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The One to Watch: Jaws

Fancy a short, shark shock? One of the world's biggest collections of Jaws memorabilia lives right here in Tuebrook. But what's the story?

Published on July 30th 2008.

The One to Watch: Jaws

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Er, hellooo! Jaws has only been on the telly about 5,000 times you know.
Excuse me. Do you think I would waste a whole One To Watch telling people to view a 33-year-old movie on ITV3?

You might if it was a quiet week.
Stop carping. It might be quiet, but “still waters run deep” for the shark royal is right here in Liverpool.

Aha! You literally have missed the boat this time. That visited in June. Not the Ark Royal. I mean Jaws. The greatest great white of them all who makes bathers panic and tears them limb from limb so that their bits and bobs bob on the high tide.

A maneater with a big mouth then?
Yes, or you might be thinking of Abi Titmuss who's also in Liverpool this week.

Jaws had better not sink his teeth into one of those iron chaps on Crosby beach or he'll know it.
Do you mean Another Plaice? Do not fear, for we are talking about one Liverpool man's a remarkable homage what is regarded as the first blockbuster movie.

Ed McCormack, 43, owns one of the world’s largest collections of Jaws-related memorabilia, and he has just put it all on show at Microzine.

Big fish in a small pond?
You might say that. Ed, from Tuebrook, fell for Jaws hook, line and sinker in the hot summer of 1975. “Images started filtering through and appearing in magazines here in the UK, soon after

the movie opened in the US,” he says. “I patiently waited and finally my father took me to see the movie on the day it opened here in Liverpool at the ABC Lime Street on Boxing Day 1975.

“That fateful day changed my life.”

So Ed's still at it?
A dab hand. “My parents bought me lots of Jaws items back in the day, badges, mugs even a Jaws football,” he recalls. Unfortunately, then came what the fish-loving fanatic describes as the “wilderness years” before the net became common place. Nowadays, thanks to the web, Ed swims happily with fellow shark lovers and collectors “to finally meet, share items and of course strike up ongoing friendships”.

Has Ed got a gillfriend?
What are you angling at?

What's his prize catch, then?
A chunk off the side of the Orca. This is the vessel in the Steven Spielberg movie that was filmed off Martha's Vineyard in New England, and the setting for the seaside resort of Amity. It was given to him when he visited a Jaws festival there. Ed has also created a spoof Jaws newspaper and even produces DJ mixes based on the Jaws theme tune. At Microzine, visitors can expect to see rare posters, mugs, books and all manner of Jaws-related stuff.

Do say: "Hmmm. The shark stands in for a variety of fears—uncontrolled organic nature threatening the artificial society; big business corrupting and endangering community; disruptive sexuality threatening the disintegration of the family and traditional values—which Jaws tries to contain through the reassuring defeat of evil by representatives of the current class structure.

Don't say: It's only a fish.

Jaws exhibition, August 2-31, 2008, Microzine, 65-67 Bold Street, L1. 0151 709 7282

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49 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Alistair MackrelJuly 30th 2008.

Is this a story we should be covering in the Echo?

Billy the KidJuly 30th 2008.

You were messing about in the back office? What do you mean by that exactly? This will be tomorrow's fish and chip paper

Matt Finny HaddockJuly 30th 2008.

I thought you had moved to Whales?

C. McCoglooseJuly 30th 2008.

Okay don't get into a flap, some people are more Gull-ible I eggspect. Okay gotta fly.... Have I got this right?

Dame Judi TenchJuly 30th 2008.

My boss thinks I'm just frittering the afternoon away doing this.

Sole ManJuly 30th 2008.

You're both talking Pollocks.

Fish cakesJuly 30th 2008.

I'm reeling after all this!

Skate AidieJuly 30th 2008.

Shouldn't that be Clare McCod-loose?

Marlin BrandoJuly 30th 2008.

Turbot - don't skate on thin ice!

AdminsJuly 30th 2008.

Right. Can everyone just hang on for 1 minute?

Skate AidieJuly 30th 2008.

Shouldn't that be Clare McCod-loose?

Alfie BassJuly 30th 2008.

Eel regret it

Capstan MainwaringJuly 30th 2008.

Don't tell him, Pike!

Marlin BrandoJuly 30th 2008.

That's a whole different cuttle of fish

John DoryJuly 30th 2008.

That last one tipped the scales

Jack the kipperJuly 30th 2008.

Sorry, I'm a bit hard of herring.

Stanley StreetJuly 30th 2008.


Koi SchneiderJuly 30th 2008.

No it's not, it's brill!

C. LyonJuly 30th 2008.

Indeed. He just needs the whitebait.

Alastair Mc-RayJuly 30th 2008.

Only if you use a cod byline.

Silda OgdenJuly 30th 2008.

Hey, if you really are the famous Angie Sammons, then you must be acquainted with the famous BBC TV regional reporter Andy Gill.

The Tetra PackJuly 30th 2008.

Only the small fry.

There's a Plaice for usJuly 30th 2008.

"Admins"? What kind of a fish-related name is that?

Darius GuppyJuly 30th 2008.

You know, I'm too good for this plaice...

Ali McCrayfishJuly 30th 2008.

This really is starting to flounder.

Chas ColeyJuly 30th 2008.

I'm always out to make a few squid.

The Piece of Cod which Passeth all UnderstandingJuly 30th 2008.

I thought I'd best get this one in as it seemed to be taking so long

POLOJuly 30th 2008.

I nearly fell off my perch when I opened up this story! The music!I thought someone had attacked my computer when the Jaws music came on.Deffo something fishy here.

Ben Dover-SoleJuly 30th 2008.

I think she left acting and opened a home for Tiddlers.

ActrosMeJuly 30th 2008.

Hi folks - New here - Does anyone here collect Jaws memorabilia? I loved the film, gee even the music gets you going, but have something I want to sell to a real Jaws enthusiast., or can anyone tell me who would buy Jaws memorabiliaAll take care

AA GillJuly 30th 2008.

Are you just trouting for business?

Angie SammonsJuly 30th 2008.

That any better?

Julian BreamJuly 30th 2008.

I'm having problems whiting now!

David TenchshawJuly 30th 2008.

Me neither.

Captain HaddockJuly 30th 2008.

With a prominent Perch on the front psge! Yes I can sea it now, with picures of the micreants all in a Roe.

Joe CoralJuly 30th 2008.

Whatever happened to the lovely Coral Atkins?

C. UrchinJuly 30th 2008.

Julian Bream says..

AdminsJuly 30th 2008.

Could Michael Fish and Peter Tench please re-post please? We were messing about in the back office!

Fishy FingersJuly 30th 2008.

Back to school everyone

Skate AidieJuly 30th 2008.

Shouldn't that be Clare McCod-loose?

Kylie MinnowJuly 30th 2008.

Fish puns? how childish i can't believe you have all taken the bait.

AdminsJuly 30th 2008.

Ok. As you were...

John WestJuly 30th 2008.

Is that the same comment 4 times or am I suffering from De Shark Vous?

RayJuly 30th 2008.

There was a Grouper puns here, but some Dab hand's deleted them. Eel be sorry!

Pike StoreyJuly 30th 2008.

That's just a rumour put about by the eel-vil crab-al.

Skate AidieJuly 30th 2008.

Shouldn't that be Clare McCod-loose?

Dr David MackrellhinneyJuly 30th 2008.

Nothing Fishy about me.

ConfidentialJuly 30th 2008.

, oughtn't this to be under a Seal?

Turbot the hairdresserJuly 30th 2008.

Hey Marlin Brando, I thought you slept with the fishes?

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