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The REAL truth behind the victory parade

Confidential uncovers the truth behind the victory parade

Published on May 23rd 2008.

The REAL truth behind the victory parade

Confidential can unfold the truth behind why the city will not be getting a victory parade for Manchester United's European Cup win.

The decision has been down to four agencies: Greater Manchester Police, Manchester City Council, Trafford Council and Manchester United.

Inititally there were never any plans for a victory parade by any of the aforementioned parties, simply because they didn't forsee Manchester United winning. However, once the Reds reached the final, a mood swing occurred in all four quarters: a victory parade would be nice after all. However actions speak louder than words and unfortunately for Manchester, no action was taken.

For Greater Manchester Police, as no suggestions of a victory parade were relayed to them, again no action was taken to plan security measures.

In all of this, it is the councils who are the first point of call. The police then act according to the council's decision. Still, no plans have been made and the police now claim they are in a position where it's too late to organise manning the event. Trafford Council are the bad eggs in this saga, given that well, they haven't done a thing. They haven't made any suggestions or put up any money, whatsoever.

The outcome of this vicious circle of lack of responsibilty, foresight and assertion has meant that the fans and excited youngsters will miss out. This week Manchester has hoisted itself onto the world stage of sporting events.

With the European Champions League win, the test match and Ricky Hatton's fight on Saturday night, we've become one of the sporting capitals of the world. Yet we can't even organise a sodding victory parade.

All four are at fault: both councils and the club for not preparing and the police for now saying it's too late to organise. Each blaming each other and only the supporters suffering.

If you feel we should be allowed to celebrate the European Champions League win Confidential suggests you email your thoughts to the authorities at the root of all this:

Trafford Council - events@trafford.gov.uk

Manchester City Council - leisure@manchester.gov.uk

Manchester United - enquiries@manutd.co.uk

Greater Manchester Police -

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46 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

ollieMay 23rd 2008.

i am a manchester resident and i have an interest in football and i dont mind if my council tax is used to put plod on the street, which to be fair is where plod should be anyway. on the other hand, i have no interest in running but i'm sure my tax went towards closing off a load of streets in manchester last week so some people could have a jog.

loopyMay 23rd 2008.

Surely this all comes down to having Pride in the City and its achevements? If we can play host to a load of Glasweegen fans last wednesday, who caused more problems than what have bee documented, then why can't our team have a bit of a knees up? The Rangers fans for the most part we all ok, but we had pee all over the city the next day, people outside our work at 10pm at night (when the last shift leaves) kicking and screaming at each other (and thats on Peters Street!) and even a bunch of guys just who walked passed an innocent city worker and smashed a bottel into his face. I tell you what, Man U fans wont be onmass peeing in the street, yes there my be a few fights, but i would still feel ok about leaving work or coming into the city centre. When we hosted the Rangers match, there was a mention of the city profiting from about 3 Mill + pound (or so i cannot quite remember but i know it was a lot) surley the city can do with even more profit off our fans and off its own fame? GIVE THE PARADE! It really cannot be as bad as last Wednesday night!

jaime castlefieldMay 23rd 2008.

what an absolute joke....no parade especially witht the munich memory...traford council should hang their heads in shame........

City Fan DeanMay 23rd 2008.

Serves united right. I remember when city won the playoffs in 1999 (that was a bigger achievement and we didn't get a parade)

Paul MMay 23rd 2008.

To City Fan Dean: I disagree. Winning promotion is ace, but winning a League/CL double is far more parade-worthy. As for the lack of Man City parade in '99... there was the small issue of the Utd TREBLE to attend to!!

MorgsMay 23rd 2008.

Manchester City Council could not organise a **** up in a brewery... That's probably why Boddingtons left!What a bad show not having a parade...

JohnthebriefMay 23rd 2008.

Sorry Councillor, that won't wash. You run the city, the buck stops with you. This summer? It should have been last week, not in 3 months' time. The moment has passed now and we have seen the extent to which the jobsworths in the town hall are aware of or share the priorities of the people who pay for them. Fail.

VegasMay 23rd 2008.

So Rangers lose and their fans cause a riot. Penalise those supporters for their conduct and not United fans. Ban Glasgow Rangers from participating in any games in Manchester and send the damages bill to the Club. United supporters will be revelling in the victory rather than looking for trouble after a defeat. Furthermore, how unsafe can a bus travelling at 5 mph through town pose a danger? A Chief mourner is more than qualified to walk in front of a moving vehicle. Back in 1999, the only danger posed to the public was from Dwight Yorke dangling off the side of the bus!

AnonymousMay 23rd 2008.

let's keep Manchester a great city by not having an open season for drunken knob heads terrorising residents and workers, and destroying our town.Sorry but no group of football fans are angels and United are no exception (although far better than many). On my way home at 8ish on Oldham St on Wednesday three seperate groups of fans were hurling abuse at everyone passing, and tried starting trouble on me and others. This was supposed to be when you were all on a high and proud of Manchester.To be honest this is disgusting - if the council even consider doing this again for any football team (including England) in future then they're stupid.The city is growing and more & more people live in town these days and shouldn't have to put up with this abuse.Support your team but watch the match at the grounds, at the pub or at home and don't try to encourage a large gathering of trouble in public again, it's not unfair on everyone else. Unfortunately the minority always spoil it for the majority but this approach is dealt to us on a daily basis in every other area - why should football be an exception.Maybe if people are punished for what they do, it'll encourage the supporters to behave and stop the dickheads ruining things for you.This thriving cosmopolitan city does not need hooligans spoiling it for the rest of us...

Ami BrodieMay 23rd 2008.

That is fair then Gary, you do not seem to be a jealous bitter blue like the rest of you!When will you blues realise that all this success Man United has is good for the city of Manchester!Gary - what was the parade like in 1976 when you last won a cup??

Rob ShevlinMay 23rd 2008.

sort it out, manchester police and councils - "didn't plan for them to win" how about seeing them progress through the competition to the final.. are you telling me a contingency plan can't be setup IN CASE they win..pathetic that we can't put a parade on for such as rare occurance as the double.

Ryan AndertonMay 23rd 2008.

To whom it may concernI am a city centre resident and a die hard manchester United fan. I find it absolutley disgusting that the city council cannot manage to show a parade of support for its own football team, who has brought international focus and glory to our city. We can manage to cater for 200, 000 foreign fans allowing all day drinking sessions, and yet for the people of Manchester - who are paying for the clean up.... we are denied celebrations for our own team.The council have been cowardly in denying a celebratory parade. In one breath the council has shirked its responsibilty saying that there is too much of a safety risk, yet last week you were saying Manchester is a world capital for sport and must not shy away from holding future sporting events beacause of the behaviour of a mindless few!!!Its no good to simply blame the police who in turn blame the council. We pay our council tax and it is up to the council to give the city what it deserves instead of hiding away. I was here in Manchester 9 years ago for the last parade on deansgate. That was whilst I was still at college and awaiting A level results in order to study Medicine. Whilst in Manchester 9 years ago, watching the victory parade, i told myself, this is a city I want to be part of. I came to study Medicine at the university of Manchester that August, 1999.How sad that after living here for the last 9 years I cannot go out and celebrate as I did in 1999. Shame on you.Yours disappointedlyDr Ryan Anderton

not so loopyMay 23rd 2008.

Heh, loopy, isn't peter street like that at 10pm every friday and saturday night?

Ruth BoughenMay 23rd 2008.

..and a very good doctor you are Ryan!When you treated my dad last year you seeemed like a sensible fellow and this impression is confirmed by your comments re the lack of parade for our Conquering Heroes. The parade in 99 is one of my abiding memories, pricipally because it brought the whole community together and was an entirely good humoured affair. Once again the collective ineptitude of our 'representatives' (they work for us apparently; I'm sure I read that somewhere)has taken wonderful success and turned it into failure. Disgraceful!

SVENMay 23rd 2008.


ollieMay 23rd 2008.

what exactly would the aftermath of a victory parade be? some litter? because i find it hard to believe that there were no empty plastic water bottles and cups on the streets from the joggers. Would it be worse than that because were 'drunken loutish football hooligans'? which i kind of have the feeling you think we all are. i bet the cost of closing the streets for the run far exceeds what it would cost to organise the parade. i also bet that utd do more for charity and good causes than a funrun. have you ever been to an organised outdoor event in a public space of any description anywhere?

we won it 5 timesMay 23rd 2008.

You can have a parade when you win it 5 times.

A pedant notesMay 23rd 2008.

they didn't win the 'European Championship', that starts in a couple of weeks.

ollieMay 23rd 2008.

why does it have to be organised, why cant the utd team just get on an open top bus unofficially at a predetermined time at old trafford and drive into manchester and back again to old trafford. if people happen 2 come and watch them drive through town on a bus, who can stop them. as far as i remember its not illegal for a football team to drive round on a bus nor is it illegal for me to stand on deansgate and watch them.

Jerry the catMay 23rd 2008.

I amongst others am not a united fan however my eleven year old daughter is, I know but what can I do! anyway why cant they (united) put on a parade at the ground let everyone in for free, I know this is a truly wild conception for United but very little policing would be required all the reds would be contained problem solved.

Ami BrodieMay 23rd 2008.

It sounds like Manchester City Council have been consulting Gary Stewart... No doubt Mr Stewart is vehemently Fighting the victory parade, most likely due to some deep rooted bitterness.

bad bobMay 23rd 2008.

Just hire the bus and email standard mail to club members and go for a drive.

KatMay 23rd 2008.

Oh dear there are alot of bitter blues...... Nevermind... BRING BACK THE PARADE why should we miss out!

liamMay 23rd 2008.

I am leeds fan and don't particularly like man utd, but I do think they should have a victory parade.It would take a bit of planning, but would be easy to organize between the respective organizations in say the next couple of weeks.I know if Leeds get promoted on Sunday there will definitely be a celebration in Leeds city centre, whether the police, council, etc, like it or not.

GordoMay 23rd 2008.

(laughing) Ed, i remember that game well, I pitched up for a auite at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in Knightsbridge, to fine the bloody Southampton team in residence...

meMay 23rd 2008.

Quick a bag of wind? If you're going to be bitter at least get your English spot on. Sounds like a bitter blue to me?I agree, a victory parade is needed. Well done Man Con for being a voice for the people and a minority within the current media that doesn't have their cocaine filled head lodged up their arse.Lets celebrate Manchester being a great city.

lesley hampsonMay 23rd 2008.

Very poor show that we did not have a homecoming parade last week for MUFC.Hull did it for their returning team this weekend.Why not Manchester?

AnonymousMay 23rd 2008.

jeez, get over it. why should the majority of the city be inconveinienced because some over-paid blokes who quick a bag of wind around a field win some competitions.

Frank's TrousersMay 23rd 2008.

have no interest in football, or the parade, and wonder what % of Manchester residents actually wnat their council tax used to pay for this???

AnonymousMay 23rd 2008.

I agree with you Frank on this one - if people love football and their team then good for them but don't ram it down everyone's throats by having a parade in the city - (the clean up bill being passed on to the residents in council tax of course!!)If suddenly Jehovas Witnesses became massive groups of loud drunken idiots and wanted a parade ramming their religion down everyone's throats there would be an outcry.Football and religion are both the same - they make a lot of people happy and their lives are dedicated to it, but are both very dangerous and shouldn't be enforced on everyone else.

bluregMay 23rd 2008.

Yernited have cancelled the open top bus tourA club statesman said.."Our fans have spent a fortune getting to Moscow and they shouldn't have to fork out again to get to Manchester."

AnonymousMay 23rd 2008.

Oh my god, yet again the REAL people have been let down. I am beginning to wonder if we are turning into a communist state, the people no longer have a say in what happens in their own towns/cities, even countries. We have been penalised for all of those Joks who came and trashed our city last week but the Council dont give a damn, they made their booty, the people can go and swivvel as far as they are concerned!

BuckPassMay 23rd 2008.

See the GMP blamed again, funny how they were given a big Thank You at the Stockport County celebration. A MAJOR road was closed and a day after they won. It was a great evening, good atmosphere and all well behaved... Shame on you Manchester City Council !!!

Ali McGowanMay 23rd 2008.

I don't even support United but think that they should be allowed a parade. Poor, poor show on the councils for not organising. Sort it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ryan andertonMay 23rd 2008.

Ninge, news flash........cost of living wont get cheaper if we dont have parade! Winning the champions league will bring in £85 million pounds, £10 million to the city of Manchester in football related tourism. United have offered to pay for security, so thats not the issue. What has where our footballers come from got to do with anything? They play for MANCHESTER and every country in the world was watching them, parading the MANCHESTER name world wide. Why do boring people have to dampen everyone elses celebrations. Surely there is a star trek convention to go to

Ami BrodieMay 23rd 2008.

Gary- one quick question.Does Curly Watts still atatend the council house?

AnonymousMay 23rd 2008.

to be fair, the manchester run raised thousands for good causes and will have cost a fraction to organise as it would to organise (and deal with the aftermath of) the parade.You may not mind if your council tax is used towards your sport, but others do.In an ideal world we'd all get a say on what our payments go towards but we don't.

NingeMay 23rd 2008.

This is starting to irritate me.. there's surely more important things for people to get irate about, such as the ever rising cost of living. Personally, I don't see why Man Utd. themselves won't foot the bill.. and could someone tell me how many of Man Utd.'s players are actually from Manchester?!

proudest man in the worldMay 23rd 2008.

I'm a diehard everton fan but love footy in general. Pleased to see Man Utd win the league and champs league -some effort to do both in same season. Its a shame there's no victory parade, you deserve one but its that only - a shame.... I brought my first child home from Trafford General on Weds 21st @ 7pm - a beautiful healthy little boy ...first thing we did was watch the match together. The hospital and staff were amazing - much better than St Mary's - which closed their doors to us @ 3am! The council may not have organised the people a parade but they look after us where it counts. Now, hope the lad doesn't end up in he stretford end.....

PISSED OFF MAN U FANMay 23rd 2008.

This is the dumbest thing in the history Manchester!

jaime castlefieldjMay 23rd 2008.

how dare you use that...im a jehovas witness and a united fan...religion is an important aspect of many peoples lives and just cos u atheist boring tree hugging twats want to spout your 2 pence worth and look righteous be carefull what you say... i want an apology!!!!

edMay 23rd 2008.

The victory parade in my home town of Southampton in 1976 was great

Councillor Mike AmesburyMay 23rd 2008.

As the new Executive Member for Culture and Leisure for Manchester and as a lifelong red (and season ticket holder) I can assure readers that I would have loved a victory parade and pressed for one. The leader Sir Richard Leese,I and senior officers have had discussions on this matter. We have been crystal clear from the outset that if the club working alongside the police made the decision to have a parade then we would helped close the necessary roads provided the barriers and cleaned up after the event. The decision rested with the club and the police. Like thousands of supporters and Mancunians I am extremely disappointed by this decision. What makes it even more galling is to witness Portsmouth, Stockport County, Hull city and Rochdale staging parades, this has been an embarrassing episode. United's achievements this year were outstanding for the club and the city alike. United must have a World Class Manchester celebration. While the parade should have happened after the victory we are where we are now. A Parade must happen this summer with no excuses. Manchester city council will enthusiastically work with the club and the police to make this happen.

GaryMay 23rd 2008.

I arnt got a porblem with it. It just that Im not going to the victree parade. Its my cusens birthday paatry when the victree Parde is going on.

AnonymousMay 23rd 2008.

I agree with you Frank on this one - if people love football and their team then good for them but don't ram it down everyone's throats by having a parade in the city - (the clean up bill being passed on to the residents in council tax of course!!)If suddenly Jehovas Witnesses became massive groups of loud drunken idiots and wanted a parade ramming their religion down everyone's throats there would be an outcry.Football and religion are both the same - they make a lot of people happy and their lives are dedicated to it, but are both very dangerous and shouldn't be enforced on everyone else.

AnonymousMay 23rd 2008.

can't there just be an event held at old Trafford or Heaton Park or something? The city centre is not the place fot this - give the supporters and the residents what they want by having a celebration but away from the people who don't want it?Simple solution - why do you have to piss on our doorsteps (or walls, windows, phone boxes, bins, streets as the Rangers scum did)?

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