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Ramsay's A 'Red' - What Colour Are You?

Published on September 7th 2005.

Behavioural analysis is a wonderful concept, but does it really work? Companies in the past who have attempted to analyse and delve into the behaviour of individuals, fellow workers and companions have often been subject to the same level of ridicule as those who’ve studied some of the ‘ologies’ at universities.


It’s a tricky one to take in this ‘having your behaviour analysed’ business, but it might just be the results that are fired back at you being bizarrely close to home that leave people on the defensive. “Why should they feel they know me better than myself?” is the common response.

This was certainly the case when a few of our analysis reports came back after we filled out a few multiple choice questions on behalf of the latest company to have a go at behavioural analysis. But, Total Excellence Centre make a point of stating that any results might not just be about how you perceive yourself, it might also be a case of how your colleagues perceive you. It certainly didn’t get to the stage where Old Faye took me to one side and suggested that: “Tim, have you ever thought you might actually be an idiot?” but some smaller personality traits were picked up on, and being tipped off like that might even lead to us working towards a better working relationship, we’ve certainly stopped bawling at each other over the last few weeks.

The idea is geared towards companies in the main, taking seminars to produce reports on every single member’s behaviour. It’s a lot more in depth than just saying “Sandra talks too much” or “Tracey’s isn’t approachable”. The reports are all based on achieving a good working environment, and will tell you a range of aspects including how to deal with, react to, or even approach people who display the different kinds of traits displayed in the reports that come back.

One of the most interesting aspects of the report is a grid at the back that looks more like ET’s spaceship than a conclusive comment on behaviour.

However, go into a Total Excellence Centre session and you’ll find that the grid shows you a comparison with your natural behaviour, and how much you are adapting your behaviour to fit in at work. Everyone needs to adapt a bit, but this will show you by how much.

Based on the set of multiple choice questions we were asked to fill out, the grid presents the results in the form of colours and guides to tell you whether first your natural behaviour and then your adapted behaviour, lies between four main colour categories of blue, red, green and yellow.

In terms of the different types of behaviour the colours refer to, the blue and green relate to more introverted whilst the red and yellow denotes a more extroverted character. The specific colours denote the following traits:

  • Red: Dominant – A ‘red’ usually has the ability to make decisions, pushing things forward and are usually individualistic
  • Yellow: Influence – Yellows are usually great motivators, with the ability to deal with people, but they are not generally task focussed
  • Green: Steadiness – Greens are usually slow to deal with pace or change. They don’t like argument and generally deal with people on a peace keeping level.
  • Blue: Compliance – Blues show the ability to deal with facts and figures and have a great deal of patience, although they are not generally personable, preferring to stick to the task in hand.

The day we attended, at the Gtr Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, drew in members of different fire services from around the country, all of whom had been analysed previously and received their reports on the day.

It was explained that every person has a mixture of all of the traits mentioned above, but on different levels, with some showing more signs of one colour than another. Likewise, a successful company should have employees that range across the board, some yellows, some reds etc, but, for example, a company full of reds is likely to spend the entire day arguing and getting nothing done.

So how can a company benefit from Total Excellence Centre? First off, the event we attended was just one of a whole host of different courses run by Total Excellence Centre. Other courses range from body language to appraisal and finance for managers. The one we attended was entitled ‘Managing Yourself and Your Development which, if received undefensively, can help employers bring in the correct types of people that they need to give the company a good enough balance.

The reports are also meant to be shared out amongst employees, as in the case of me and big Faye sharing our trait feedback. This helps companies work out how each of the different ‘colours’ need to be spoken to, approached or responded to, to develop a well oiled machine.

So, for people receptive to being told how to adapt their behaviour for a common good, this is the place to be, no matter how defensive you are when you walk in. This is no self help group so Pam’s shoe addiction problem can’t be solved, but, give it a few weeks and you might just find your office a better place to be.


Total Excellence Centre are offering 10 lucky winners the chance to have a free report done. It's quick, easy and extremely beneficial from a personal and working perspective. If selected, you'll be provided with a few multiple choice questions and then a full behavioural analysis, where you will attend a fun and informative (+ free) seminar to explain your results.

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