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'Sexiest Hotel In Europe' To Open In April 2015

Hotel Gotham will launch in the grandiose former Midland Bank on King Street in six months

Written by . Published on October 7th 2014.

'Sexiest Hotel In Europe' To Open In April 2015

HOTEL GOTHAM, which bosses hope will be 'the sexiest hotel in Europe', is set to open in the former Midland Bank building at 100 King Street in April 2015.

The announcement comes as hotel occupancy in the city reaches record levels, with an average 76% occupancy rate in the first eight months of 2014. 

"What we're trying to achieve here is a high-end boutique hotel, something to match The Lowry Hotel, for instance, in terms of luxury, but we also want colour and easy-going glamour."

“Hotel Gotham is really taking shape now," said Robin Sheppard, chairman of Bespoke Hotels. "The construction team at Marshall’s and our design partners at Squid-Inc are on track to deliver an exceptional and glamorous hotel, in a beautiful historic building. We can feel the excitement bubbling."

The Midland Bank building is widely considered to be one of Manchester's finest, designed in 1928 and completed in 1935 by the revered London-born architect, Edwin Lutyens, who also designed the Cenotaph in Whitehall, the Thiepval memorial in France and New Delhi (sometimes referred to as Lutyens' Delhi).

The new hotel took on the 'Gotham' name due to the building's resemblance to neoclassical designs in New York - 'Gotham' being a nickname given to the city by Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow author Washinton Irving.

Midland Bank building (1935)Midland Bank building (1935)

Inside Jamie Oliver's Italian in the main banking hall of the buildingInside Jamie Oliver's Italian in the main banking hall of the building

The new luxury five-star hotel from the Bespoke Hotel Group - who manage nearly 100 hotels across the world including The Light Apart Hotel on Church Street in the Northern Quarter - will sit above Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant which occupies the main banking hall of the building. 

Hotel Gotham will feature 60 boutique bedrooms, four of which will be £300-per-night 'inner sanctum suites' complete with their own gardens.

The new hotel will also feature a restaurant, a roof-top members-only club and a 'prohibition style bar' - maintaining the hotel's 20s art deco theme.

The hotel will also create up to 100 new jobs for the city, both full and part-time.

Hotel Gotham room

Hotel Gotham

Hotel Gotham marketing imagesHotel Gotham marketing images

Sheppard told Confidential last year:

"Guests will enter a lift off the street and then go straight to the top floor where there'll be a reception, bar and open terrace area with views across the city. To get to the bedrooms they'll go back down levels of the building.

"All the rooms will have external views with the exception of four internal suites that will be very special. These will be generously scaled filled with trick of the eye effects and faux gardens."

"What we're trying to achieve here is a high-end boutique hotel, something to match The Lowry Hotel, for instance, in terms of luxury, but we also want colour and easy-going glamour.

"The restaurant, for example, will have high quality food but it won't be cold or too formal - and it will be very different from Jamie Oliver's place on the ground floor. In essence we want Hotel Gotham to be very lively, we want it to reflect the city."


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35 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousOctober 7th 2014.

'Sexiest hotel in Europe'? 'a roof-top members-only club'? Oh dear!!! Another hotel? Something better could have been done with the space. But hey!...at least there's more service industry jobs going to be made available to hard working born and bred Mancunians!

18 Responses: Reply To This...
rinkydinkOctober 7th 2014.

Oh bore off. This looks really good. What else do you want in a building of that size and stature?

SquirrelitoOctober 7th 2014.

We live in a service economy - and what else would you put in here, other than flats, - a spanner factory? an arable farm? oh and "born and bred Mancunians?" Are you trying to shoehorn another agenda into this?

GimboidOctober 7th 2014.

"Something better could have been done with the space" Really, like what? And how? Please answer with reference to REALITY, if you can.

AnonymousOctober 7th 2014.

@Rinkydink, Squirrelito and Gimboid...A boutique cinema? Gallery / performance space? Use your f***ing imaginations FFS! All of your constant 'joy' over "Yeah...coffee shop...yeah more hotels...yeah more restaurants whatever the food" is just predictabel Mancon fever. How about a Denny's, Rinkydink?

Simon TurnerOctober 7th 2014.

"Roof-top members club". Has there been a private members club in Manchester in the last twenty years that hasn't ended-up attracting spiritually dead kn*bheads?

AnonymousOctober 7th 2014.

How will a 'boutique cinema' or a 'gallery / performance space' pay its way in this building? ... totally naive.

rinkydinkOctober 7th 2014.

Anon from reply post 4. What a total tool! A boutique cinema or performance space? Laughing my tits off here... What a loser. This and your initial post about "born and bred Mancunians" and your morbid fascination with my country of origin show you up as completely old fashioned and out of time and step with modern Manchester. Do one!

GimboidOctober 7th 2014.

Ok, here's using my imagination: a launch-pad for Manchester's very own space program. Gordo's personal eight-storey larder. The biggest helter-skelter in the world. Turn the inside into an urban farm using hydroponics to supply every restaurant in the city centre. Oh, but there's the problem - those ideas are NOT REALISTIC and that is why no-one is coming forward to do anything 'imaginative' because everyone else lives in the real world, where we should be grateful that fantastic old buildings are found any viable new use. Imaginative ideas are worth diddly squat without the know-how and grasp of reality needed to think them through. You likely have no idea of what would be involved in making your ideas happen, so all you can do is slag off what other people ARE doing.

AnonymousOctober 8th 2014.

Simon Turner above is right. I think Manchester needs more office space. You know...what with HS2 an' all y'all. It would make a great shag pad for the wealthy owners of the city's investors.

AnonymousOctober 8th 2014.

@Rinkydink Absolutely Mancunians should be recruited first over legal immigrants. The USPS would be in a worse state than it is if it stopped only recruiting US citizens and resident aliens. Of course, you're a shoe-in if your ex military, but it makes sense that this kind of recruitment policy is in place. As an American I'm sure you'd agree.

Poster BoyOctober 8th 2014.

+2 for Simon Turner

rinkydinkOctober 8th 2014.

Anon, most of the people I know in Manchester from all walks of life, do not come from here. They've made it their home and have brought their talent, wealth and work hard. This makes the city a better place. If they choose to work in a new hotel, I don't see why this should affect their chances of employment. They have all come from different parts of this country originally, too. When you say born and bred Mancunians, do you actually mean born and bred English people? Your argument (if that is what you can call it) is confusing

AnonymousOctober 8th 2014.

Rinkydink, Did I type the word 'English'? No! So what are you confused about? I know you've said that you're American, although that could be by passport only, but you do know Manchester IS in England don't you? Now when I say Mancunian I'm referring to people of Greater Manchester [to be fair] and not just an 'M' postcode. I'm not arguing, so why do you say I am? Also, what are you confused about? Choose your words more carefully and just get to the point rather than beat around the bush and lead me down the garden path and broad brush me with the word bigot. Just because I am English and say so, does not mean I am a xenophobe or a racist and you, being black as you say you are should no better than to accuse someone of such negativity. What's the saying? Those who are quick to accuse people of racism are racists themselves? Anyway, it's only fair on the local Mancunian population that they get first dibs on any job. Of course if candidates aren't skilled or qualified enough, then candidates should be considered from further afield and only after that should legal immigrants then be considered. All employers should have a responsibility for the local community by employing local if they can. It's sustainable too. However, I would turn a blind eye to employing most people so far beyond the scum ring (The Mancunian Way). Some I those types are better off as canon fodder. Besides people watching on Piccadilly Gardens wouldn't be as fun.

SquirrelitoOctober 8th 2014.

Jeez, do you want some vinegar for that huge chip?

AnonymousOctober 8th 2014.

Chips? Mmmm I loves me some French fried potaderzzz.

rinkydinkOctober 8th 2014.

Right, you are a complete and utter loon. You have not read anything I've written and are having an argument with yourself. What century were you born in?? Oh and I have some other news for you Mr Little Old Fashioned. Salford is in Manchester. Chew on that one

AnonymousOctober 8th 2014.

I said Mancunian, yet you ask if I meant English people? You have not read anything properly and there is no argument, Oh! and stop calling me names. You must know it's not nice to be called names. I've never mentioned Salford as it is in Greater Manchester!

AnonymousNovember 24th 2014.

Born and bred Mancunians,stop being so provincial.It is people like you that brought about the Arndale centre. There are people in this city who want more than a Macdonalds and a Travelodge to be built and want our city to be known for more than football and coronation street.

DigsterOctober 7th 2014.

Why does everybody say that The Lowry hotel is luxury? Stayed there a few times and that is the last word that comes to mind. Boring, cold, soulless and tatty in far too many areas. Let's hope that this is a million times better.

AnonymousOctober 8th 2014.

woo, this looks exciting

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 8th 2014.

Calm down Anon, it's just a hotel.

Calum McGOctober 8th 2014.

Woo, this looks exciting :P

Calum McGOctober 8th 2014.

(wasn't me the first time, anon 2, what a misery you are)

AnonymousOctober 8th 2014.

'Sexiest hotel in Europe' = PR guff

1 Response: Reply To This...
Mark FullerOctober 8th 2014.

Oh I don't know. Some places do have an edgy, sexy , even sleazy vibe. Manchester city centre, especially the Victorian areas , definitely has it: most places don't. Milton Keynes would not be a suitable location for a sexy hotel.

heskethOctober 8th 2014.

I like the sound of an arable farm personally.......thanks Squirrelito!

1 Response: Reply To This...
SquirrelitoOctober 8th 2014.

I won't be heaving the grain up them stairs, you're on your own ;)

SteamyOctober 8th 2014.

Looks like a great usage of a fantastic building to me. Will offer something new and fresh. Thumbs up from me.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 8th 2014.

If it's one of them sexy hotels I've heard about, then there'll be more than thumbs up.

AnonymousOctober 14th 2014.

where is the current holder of the title ' sexiest hotel in Europe'?? is it in Blackpool?

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousNovember 24th 2014.

No it is the Travelodge in Huddersfield. It beat the Ritz in Paris by one vote.

AnonymousNovember 24th 2014.

Didn't Lutyens design this building? Obviously it wasn't Ian Simpson,it is too beautiful. Is it just me or does it look like a tombstone to other people too?

Ghostly TomNovember 24th 2014.

He did indeed. It's a stunner... not sure about the tombstone bit though. Looks more like a truncated 1930s New York skyscraper.

jacksonJanuary 7th 2015.

Great idea, great spot, 1 manc here who will give it a try.

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