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Panacea escapes closure

Bar is in ‘top ten’ trouble spots, say police

Published on December 15th 2010.

Panacea escapes closure

Controversial city centre bar Panacea has escaped closure at a licence review hearing.

Police representatives said the bar was in the top ten most troublesome spots in the city centre, however, and has been told to tighten security.

The review was held after bar manager Joe Akka was glassed in the face on November 14 after a row broke out between a group of customers.

The two-day hearing, which concluded yesterday, ruled that the bar must close at 2am and employ an outside firm to runs its doors, which will now require seven security staff on weekend nights. Increased use of CCTV in the bar is also a condition of Panacea staying open.

Supt Jim Liggett told the hearing: “There are 1,200 licensed premises in Manchester centre. We allocate points to each one where there are incidents of violence. Over the past six-month period Panacea features in our top 10.

“In comparison with other premises in the top 10, it has a much lower footfall but there is a much higher ratio of problems.”

The bar had been the scene of several assaults and thefts, the hearing heard.

Gerald Gouriet QC, for Panacea, said some of the incidents had taken place outside the bar and the was only guilty of four incidents over the last 18 months.

“Is it really fair to say there is a pattern of disorder?” he said. “We have statements from police which say there were no problems with the venue prior to that time.”

Akka plans to appeal the decision.

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25 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Arran SummerhillDecember 15th 2010.

Full of old "gangstas" and 3rd rate footballers trying to score with orange women half their age.

AgricolaDecember 15th 2010.

I never understand these comments. Whenever I've been in Panacea, it's been full of artists and writers. Just last week some old Greek fella was going on about this book he'd written called The Republic. Didn't get out until after 2am.

Smyth HarperDecember 15th 2010.

So the QC reckons there's never been problems at Panacea since before six months ago? What about when its thuggish owner was jailed for viciously attacking one of his paying customers, leaving him permanently scarred? The bar is an embarrassment to this city. It belongs in Essex.

M30December 15th 2010.

Awful place. This guy probably has crooked councillors in his pocket.

AnonymousDecember 15th 2010.

Give it a rest, people go to Panacea because they choose to. As far as I'm aware if you don't want to go, they don't frog march you there against your will. Personally I don't go but find it hard to stomach all the soap box warriors and incredibly narrow minded people who appear on here should there be any story related to the place.

And Another Thing...December 15th 2010.

Do you have an inbox alert everytime an article about this place appears? God help ManCon's hosting company if an article covering an evening out starting an San Carlo and moving onto Panacea ever appeared.

Smyth HarperDecember 15th 2010.

Anon, it's about the character of the owner and what the place represents, not the people who spend money in the place thereby keeping it open. It's not narrowmindedness to flag up things like this (which Akka was jailed for):


AnonymousDecember 15th 2010.

Smitty, it's repetitivie. We all know about it, or the majority of people anyway. In a perfect world no bar/ club/ restaurant owners would be anything other than perfect human beings. That just isn't the case especially in Manchester. I believe he himself has recently been attacked which I'm quite you and your merry band of brothers sniggered at. Let it go, it's verging on a pathetic personal vendetta. You still can't help but have a swipe at the customers, no doubt believing you are better. You're not, and neither am I. We just choose to do different things and go different places. Criticising others for their choices, and to be fair Panacea aint half as bad as you lot make out, is incredibly narrow minded and ignorant.

DibigoDecember 15th 2010.

Anon is spot on. Get over Panacea you boring bastards. It's a crap bar, fair enough, loads of bars in town are crap. No one forces you to go there. Yeah it's full of knob heads and birds caked in fake tan. I apologise for repeating myself but no one comes on here moaning about birds going out at night wearing parkas and converse and looking like scruffs who shouldn't be allowed in Tesco. It's bad enough when girls ugly fat girls bitch about the place but when fellas do it...?? Man Con, it's getting boring, can you pick somewhere else to stalk so this lot can repeatedly bleat on about somewhere else? I mean really, who needs to be informed that Panacea has not been closed down? No one who will be going to Panacea this weekend reads this website, do they?

Tanned Footballer (3rd Rate)December 15th 2010.

Great!! I'm glad its not closed.I'll be there after the match on saturday.
Get In !!

John HarrisDecember 15th 2010.

How the f*ck is this place allowed to remain open when it is owned and run by the egregious Joe Akka, a convicted thug who tried to kill one of his own customers?

NeilDecember 15th 2010.

I wonder where the other places in the 'top ten' are?

AnonymousDecember 15th 2010.

Funny that. Panacea gets a stay of execution after countless episodes of trouble of varying degrees but Silks is shut down pronto after one 'brawl'

EDecember 15th 2010.

John - the whole of the printworks

monsterDecember 15th 2010.

what do u mean 'outside door team'?!!?!? thats just asking for salford to come and have ago.
Anyways, love the place. its full of top class girls and property developer toff types, footballers, and gangsters. Its like something out of Marbella. LOVE IT.

Christopher BryanDecember 16th 2010.

and Bar Lorenzo's is shut for playing music too loud....

user38839December 16th 2010.

I used to love this place but my fella had his jacket and wallet stolen, and three(!!!)of my mates have had bags stolen. The place is rife with gangs. The loo bitches are the worst too, big threatening mammas who expect a tip for using the water and soap! All in all a real shame as once was great :(

AnonymousDecember 17th 2010.

I see Manchester Pub & Club Network are now calling for the closure of this dive....

Smyth HarperDecember 17th 2010.

Bit harsh my anonymous friend. I'm glad to say that I don't know too many people who would snicker at someone getting glassed in the face. As for the rest of your invective, sorry if I've caused you offence, but I'll stand by my pointing out this man's history (as Mancon never does), and I can assure you it's nothing personal.

Lauren LewisDecember 19th 2010.

I have to say that I have been going to Pan for what feels like forever and Im reluctanty must admit its steadily losing its allure... the glamour and appeal are not the same anymore - so I go intermittently whereas there was a time when it was my 'local'. And the cocktails and the staff do remain first rate from the lovely toilet attendants to the DJ (most of the Door staff not so much)
and Im glad that they are living to see another day because I would hate to see my mates there be out of a job espesh at Christmas.
Joe and his actions were despicable and he certainly deserved his prison time for that behaviour but it cannot be denied that the man knows how to open a certain kind of establishment. He had Sugar Lounge initially before its demise- and the Pan in Alderley Edge is just a beautiful designed bar, with cocktails second to none and a restaurant that is fantastic!
So lets be nice to this place (even if u hate the owner) and if u really hate it : DON'T GO :)

Lauren LewisDecember 19th 2010.

Can I also just re-iterate the food at Pan in Alderley is absolutely fantastic and the seabass is T0 DIE FOR!! :)

What'sInAName?December 21st 2010.

All these people who criticize Panacea for being some kind of Gangsters' Paradise - you clearly haven't ever been in. That's probably why you hate the place so much that you feel compelled to come on here and call for it's closure or take swipes at the stereotyped customers you've created for the purposes of your own argument. Yes it's expensive, yes it's hard to get into the place, but, really, is that all you've got against it? People who can afford to drink in Panacea go there because they get great service in a safe, clean and pleasant environment. 4 incidents in 18 months - that's good going for a busy city-centre bar.

GrapevineDecember 21st 2010.

...then why did Pan in Alderley go up in flames. Don't tell me it was the builders

SchnizzleDecember 22nd 2010.

Please keep it open it'll help keep the wankers out of the NQ

Anon TooDecember 22nd 2010.

I thought they'd already taken the NQ over, judging by the other thread?

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