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Pedlars Fined For Illegal Trading

Two street pedlars have been fined of over £1,500 for illegal trading

Published on March 6th 2012.

Pedlars Fined For Illegal Trading

MOUHAMADOU Mbaye, 49 of Moxley Road, Crumpsall, was found guilty in his absence of illegal street trading and fined £350, with costs of £400 and a £15 victims of crime surcharge.

Mbaye’s goods, a selection of novelty hats and scarfs, were also forfeited as part of his judgment after trading in the same position for thirty minutes.

Meanwhile, Moustapha Niang, 38 of Moxley Road, Crumpsall, was also found guilty in his absence of illegal street trading and fined £175 and ordered to pay court costs of £570.49 plus a £15 victims of crime surcharge after he was spotted trading in the same place for 20 minutes.

Large events and football matches often bring a surge in illegal street trading and we urge residents not to waste money on the merchandise, which are often poor quality counterfeits

City Council officers witnessed both men trading illegally on Market Street, popular with pedlars due to its heavy footfall, and cautioned them at the scene under the Manchester City Council Act 2010 that prevents illegal street trading in the city centre and gives officers the right to seize goods.

The Act ensures that pedlars are only allowed to remain in the same location for five minutes before moving to another spot to curb people abusing Pedlar’s certificates, that are easily and cheaply obtainable from the police, by trading at fixed locations and masquerading as genuine vendors.

Councillor Pat Karney, City Centre spokesperson, said: "Illegal street traders undermine legitimate high street stores with their often shoddy goods and become a burden in busy areas like Market Street. Pedlars are aware of the law and we will prosecute anyone caught trading unlawfully to keep Manchester safe.

"Large events and football matches often bring a surge in illegal street trading and we urge residents not to waste money on the merchandise, which are often poor quality counterfeits.”

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AVoMarch 6th 2012.

To whom does the victims surcharge get paid to?

Emma TurnerMarch 20th 2012.

Please can we stop all of the tat peddlars along Market Street- licensed or not. Whilst we are at it, can we stop the Xfactor pretenders, religious nutters and people who wear a sheet, paint their faces silver and stand still begging for money.Thanks

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tomegranateMarch 20th 2012.

The Trafford Centre awaits you, O Precious Shopper.

Ian PedlarJune 11th 2012.

That is a lot of negativity, very negative in fact for two people who obviously did posess valid and lawfull pedlars certificates.

Let me see if I can open some eyes.
A pedlars certificate costs £12.25 from the police and is only ever issued to people of good character. It is every UK citizen's right to purchase one so it is almost worth getting one just because it proves good character. A pedlar with such a certificate has a legal and moral right to sell his wares to make a living for himself or would you rather he claim benefits? Pedlars are usually cheery colourful souls that brighten up the place and tend never to be too pushy, it is purely up to the public as to whether they purchase or not. Remember that anyone 17 or over has the right to purchase a pedlars certificate from the police so this is YOUR rights we are talking about here! It must be the easiest thing in the world for an official to walk up to a pedlar and check to see that he or she holds a valid certificate or to move them on if they didn't like where they were standing but for some mysterious reason in 2010 Manchester and Bournemouth councils decided to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds of YOUR council tax money, without asking anyone, to pass bills, to curtail YOUR rights to make a living for yourselves by selling stuff in the streets. Now we see the barbaric practises of these people of good character having their means of livelyhood seized from them and then being branded as criminals and fined in their absence because as pedlars they can not afford the approx £1700 that it would cost to present a decent legal defence. SHAME!

Please see our site. http://www.pedlarsforum.com

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Ugly ColaboratorJune 30th 2012.

Hi, I wil go on monday to my local police station and apply for pedlars certificate. Once I have it, I will not be affraid to use it (trying to convince myself) in the way it was meant to be used. Can I get any back up please?

Ian PedlarJune 13th 2012.

So, no-one has commented on my above post.
I expect it's hidden in the bowels.

But do you see people? Do you see Mancurians that it is your right in law to pay £12.25 to get your pedlars certificate and sell whatever you want in the streets to make a living?

Are you thinking 'Oh, I don't want to do that' ?
But what if you did? What if you made something that you could sell in the street and get lots of money for it? What if your sons or your daughters did? Do you want to let that right go?

Do you want to say 'Oh, I don't think I should have that right, I don't think I'm worthy of such a right' Let's get it banned!

Your councilors seem to think that and so far they have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of your money to stop you from doing just that.

But they couldn't stop it completely, yet, the Manchester City Council act of 2010 (which cost you all that money) could not quite defeat the very well worded 1871 pedlars act.

They had a good go though.

Are you happy to let this basic right go?

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AnonymousJune 13th 2012.

"The Act ensures that pedlars are only allowed to remain in the same location for five minutes before moving to another spot to curb people abusing Pedlar’s certificates"

I think you missed the reason they were charged.

There's absolutely no mention about removing rights... If you're going to make a living peddling, buy a watch.

Ian PedlarJuly 5th 2012.

They 'tried' to remove the right to be a pedlar completely much like they have done in 32 borough councils of London whereby now one may only go 'from house to house'. Again these London councilors used council tax payers money to fund their bills in parliament to remove council tax payers rights to be pedlars should they so choose.

Here in Manchester it actually does remove your rights when you consider that to be able to purchase a pedlars certificate then under law (the pedlars act 1871) you must be a uk citizen of good character so that can be turned around to mean that if I have been able to purchase a pedlars certificate then I can use it to prove by law that I am a person of good character.
Then now you can clearly see that the Manchester city council act of 2010 which was funded by council tax payers money is a policy by which a person PROVEN BY LAW to be of good character can be approached by town officials, have his means of making a living seized, be taken to court, branded as a criminal and fined and this just because he stood for more than five minutes in one spot.

Do you not consider this the removal of a citizen's rights?

Ugly ColaboratorJune 30th 2012.

You right dear Anonymous - there is no mention. I is missing

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Ian PedlarJuly 5th 2012.

You will be fine with your pedlars certificate in Manchester just as long as you keep moving.
Don't try to read the Manchester city council act 2010 as they have worded it in such convoluted obfuscation that it would take a degree in legalese but take my word for it, you keep moving, then when someone stops you to look at or purchase you may remain in one place all the while people are looking and purchasing.
If no-one looks or purchases for five minutes then you must move off again.

AnonymousNovember 25th 2012.

Seems very unfare of manchester,i have oin to many cases and other people have been in one place for over an hour and still not lost there case it was legally established that pedlars are allowed to rest in one area as the law says they can travel from town to town anywhere in the uk
so what makes manchester special,whats the point of making laws if ,local authoritys can abuse them!!!!!!!and say anywhere in the uk except manchester and westminster
what a masive waste of manchesters taxpayers money......after all a pedaler dosent make that much money not being allowed a more than his bag...an afrontal
on a mans right to be a self employed person ....where would tesco,marks spensor, be if this local act had been introduced in there beginings....

Clive KayeNovember 29th 2013.

I am a printer by trade a good job you may say I started my 6yr apprenticeship when I was 15 I stayed in the trade for 37 years until the latest economic decline hit. I had been at the same factory for over 27yrs I was made redundant and at my next 2 print jobs also. We put our savings into a business which failed (not all our fault). I tried getting work but the print industry is in decline we a fast approaching a paperless society which means less use of printers. I tried in vain to find work at 52 it was all over for me, I have been a tax payer all my life most at the high end bought my own house etc etc. I had as a young man tried as a bit of fun peddling on Blackpool prom so I thought I would try again. I was embarrassed at first but you have to feed your family and pay the bills I didn't want to claim the dole or benefits etc so this is what I do now. I don't sell shoddy goods or counterfeits I am a respectable honest person trying to get by. Trading standards, local councillors and some members of the public look at me with distain I have nothing to be ashamed of.

AnonymousFebruary 27th 2014.

I am thinking about selling hot dogs from a tricycle and i have done my research this can be done using a pedlars certificate but abolishing the current laws would mean i don't need a certificate (BONUS) but on the down side i would have to move every 10 minutes and at least 50 meters away from my previous spot not returning for at least 3 hours... 50 meters sounds like a long way to travel every 10 minutes and i don't think i would earn enough money to pay the current £5000 Per Year my local council ask for the street trading license within the city center.. back to what somebody said before me you can move from town to town... If this is correct then i should be able to trade all day within my city center then all day in another nearest city center then back again every day on the current pedlars certificate, if this is true then why are people being made to be criminals etc. i need to do a little more research if anybody has a legal way for me to run my hot dog trike within my city center or anywhere i like for as long as i like using only a pedlars certificate please email me explaining how this is possible.. thetophatman91gmail.com Thanks ever so much :)

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