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Online Credit Card Fraud, Sir?

Gordo gets an unwelcome wake-up call, and so does his buddy: are we in the midst of a scam epidemic?

Written by . Published on July 20th 2009.

Online Credit Card Fraud, Sir?

Gordo was woken at eight-thirty on Saturday morning by the landline in Gordo Towers. The only person who knows the number is the ex, so the phone was picked up with trepidation.

Two people who know each other in Greater Manchester amongst the 2.5million population with the same problem. Now, coincidence aside, that suggests an awful lot of scamming is going on.

“Hello,” says a robot. “This is the fraud department of your bank, can you press one to confirm that you are Gordo.”


“Press the two digits that represent your day of birth....”

And so it went on.

Eventually Gordo was told by a human being, although one who was living in Azerbaijan, that an attempt had been made to use his credit card to buy services from AA Insurance, online. So the card had been ‘compromised’ and would be re-issued.

Well, these things happen.

Then, later on Saturday night, Gordo was telling his pal about it. And before he could give the details, his pal said that he had had a similar thing happen as well, that morning, with a different bank but with the same AA Insurance mentioned. And weirdly for the same amount, £2002.

Two people who know each other in Greater Manchester amongst the 2.5million population with the same problem.

Now, coincidence aside, that suggests an awful lot of this is going on.

This is hardly news. But has the problem accelerated? Are the fraudsters more sophisticated, the scams more subtle? Are they really bad drivers?

We’d like your thoughts. Have you had the same problem?

Let’s see the extent of it, rant below and tell us if you've been subject to online card fraud recently and if so, what was the outcome?

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15 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

JohnJuly 20th 2009.

Well at least the scammer obviously wasn't someone who knows you as they would have known the card was maxed out

Gordo Know's WhoJuly 20th 2009.

Hi Gordo, this happened to a good friend of mine and I after a visit to a restaurant opposite Saville Row nick. Place belonged to one of Conrans.Our 2 cards were cloned and used to purchase all sorts of car components and jewlery. It took around 6months to resolve after the account was frozen. Never lost any money though.

CasJuly 20th 2009.

It's the phone call that is the scam. They try to get info like date of birth and then nip off and steal your indentity.

AnonymousJuly 20th 2009.

Always ring back the credit/debit card company on a number you can trust - ie: back of the card and statements for customer services... If it is a genuine call they would never ask you for your full ID details anyways!

AnonymousJuly 20th 2009.

Yes there are lots of these... I had one on from 02 and one from a charity. The O2 one was unique. but the charity at £1 a time was a widespread scam. An earlier one I investigated because the Police say it is for the Credit Company and won't give a crime number. I even found who done it and the phone co confirmed. Most of these a random attacks the perpetrators don't know you. Some are the result of hacking retailers (recall Tkmax). Everyone would be well advised to reduce the limit on their credit cards (one for each week?) though I realise Gordo needs an unlimited card. and maybe two

GordoJuly 20th 2009.

Carma, I am happy to take insults as long as you have the strength of character to use your real name.

CarmaJuly 20th 2009.

Carma is part of my surname and nick name you goon. Poor yourself Cas.

CasJuly 20th 2009.

It's Karma, if you're going to insult someone at least get it right. Poor.

AnonymousJuly 20th 2009.

Is that bollocks part of your surname! What is it McCarma?

Gordo's BuddyJuly 20th 2009.

Ouch Jinkies, Nearly gave me a heart attack there! Just checked with the bank. The phonecall wasn't the scam it was def the AA Services transaction.

ErmJuly 20th 2009.

You weren't asked to enter your CC number and pin by any chance?

strolling scotsmanJuly 20th 2009.

similar happened to me but after 3rd question I asked for their security officer's number so I could call them back to check up on them. A loud silence descended at the other end of the phone when they hung up.

JJJuly 20th 2009.

What I can't understand is why someone would fraudently buy insurance. Surely they'd get caught if they ever needed to claim. AA sells insurance and then some. Their website even has a tab for 'More Insurance'.

CarmaJuly 20th 2009.

Maybe there is some justice in this as Gordo you have been ripping people off all your life, its about time they got one back haha

JinkiesJuly 20th 2009.

I hope Gordo made sure the caller was definitely at their bank - I'm betting it's the phone call that was the scam, not the AA. Always, ALWAYS make people jump through hoops when the call is incomming, it could be anyone.

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