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Tesco: Lords of the <strike>World</strike> Universe

Jonathan Schofield on the row about a new city centre Tesco: is it all it seems?

Written by . Published on April 17th 2008.

Tesco: Lords of the <strike>World</strike> Universe

I woke up the other morning and Tesco had opened a small store in my navel. It was only a Tesco Express but it still felt out of place and uncomfortable. That was just a nightmare but it feels like we're being hemmed in by Tesco. This is why organisations such as the www.tescopoly.org, a blatantly anti-Tesco website exists. Read it: it’s fun and alarming.

You can imagine Tesco has a big room with maps tacked down on tables, like a Battle of Britain movie, and staff, in checkout uniforms, moving stores around on long sticks. Boss, Sir Terry Leahy is maybe standing on a gantry above pointing to bits of the country not yet Tesco-ed and laughing in a disturbing manner

The group states on its homepage: ‘Tesco now controls 30% of the grocery market in the UK. In 2007, the supermarket chain announced over £2.5 billion in profits. Growing evidence indicates that Tesco's success is partly based on trading practices that are having serious consequences for suppliers, farmers and workers worldwide, local shops and the environment.’

Bloody hell, no wonder people think it’s the Genghis Khan of retailers. If you believe the website.

The latest Tesco row, uncovered by Simon Binns of Crain's Manchester Business, is over a proposed new store on High Street in the city centre. This would occupy the Christopher Wray lighting shop site, opposite the £1.5m Manchester Arndale Market and across the road from the last remaining fruit and veg stall-holders.

This will be the third city centre Tesco. The first lies around the corner on Market Street, a two minute crawl away for even the slowest snail. The other is up towards Piccadilly Station.

You can imagine Tesco has a big room with maps tacked down on tables, like a Battle of Britain movie, and staff, in checkout uniforms, moving stores around on long sticks. Boss, Sir Terry Leahy is maybe standing on a gantry above pointing to bits of the country not yet Tesco-ed and laughing in a disturbing manner.

And sinister it can seem when you read in the Crain’s report that ‘Tesco is already paying half of the lease costs of the Christopher Wray store’. How very cunning. Or that ‘Tesco did not return calls’ when asked about the store.

Mark McCall, one of the Church Street veg traders has said: “We can't compete with supermarkets on price, and they sell the products that we sell as loss leaders. We thought the council was supposed to be in favour of retaining independent trade.”

Perhaps, but maybe McCall’s battle has already been lost? Is the city centre the right place to join battle with the behemoth that is Tesco?

You can understand a market town surrounded by two, three or four giant supermarkets having something to gripe about. In these places the out-of-towners are overbearing bullies. You can also see why Chorlton has been protesting about Tesco encroachments. The suburb has a splendid independent range of fish mongers, butchers, off licence and delis. It literally doesn’t need any more supermarkets other than the large Morrisson’s on Albany Road/Wilbraham Road. It physically can’t fit any more.

But the city centre with its huge cosmopolitan crowds is different. A Tesco in this part of the city centre would be actively welcomed by a lot of Northern Quarter residents. More particularly for those against the new store, where are the interesting food retailers it could threaten aside from those few stall holders across the road, and those in the Arndale Market, which seem secure whether this store opens or not?

Given its claims to be the indie heartbeat of the city, the Northern Quarter should have a real proper, stonkingly good deli. But it hasn’t, and those that have tried have struggled. It seems that customers, despite what they say in bars and dinner parties, are willing to forego variety and personal service for the dull monotony of dreary old crappy Tesco .

Maybe if a deli as good as Chorlton’s Barbakan took over the Christopher Wray site then it would work, maybe then the customers would flock in. But it would have to be as good as the original, with all its amazing breads and superb hams, and not produce a Carluccio’s compromise, in other words a coffee and sandwich shop with some groceries attached.

But it would be a huge gamble: principally would the customers come? Manchester is full of people who talk the talk about ‘real’ food and paying top dollar for quality, but it has precious few who are prepared to go to those lengths. Why pay the level of rents and rates required on a city centre site on a problematical return from an audience who often troop down to the nearest chainstore for the two-for-one deal on processed ham?

At present Manchester city centre in its prime retail core deserves another Tesco because that, it seems, is all people want.

It’s an embarrassment for a city this size that there is no big deli presence in the retail heart.

Now pass that rocket salad in the pre-packaged bag would you and let’s get out of here.

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82 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

mApril 17th 2008.

I as much as anyone would not like a Tesco in the middle of the northern quarter, but this proposal is on High Street! Its opposite that not so independant dob off shopping centre called the Arndale. There's very little of an independant 'Northern Quarter' vibe along here. If anything tesco will make the street a little more pedestrian friendly the way the Arndale market has, and maybe even suck more trade *into* the NQ. Think of it this way: if you get a Tesco on the very edge of the northern quarter its effects on the inner businesses are minimal, plus the chances of you ever getting another one right in the middle of the NQ have just plumeted.

AnonymousApril 17th 2008.

As a city centre dweller who doesn't drive, while I'm all for convenience - the fact is you can't get a full weeks shopping from any of the central locations so instead of giving us loads of Tesco's bastartdising our city centre, can't we have a big Asda or Morrisons somewhere along great ancoats near Ilva perhaps (or over the road where there's far too many sport shops!)This would negate the need for more northern quarter mini-supermarkets, and save having to get the bus/taxi to sportcity or hulme.Just a suggestion - it's got to better than having a tesco on every corner.

markApril 17th 2008.

every little help! you NQ mac monkey's!

JonApril 17th 2008.

Salford Red, for your information the workshy city of Salford has been subsidised by Southerners for countless years ever since the factories closed. And by the way I'm a Northerner and sick of chip on the shoulder attitude of my brethren who let us down by whinging rather than getting on with it.

david bApril 17th 2008.

can you open one in near piccadilly village and albion works area / duice street would do. it will save our legs.

AnonymousApril 17th 2008.

Mmmmmmmmmmm, Waitrose

Ali McGowanApril 17th 2008.

To Anthony, who states "There are plenty of areas in the City Centre where there are no convenience stores at all like the Castlefield area or along City Road/City Road East"... you say it like it's a good thing?! With thousands upon thousands of city centre residents, compared with the 900 or so in the early 1990s, we NEED more convenience stores [and other facilities]. I don't wana trudge streets and streets just to buy some milk in the evening - and at the mo in Castlefield I have to. The emphasis here is on convenience. Now then, with regards to this article, a lovely deli would be great - but unlikely to be open long hours and unlikely to sell bog roll/toothpaste/other essentials. For a quick mid-week fix, I always use convenience stores and try to stock up on stuff in bulk at larger stores at the weekend. Oh and whilst a Waitrose* would be awesome, they don't do a compact format to my knowledge and Spar is a pile of pants. So I'm afraid I'm broadly in favour of a Tesco for the NQ folk. And if you guys don't want it, send Tesco to Castlefield, where they can build a nice twee shop for us to blend into the old brick buildings. ;) *nearest Waitrose is Cheadle Hulme at the moment I think. PS: it's very late and I am tired, sorry for rambling. And I didn't feel the need to f***ing swear either.

NHApril 17th 2008.

Does this need Council backing? Has it got any? I'd like to know before I vote in the local elections.

NQ ResidentApril 17th 2008.

Eloise - of course you can get a pint of milk after 6pm in the NQ - try Spar, Costcutter and the other convenience store next to Nosh! We have the Market Street Tesco - we don't need another!

AnonymousApril 17th 2008.

Bloody hell all the Northern Qtr snobs who think they live in some perfect independant utopia have come out of the woodwork. Strange how I see you all hiding your Aldi bags as you scurry home as it's the only place you can afford to shop as the credit crunch affects people who bought into an idea which wasn't quite what they expected. Now the Northern Qtr properties will devalue further as Tesco moves into the Qtr that was created by the council marketing dept & property companys to attract high selling prices. Bring it on Tesco we need you and will use you as we are too lazy to walk to Market St even though we won't admit it. Even the wannabe's living in the Northern Qtr will be popping in dispite all the complaining they are the ones most cash strapped spending all their money in bars to be seen in souless area they live in who ignore the markets on their doorsteps in favour of cheap mass market food.

BigFishApril 17th 2008.

"commercialise the Northern Quarter by the back door!.... "Will people stop saying that! There's noting remotly individual about the NQ! It's bland and overpriced nonsense

MattApril 17th 2008.

Its a farse!!! What would be good to see in that space is a deli or decent restaurant to compliment the English Longue not another FACELESS CORPORATE SHOP! The same is happening on King Street alot of shops are closing and no independant retailers are taking advantage due to the high rents charged!!!

HowardApril 17th 2008.

If you want Waitrose go to ocado. They deliver at home and, having tried the others, always have smart, cheery staff.

AndyApril 17th 2008.

..“ if people don't like it, don't use it. then it will close. ”Correct! But what the NQ inhabitants are worried about is the fact that they WILL use it! It's convenient!

LianeApril 17th 2008.

I don't want to see a Tesco there. But it is difficult buying supplies in the city centre. I've recently moved to the Deansgate end and try to shop mainly at the Arndale Market, which is great for fish, veg etc. But the city centre food-shopping problem isn't getting fresh food (deli-type stuff) - it's the basics. Store cupboard stuff. Standard pasta, bread, jars, tins, etc.

JamesApril 17th 2008.

I wouldn't like to see a Tesco at this location personally, I also don't think there is a need. Both current Tesco locations are within 5 mins walk of the NQ, surely the residents can cope with a short walk should they need anything! Given the investment that has gone into the Arndale Market, and the character of the area, its surely in the NQ's best interests for a Tesco not to appear here.The location has been a poor choice for Christopher Wray, and their business has subsequnetly suffered, I hope if a Tesco were to appear here, the location jinx would have an effect....doubt it though.

CMApril 17th 2008.

I love a good tesco rant, because I can't stand them. I buy fruit and veg from a veg market, and meat from a butchers, and I ALWAYS get more for my money. The lower prices and value people speak of are a myth, especially when you compare quality with that of local shops. I do know though that I'm lucky to have these alternatives - something city centre dwellers don't. Even so, I live about 20 miles out from town, and the 5 tescos within a 5 mile radius of each other are still packed, as are the 2 Asdas. Councils, planners, government - no one is ar*ed. Just shop local, give the small businesses a chance and watch everyone else eating miserable watery chicken and tiny vegetables.

Why or whyApril 17th 2008.

I think that Marks and Spencers food hall supplies all the provisions that one could need. Why is Manchester becoming a clone town with Tesco, Starbucks, Costa etc? The reason is that people go to these cr*p places. It's all very ranting but unfortunately most people have poor taste.

VoyuerApril 17th 2008.

Anybody that buys a bland city centre flat is obviously open to a culture of what you sew you will reap. Hence the super market 'culture'aimed at people who are to 'tired' to achieve anything more than a restaurant review.

Salford RedApril 17th 2008.

WOW so Mr S thinks Salford is full of the workshy NOW that's what I call an EXCLUSIVE................

Bit behindApril 17th 2008.

Have you all heard about that new Tesco's thats opening near The NQ?

RichardApril 17th 2008.

I was told there is soon to be another Tesco in the city centre - above the new Phillpots sandwich shop on Oxford Street (ground floor entrance). I don't know if they have shelved these plans. Anybody else heard about this?

Ali McGowanApril 17th 2008.

Alix, the whole point is that in a city centre you shouldn't have to trudge streets and streets just to buy milk!!! You'e lucky - if you live in the countryside, why not buy your own cow? I can't fit one on my balcony, sorry. And I know about Ocado - great service all round - but obviously not much use if you just need something quickly - and I think a lot of people in town would like more convenience shops more local to them. Well I would, but that's cos I am lazy. And honest.

Sainsbury JohnApril 17th 2008.

WOW !! I thought I saw a link to an anti-Tesco website at about 10.15pm. it's 10.40pm and IT'S GONE.Unless I've missed it.

EloiseApril 17th 2008.

Use the internet for a big shop, they deliver so you dont need a car, and you can choose whichever supermarket you want. Obviously not Tesco, actually I do have a point here, they stopped bringing the shopping up above the ground floor a while back as they deemed it unsafe to leave their vans unattended. No idea if their policy has changed but I find Sainsburys far more reliable anyway plus you get £10 if they are late. Modern technology eh

LeeApril 17th 2008.

I agree with M that we do need food outlets in the City Centre and that supermarkets do have their place for the conveniance of the long opening hours and as a place to buy furniture polish and so on, not stocked by delis.But why can't we have one full size supermarket in the centre? You can't get half the things you need at the moment despite the amount of retail space taken up in the city by the supermarkets because there's one on every corner all carrying the same stock!

EloiseApril 17th 2008.

re Spar, Costcutter etc, have you seen the price of milk in these shops? Plus Spar is not in the most well lit of spots for a single female in the dark and last time I did bother to visit Costcutter of an evening they were out of semi-skimmed. And they are frequently out of basics. I doubt I will use the Tescos, I dont use either of their shops if I can help it now, I am merely pointing out I am not surprised and I bet lots of people do use it. I rarely run out of milk these days myself, I'm much better organised after having quite literally to pay the price.

HazelApril 17th 2008.

***It's not true nobody was interested in the Christopher Wray site - i was and tried on many occasions to talk about it. Strange that I got no response*** Did you want the whole unit or just a small part, Did you approach the letting agents? I am a resident in the building that houses chris wray and would be interested to see why no-one got back to you (Tushingham Moore are the agents apparently) We have been told that Tesco are the only company that have expressed interest in the unit. I will check back later for your answer..

EloiseApril 17th 2008.

Its not hard to see why Tesco's want this site, you cant get a pint of milk past 6pm in the NQ, in fact you cant get a reasonably priced pint of milk in the NQ full stop. And I include the Tesco Express in that statement. It doesnt seem that anybody else is interested in doing anything else with the site so what can you do? An organic deli opened on Great Ancoats Street a couple of years back but no one used it and it shut down. You choose where you shop, just make sure you carry on using the Arndale and Market Stalls (thats if you do in the first place, and I have just bought carrots from Church Street before you ask!) Frankly I think an empty shop would be worse.

AnonymousApril 17th 2008.

It is not true that there were no interested parties wanting to take over the site. The agents kept telling everone as long as 12 months ago that it was already under offer. But I am surprised, since it was also apparently the residents above the shop objecting to the use of premises as a restaurant/bar due to noise/alcohol issues? So now they will have tens of thousands of people, on their way to Printworks every night buying and drinking cheap booze in their doorway in order to save some money on bar prices and get drunk before they get to clubs? BRILLIANT!!!

NQ residentApril 17th 2008.

yes, supermarkets are convenient - but that's not really the issue here - there is a Tesco a few minutes walk away from the proposed site, i can't understand why we need another tesco on High Street!

mApril 17th 2008.

It wasn't long ago that there was a real shortage of supermarkets within the city centre. When people live there you need access to these types of facilities, particularly in the evenings. The Arndale market doesn't open until 10pm and if there were good delis around would they be? Without wanting to go to restaurants or for takeways for food every evening, or to go to a bar every time you fancy a beer, there needs be the availabliltiy of supermarkets as most independant shops don't open late. There can be too many supermarkets but I think this is a reasonable location for another.

EloiseApril 17th 2008.

I dont understand the poeople who do the NQ down. I live in Ancoats myself, but I like the bit in between. The fact is you cant hold NQ responsible for the stuff going on in Manchester. Fact is most of the chain stuff is outside this area. We've had a few independant shops try in Ancoats, it didnt work as I mentioned earlier. But I dont understand why one area should be responsible for the whole of the integrity(sp) of Manchester. I suppose its nice to have someone to blame eh?! At least calling the northern quarter - NQ - is descriptive, what is the Green Quarter FFS? At the end of the day none of this matters, we should try and have a cohesive belief in what is important to being a city centre council tax paying resident. Forget about the transient work-a-day lot,lets try and come up with a solution for US. At the end of the day, we dont have somewhere else to sod off to and have a BBQ.

Bill GatesApril 17th 2008.

Dear Pieminster I'll send you a £1bn dollars tomorrow.

smartiemcrApril 17th 2008.

Another Tesco would be terrible for this area of town and not in-keeping with the entrepreneurial, independent nature of the Northern Quarter at all. Not to mention the aggravation to residents caused by massive lorries pulling up outside at all hours. I used to be a fan of Tesco but since the proliferation of small 'metro' style shops has increased I now shop virtually anywhere else if possible.The Council should put a stop to this and help at least keep the Northern Quarter an area worth visiting, not another faceless clone.

Mr HollandApril 17th 2008.

I'm The Pie Master.............

AnonymousApril 17th 2008.

There are more than 2 tescos in the city centre, there is one on Quay Street too. There are probably more!

Eddy RheadApril 17th 2008.

Market forces - supply and demand - use it or lose it - Marx and Engels - Mom and Pop- jumpers for goalposts - rah rah rah............

Anthony McCaul's called Pat Karney downApril 17th 2008.

Right - lots of town hall mentions here so I've called Pat Karney from the Town Hall. We'll be outside the light shop on High Street on Saturday at 12pm. We'll be there to listen if you want to come and chat. Otherwise drop me a line at anthony@citycentrelabour.org.uk if you live in the area and want to let me know your views.

davyApril 17th 2008.

how come all these threads start off on a serious note and end up like a clip from a zucker and zucker film? to all within the nq, don't bother campaigning against this particular monster because even if it gets blocked, they'll push it through anyway (tesco stockport extra) once upon a time, the customer got what it wanted, now its more what the retailer gives to it, the customer ends up with...keep an eye on vacant premises near oxford road station (you heard it here first!)

DarrenApril 17th 2008.

keep using them and they will keep building them!

KelvinApril 17th 2008.

There are some great bars in NQ, however there's a lot of crap too. It's becoming blander and blander by the day, much like Manchester has over the last 13 years that I've lived up here. With all the over-priced and shoddily-constructed apartments and increasing boring residents lured by the supposed cache of the NQ, the area would perfectly suit a Tesco Express. I don't agree with it, personally; however people are quick to extol how they want independent shops, but are slow back up their "look at me, aren't I so locally-minded / let's save NQ" comments and actually get off their suburbanite-gone-city-centre arses & support them. You reap what you sow.

PieministerApril 17th 2008.

I have run many successful delis in my time and indeed thats what I'm doing currently. My dream would be to stop Tesco in thier tracks and open one on this ideal site focusing on good, value for money fresh food. However, I need investors...so if anyone is interested please email me! chrisgoodacre@googlemail.com

AnonymousApril 17th 2008.

I would welcome Tesco if they offer good quality food with lower price. I would assume that they ran a survey beforehand and concluded that they will be able to get benefit. They might also interpret the result as "people need Tesco at the location".

AlixApril 17th 2008.

Whilst I don't really see the need for Tesco to put another supermarket so close their existing Market Street store, I wish all you City Centre dwellers would stop complaining about how far you have to travel to get a pint of milk. I live in the suburbs but still have to drive over 20 mins to get to a so called convenience store - think yourself lucky at all the shops in the City Centre that you have access to.

Salford RedApril 17th 2008.

Oh and buy the way you do know that there's also A LIVERPOOL CONFIDENTIAL and soon to be a LEEDS CONFIDENTIAL think about it you muppets............

DaveApril 17th 2008.

It's not just Tesco, we also have Somerfield, Co-Op, Aldi and Sainsbury's Local all within a stone's throw. But personally I get all my fresh stuff from the excellent Arndale Market. I would love to see a good deli in the NQ. What's going on with that one that's supposed to be opening on the old Little Book of Furniture site?

EmApril 17th 2008.

Here here Hazel. Lots of anti city centre snobbishness here. I love my home too and having lived in all kinds of places and all rental properties have finally settled in what seemed to be a city fringe area full of character and without the usual suspects of Starbucks and Tesco. Progress marches on. We must against all odds do our best to preserve what makes this area unique and precious; not just for the benefit of residents and 'southern pricks' (good to hear your rounded views, red), but to Manchester as a city. I will be doing my bit to protest and vow to continue to boycott Tescos wherever they go. This is a chain without mercy and without any respect for the areas they populate.

Salford RedApril 17th 2008.

Jon, what are you talking about?

AnonymousApril 17th 2008.

Is there anyone out there who would be interested in this space apart from Tesco? IF SO GET IN TOUCH WITH CHRISTOPHER WRAY NOW!!! From what I understand the space has been advertised for many months and no business is interested in it apart from Tesco.......There is no parking on Church Street anyway for residents (Thanks Manchester Csl) and this will make it a thousand times worst....Can we have a comment from the council on this issue please? There are 4 apartment blocks near to this site all scrabbling to get deliveries to their homes anyway, surely Tesco's would only make the loading situation impossible?

AnonymousApril 17th 2008.

It's not true nobody was interested in the Christopher Wray site - i was and tried on many occasions to talk about it. strange that I got no response. Now I know why.As a resident of the NQ, we don't need another Tesco - amply supplied in every direction with co-op, Somerfield, Sainsburies and 2 Tescos selling there mostly rubbish food, as well as some great stuff in the market, love saves the day, the fruit stalls and gastro's not too far away, selling some great meats, etc... there is also a new deli opening where the furniture shop used to be. this could be a great site for someone doing something interesting!

Helen HApril 17th 2008.

Without being a NIMBY I live directly behind it and wonder what the provision for deliveries is? as the road is very small and I don't fancy having lorries all day and night!!! It would also be a real shame to see the fruit and vegetable stalls disappear altogether they have already reduced to 2 from the 10 or so that were located on Tib Street !

jonApril 17th 2008.

Are they still opening seen as they got there alcohol license refused? The small fruit stalls opposite are part of the arndale market, and are due to be removed and refurbished anyway.

AnonymousApril 17th 2008.

I don’t think there’s any need for a big ‘superstore’ in the city centre – This would add to congestion for starters!I live on Greengate and have no problems getting my weekly shop from Tesco on Market Street – They have virtually everything you need. They may lack slightly on freezer stuff. But having said that – most city centre apartments only have small freezers!

too many shoesApril 17th 2008.

The Tesco bashing website that you mention is very humorous indeed; I certainly had a good chuckle. Tesco are apparently un-amused by this kind of publicity though and according to an article in the latest edition of Private Eye, they've taken the step of hiring a crack team of lawyers to scour the local and National press for any potentially damaging or defamatory articles. So much for freedom of speech hey. Could this be yet another case of an organisation bullying their way to global domination? Actually on the basis that I don't want to have my ass sued by Sir Terry Leahy and his merry band of grocers/lawyers, I'm not going to say anything horrible and instead I'll comment on how nice their "Finest almond croissants" are. : )

Salford RedApril 17th 2008.

What a bunch of twat's who gives a **** what any of you moaning southern pricks think.

The Real BenApril 17th 2008.

There's actually another city centre Tesco, on Quay Street.Next to a Starbucks, surprisingly enough....a Starbucks that is next to a Sainsbury's Local, on the corner of Quay Street and Deansgate. Walk a couple of minutes down Deansgate and guess what? Another Sainsbury's. And another Sainsbury's can be found down Oxford Road opposite the Cornerhouse......another on Mosley Street....and another at Piccadilly Station.Tesco, Sainsbury's, the names don't matter, their proliferation in the city centre is what I find most depressing.

KarenApril 17th 2008.

I'm not suprised that the agents don't speak to prospective tenants because I wanted to rent another unit in the NQ but I'm still no nearer to getting one because the landlords and their agents only want to deal with businesses that guarentee them a high yield ie. restaurants.

Market LoverApril 17th 2008.

COUNCILLORS - Rather than photographing yourselves next to the most trivial of problems and posting me more flyers than I care to remember, can we have one great big smelly, loud, noisy and very necessary market please. The Arndale isn't a market and the quality / range poor. Leeds and Liverpool offer good northern examples. Most cities have them, we don't. PLEASE START A DEBATE

susanApril 17th 2008.

the business must be there if tesco opening yet another store..im all for it..more jobs will be created and if you dont like it you dont have to shop there! personally i will be as its on my way home and at the moment im carrying heavy bags from the high street store.. it makes sense..more and more people are living in the city centre.

Anthony McCaulApril 17th 2008.

Ali - you've missed my point completely - I'm saying that we NEED convenience stores/supermarkets in these locations and comparing this to the non-need on High Street given the other supermarkets in close proximity. It's not a good thing we don't have more amenities for local residents it's a bad thing and that's why I'm campaigning to change it. We need to make the City Centre sustainable if people are going to live here long term.

AndyApril 17th 2008.

Not another Tesco!... what is it with Manchester?... WE NEED A WAITROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since moving up from London I have suffered from Waitrose deficiency syndrome (as well as Sun deficiency sydrome!!) - we need some freshness & sophistication!

Anthony McCaulApril 17th 2008.

The vast majority of the residents who have contacted me are against a Tesco here. To be honest I don't think we need any kind of supermaket in this location. There are plenty of areas in the City Centre where there are no convenience stores at all like the Castlefield area or along City Road/City Road East; notwithstanding new areas like the Green Quarter. I don't say no to Tesco off hand, but I do say no to Tesco in this location. It's too much, it's simply not Northern Quarter.

JinkiesApril 17th 2008.

Hm, so we've got a starbucks/costa/nero every 10ft, but it's only Tesco's that people are trying to stop? Get a grip and look around, every street is the same and the globalcorps run everything.

AndyApril 17th 2008.

"How long before Afflecks becomes another MacDonalds outlet"....... Very soon i hope. Afflex should have shut

HazelApril 17th 2008.

I didnt know we could say twat or prick?? What fun. TWATS!!!

Sainsbury JohnApril 17th 2008.

Anna,Send your objections to your local councillor. Get writer's cramp (is the apostrophe right? Writers'?). It won't do any good. No one - not even central government will stand up to supermarket power. Otherwise they'd do something about the cheap booze problem which seems to be helping to kill pubs and the like. Won't they?

NeilApril 17th 2008.

We've done the plastic-free week club at work (almost impossible) - now we're doing the independents only week. We imagine success will almost copmpletely depend on where you live (e.g. Chorlton) and how far you're prepared to walk/drive/bus. Join the club!

georgeApril 17th 2008.

Walk to Gastros on Sackville St , the excerise will do you good

MeApril 17th 2008.

"entrepreneurial, independent nature of the Northern Quarter"Get a grip! Once upon a tiem maybe!

AnonymousApril 17th 2008.

if people don't like it, don't use it. then it will close.

scApril 17th 2008.

spawnmeister, not everyone is able to do their shopping 'during normal hours like normal people' you fool. And the Spar is ridiculously ovepriced.

HazelApril 17th 2008.

Last poster...I live in 23 church street (Above Christopher Wray) and am a director of the leaseholder management company. Residents have never been informed of a potential bar/restaurant at 23 church street and have therefore not complained about any potential noise etc from such a venture...Can I ask who told you this? You can email me if you prefer at hazeyj@btinternet.com. As for tens of thousands??? Also to the other poster...my city centre flat is not bland...its beautiful and its MY home and I'm very proud of it. Ive lived in manchester city centre for 10 years and have loved every minute of it thank you very much!Good night and god bless

JonApril 17th 2008.

What about the point about this tiresome Northern chip on the shoulder, the its all unfair.

voyeurApril 17th 2008.

p.s.It's not Manchester but!, Buxton is about to open another supermarket 'they already have 9' Shurely some mistake.BE AFRAID........

AnonymousApril 17th 2008.

"Ever since moving up from London I have suffered from Waitrose deficiency syndrome (as well as Sun deficiency sydrome!!) - we need some freshness & sophistication!”Feel free to move back to London if it's all that great!

AnnaApril 17th 2008.

It would be the fourth Tesco in town. There is one next door to Sainsbury's on Quay Street. I live next to the Christopher Wray shop and the last thing I want to see is another freaking Tesco. I have sent my objections to my local councillor about this and I urge anyone else from the area to do the same. Unless they're happy for the entire world to turn into Tesco of course. Sounds like a future Doctor Who episode. Eek.

EloiseApril 17th 2008.

BTW I'm off at my parents having a BBQ, they have a very nice surburban garden:))

Kev PApril 17th 2008.

It's a bit daft to have one hear when there is one quite literally a stones throw away. We need a nice Fresh & Wild organic deli or something!If anyone wants to protest this you can contact city centre campaigner Anthony McCaul on anthony@citycentrelabour.org.uk who will take up the issue with Council bosses.

NiallApril 17th 2008.

It does seem too near to the Market St. one to be sensible though Tesco obviously believe they can pick up a lot of business there, which is all they care about (an observation, not a criticism).I would name my first borne after Tesco if they built on the vacant site on the junction of Gt. Ancoats St. and Pollard St. where an Aldi is planned instead. This area is crying out for a mid-market, get-it-all supermarket. It still wouldn't stop me getting fish and veggies in The Arndale market, though.

cllr.pat karneyApril 17th 2008.

We had the manager of Tesco Market St to the city centre residents forum two years ago when he told us his store was the second busiest outside Kensington in London.So its clear that Tesco's can pull in the customers.I go in from time to time especially during the late hours.The proposed one on High St is around the corner from my flat so Tesco Two would half my journey and increase the temptation of late night sweets At the same time I have lots of requests from other parts of the city centre for shops so I would like to see Tesco's plan for the city centre.I will set up a meeting with Tesco's to look at the wider picture---they will come cos the city council threw out a Tesco proposal in Chorlton two months ago.Anthony McCaul called me so we will both be outside the light shop at 12 pm this Saturday to hear local views and tea/coffee afterwards.See you all Sat.

TJN2000April 17th 2008.

If you are fed up with Sainsburys and Tesco there is always Waitrose at Cheadle they will deliver too. http://www.ocado.com

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