cllr Pat Kearney also needs a mention, because I think without the Cllr's support, this sort of event would not have happened, and not put Manchester on the map (for the good things; I'll talk about the bad in a minute). Security & Police were organised, fair, and in most cases, supportive of the fans going to the match and enjoying the weather. Gt Ancoats St was awash with blue, and everyone was having a good time. Then the screen fails.....it happens. Buses were quickly brought in to try to get as many fans to another screen as quickly as possible. I'm sure it was not turned off as some have been saying. Then a SMALL core of 'fans' (using that term loosely) start to cause a riot and throw their toys out of the pram. The police did a good job in sorting this out, but remember this is not all fans, just the few fans who apparently can't control themselves when they have had a drink, unlike the rest. The other Rangers reject who stabbed the Zenit fan is probably part of the same small group of losers, so we won't waste any more words on them.Overall, Rangers fans behaved themselves (albeit sometimes a bit boisterously), and it is a shame you didn't win. Anytime you want to come back to Manchester you are more than welcome, but try to keep the noise down after 2am, as we do have to work still!People urinating in the street? We get that anyway, but most people I saw were using the conveniences provided.Anyone moaning about living in the city Centre and it being noisy, sorry, but it's noisy anyway with people partying. Get superdrug earplugs as someone earlier said; you weren't so naive to think they were going to be quiet did you?And Matthew, we don't all walk around the City Centre for Gay Pride because we have it organised over at Sackville Park with all the conveniences. And we pay for the cleanup afterwards through the ticket sales.I think if there are any Rangers fans here, they would agree about the minority of fans who caused trouble, but you will get that with any club.And the papers will hype anything for a front page. they didn't have a Rangers win, so let's trash (pardon the pun) the party.At least good 'ol Manchester Confidential has the REAL news.

Hearts FCMay 14th 2008.

Great advert for Scotland, hun fans urinating against the wall outside, way to go! I really fear for the city of Manchester tonight, lock up your daughters, your silver, your cars, in fact, anything valuable!!!

ktfairyMay 14th 2008.

Whay are you taking rants off here - I didn't think I was that offensive ;)

Thomas CochraneMay 14th 2008.

steviestarship says..“ Be grateful they didn't win or they'd still be there! Well, until Giro day anyway.”As a Glaswegian I am shocked and appalled at this comment Stevie. Utter ignorance of the highest order — don't you know that mot benefits are paid into a bank account nowadays and easily accessible in any high street nation-wide :)

KevinMay 14th 2008.

"I’d just like to say to any Glaswegians reading this site that I felt the vast majority of you behaved impeccably and you showed us English how to Party. I’d welcome you back in my city anytime"... And I'd just like to say that A Mancunian does not speak for the rest of the city and you can take your hooliganism elsewhere!

ktfairyMay 14th 2008.

As I said before the rants disappearing - if they wanted a guarantee to be able to see the match they should have stayed at home. The maority of the day was great - shame a minority let it down at the end. Just because the screen stopped working they have the right to kick off with the police? I don't think so.

MatthewMay 14th 2008.

I am bemused by the people here saying let the fans enjoy themselves?! At what cost?! Our own safety and cleanliness of the city centre? I wonder if the Gay Pride party go-ers will be allowed to walk around drinking in the streets or urinating up against every available verticle space? Sorry but the Rnagers fans were animals and have proven why Edinburgh is a better city than Glasgow! Vile!!!

LouMay 14th 2008.

I work and live just far enough out of the city centre to have not seen any of the crowds. I can't decide if I am relieved to have escaped the chaos or a bit dissapointed to have missed such an occasion.

Joan of JazzMay 14th 2008.

Sorry, me again.If the denziens of MCR that have posted here or ranted on talk radio honestly feel that the equivalent of 12 Saturday nights (est) are less significant than the events in question (be it in terms of violence, mess, arrests etc) they are either deluded or plain stupid.Over 120000 visitors arrived this week of which 99% were a pleasure to meet. Every group, gathering, city and culture has its idiots. Try to show some tolerance and dispense with the mindless bigotry on display here. (Cont)

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

maybe they needed "the bicycle repairman" of monty python fame

MoMay 14th 2008.

Come on people, get a grip. It WAS a fabulous occasion. Even when the screen stopped working, it was only an extremely small percentage of the 100,000+ fans that kicked off. They didn't help matters by throwing beer and pish at the screen whilst they were trying to repair it. Yes, I know the clean up is going to be massive and the smell was a bit over powering this morning going to work - but that is bound to happen with the sheer volume of people involved. The council and police did a great job. Maybe the council should consider recouping some of the clean up costs by raising the rates for all the city centre hotels and supermarkets out of their suspected £25m windfall, instead of from the general public though ??

leeMay 14th 2008.

On the "relaxation" of the drinking law, the only reason they say this is because it is totally impossible to police when you are dealing with the numbers of people yesterday. They "relax" the law because they simply cant police it. Im glad its over they made a right mess and treated our city like a toilet. I hope the council see sense however and allow screens next wednesday to prove mancs can behave in a more responsible way.

Joan of JazzMay 14th 2008.

1. MCR Confidential, I fail to understand why you permit bigotry and borderline racism to be continually expressed in this discussion.2. If anyone honestly believes Wednesday was a financial windfall to local business they are as ill-informed as they are bigoted (that or they own shares in a supermarket) 3. Clearly nobody has done the 'math'-120000 (est) over 12 hours (9am to 9pm - again an estimate) would probably need toilet facilities on 4 occasions @ an approx average of 3 minutes per visit. (Cont)

james rennieMay 14th 2008.

well balanced thoughtful comments john from an exiled glaswegian living in manchester thank god ive never met anyone down here with your educated opinion of glasgow

JenniMay 14th 2008.

Not all people in Rangers shirts were Rangers FANS. Not all Rangers "fans" come from Glasgow. Not all football fans are hooligans. I do not condone the violence that took place in your city or the disgusting behaviour. However if 250,000 people descended on your city (and i believe they did cos Scotland was half empty) then 30 arrests was exceptional. Please don't tar us all with the same brush. Yours a rangers supporter from the beautiful city of Glasgow who most certainly wouldn't cause a riot and certainly wouldn't p**h in the street.

LauraMay 14th 2008.

... so... by the sounds of it those outside urinals in picc gardens have finally been used...

karenMay 14th 2008.

Hey! Richard Leese! Are you asking Tesco to contribute to the clean-up? They obviously only support the 'drink responsibly' campaign when it doesn't impact too much on profits.

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

Maybe if the Mancon staff had spent the night being spat at, abused and having bottles thrown at them as I did (I work within the transport sector and had spent the last two weeks arranging to get these ungrateful people [I use that term lightly] home) their views might be different. Manchester City Council should not be making an excuse for these animals under any cirumstances.

BenMay 14th 2008.

The Rangers fans were a disgrace regardless if the screens didnt work. They came here in large numbers and thought a red carpet should have been put out for them when in fact they shouldnt have travelled if they didnt have tickets.I hope they go home soon and dont come back any time in the near future.

AngieMay 14th 2008.

What an excellent piece of social diary of our times from the ranters. Read this and weep Pepys. Or should that be "read this and wee, peeps."?

Kev PMay 14th 2008.

Couldn't agree more Lee, they need to revise the policy on drinking in public. It's disgusting that when I'm sat having a nice quiet drink on Canal Street on a hot summer evening, a policeman comes down and tells me I have to go inside in 5 minutes! There should be zones where it is permissible to drink until 12 or 1am. Relaxing it for hundreds of thousands of football hooligans is barmy.

KevinMay 14th 2008.

Great atmosphere? Did someone ACTUALLY say 'great atmosphere'?! Hundreds of thousands of drunken, loud mouthed, barely English speaking yobs have descended on our beautiful city to cause complete and utter mayhem. I live in the city centre and had an hour of sleep last night - Between 6am and 7am, then they started their endless, nonsensical screaming all over again. This morning there was a pile of empty Fosters cans outside my door and a man who was either dead or had drank himself into a coma on the road outside. I just attempted to walk home from work and got trapped in a sea of sweating, p*ssed up idiots blaring those stupid horns and singing unrecognisable chants. If the network wasn't so busy I'd have called 999 to get airlifted out! Great atmosphere? It's the worst thing that has happened in this city since I moved here, I can't wait till they all f*ck off back to Mars or wherever they're from tomorrow.

A football fanMay 14th 2008.

I watched the game with family who are Rangers fans in Albert Square - as a Catholic it was an uncomfortable experience at times - but generally the behaviour and atmosphere was good. The media coverage (and NIMBYism on here!) doesn't really reflect the genuine excitement of the day. If it had been a music festival that had caused the mess I'm sure the press would be more forgiving. As Richard Leese said - we can always tidy up mess. Given the sheer volume of fans that arrived I think the City coped pretty well. For future events it might be more appropriate to ensure that G-Mex, the MEN and even OT are available for supporters to watch on the big screens... All of that said it puzzles me why anyone genuine fan would want to travel 170miles to get wrecked and risk not being able to see the most important game of their club's recent history by relying on the host city to make it easy for them.

kMay 14th 2008.

mygoodness- it was for 24 hours- you all seriously need to calm down- do i detect a bit of jealousy that many of the football fans (both zenit and ranger) were allowed to leave their countries- isnt there many england fans actually banned from travelling abroad to watch their country play? Maybe Manchester shouldnt bid to hold another large sporting event- if this is the reaction of 24 hours of visitors- who will mainly all be leaving?I dont condone the actions of lager louts- but the shear volume of people should have been expected- if a little research was carried out by the council or police officials- mentioned above- Celtic took 80,000 fans to Spain- Rangers fans were travelling from over the border... ofcourse there was going to be far more! i think its harsh to say no-body wanted them and they should have f*cked off...that is not fair in the slightest- even if you are a scot- thats the sort of discrimination which fuels fights and segregration...you give Scots just as much a bad name as the ones rioting last night..and its fair to say also- not all gers fans are scottish- there are plenty of english and northern irish fans....

MosschopsMay 14th 2008.

A lot of different opinions being posted. i left for work in preston at 6.30 yesterday morning and saw rangers fans drinking around deansgate then. to be fair, i think the council got caught out with a really unfortunate combination of hot weather, a british team reaching the final and the screen failing. even though the final has been booked for ages, the finalists were only confirmed relatively recently. if you look at what WAS organised, 3 fan zones with a back up, the council did ok. anyone got any positive stories from the screens that DID work?does anyone else think that despite the volume of people, failure of the screen, amount of rubbish, we'd be so negative if alcohol had been taken out of the equation? even so, i was on the train home from preston at 1.00. rangers fans had been queueing at blackpool station for 3 hours, the train i was on was jam-packed to a dangerous level. even despite the vast majority being absolutely wasted, the atmosphere was incredibly friendly. but honestly, did no-one think to put extra trains/carriages on? i knew several days ago that 100,000 fans were descednig on manchester. i also knew that there were no hotel rooms left. so what was organised for the people staying all over the northwest attempting to get into the city (and out!)? final point - in terms of the benefit that hosting the event have brought, who is REALLY going to benefit. financially? in terms of reputation? i doubt the average manc has a financial boost or a feelgood factor this morning...

John McrMay 14th 2008.

Its not a nice feeling walking through your own home city and feeling intimidated, why they could'nt of put the screens up at Heaton Park i dont know as that would of been much easier to police!

ktfairyMay 14th 2008.

Melissa - your rant was not offensive, I read it before it went. MC are you just starting a new rant elsewhere?

james rennieMay 14th 2008.

kevin is a moron

MarkMay 14th 2008.

Let's assume the screen didn't fail, and the idiots who lost control had behaved themselves. Surely an overnight and next morning clean up operation is a small price to pay for the enjoyment and excitement that was enjoyed by many tens of thousands of fans despite the result.I for one am gutted that plans to show next weeks final have been scrapped. You'll never convince me that the authorities shouldn't organise events like these because local businesses experience a decline in sales for a day. There's more to life than commerce. Besides we were hearing yesterday about the £25m bonanza the city would benefit from with the arrival of the fans. You’ll never convince me that we can’t tolerate a little disruption to bring these events to the city, and you’ll never convince me that we the behaviour of the few should be allowed to impact the enjoyment of the masses.Come on Manchester, let the authorities know that we want to celebrate next weeks final, we want to watch it on big screens, and we’re prepared to behave responsibly in our own city. And to businesses, let the authorities know that some things are more important than a day’s takings.And to the authorities…don’t give up on the idea. It’s a good one and you should persevere with it. Chances like this don’t come along very often and should be seized. Use the experience of yesterday to get it right.If you care email r.leese@manchester.gov.uk with the following:Dear Mr Leese,I, as a resident of the City of Manchester, would not wish the events of 14 May 2008 to mean that our enjoyment of the event next week in Moscow be diminished. As such I request that you persevere with plans to show the event as a live public broadcast at key sites within our city.Regards

mcr girlMay 14th 2008.

I think the atmosphere is great, just hope that the city provides the same kind of facilities ie big screens etc for United fans next week

please get rid of the stenchMay 14th 2008.

I thought for the amount of fans etc it was actually quite a peaceful affair and really could have been alot worse and i was actually standing at Picadilly Gardens when the screens went off, all in all the whole day was a unique experience and quite mad to be part of...however my main gripe is now that the rubbish is almost cleared what is happening about the stench of urine!!! It really is foul and down every side street and the main areas as well....and it is so much worse than a usual saturday night due to the amount of people. Does anyone know when and how they are going to get rid of it all?

John S. LockeMay 14th 2008.

As far as toilets were concerned - Yes there were about 100 toilets at the top of Oldham St on Piccadilly. But I walked past them on Monday evening, and as a former visitor to Glastonbury and countless other festivals I suspected they would not be enough. I had something of a toe to toe with a Rangers fan as he 'pished' into our entrance, and when I remonstrated with him and pointed out that it wasn't a toilet, he swore at me and spat ' Yer whole f*ckin' town's a toilet pal!'...I threw a bucket of water over his feet and walked away...Festival atmosphere my arse!

steveMay 14th 2008.

The council are taking a battering here but lets have a think, a few events hosted by manchester in the last 12 years bigger than this game last night - Euro 96, the commonwealth games, the champions league final any number of FA cup semi finals with guaranteed numbers of around 60-70000+ people in attendance all going off without as much trouble as last night. Whats the difference? an unprecedented number of folks turn up. Hands up anyone commenting here that would have predicted 100000 fans let alone the many more that showed up.I doubt even that many would have come over had even liverpool been in the final. When Manchester united won the treble and estimated 100000 plus took to the streets to see them tour the trophies, there were no mini riots then. The council and police did a good job in trying circumstances and the only people letting anyone down where the rangers fans themselves.

LeeMay 14th 2008.

The atmosphere yesterday daytime was great, there was a real buzz around the city and I was busy giving directions to lots of people in blue shirts!It's such a shame that it was marred by the behavior of a small number of fans. I think the council did an excellent job overall, but I am really annoyed that the 'no street drinking' rule was relaxed. I can't legally have a bottle of wine with my picnic in the parks and open spaces near my home, and have been told by the police to put a hip flask away during a last night of the proms event in Exchange Square. If that's the law I'll follow it but do the council really think that it's okay to relax the the law for 100,000 football fans, but not 300 or so promenaders?

MinxieMay 14th 2008.

No no no! No more big screens in the city centre. In fact, no more big "anything" in the city centre if it's going to create huge amounts of rubbish, problems and chaos. By all means have these events, but use open spaces like parks - not our city centre where there are plenty of people who have other things to do!

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

OK - so why is it ok to cater for a quarter of a million visitors to the city centre for a major football match, but we native Mancunians aren't allowed a New Year's celebration in case we cause trouble. What hypocrites make up our City Council. We are the ones who pay the taxes!

BigfishMay 14th 2008.

Well said. This farce lies at the town hall steps. The council messed up BIG TIME. No toilets no recycle bins, no communication and no thought. Come on Councillor Pat Karney, you love seeing you name in lights. Step forward and let’s hear what you have to say. It’s unlike you to be so quiet

ExileMay 14th 2008.

Of course, they're not all perfect as is the case with any clubs fans!! and Glasgow Police must be having a great night off. In response to madness, whilst we do have many beauties over the border we do have some less fortunate souls and yes most of the Exiles have indeed married an English girl, that's why we're still here!

sheper00May 14th 2008.

I've got a suggestion for all you lovely 'gers fans:F*ck off back where you came from (speaking as a Scotsman who saw the light and decided to leave that narrow-minded province)- nobody wanted u in the first place, trash your own city u f*cks!!

champagnesocialistMay 14th 2008.

How lovely of Confidential and Ear to the Ground to 'air lift' some beer down to the Teddy Bears on Oldham Street. A great example of Corporate Social Responsibility. Really touching! Can you organise an air lift to me as I've got a deadline to meet?

M1 ResidentMay 14th 2008.

Agree with Drake; thanks so much to GMP for the chopper... it woke up the fans nicely just half an hour or so after they finally passed out from booze. Did anyone else have to gingerly step over Scotsmen sleeping quite literally in the street on their way to work this morning?!Seriously though; great atmosphere in town today... I hope the game merits it!

American in ManchesterMay 14th 2008.

I was in the City Centre at 10A.M. yesterday and with the amount of open drinking going on anyone with half a brain knew that some sort of trouble was on its way, not enough preps were made for the number of people in the area and the amount of beer consumed

Dawn, Le Mancunian MinxMay 14th 2008.

Thank God they weren't facing the other way! It would have put me off my tea! haChiplotas anyone?!! ;)

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

I think I have just seen my colleague on one of these pictures... he said he was just nipping out for a fag?! Who are RAngers by the way??? ;-)

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

As well as the mindless violence, visible drug taking and disgusting behaviour from the fans, we also had to put up with no public transport and taxis putting up their fairs! Meaning that trying to get home at 11pm after a hard days work in a restaurant was impossible, and had to walk 6 miles home!! Do want events like this in Manchester again, NO THANKS!!!

AnonymousMay 14th 2008.

Good luck to the chaps who have to clear up this mess. Isn't it a public order offence to wee in the street and oh what about drinking on the streets. We should send the clear up bill to Rangers.

Ben CookeMay 14th 2008.

Now I’m not the prettiest of boys myself but I think the worst thing about this gathering was the abject ugliness of the Rangers fans – I turned onto Newton Street during the mass exodus from Piccadilly Gardens around 8pm and thought I’d wandered into the land of Shrek. Their womenfolk were even worse - every one of them was the spit of Biffa Bacon’s mam. Last thing you want to see after a long day’s graft is a big boned lass with the hem of her skirt tucked under her double chin squatting over a gutter in a side alley off Dale Street. No wonder these people have to resort to converting so much alcohol – they must have to be perpetually beer goggled up to co-habit.

Jonathan Schofield - EditorMay 14th 2008.

Folks, sorry a few of your rants might be disappearing. We're updating the story with new images and so forth which means if you're on whilst we're changing, rants can disappear. Apologies.

paulipipsMay 14th 2008.

Just come back from a wander around the city centre - ABSOLUTE FOOKIN MESS ! - everyone is taking pics on phones etc to capture the scene. Street cleaning guys are out in force and talking with them they say they aint ever seen anything like it. Even when the topcoat of rubbish is moved the pavements are coated with slippy greasy slime underneath and the stink of "pish" as our visitors so quaintly call it is everywhere. Let the hot sun cook it all up today and its going to smell really evil later - not much Alfresco eating or drinking will go on today... I'll have a wee dram of Dysentery with my Cappuccino please....

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