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Ooh baby you want me?

Laura Marsden enjoys her lapdancing experience and wants a go

Published on June 17th 2008.

Ooh baby you want me?

Caged Asylum is a weekly rock metal and lapdancing club held every Saturday at the Ruby Lounge. It's as scuzzily appealing as it sounds. Thanks to the glam/tacky décor and the big, central bar and pool table, it’s a bit Sunshine Strip, very Quentin Tarantino. Rage Against The Machine blares and there are about 12 girls hustling their way around the place wearing tiny knickers and bras.

Loads of guys in black and a few suicide girls are at the bar. I witness one lad do the rock n roll sign (m/) to the barman as he receives a Jagermeister shot. I feel deeply inclined to order whisky and soda or rum and Coca-Cola or whatever American cinematographers drink. Shucks. I wish I’d worn battered old Levis and a pair of cowboy boots.

You get the impression that a lot of the punters want to pretend they’re in a film. Three guys wearing serious expressions and leather trench coats are doing shooters and boasting about their computer hacking abilities: 'The CIA are still on my ass, man.' 'Hell that’s nothing dude, I got MI6 and the KGB chasing my tail.' Yeah…I bet they’re from Cheadle.

There are quite a few couples and clusters of single girls. Slightly geeky, intelligent-looking girls. Perhaps on the Women’s Committee at uni, I muse. Is this post-feminism? It's all very fun and normal and when they approach a dancer (a tough-looking brunette), their collective excitement is sweet, almost touching.

So…which girl? How do you decide? And how much? Ten or twenty pounds? (£20 gets you a ‘fruitier’ dance, which lasts longer.) One guy I spoke to - it was his first time - picks the most innocent-looking girl he can find. She resembles Wednesday Addams, very pretty and petite. Her mouth is tiny and she has large, imploring eyes. A virginal Dita Von Teese, we agree.

I choose ‘Bunny’, on the basis that she has lovely curves and – compared to the other girls who have hips like whippets and bums like boys – a shapely bottom. She’s healthy, naturally feminine and isn’t wearing those hideous perspex-heeled porno shoes. Plus, she has holes in her stockings and fans herself demurely whilst sat atop the bar, which I reckon shows attitude and personality.

Beyond the Viper Room, Bunny leads me into the brightly lit, private dance area. It's full of black, fake-leather sofas evenly spaced across a laminate floor. I assume the position for one receiving a dance (arms across back of sofa, legs apart) and think, understandably, of DFS and their ‘buy now, pay later’ ethos. I’ve just paid £10 and could end up with a fart in my face.

Bunny leaps onto the sofa and grinds her crotch a millimetre from my mouth. I hold my breath. It seems wrong to exhale onto the pubic area of a stranger. She throws her bra on the floor and licks her breasts, right next to my face. Maintaining eye contact, a cheeky smile plays on her lips. I honestly think she wants to snog me. She then sort of slithers onto the linoleum, takes her knickers off and pretends to masturbate, albeit briefly, before playfully slapping her fanny and crawling on top of me again.

After each of these sexy little vignettes, I assume the show’ll be over, but it isn’t. So in that sense, it really is good value for money, despite the lack of finance options.

I did become self-conscious as to what facial expression I was exhibiting – Pissed? Pervy? Porno? I just smiled. It was fun and Bunny was a total professional – she acted as if she really fancied me and really wanted to writhe around on uncomfortable flooring for my benefit, geez, maybe she’d even bake me a ginger cake and do the ironing? Perhaps one day we’ll get a cottage in the Lakes and Bunny’ll take the dogs out on the hills and we’ll have an Aga and and and….

That’s the thing with lapdancers, they’ve either got to be great actresses or be in love with ‘dancing’. They have to act as if the relationship is in polarity. The girls at Caged Asylum do actually seem to be enjoying themselves and mostly, don’t look fucked on a ketamine/coke combo. And the men – dressed like American hicks, goth rockers and emo heads – are wholly unthreatening as if they’re in awe of these girls. There certainly isn’t that scary laddish pseudo-macho vibe, usually present in strip joints. The fact that the dances take place in [semi] privacy is also an attraction. It's friendly, welcoming and it’d be easy to become a regular. It’s tempting to train up as a dancer.

Caged Asylum is every Saturday at The Ruby Lounge, 28 High Street, Manchester. Admission costs £5 before 11pm, £5 for members/NUS with flyer £6 for all others after 11pm.

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for devils advocateJune 17th 2008.

while your on the subject of ignorant, cheese is spelt without an A and ignorant only has 2 N's. Thanks for educated insight.

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

You'd hope so, wouldn't you. I was upset not to win a place on the underground tunnel tour. I'd be even more upset if I failed to win a free dance and th echance to see Bunny slap her fanny

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

ha, ha, fair enough, but it's other peoples way of having good fun, everybody is different. You cant beat admiring an amazing womans curves - beautiful !!

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.


Burt CodeineJune 17th 2008.

I have friends coming up in a few weeks and was originally thinking of a tour of Chethams, John Rylands and the IWMN. However, reading this article I could be persuaded to try the cultural merits here instead.Do any of the girls look like Keith Chegwin?

little bearJune 17th 2008.

Bunny is wonderful, very well spoken, highly intelligent and a flair for the arts. Very pretty, and feminine, and has skin like snow white. I remember first meeting her in a different club, and talking about Caged Asylum with her.The dancer described as Wednesday Addams is my best dancing friend ever, we share clothes, shoes, we meet up outside work and I adore her. Both the dancers mentioned are wonderful girls, with whom my life could be trusted, I wouldn't say that of a crack whore. It is a pleasure to dance with them both.

FlicJune 17th 2008.

Oh for christ's sake. So now women demeaning themselves yet again is 'fun' and 'post feminist'? How lovely to have a complete stranger pretending to masturbate for you for £20- if she's going to bother, at least pay her properly. Trust me, she didn't want to snog you. What's staggering is that the blinkered, sexist stupidity of a lust-glazed bloke on the razz now seems to have transferred to women too. And I suspect you meant 'imploring', not 'deploring'. Although deploring pretty much sums up this reader's attitude..You know, in Victorian times, gentlemen used to pass around a notorious handbook, listing and reviewing the prostitutes available in various districts of London. Instead of reastaurant guides, maybe this is something Man Con should look into. God help us all.

BunnyJune 17th 2008.

I can confirm that the girl in question was not a scapegoat. She handed me cash from her own wallet.I am not an addict, nor have I come from an underprivileged back ground. I love dancing and my job. My welfare has never been at risk.I empathize with the feminists. It is a difficult one to have sorted out. I used to be a feminist myself but felt frustrated with how black and white most feminists seem to make sex. One thing I will say that cannot be argued with is that until you stand in my high heel shoes or partake in the industry you will never be able to understand how it works. It's not 'as seedy' or wrong as you think. I for one have a heck lot of fun doing what I do. The day I feel like any part of me is at risk is the day I stop. I am not under duress to continue, in fact lap-dancers are quite expendable, many women want to be one and most strip joints I have worked are over populated with strippers!I don't want to offend anyone with my comment I just find it frustrating when people chip in without knowing the facts. It hinders feminism a great deal.If you come in i'll gladly talk it out with you.Without lap dancing I would not be able to have my outside projects as well my degree. Most lap dancers are in full time education and/or have children they want to provide the best for.It really isn't as simple as Zoo and general gutter press like to make out.Come on in, I may even pop you a freebee.Bunny.X

little bearJune 17th 2008.

I can honestly say, Caged Asylum is one of the best things to ever happen to the Lap-dancing industry. Having worked in several clubs for 7 years prior to the opening of Caged Asylum I had witnessed several different "styles" of running a lap-dancing club, and also my fair share of customers. The way the dancers talk to the customers here is unique, they are generally interested in what's going on, get involved in conversations, and show a lot more enthusiasm than the "wanna dance?" that tends to be uttered as the standard phrase by other girls in most clubs. The customer base is also different, mostly due to the music, but also in part down to the general appearance. Most other bars would turn away people with large tattoo work, and piercings, jeans and trainers a no no, and also in several venues, groups of women... hmm, frowned upon. This is a club that accepts that there are different tastes, different subcultures, and different needs, where beauty is not the media fed image of a lap-dancer, but rather one of a woman who is happy with herself, sexually confidant and proud to be different. They have tattoo's, piercings, unusual hairstyles, they vary from tall, short, slim and more rounded. The classic beauty to the obscure, the sultry to the slightly insane.In my opinion, if you want a regular lap-dancing club, filled with run of the mill dancers, this is not the club for you, but if are more interested in being able to enjoy being alternative, or have slightly more alternative taste in women, or just fancy a night with decent metal and a few friends and no hard sell, this is the perfect place. Long live Caged Asylum x

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

what about the few (if any) people who visit for it's artistic value, is their personal entertainment worth the welfare of young girls? I worked with the department of public health in Ireland for a long time and i can assure you i'm very knowledgeable on the subject. Take your blinkers off and stop trying to justify oppression. Having seen that world yes i can confirm it is a very dark place as for myself i'm positive, enlightened, pro-ative and enjoy a very rewarding life. Pole dancing for fitness is a choice not a necessity and doesn't require waving your crotch centimetres from someone's face or public masturbation. I only hope the woman who wrote the review wasn't scapegoated into it by male colleagues that really would be a let down for educated women. Why are u so defensive on the subject of exploitation?

staplesJune 17th 2008.

I had more than 1 or 2 dances in my time so I'm not in a position to talk but there is a dispraportionate amount of eastren european and forigen girls working in the clubs around town.

kellyJune 17th 2008.

Personally, I'm against stripping, lapdancing, prostitution, pretty much everything in the sex industry. Whilst I'm aware that many people who work in it do so by choice, but it is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to exploit people and although this may not be the case in Caged Asylum, it can be nearly impossible to tell whether someone is there by choice or by coercion. That's why it really pisses me off when people defend lapdancing or prostitution in a general sense - for every one woman who works in it willingly there will be a dozen who don't. Defend Caged Asylum if you will - do not defend the sex industry - which, by enjoying your lapdances, you are.

BlandJune 17th 2008.

you just made me howl, couldnt have said it bettre myself!"compared to the other girls who have hips like whippets and bums like boys"

Jason MandarinJune 17th 2008.

Bunny, what a superb answer.

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

money in exchange for sexual gratification would defiantly come under the sex industry, and most people who visit these clubs are going for sexual gratification rather than their artistic merit. Dita von teese was fortunate. It's like 50cent is the glamorous and prosperous face of gang culture in America. And as for "Manchester's not Thailand" it might aswell be if your the poor thai girl that's been trafficked in.

A girlJune 17th 2008.

ps. Knowing these girls are intelligent and nice as well as sexy doesn't help my 'gut' reaction ;)

sir laughs a lotJune 17th 2008.

You say lap dancing empowers women. I'm looking for a job that has standard policies on racial discrimination, ageisim and sexual discrimination from an equal oppertunities employer. I'm a 43 year old, disabled, muslim woman. i'm thinking about becoming a lap dancer. Can i expect a pension or union membership? As it's no longer accepable for employers to ask for photos of job applicants I take it that it would'nt matter that i'm a size 16 the average size of a british woman my age. What must that idiot have been taking about when she used the word "exploitation"

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

peeping toms

zabzyJune 17th 2008.

I cant beleive people will pay £20 for a girl to pretend to like you when for only an extra £25 you can have full sex with them in one of Manchesters fine brothels!!

little bearJune 17th 2008.

To the Regular at Caged Asylum, Thank you. Thank you for your well thought out and intelligent response to the bigoted and ill-informed comments posted above. I wonder what is considered a "less privileged background"? Would that be seven horses? Or would that be having competed at The Championships of Great Britain in TREC and Endurance riding?Would that be someone who did Ballet and gymnastics? Someone who had music lessons on several different instruments as a child? Who sang in a Chamber Choir with their school, that competed in Europe? I find myself so terribly underprivileged, with my Upper middle class upbringing, with the fact that my parents were still married, and both worked very hard to provide their children with the best of everything, that I am left wondering what heights of debauchery I will be forced into to make ends meet? Personally, I had an amazing childhood, and was afforded every opportunity to develop and grow as an individual, to be able to express myself without fear of condemnation. I have a very rewarding life, some might say privileged even, in owning my horses, and in having the chance to compete with them in many fields of Equestrianism. I do not dance to fuel a drug habit, I dance to fuel my love of the performance, to please myself.And, if along the way, I happen, by accident of course, to please anyone else, this can only be a bonus.

SmithyJune 17th 2008.

Does it turn yo uon a bit now - knowing a female has written the article?

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

there are over 27 million slaves in the world today. The sex industry being responsible for high precentage of this. Women from the Ukraine are bought for around £2000 sterling. Traffickers posing as employment agents find victims in poor eastern european towns and lure them abroad with promises of jobs. On arrial in Britain, Germany and the U.S they are delivered to buyers who typically beat, rape or terorize them into compliance. They have to dance in clubs and bars seminaked, look cheerful and in many (not all) they have to have sex on instruction (often at so called private partys or their "flats"etc ). Many women have been rescued this year in Manchester alone in both levenshume and in cheetham hill. British girls in lap dancing bars usually have to put themselves in serious danger of alcholisim because of the amounts of overpriced alchol they have to drink with punters. Workers in the sex industry have to give the impression of cheerfulness and interest. There are lots of pretty girls wearing next nothing more than willing to dance provocativly in the regular night clubs around town. So why not take advantage of the cheaper drink, good company whilst helping cut of the demand for sex industry workers.

chipperfatJune 17th 2008.

i went to the ruby lounge to see glasvegas last week. when the band had ****ed off (9/10 they are ace) we left i stood outside wuth the missus decideing where to go next, i read the chalked sandwich board outside the club and rubbed my eyes. metal night and lapdancing? i thought i was tripping!

EditorialJune 17th 2008.

Flic, you're probably right about imploring and deploring. Changed now. Thanks. Not sure we're ready for the handbook yet though.

ashamed to be britishJune 17th 2008.

so it's ok to degarde young girls and women once it's a woman who does it. the sex industry should'nt be normalised it's full of trafficked, drug addicted and exploited women. Why help fund it. Think ya look like a bit of woman of the world / one of the lads. your trying too hard luv. For most these girls it's modern day slavery and once again the british are leading the way. It was women like you that married and raised up men who thought it was exceptable to sleep with slave girls 200 years ago. a lap dancer is seen only for her sexual value. They are not another class of human who's place it is to preform demeaning tasks for your pleasure. What you done is a racist act helping to exploit, dehumanise and degrad people from a less privalaged backround.

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

Well funny the review, but it paints an accurate picture of the place. It is pretty wild and does look like something out of a grind house film, it's well worth a visit, the musics ace if your into rock!! Does what is says on the label.

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

Wow, that response is amazing ! I couldnt of put it better myself, brilliant !

AndymouseJune 17th 2008.

Clearly a case of beauty rather than brains with fit girl doncha think? Laura Marsden wrote the article, not sure that "he" will realise anything going off your comment ;)

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

Well, I'm going to go and give Bunny a go tomorrow night. See how accurate this review is!

little bearJune 17th 2008.

Mark, Thank you too. The point of the review is to give an opinion on the club, not on the rights and wrongs in modern society, or to give people a soap box where they can rant about their preconceived misconceptions and spout dogmatic opinions, trying to pass them off as fact.. If it's a good club, it's a good club, if it's a bad club, it's a bad club. Whether lap-dancing is socially and morally wrong, whether it is degrading or not, or if it is empowering and an art form was not the point of reviewing the club. By these standards, any club that serves alcohol is encouraging the binge culture of today, and adding to the overburdened and underfunded NHS.

anonJune 17th 2008.

Paying for sex is sad whether it be boys or girls embracing the Nuts mentality. It's not in any way liberating, all it shows is that you've been duped by capitalism into devaluing sex and reducing it to just another commercial transaction. Lapdancing isn't even real sex - it's the sex of cowards - voyeurism. Poor fools.

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

your living in the dark ages, absolutely ridiculous, and irrational. In Sweden it is classed as Art !! So is Dita Von Teese a slave? Manchester isn't Thailand. I agree there's nothing worse than Gary Glitter, but you should keep this in context ! Lap dancing / pole dancing / strip teese / burlesque performers - are all forms of art, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

ha, ha, fair enough, but it's other peoples way of having good fun, everybody is different. You cant beat admiring an amazing womans curves - beautiful !!

Bunny reveals.June 17th 2008.

The small amount of hours we work ensure that we can do outside projects/look after our children/study hard/party hard. It isn't that this is our only option, it just makes our lives a hell of a lot more easier than it would working for minimum wage. And we don't see ourselves as being exploited, in fact that idea is the punchline to a lot of our jokes when relaxing in the dressing rooms.I understand that idea may be hard to swallow, but these women are all real hard working women, we love our curves, our 'boy bums', our fat or flat chests and can take your criticisms, being a lapdancer creates for very thick skin, but we can take it. Not that we ever do, mind. If somebody pushes out of line, or is rude we politely correct him/her, send him/her on their way.I only would hope for an interesting debate based on the human condition, rather than statistics. As, I for one have never met a lapdancer who has been traveled in to do this job, every dancer I have met lives in the UK, no pimps to be seen or heard of. Not that it doesn't happen but it has never entered any of the clubs me and my friends have worked in.I personally think the problem is carried on the shoulders of both sexes. Generally speaking of course many men seem think we are flaky uneducated bimbos ready to be bargined with, they then get a shocking surprise. And women seem to think that we are image obsessed airheads. But the funny thing about lapdancing is that it is these people who refuse to give us a chance to air our thoughts on the matter but yet put us down so horrifyingly. It reminds me of something Bill Hicks once said about Non smokers being the worst advertisment for those who still smoke. There is no middle ground on this issue it seems, which leaves me to believe that people are still fearful and un-easy about sex and therefore unknowingly ignorant to our culture.My partner originally found the idea of me being a dancer as a bit of a shock to the system as he didn't think a lapdancer would be 'someone like me'.Now he knows it's just work, work that I thoroughly enjoy. Apologies if this response is a little out of shape, I am yet to have my evening cup of coke. As David Byrne once (well many times) said, 'Facts are simple and facts are straight Facts are lazy and facts are late Facts all come with points of view Facts dont do what I want them to ...'

a fit girlJune 17th 2008.

me and my mates went....it smelt of BO nad the girls looked rough as. apart from one who was pretty. full of desperate geeks if you ask me. shame really, i was expecting...hoping for some serious sexy goth girls...all i got was a bad smell in my nose and an over priced drink. your reviewer needs to go to a proper strip club and he will realise that this night is ****

kirstyJune 17th 2008.

This did make me laugh, some of the girls in their are rough as hell though and like you said "bums like boys". I think i know who you mean when you say Bunny, and she is gorgeous and seems a genuinely nicfe person just trying to dance for a living to get by...nothing wrong with that in my opinion!!! I think lapdancing can actually empower women, it's just depends on how you let it effect you. And lets be fair lapdancing isn't sex...if the girl enjoys dancing and someone is willing to pay, leave them to it! Get off your moral high grounds people :-)

A Regular At Caged AsylumJune 17th 2008.

As a regular attendee of Caged Asylum, as a friend of quite a few of the dancers, and as a normal individual with the ability to add sensible perspective to a situation, I have a couple of quick responses to "Ashamed To Be British" and the anonymous posters (both clearly Daily Mail readers):ashamed to be british says..“ so it's ok to degarde young girls and women once it's a woman who does it."Degrade? How? These girls work here for FUN, have other regular employment during the week and simply enjoy what they do. They CHOOSE to turn up each week, they CHOOSE to remove their clothes, so surely they have the right to CHOOSE whether it is degrading or not?"the sex industry should'nt be normalised it's full of trafficked, drug addicted and exploited women. Why help fund it."By this argument, all accountants commit massive fraud on a daily basis then. Yes, the things you list can and do happen on the streets, in places like brothels, or the "underbelly" of society - a far cry from a well-known, licensed and professionally managed city centre nightclub, but to provide such a sweeping generalisation is laughable. Never let a massive assumption get in the way of a bit of perspective, eh?"Think ya look like a bit of woman of the world / one of the lads. your trying too hard luv."Or, it may just be that nowadays it is entirely possible to be comfortable with your own sexuality, be comfortable and intrigued with the bodies of your own sex, and enjoy finding out what happens at a lap dancing lounge. The fact you haven't considered this raises some interesting questions doesn't it...?"For most these girls it's modern day slavery and once again the british are leading the way. It was women like you that married and raised up men who thought it was exceptable to sleep with slave girls 200 years ago. a lap dancer is seen only for her sexual value. They are not another class of human who's place it is to preform demeaning tasks for your pleasure."Can I please point out that throughout history, most instances of women being treated as 2nd or 3rd class, degraded or dehumanised, were because this was done to them BY MEN. With lap dancing, how have you not considered that the people in control are the girls? If anything, we men are the degraded ones as we willingly pay money hand over fist to these girls!"What you done is a racist act helping to exploit, dehumanise and degrad people from a less privalaged backround.”Er...racism? Where? I'm immensely puzzled as to how on earth we have ended up with racism? Could this be the most obvious example of how precisely NO though went into your post, or indeed your *opinions* of the world? Also with "less privileged background"? What is your basis for assuming these girls are raised in poverty or are any less deserving of respect for their decisions than you?I am a great believer in free speech and debate, and actively encourage people to make up their own minds about situations. However, in order to be able to do so, you must have at least obtained some of the facts, have an understanding of the subject, and be able to reason (with yourself and others) effectively. To spout harsh, aggravated and damning opinions (for that is all they are) and to condemn anyone who thinks any differently is a little disturbing. It begs the question of just who it is you are trying to convince? How do you manage to live with what goes on inside your head?PS - No, I am not a Guardian-reading liberal!

Happy punterJune 17th 2008.

The women in Ruby Lounge aren't exploited. They're not all being forced to do it to survive. One of them works in HMV and dances in Ruby Lounge because she enjoys it.In other news, I couldn't see Bunny. I had a dance from a gorgeous black girl though with a pierced clit

in response to bunnyJune 17th 2008.

Thank you bunny for your response but i'm afraid you can't confirm she wasn't a scapegoat because she paid you from her own wallet. Reviewer's from Manchester confidential pay for the goods or services they receive so they can give an independent review. The question of weather or not she was used as a scapegoat would stem from the reasons her colleagues asked her to do the review ie. they felt it could offend or lessen the opinions of some people if they reviewed it. I'm not saying that is the case just that it is what is implied by the question. I'm pleased to hear YOU are having fun and you are not exploited. But i'm sure you know of many others in your industry including the british girls who have so called boyfriends making sure they make it work and then taking their earnings. Girls in this industry tend to be young and therefor more venerable. They can't always turn to their families for help and there is no unions protecting them. You speak of me as a feminist and i must disagree here also. I'm far from it and i do know what it's like to wear high heels I own at least 15 pairs. What i look like should be irrelevant but their appears to be some question of weather or not i can relate to the positive aspects of that amount of attention. I'm slim, 36 inch leg and not what anyone would call small on top and have refused work a lot of work in the modelling industry glamour included. If we ever meet i'll be sure to bring evidence. I get attention walking to shop. I love getting compliments everyone does but i don't take rude gesturing and intrusive comments as positive attention. Sexuality is something to be proud of but it is not the sum value of a woman either. It is just as damaging for a man to take this view of women as it is for a woman to have it of herself. How can a man have a valuable relationship with a woman if he has no value on her as a person? So often you see it's the men with the best looking wife's that seem to remarry so often, constantly trading in for younger or prettier wives. They miss out on companionship, loyalty, friendship and love. I was not put on this earth with the sole purpose of pleasing men and i think it is insulting to be viewed as a sex object and damaging to be only valued on your appearance for it's ability to please others sexually. You say the women don't come from underprivallaged backrounds yet you mention women working to provide for their children or as a means of educating themselves? I personally came from a very underprivileged background and have been a teenage mum but i have never found Britain to be so lacking in opportunities that i would had to accept work as glamor model or consider resorting to the sex industry to provide adequately for my children. I'm happy to meet up with you but perhaps in a cafe close to where you work i'll check back for your response. you seem an articulate and intellegent woman. With an open and questioning mind. It troubles me that you should have to listen to people tell you your not wanted and dismiss you because you'v got cellulite or an arse like a boy on regular basis. I hope you don't let comments like these make you feel lessened in any way.

devilsadvocateJune 17th 2008.

I find that most people who feel stongly opposed to lap dancing and stripping are the people who are not getting any at home and seem to think that some how its the worlds fault (ususaly the fault of easy women with low morals or lapdancers etc)Oh comparing lapdancing and prostitution is a bit like chalk and chease (and quite an ingnorant comparison to make)

zeuneJune 17th 2008.

oh dear oh dear...

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.


AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

You say most people - so what about the people who are into it as an art form. What about all the gyms that have introduced pole dancing for fitness? Should that be banned too? I understand there is a dark side to everything that goes on in life, but you should stick to the subject comparisons with gang culture, just highlights your flaws, lack of knowledge and research. I suggest you do some homework. "Dita Von Teese was fortunate" wow ! I'm suprised you have not brought sweat shops, bombing Iraq and the influence of suicidal bombers on lap dancers into the equation. Why dont we just hang everyone while we are at it. Everything seems really dark in your world?

TinaJune 17th 2008.

A useful link which highlights publics concerns regarding lapdancing www.rapecrisisscotland.org.uk/…/%20exploits.pdf…

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

I love lap dancers !! Viva La Cage!

anonJune 17th 2008.


A girlJune 17th 2008.

I am a female and I had a lap dance at this club and the women I chose were sexy and sweet. I didn't see them as objects but appreciated them for their beauty and talent as erotic dancers. I was shocked at the level of contact, surprisingly aroused ( I am not bi or gay) and wanted (possibly due to alcohol) more. However, this experience now leaves me perturbed as I feel in my gut I would not like a lover enjoying other women quite so explicitly as this. It's a gut v logic reaction. My gut is not happy but my logic says 'chill out'.But still my gut talks louder.Where is the line now drawn between infidelity, prostitution and entertainment when contact is ever increasing in the lap dancing industry.Note that at hen doo's women have more contact with men, being able to fondle, suck and even have sex with male strippers. This is in the public show, who knows what takes place in the private rooms.

anonJune 17th 2008.

Presumably Man Con is about to sort out some wonderful promotional offer for readers to encourage them to pop along to the velue... hence the need for such a glowing review...?

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

The place is full of females, all participating and having dances from the girls, good stuff !

AnonymousJune 17th 2008.

I agree it should'nt be normalised. This whole "it's just a bit of fun" mentality adopted by women aswell as men is what has our sons flying off to thailand and similar places where people have sex with them in exchange for food.

mark-e-dJune 17th 2008.

I find it really amusing as i have just realised who "little bear" is lol. In other news, i am a regular at caged asylum. i started to go there, at first, as an escape from jillys rockworld. however, after a few weeks of visiting the ruby lounge, i was hooked. I don't go there for the dances...yea, sure, i have had many dances from different girls when i first started going there, but all in all i go for the company, the good tunes and the fantastic atmosphere it provides. Anyone who has attended one of the many fantastic theme nights, knows how much fun everyone has. i confess to knowing most of the staff including, the bar staff, door men, organisers and dancers alike. It is great to be able to go to a place that caters to my kind of music, my kind of people, and my kind of lifestyle, on a saturday night when manchester is full of angry, drunk, so called "upstanding" members of society. The kind of people who have been successful in life and choose to think they are better than others. The kind of people who go to bars with the sole intention of pickin up some man/woman and sleeping with them despite how drunk they are. The kind of people who go out, get wasted and pick a fight just because they think that is what the "norm" is. I do not live within the usual ranks of society. I am a self confessed metal head and lead singer of a metal band, yet i also hold a very important position within a major satellite company here in the UK. As for sexual gratification....i can honestly say that neither myself, or anyone i know has ever left the private area of a dance club feeling sexually gratified lol...if anything, we're left feeling sexually frustrated. The whole point behind strip tease is the word 'tease'. It is an art form, as the very fantastic person above me commented, not everyone in this industry is doing this as a means of fuelling a drug habit or doing it because its the only way they can make money. These girls work damn hard at what they do, and for the most part, enjoy it! Come down to caged asylum sometime and see a club that 1, doesnt have a fight kick off inside or outside every week, 2, where every member of staff is friendly and will always take time to chat with you. 3, where you can enjoy some really good music in a fantastic environment. 4, where you can enjoy a cheap drink (hang on, forget the cheap part lol) with a great crowd who are just there to enjoy their saturday night without the thought of any hassel from anyone within the club.Get your arses down there and just talk to the girls to find out their opinions. Please climb out of the dark ages of all strippers being prostitutes and degenerates...wake up and smell the art form!!!

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