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Sir Richard Leese attacked

Criminals give Manchester City Council Leader a black eye in Burnage

Published on January 13th 2009.

Sir Richard Leese attacked

Seems nobody is above the lawless.

Sir Richard Leese, the leader of Manchester City Council, has become the latest victim of a car-jacking.

In trying to defend his car from two attackers Sir Richard Leese was injured. He was treated in hospital for minor injuries and released.

It appears that Sir Richard may have been followed by the two men. They swooped when the Council Leader stopped in Burnage to get something from the boot of his sky blue Mini Cooper. When they demanded the keys there was a struggle in which the Sir Richard was struck. After taking the keys the men made off and the car was found abandoned in Moston, North Manchester.

Detective Constable Andrew Langlands of Greater Manchester Police said: "This was a nasty and unprovoked attack on a man going about his day."

Sir Richard Leese has said: "It was a very unpleasant experience which left me very shaken and with minor injuries. I hope that the perpetrators are caught so that no one else becomes a victim."

The two men who attacked Sir Richard are described as well built, 5ft 11- 6ft tall, black and in their late teens or early '20s.

The incident took place about 1.45pm on Friday 2 January 2009.

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79 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

scoteeeJanuary 13th 2009.

Please don't ignore all the questions Derek

SmartA*seJanuary 13th 2009.

John Dalton (as in the Street) suffered from the condition himself and was the first person to identify colour blindness. (Another Manchester first!) In many parts of the world it is referred to as "Daltonism". Would it be politically correct to refer to it as such? Tick Green for Yes and Red for No.

AnonymousJanuary 13th 2009.

Nice to see Sir Richard having lunch (no doubt at the Council Taxpayers expense) at Ithaca with his cohorts.I wonder what new money extraction scheme he was planning for the citizens of Manchester?

rosieJanuary 13th 2009.

Cigpapers,thanks for proving my above point about the BNP and its supporters. Much appreciated.

jaybeeJanuary 13th 2009.

Responding to Rosie and Chasmcr's less than parliamentary language I have to say it is no use burying your heads in the sand when rising crime and mass-immigration is brought up. I'm 72, born and bred in Salford, but was never 'asked', as Derek Adam said, if I wanted millions of foreigners to flood the country. I have voted Labour all my working life and for what? Hazel Blears and her Government now admit it is not 'racist' to question, as Adams did, the effect millions of immigrants are having on this country. Jobwise Brits are losing out,for example,instead of training our own people to be nurses etc Labour has, basically, stolen trained personnel from Third-World countries which can least afford their loss. Why no demo's against this exploitation Rosie and Chasmcr? Where are our children and grandchildren supposed to live now that Africans are seemingly given every available empty council house in north Manchester? They were built to provide homes for Mancunian workers who could never afford a mortgage. So why the surprise when people in growing numbers turn to the BNP? I wonder if Rosie and Chasmcr were involved in posting an anti-BNP leaflet through my letterbox last elections? It was so far-fetched I actually logged into their website to see what they are really like. No wonder, as anon says, they refuse to put up candidates at election times. Communist groups can never justify the mass-murder of over 100 million souls from the dark days of Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao in the last century. Hitler was only a learner when it comes to these brutes. This is why they hide behind the 'anti-nazi' banner and refuse to follow the democratic elections system. At least Adams and his party have the courage to do so.

rosieJanuary 13th 2009.

f*ck off derek.you horrible bigoted excuse for a human being.i hope that you're not under the illusion that you speak for me or the majority of mancon readers/ranters.as with all british nazi party propaganda,your take on history is skewed at best.keep your nasty,racist,opinions to yourself in future.

Derek AdamsJanuary 13th 2009.

Scoteee, firstly the reason that all BNP members are white is that there is an abundance of organisations representing various ethnic groups, Black and Asian police officers association, Operation Black vote, Black Lawyers Directory which is the UK's first online directory providing free listings of UK individual black minority ethnic (BME) lawyers, Ethnic Minorities Liberal Democrats, London Chinese Community Network, The Executive & Professionals Network (The EPN) which is a networking and socialising forum, which is specifically targeted at black professionals, business owners and those working in professional environments, National Black Woman’s network, Asian Welfare and Cultural Association, Asian Elders, Chinese Association of Southampton, S.O.S Polonia, Confederation Of Indian Organisations, Consortium Of Bengali Associations, Joint Council For The Welfare Of Immigrants, and far too many to mention here. These groups are operating for the benefit of their own ethnic groups, however due to draconian UK laws the indigenous population of our Islands are not allowed the white publican collective or the white police officers association or basically to even mention the W word.This is where the BNP come in, by some quirk in the law; political parties can legally represent their own ethnic group so I hope that fully answers your question. As for your reasoning that more money is available to people I am not sure how that would increase crime as if people have more money then surely the need to steal it would be far less.I agree with your mention of poor moral standards and indeed, I have already addressed that in my first posting.As for your view that I am a racist, you are obviously of the same creed as Rosie and Avo apart from the fact that you do not use foul language, racism was a concept invented by Leon Trotsky in order to silence opponents, the true meaning of the word is someone who prefers their own race, which judging by the amount of ethnic racial associations on the internet most people of whatever nationality must fit into this category.

cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

So you can't name one then Scotee. Point proven.

adrienJanuary 13th 2009.

whilst I have every sympathy for Mr Leese and his distress and wish him a speedy recovery, it may be more newsworthy to report just how many times this has happened across the city in the last 12 months and where. Given his own experience perhaps Mr Leese and the police may like to look at how they could work more closely to reduce such incidents across the city in future.

scoteeeJanuary 13th 2009.

Derek Adams-To apportion the changes in our society on immigration is a weak argument. You do however point out one truth. Recent leadership in this country has been weak and changes for the purpose of democracy (possibly ego) can be learned from. Your argument which suggests that immigration is to blame for crime, a lack of the “sense of belonging and pride” is flawed. If you would rather not be seen as a racist and continue to have support for your party then evidence is key in your arguments. As part of a whole nation which I believe is ready for improvements I find your argument one-sided, silly and irresponsible. In short Derek you are clearly a racist who seeks to weed out the bad in society using antiquated views and backwardly thought through ideals. I am proud of my country because the majority seek to improve things through the integration of the world and its fellow man. Few have the word “Great” before their name and “Racist Britain” is not where I choose to live…

cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

Well said Jaybee - I think the real racists are the anti British ones. I mean it must be a statement of total racial hatred to even question the rights of The British to enjoy their homelands without being invaded by racist Third Worlders. Also do the multicultural muppets realise that most racial hatred and violence is directed against British or other white people? Finally very amusing ( and sad ) to see Hazel Blears finally admit everything she believes in and has fought all her political life for was wrong - any idiot could have told you that thirty years ago Hazel DUH! Any chance of a confession Sir Dick?

jaybeeJanuary 13th 2009.

How dare the 'colour blind' Sir Richard, (genuflect at the mention of his title ),describe his assailants as 'black'. Highly racist description for which he should be deeply ashamed. What will AFA say about this I can only imagine!

rapeJanuary 13th 2009.

rape is not necessarilly up since 1958,the reports are, and the notion that compensation is available is also a small factor Derek?...Racist

politically correctJanuary 13th 2009.

no, if they were black it is politically correct to say they were black

scoteeeJanuary 13th 2009.

johnthebrief- I think it’s little bit assumptive to say that there are plenty of BNP supporters made up of people who choose them on the basis that “they perceive it to be the only representative that cares about their concerns? I think given the choice non racists would be better to choose…lets say the Green Party?!

cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

Removed by Editorial.

Derek AdamsJanuary 13th 2009.

Pro Rosie, I dont remember writing anything that was 'hate filled' unlike your own posting, and yes my real name is Derek Adams which can easily be verified with a google search. I do not feel the need to hide my identity as you obviously do.

cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

Ok Scotee real simple one : name one civilisation in history that survived either mass invasion or multiculturalism.

Ali McGowanJanuary 13th 2009.

I am not a fan of Mr Leese's stance on various issues, but needless to say I was shocked to read about this attack and wish him well. How terrible that it happened at all, and how terrible that everyone who's replied to this thread has so far glossed over the fact that this man was attacked - in broad daylight. Has society degenerated to the point where we are no longer shocked by such antics? I hope these criminals get caught - and punished.

Median ManJanuary 13th 2009.

Tolerance is our watch word and societies based on hate always in the end fail. Those who take immigrants and are not closed societies succeed. And nobody has 'forced' immigration on Britain. These things happen. Know a little about your history folks.

johnthebriefJanuary 13th 2009.

Sorry Racialoid but comments like that just show up your inarticulate stupidity. There are plenty of people who support the BNP, irrespective of its policies on race, because they perceive it to be the only party that cares about their concerns. I am not one of them, but just because I disagree with these people doesn't mean I can ignore them, or dismiss genuine grievance with the blanket allegation of racism. It's more complicated than that, and trying to pretend otherwise is foolish.

Michael WestJanuary 13th 2009.

There has been some figures about car-jacking in South Manchester published on the GMP site

cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

I know Derek - the worst part of all this , is that to save ourselves from the planned ethnic genocide we have to save the British Rosies too!

cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

to cllr Mike Amesbury : considering you are a dhimmy ( muslims description NOT mine ) I don't see how you could possibly accuse Derek Adams of treason. Also Mr Adams is a fully committed democrat so the fascist allegation doesn't really work either. Do you think you could manage adult debate rather than anti British infantile rants?

cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

Removed by Editorial.

scoteeeJanuary 13th 2009.

Derek, have you spent ALL afternoon looking for those stats?Besides, in 1956 the population was down and today it has been increased to the levels not just through immigration but also through natural growth, why did you fail to address this? Technology is improved and money is more easily come by as is opportunism increasing crime numbers which go hand in hand with poor moral standards. Not sure what any of that has to do with immigration. Another thing, why are all BNP members white? Why do you not in any shape or form represent the multi-cultural amongst our society who offer as much of a positive impact and you are suggesting you do? Face it Derek, you are just a bitter racist and its clear to us all this is the case. Please pack your bags and get a space ship to the moon as it’s the only place you can feel confident that the majority in our population might feel better...

cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

I'll explain things slowly for you Rosie as you seem politically naive:1. Multiculturalism ( now dismissed by all major political parties ) was propogated in Western democracies as a way of destroying them by KGB/Comintern agents.2. People of your intellect ( or " useful idiots " as The KGB termed them ) were given key phrases such as anti racism to spread this evil.3. Multicultural societies ( as any knowledge of history would tell you ) always end in the disaster we are seeing now.4. The Third World is created by population NOT location.5. The British People wanting their own lands to live their own way of life isn't racist , it's anyone who has a problem with that who is racist.Any questions Rosie?

Bob LomasJanuary 13th 2009.

How can a man be fit to be leader of Manchester City Council if he hasn't got enough sense not to do stupid things in the lawless streets of Manchester that he is supposed to ensure are safe for the public to use?

AnonymousJanuary 13th 2009.

re-Rosie and her ilk. Typical far-left bullies, check their language. They are the sort who caused the trouble at the recent anti-Israel rally in London. Notice their daft Socialist (non)workers Party placards amongst the sea of faces smashing up the Starbucks Coffee shop? They call Derek Adams a 'racist' because he supports the BNP, a perfectly legal political party who stand for election. Note the extremists from the old anti-nazi-league, now AFA, never dare stand for election in the democratic process for fear of being laughed at! How they must hate the BNP leader who wisely stopped party street rallies. History shows they only allowed SWP/ANL stooges of the far left a chance to lob bottles and bricks at them, and a mass-media more than willing to somehow blame the BNP. Grow up Rosie and wash your foul mouth out.

AnonymousJanuary 13th 2009.

A) That doesn't make grammatical sense, and b) how tasteless to be smug about it.

chasmcrJanuary 13th 2009.

'murder was rare, violent crime unusual and people tended to behave in a far more caring and civilised manner towards each other'??? A cursory glance through any historical archive of Manchester newspapers will set this straight. Derek Adams, you are not only a racist fool, you are also an ill-informed one. Now f*ck off.

RacialoidJanuary 13th 2009.

BNP member = RACISTfact

scoteeeJanuary 13th 2009.

If the bnp are not rascist why are they all white then?https://appeals.bnp.org.uk/defence.html

gramahJanuary 13th 2009.

Poor 'the Sir Richard'. I hope they catch Sausages. I mean, the guys who did it.

GherksJanuary 13th 2009.

Now that Sir Richard Lees has been attacked, will Manchester City Council be sensible enough to now fix the broken lights along the canal from Canal Street to Castlefield?Shamefully it's a muggers paradise down there.. Please get it sorted.

cllr Mike AmesburyJanuary 13th 2009.

I really hoped that the allies had got rid of treacherous little fascists such as you Dereck a long time ago. Mike.

Derek AdamsJanuary 13th 2009.

In reply to Rosie and Avo I now fully realise why I turned to the British National party when I found that the mainstream mafia were not listening to my genuine concerns for the future generations of this country. Most people I have met in the Manchester Labour party or their bed mates in SWP and ANL are indeed foul mouthed illiterate fascists who have never given me a good enough argument to make me change my views on mass immigration. In fact rather than explain why they believe that their views are superior to mine they merely shout torrents of foul mouthed abuse and say “we won’t listen to fascists.” Hypocrisy springs to mind.Perhaps chasmcr would benefit from looking through the home office crime statistics from 1558 and 2006 and then maybe he may be able to draw the conclusion that most people already have. Crime is up.Total crime reported 1958:- 626,529Total crime reported 2006:- 5,525,024Murder 1958:- 261Murder 2006:- 891Rape 1958:- 190Rape 2006:- 9,736Must I go on?If anyone can convince me that great Britain has actually benefited from mass immigration, then I, unlike the foul mouthed ‘Ladies’ from the left, will be more than happy to listen, however until then I will stick with my own opinion that it was a con trick perpetrated by greedy members of parliament in order to divide and conquer a once proud nation.

RacialoidJanuary 13th 2009.

It sounds to me that Cigpapers is legitimising the BNP with spurious figures about Manchester's voting tendencies. You sound like a racist in BNP clothing to me Cigpapers.

Derek AdamsJanuary 13th 2009.

I’m not sure how old Rosie is, however as Cigpapers rightly points out she is politically naïve, perhaps they don’t teach politics or basic common sense in primary school nowadays.

johnthebriefJanuary 13th 2009.

I'm afraid I'm not an expert on the BNP's manifesto, so I can't conjure up a list of "5 policies". Why 5, by the way? Many voters might make their choice on the basis of only one. I do know however that they target their campaign efforts on the "traditional" labour voter who feels alienated by that party's current national leadership. And, not that I care for your opinions Racialoid, I have never voted BNP in my life, and doubt that I ever would.

Pro-RosieJanuary 13th 2009.

Er, I remember now, it's you.

AndyNorthStandJanuary 13th 2009.

Whilst hoping Mr Lees is now safe and well, I was wondering whether he, as one of the main backers of the heavily defeated 'congestion rip off', (sorry charge), if he should not have been mugged on the train or bus - rather than car jacked ???

AnonymousJanuary 13th 2009.

Poor chap but what was a very well paid man (by our taxes) doing going home at 1.45pm in the afternoon. Maybe he should have spent the afternoon tackling crime and the poor public transport system in Manchester! If the Council worked more efficiently maybe the Council tax wouldn't keep rising with no real improvement in services!

johnthebriefJanuary 13th 2009.

While I'm uncomfortable with Mr Adams' conflation of immigration and the rise of crime in this country (although a study of ghettoisation as a cause of crime may lead a simplistic observer to the same conclusion) there is surely a better response to the BNP than telling them to feck off. A lot of what the BNP say resonates with the (genuinely) working classes, and unless their arguments are properly engaged with, rather than swept under the carpet, their support will continue to grow.

eh?January 13th 2009.

who invited father Ted? this is nothing like the MEN pages!!!

AlanJanuary 13th 2009.

As the signs say so proudly on Kingsway lamposts.WELCOME TO BURNAGE.

cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

Scotee - I think the point is Derek's not interested in your moronic anti British rants. Get through puberty more quietly please.

SausagesJanuary 13th 2009.

I am 5' 11" and well-built and I am outraged to be discriminated against in this way.

cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

After reading the racist infantile rants against Derek Adams I would like to add one thing - I actually travel around Manchester in the real World dealing with real working people and 90% of them ( including ethnic minorities ) think The BNP are the only party representing their views and opinions.

cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

Rosie - no offence but it might be better for you to leave political debate to better informed members of society.

errJanuary 13th 2009.


cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

Ok pro-rosie : you're stating that The British people don't have the right to live their own way of life in their own homeland free from any invasion ? Remind me who the racist ranter is please.

lazarusJanuary 13th 2009.

"Colourblind people"?I see this board spiraling downwards into an anti-post-ironic nightmare.

didsburyJanuary 13th 2009.

Having also recently been a victim of car jacking as I pulled into my own drive, I agree with adrien - its the frequency with which this is happening that needs to be reported. Maybe now the councils will start to sit up and put some effort into stopping this type of crime, which from my experience is terrifying and traumatic for the victims

Richard HudsonJanuary 13th 2009.

What I'd like to know is why it takes a well known figure to be attacked before problems like this in Manchester get reported? Someone is carjacked in Manchester every week but it NEVER makes the news at this level.Thanks to Richard Leese for his contribution to raising awareness of this issue - maybe he'll now consider, with his cronies, re-allocating resources from pen pushing bureaucrats in the Town Hall to increasing the number of police on the beat in Manchester.Or maybe the under educated criminals responsible were illiterate and thought they were robbing a Mini Copper.

anonymous victimJanuary 13th 2009.

I was attacked on my doorstep by 2 men wielding baseball bats a few days earlier. I was robbed of personal possesions and left lying and bleeding on my drive. They headed to my vehicle with my stolen keys but were disturbed and fled. This did not make a news story as this kind of incident is common and everyday

scoteeeJanuary 13th 2009.


cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

Me racist? One of my best friends is a guy we call Sambo.However anyone who has a problem with The British people having their own homeland is obviously guilty of racial hatred. Still laughing my nuts off about Sir Dick's enrichment reality check.Maybe the future BNP Government should sentence Sir Dick to walk the streets of Manchester at night.

ChippychapJanuary 13th 2009.

Victims never describe their assailents as small and weedy

JohnJanuary 13th 2009.

Derek Adams,the BNP supporter, is quite rightly horrified at Sir Richard Leese's 'black' eye. I can remember a time when the British poeple were proud to have white eyes.As Derek points out, we have been let down and conned by mainstream politicians so it's no wonder that many people now believe it's time to be let down and conned by the British National Party instead.Unfortunately for Derek and the rest of the British Nutters Party, all the mainstream parties now want to curb immigration too though on economic grounds rather than an irrational fear of people with fuzzy hair.Having lost their unique selling point perhaps it's time for the BNP to re-think their strategy? Violent crime is always a good emotive issue. Harold Shipman, Britain's most prolific serial killer was pretty white but he did have a beard. So, "time to get tough with beardies", how's that for a new slogan for the Barmy National Party?

DigJanuary 13th 2009.

Is it rascist if his attackers were actually black? Colourblind people do learn to differentiate colours. They don't see what we see but they learn what is red or yellow or black or white etc. I've got a mate who is colourblind but you would never know it.

derek AdamsJanuary 13th 2009.

John has obviously not realised yet that all mainstream politicians lie about curbing immigration whenever parties like mine are becoming popular.Margaret Thatcher did so when she spoke of being “swamped by aliens” in 1979, her party then went on to give an amnesty to 15,000 illegal immigrants.The British National party is the only party with the interests of this country at heart.As for beardies, we have no plans to ban them in the near future.I can hear all you beardies saying, “Phew that was a close shave.”

scoteeeJanuary 13th 2009.

so its far better for me to describe the busker to whom I gave my pound coin to at lunch time as "photonically non-receptive,residentially flexible and rhythmically challenged",as opposed to the blind homeless white man who struggles with emitting tunage?

RacialoidJanuary 13th 2009.

Johnthebrief if you can give me five bonafide policies the BNP promote that other parties (without heavy ties to right-wing extremism) don't have, I may just believe you too aren't really a BNP voter in disguise.

cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

Removed by Editorial

scoteeeJanuary 13th 2009.

Derek is a proud racist, not just a stupid one!

scoteeeJanuary 13th 2009.

alexander the great was the greatest military achiever in the history of mankind.he did it all on horseback.and after he had taken the best part of the world he reached one kingdom which he accepted was not going to cave in can you remember who it who it was? Finally the last time our shores were invaded let alone massively invaded was well before you reached puberty.So what's your point?

toastJanuary 13th 2009.

sweet baby jesus and the orphans please don't let the manchester confidential turn into the MEN comments pages...

cigpapersJanuary 13th 2009.

The thing is black car jackers are like the racist muslim paedophile gangs attacking and groooming British children across The UK - no one cares unless it happens to a New Labour person.Welcome to enrichment reality Dick!

ScoteeeJanuary 13th 2009.

Jaybee,there is plenty of housing and plenty of work there has been for deacdes.The way homes and benefits are distributed and run is what is up for question.So long as one gives for free people will take and the Mancunians that could never afford a mortgage can now have a home and the free benefits that we pay our taxes toward.Sorry to say it but your another who leans towards "Derek Adams" in my eyes.I do respect your age however and your life contribution so thank you.

AVoJanuary 13th 2009.

I couldn't put it better myself rosie! Good to see you back on here darling.

rosieJanuary 13th 2009.

Right,now I've calmed down a bit.... the thing that really annoys me about the BNP is that they prey on the most disadvantaged,ill-informed members of British society.They dress up racist policies in hyperbole and pretend to care about the British working class. Unfortunately,as "New" Labour seems to become more right of centre,the traditional working man's party has now become irrelevant to its original demographic and the BNP is trying to fill the gaps.Although the BNP may be a legal political party,anyone who has seen the footage of Griffin et al in full flow couldn't deny that it is an inherently racist,xenophobic and jingoistic organisation.Oh,and not being a racist doesn't make me,or anyone else,anti-British.Eloquent enough for you?

dave sJanuary 13th 2009.

bring back hanging for car thieves

the photo manJanuary 13th 2009.


Pro-RosieJanuary 13th 2009.

Cigpapers and Derek if indeed they are your real names? Aldolf and Slobodan I shall call you for the benefit of exposing you for what you are: racist, prejudiced xenophobes. It's your negative, hate-filled views that pollute our society, create divisions and promote intolerance. Your spurious attempts to promote the BNP and defend it's "credentials" make me sick to the core. I should stop your rants soon for with every further rant we read you expose yourselves further for what you are.Rosie, you go girl!

GoffeyJanuary 13th 2009.

Eh? racist? how else do you describe a black male other than as a black male?, what is the politically correct description then jaybee and the photo man? perhaps next time anyone is being mugged they should ask to see the assailants passport and family tree so as not to offend anyone?

derek adamsJanuary 13th 2009.

Sir Richard Leese, the left wing leader of Manchester city council has finally had a taste of the unwanted multi- cultural nightmare, that he and New Labour have forced upon the people of this city.Mr Leese was the victim of a vicious car jacking and suffered injuries including a black eye in the attack.The perpetrators were described as black, well-built, around 5ft 11in to 6ft, in their late teens to early 20s and wearing dark sports clothing.Whilst I would not wish this sort of attack upon anyone I must point out that Sir Richard is one of the British National Party’s most hostile critics in Manchester, once even denying us the right to speak in the council chamber, although members of the public like us are entitled to speak at full council meetings.Sir Richard was even reported to the Standards Board after calling the good people of Miles Platting ‘Scum’ merely because they support the British National Party in that area.Now it may be that Sir Richard will finally realise just why so many people are indeed turning to this party for help after years of being let down and conned by mainstream politicians like him.Of course, crime is not only perpetrated by ethnic minorities, we have an increasingly large number of our own who do not behave in a civilised way, but our country’s decline into an increasingly crime-ridden nation can be traced back to the advent of mass immigration and the dumbing down of our education system and standards of behaviour in general, to allow for the new and often alien traditions and habits being brought to our shores.Prior to the immigration invasion murder was rare, violent crime unusual and people tended to behave in a far more caring and civilised manner towards each other.This was mainly due to a feeling of belonging and a sense of pride in our country.Since our treacherous politicians invited cultures (without our consent) from all over the world to our land and then even changed the laws to stop us objecting or speaking out against the changes that were happening around us, violent crimes, drug-dealing and general anti-social behaviour has become every day events.It is quite obvious to most normal people with an ounce of common sense that our standards have been purposely lowered to accommodate cultures that do not have our sense of fair play and decency at the heart of their own. As a consequence British values have been sacrificed at the alter of multiculturalism.Again as I stated earlier I would not wish a cowardly attack like this upon anyone and it is with this in mind that I offer my sincere sympathy to Sir Richard, I also hope that Sir Richard will in turn spare a thought for the long suffering residents of the culturally and ethnically ‘enriched’ areas of Manchester that he and his kind have created.

Artie FufkinJanuary 13th 2009.

I'd have thought Mr Leese would have been on public transport after all his con charge campaigning.

scoteeeJanuary 13th 2009.

Cigpapers,-My mental image of you is a sad and frustrated man rolling around on the floor kicking and screaming offering what you believe to be smarter more intellectual examples that society actually needs and wants. Quite frankly your tasteless rants don’t cut the mustard. The fact remains that since the year dot this country has changed and evolved a long time before you or I “reached puberty” as you so profoundly put it. Secondly the acceptance of a multi-cultural world that wishes to promote peace and unity will only ever be achieved through trail and error I happen to be pleased that the United Kingdom sees itself as a leader in this subject. Your backward, arrogant toned and non-productive points only go to fuel the cancer that is negativity and fail to promote positive ways in which OUR nation can move its self forward for the good of the world and the people we invite in to our United Kingdom. You see no country that is as financially rich as ours is self sufficient anymore so the sooner we begin to understand that we live in a world of change and slowly remove ourselves of the more than small minded individuals like yourself Cigpapers, the sooner we will ease the pain and suffering that the barriers of understanding bring to us all.

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