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Put Your Parking Questions To The Council

We're taking our campaign to the Town Hall - and you can get involved

Written by . Published on July 6th 2011.

Put Your Parking Questions To The Council

You've read the reports, you've seen the unbelievable reaction (click here) - now we're going to get the council's side of the story.

Our news editor, Simon Binns, is heading over to the Town Hall tomorrow to interview Cllr Nigel Murphy, executive member for the environment, about the council's decision to extend the charging hours and increase the costs.

And the council wants to field questions from you, our readers.

All you have to do is add your question to the rants below; we'll select and ask the best ones.

The interview will be published on Monday.

So this is your chance. Be as specific as you want, but sensible salient questions only please.

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23 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousJuly 6th 2011.

How sure are the council the measures won't ruin city centre Sunday shopping?

Matthew HirdJuly 6th 2011.

what research has the council done to show that businesses won't be negatively impacted by these changes?

What research have they done to show that traffic congestion needs to be eased (especially after 6 and especially on a Sunday) and where is the conclusive evidence that these charges will reduce that congestion.

AncoatsJuly 6th 2011.

Centre City living has proven a hugely popular success in Manchester. The MEN has reported that there is 95% occupancy of city centre residential properties. This points to demand soon out stripping supply resulting in more development – already several stalled projects have restarted.

What further policies has the council considered to ensure that the supply of affordable off street parking keeps pace and that residents are encouraged to use them? Could we see 24 hour meters in some streets in the future?

AnonymousJuly 6th 2011.

Not so much a question as an observation: I used to regularly travel in to Manchester on a weekend when the parking charges stopped applying at noon on a Saturday. Then they brought in all day Saturday charges, so I switched going in to town on a Sunday. Now, I won't even be doing that.

Why? Easy question to answer and it seems to have by-passed the brain dead at the council: everything I can get in the city centre, I can get at the Trafford Centre where there's 10,000 *free* parking spaces and the shops are open 'til 10 pm weekdays.

Yes, I used to enjoy walking around my city and it's sad I don't do that as often as I used to and won't at all in the future.

True, there are alternative methods of transport but I like and use my car and I don't unfortunately live on a Metro route. Anyway, I pay more than enough in taxes for the privilege, so if I want to use my car why not?

Let's face it, Mancunians resoundingly rejected the Congestion Charge a couple of years back, so what makes the council believe they know better and effectively introduce their own via the back door?

AnonymousJuly 6th 2011.

As the city centre is the most definitive example of a valuable shared asset - is car parking really the best use for such large portions of the city centre?

I would ask the council to consider increasing the prices in the immediate city centre for parking by 4 or 5 times which would hopefully discourage or even prohibit the parking of private vehicles.

The remaining space can be converted to wider pavements and improved streetscapes. A revised traffic flow system and a suitable number of collection and drop off only zones, will ensure that essential access for vehicles is retained but considerably more efficient.

Manchester has some of the most beautiful buildings and civil infrastructure in the country and its has had periods of world beating innovation in the not too distant past...

I believe that a more pedestrian environment would enhance the whole experience and value of visiting the city centre with commerce being the most significant beneficiary.

Manchester arrived long before the car and it will be around long after it - provided we put innovation ahead of 20th Century logic.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJuly 7th 2011.

Nice idea, Continental and all that, but how are all these car-less pedestrians, walking the city, taking in the architecture and drinking espresso at French-style cafes, supposed to arrive in the first place? The woeful public transport system in this city is a non-starter. The pedestrianisation of Deansgate was touted some years ago I remember, what happened to that? grand plan?

AnonymousJuly 7th 2011.

By Taxi, bicycle, bus, train, tram, on foot...??generally speaking I believe there are a lot of people who have developed unjustified scepticism toward public transport and a lot of people who openly criticise it have not actually used it for years...or even worse seem to have developed a phobia of mixing with different socio-economic classes.

I'm not saying that public transport is perfect, but it can only get better if more people use it and of course if the council does a better job of incentivising people to use it.

Andrew JonesJuly 7th 2011.

If the council want to restrict the visits by car drivers to one hour in the city centre are they going to do the same to people arriving on trains buses and on foot for one hour? Will the non car peeps get a one hour pass, which if exceeded, will result in a £35 fine and a bailiff nipping round if not paid on time?

BurnsyJuly 7th 2011.

I have 3 questions: Firstly, I heard about the proposed parking restriction charges through sites like ManCon but after a thorough search of the council’s website I struggled to find any information about the proposed changes or consultation demographic. How is this possible?! Surely the council should have consulted the people that this change would affect most like local residents and businesses?
Secondly: as a city centre resident who already pays £200 a year for an on-street permit because there is no parking with my building, this currently allows me to park for the first and last hour of the parking restrictions on weekdays and all day Saturday, (and if I manage to find a free bay). Could I please have further information as to how the new proposals will affect me and other permit holders? Am I to assume that if the same principle applies that I can't return home until 7pm each evening or pay a further £5.20 a day to park outside my own residence for 2 hours until my permit kicks in or will common sense be applied and assume a 9-5 work day?
Finally: It has long been recognised that the current residents scheme is already unworkable as it takes no cognisance of shift workers of periods of holiday or sickness. In the run up to the last local election we were lobbied by our prospective councillors as to how the current scheme residents could be improved. Could you please tell us how many local residents suggested 12 hour a day, 365 days a year restrictions?

JayJuly 7th 2011.

Why not raise income and help reduce traffic by having the street wardens ticket cars that are parked on single and double yellow lines out of parking hours. I live on Tariff Street and every evening over the weekend and all day Sunday cars park on the yellow lines and nobody does anything about it. Surely, parking on a yellow line at anytime is an offence and should be punishable occordingly. I see this occurring throughout the city centre and it really bugs me.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJuly 7th 2011.

You should read the Highway Code mate

James SpencerJuly 7th 2011.

Dear Bunsey but the Council has consulted and has actually changed its proposals. They informed Manchester City Centre Residents Forum (on yahoo) which is open to all City Centre residents on 25th May. MCC is now consulting 'legally' and there are posters on lamp posts all over town.

On Residents Parking I understand you might learn somthing from a City Centre Councillor and have time to make a represention on that point.

You can find ther contact details on www.manchester.gov.uk/…/city_centre…

You can ask your own question of Nigel Murphy here; secure.manchester.gov.uk/…/ask_a_lead_councillor_a_question…

I would say to people it is unwise to buy or rent a CityCentre property without parking if you intend to commute outwards. I would note however that there is avery large car park under the hole in the ground that is Origin on Whitworth Street, but I am advised to would cost a six figure sum to commission.

JohnthebriefJuly 7th 2011.

Will parking in the exclusive councillors-only street by the town hall be restricted to a maximum one hour stay?

AnonymousJuly 10th 2011.

business killer initiative !!

AnonymousJuly 10th 2011.

We should get a petition going.

Jonathan Schofield - editorJuly 10th 2011.

Anonymous, we've got a big interview with the Councillor in charge of this going up on Monday. Then maybe it'll be time for a petition.

1 Response: Reply To This...
CJSJuly 18th 2011.

Jonathan. hoping you will be arranging the petition then ? you've mentioned a petition in several of your postings. and you're best placed to get all those who have added their Rants on Mcr confidential to add their names to a petition

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