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The New iPhone - is the wait nearly over?

Chris Brown-Colbert can’t wait for the new iPhone but he’s not sure why

Written by . Published on September 29th 2011.

The New iPhone - is the wait nearly over?

SAMSUNG is trying to ban it, Facebook is launching an app to showcase it, T-Mobile covet it and Apple are banning staff from taking October holidays so they can sell it.

As the seasons change, so will our iPhones. Or so we hope.

The newest and most impressive rumour has to be  the voice activated assistant. It can covert the words you speak into words you read.

At 10am on Tuesday October 4, Tim Cook, the new chief executive of Apple, will deliver the keynote speech telling all about the next iPhone.

It’s been 15 months since the last one, making this the longest wait for the upgrade since Apple's much-vaunted smartphone first launched in 2007.

The last time we waited for this much sought after piece of kit (the iPhone 4), it turned out to be a bit of a letdown. Major antenna problems caused people to question whether Apple was all style and no substance.

Not to mention the total arrogance in which they dealt with the situation; former chief executive officer of Apple, Steve Jobs, simply told the world to 'hold the phone differently' to avoid the problem.

He soon realised his mistake and gave us all a free cover to mask the problem. Apple’s attempts to ‘change everything again’ proved futile.

The problematic iPhone 4The problematic iPhone 4

One online reviewer gave it the following roasting: ‘The iPhone 4 comes with poor reception, freezes when it pleases, cuts calls mid-conversation, doesn’t run flash, liquid screen when dropped on carpet and only has 2 hours battery life all for free on a £35 a month contract at a store near you’. 

Yet even if that was the ad speil, we’d probably still hang onto our iPhones like a bad marriage. Why? Because they look cool, and Apple's marketing is, more often than not, superslick enough to tempt us in.

Looking to the future, it's hoped there will be plenty of attention to detail with the new iPhone, starting with the camera - which is rumoured to be 8 megapixels. It’s not the best though, considering iPhone’s largest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy II, will have a 10 megapixel camera and will be able to run flash - something the iPhone has never done.

Amazing then, that the impeccable Samsung features mean nothing to iPhone fans, such is their barand loyalty. The fact remains that Apple products never look cheap and that's probably the overriding appeal.

The new iPhone is rumoured to look a lot like the iPhone 4 and may even be called the 4S. The word on the grapevine is that a completely different model shape is due out in 2012 and that will be called the iPhone 5.

It would make sense. Apple follows patterns. First 3G, then 3GS, then 4. Now maybe the 4S, then next year the 5? Or is it a case of new chief executive, new business model? Maybe they’ll call it the iPhone IOS 5 to coincide with the IOS5 software update which is intended to breathe new life into older devices as well as making the proposed model unbeatable.

I predict there won’t be as many changes as people think and this may simply be an iPhone 4 upgrade rather than a completely new design. It should have improved battery life too, which has already sparked rumours that Apple will announce the death of the iPod.

Sales of iPods are already dwindling - they've never been able to match the sales peak they reached in 2005 - and a longer-lasting iPhone is almost certain to leave Apple's mp3 product completely redundant.

With regards design, the new iPhone is rumoured to have a brushed aluminum back to replace the glass, making it more robust. The screen is likely to be slightly larger, at 3.7 inches, leaving the 4.2 inch curved screen rumours for the next generation 2012 iPhone.

This model is heavily rumoured to have a new Full 1080 HD camera and A5 dual core processor to match the IPad 2 - making multi-tasking a breeze. It’s also believed there will be an NFC (near field communication) chip which will enable it to be used with payment services such as Google Wallet.

The newest and most impressive feature (if you pick through the gossip) has to be the voice activated assistant. It can convert the words you say into words you read. So you could make an appointment or send what is suppose to be a text message, verbally. It will recognise your voice and send the message without you having to touch the keypad. Bye, bye dictaphone.

Finally, the only other possibility is that Apple decide to bring out two phones to take on both the mid-range market as well as the high-end. If this is the case, the mid-range iPhone will likely be the 4S and the 5 will be something so out of this world it will blow our minds.

Let’s just hope all these Apple rumours aren’t iPhony. Roll on October 4.

Follow Chris on Twitter @cbrowncolbert.

The history of iPhoneThe history of iPhone

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Lynda Moyo shared this on Facebook on September 29th 2011.
AnonymousSeptember 29th 2011.

So basically Apple are going to bring out a 'new' phone which has all of the features of a phone that's already on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S2. The sooner the Apple fan boys wake up and realise that there are better alternatives the better.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 1st 2011.

If you think specifications are the only 'features' a phone has, you're sadly mistaken. As an (wanting to be supportive) Android user, I really think iOS has got the advantage at present.

IzzySeptember 29th 2011.

Same as every other consumer product; from TVs, 'phones, PCs, lap tops and cars, to cereal, baked beans air fresheners and washing powder. There is simply too much choice in everything we buy, created by ad men, PR houses and corporate manufacturers for one reason only - to make us spend money many of us don't have. How many types of frigging nappies do you need for God's sake?

Rob MartinSeptember 30th 2011.

Of course there were also plenty of good reviews for the iPhone 4 and I've never experiencnced any of the problems mentioned in that quoted review. 2 hour battery life? No! Nobody is forced to buy Apple products are they? One thing that makes them desirable is their ability all to sync with each other in a way which makes other products feel less essential. So, for me at least, Apple is preferable and I'm not being forced to get anything I don't want!

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousSeptember 30th 2011.

We had a similar ani iPad article on here when that was first released - the tone was the same - ie whats so good about it but it was clearly written before mancon had even used an iPad.

Personaly I think that they write these articles just to have the extreamly popular search term 'iPhone 5' on their site and get some extra web traffic from it.

Simon BinnsSeptember 30th 2011.

That's a bit cynical anon, although we are just working on an article about David Beckham releasing an album with Lady Gaga, called 'Facebook.'

AnonymousOctober 1st 2011.

Apart from the battery life (needing to charge it every night) I don't have any other problems with the iPhone 4. So if they improve that in the 5 then that's good enough for me.
I've dropped my iPhone loads on the hard gravel and floor - maybe i've just been lucky to never have my screen crack...

the Whalley RangerOctober 1st 2011.

Dear apple users

I want to watch a movie I have 'sourced otherwise' on my pocket device. Can i5 do that?

I want to listen to my music I have 'sourced otherwise' on my pocket device. Can i5 do that?

I want to show my clients my flash site on my phone. Can i5 do that?

I want to log into a non-apple mail provider to check my other mail. Can i5 do that?

As soon as it can, I will switch from my non-brand Chinese device...if it's cheaper!

All the other apple tripe is surely plain gimmicky hype.

I am not a kid anymore that pays through the nose and can be impressed by a tamagotchi!

Ah, by the way, still enjoying your ipod? Or are you feeling ripped off and frustrated by its unbelievable iNCOMPATIBILITY?

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