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Parking. The Council Loses its Mind.

Parking. Or, biting the hand that feeds you. Or, killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Or, what raging loonie makes the parking policy at the town hall? Read this if you care for your city. Something ridiculous has happened.

Published on January 16th 2007.

Parking. The Council Loses its Mind.

This is the last straw.

Does this council not grasp the following? Cars transport people. They are the people’s favourite form of transport. Especially those people who live in the suburbs. Those people have wallets. Fat ones. In those wallets money will be found. They like to spend that money. They like to go to thriving, buzzing marketplaces to buy stuff. To have their teeth seen to. To go to the theatre. To eat great food. To buy a pork chop.

People will not come near a marketplace where the management, for whatever reason, hold a passionate grudge against their beloved motor cars, they will take their wallets elsewhere. The Trafford centre is one good example.

The traders in the Manchester marketplace, from the mighty Harvey Nichols to the small traders in the excellent new food markets will see their profits decline. They will look at the relationship they have with their city management partners. If they think they don’t give two sh**ts about their problems and challenges, they will leave. And set up shop where councils encourage those wallets and their favourite mode of transport.

And here we would like the car-haters in the Town Hall to sit back and consider this. Traders without profits, move. Empty shops, no council taxes. No council taxes? Car haters lose their positions. The people eventually will boot them out. Simple, innit?

Now, look at the personal issues. This publisher’s mother likes to come and see him once a week. She arrives after six, easily finding parking. It’s free. That’s good. She leaves to go home at ten. The car is parked twenty yards away. She is perfectly relaxed. Under these rules, she is only allowed an hour. These new rules mean that she would have to park in the Q Car Park three quarters of a mile away. A Lady of 76 years?

Take many hundreds of people coming to the theatre. Currently they can find parking in and around, say, St Ann’s Square. Within site of the theatre. No more. They will have to go to, say, the Arndale car park and dodge the skateboarders all the way up Cross Street, without a policeman in sight. It’s hard enough supporting theatres in the first place these days, but this silly money grabbing idea will kill them off.

Bloody Hell. This is such a steaming, stinking, stupid idea I am sitting here spitting feathers. The reasons why this should not only be halted right now, but that the whole of the parking rules should be completely reviewed; in light of what our tremendous city has become now, they are so many my head hurts trying to figure out how to lay them all out for you.

How can any person who understands what the city centre has become over the past ten years agree with this war on cars that will drive away city dwellers and visitors alike? Will they be happy when our flats and apartments can’t be sold? Will they jump for joy once the only restaurants that can afford to be here are McDonalds and Subway? Will they issue the Traffic Wardens with medals?

There are fifteen councillors on the Planning and Highways committee. Surely they can see these problems, they must have their eyes open as they leave their homes here in the centre?

Oh, sorry, I forgot. Not one of them lives in the zones that they are making rules for. Not Bloody One. They live in: M22, M14, M23, M11, M19, M20, M21, M23, M9, M14, M16, M20.

We believe that this time they cannot get away with it. We have planned a near daily campaign of information for our readers to show this council how democracy works in the Internet age. We shall be publishing the emails of every person involved in this ridiculous initiative, with instructions as to how we can make our voices heard.

We have to stand up for ourselves. We have heard from the Chinese business leaders. They are up in arms. The City Centre Management Committee (made up of residents) are calling for a meeting at the Town Hall. We shall keep you informed. In the meantime, use the new rant button below this story to give your views. Believe me, the councillors will be glued to the screen.

Remember, all it takes for stupidity to ruin our homes and businesses is for good men to do nothing.

Mark Garner

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DarrenJanuary 16th 2007.

The other week I couldn't believe Manchester's appalling transport system. It really screwed up and left a lot of people high and dry after going to see Bon Jovi in concert. I went there to work and ended up paying £15 to do my bit for the environment and not take the car into the city centre. When going there I thought I'll park at Eccles P&R and get the tram in, thinking the trams ran all night (like is normal for a 24/7 city now, even being a Sunday, or at least maybe 1-2am). After coming away from the concert, firstly it was impossible to get a bus back into the city centre and then when I got back into the city centre I found out that all the trams back to Eccles had finished at 10:30!!!! THEY'D PUT ALL THE TRAMS TO BED AT 10:30???? That doesn't sound like a very good 24/7 city to me, no wonder the city centre was dead (apart from all the people that were stranded trying to get out). It also seems that tommorow at the Radiohead concert they haven't learnt they're lesson either as there is one tram going out of the city centre (apparently at 22:54 towards Altrincham (fat lot of good that's going to do!) and then loads of shuttle buses going into the city centre, I thought the idea would be to move people out of the city, not towards the centre after an event 'cos there ain't no transport out of the city afterwards so what is the point??

DarrenJanuary 16th 2007.

Did this stupid idea ever get the go ahead? It's funny I live in Warrington and when I want to go shopping either at night or during the day I normally go where I know there is going to be free parking. I very rarely go Golden Square because you have to pay rip off rates to park there and they don't have anywhere near enough shops to make it worthwhile, instead I either choose Trafford Centre, Widnes, Huyton or Runcorn. All of which have free parking 24/7. If they do introduce parking that you have to pay for in Manchester City Centre I hope they fix the public transport, I still remember last year I worked at the Bon Jovi concert and ended up having to get a taxi back to Eccles as I'd parked at the park & ride assuming that like London the trams would be all night, but I was really annoyed to find out they only run till 9pm on a Sunday to the park & ride (I also noticed there were many other people from the concert who also got stranded in Manchester that night, thanks to Metrolink's incompetence.)

MartinJanuary 16th 2007.

James, I am a huge fan of public transport that works. The Metrolink system is brilliant, but lack of integration to anything else makes it much less effective than it could be. I love Manchester, and come in regularly from Macclesfield using a 'senior' Wayfarer ticket, still a bargain at £4.40, but if my wife, children or grandchildren come too, we have to bring the car because there are no packages available for families. Even using the park and ride scheme from Ladywell would cost us more than parking in the Centre. Manchester has become a great, vibrant, clean city to visit the Council should be encouraging visitors, not excluding them with daft ideas such as these latest parking proposals.

Regen08January 16th 2007.

Why are people still ranting about a dead issue. I thought evening parking charge proposals had been put to bed?

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