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On-Street Parking: MCR Attempts To Sneak-In Fee Increase

'Consultation' announced on parking policy

Written by . Published on April 4th 2013.

On-Street Parking: MCR Attempts To Sneak-In Fee Increase

MANCHESTER City Council are seeking to amend the parking policy they introduced in 2011. 

This was the controversial measure of extending on-street car parking into the evening and through Sunday. 

The council bulldozed this unpopular measure through despite opposition from almost all the traders and visitors to the city centre we contacted, and despite a 6,300 strong petition from Confidential readers (almost three times the votes cast in the city centre ward during May 2011's local elections).

Just the ticketJust the ticket

This is the council's press release - our comment follows in the yellow box.

Manchester City Council is consulting on proposed changes to city centre on-street parking.

The proposed changes, the first since June 2011, are designed to reduce congestion and balance out demand for parking across the city centre by maintaining the turnover of the best-used spaces while making less-used spaces more attractive.

It is proposed to increase the number of zones from the current two to four. 

Those areas with lower demand, zones three and four, would see a price reduction with the hour tariff in zone three reducing from £1.35 per hour to £1.25 per hour and zone four reducing from £1.35 to £1.

In addition, in zone four motorists will have the option to park all day (up to a maximum stay of 10 hours) Monday to Friday with a weekend option to enable vehicles to be parked all day Saturday and Sunday for a total cost of just £10 for the whole weekend, which should be attractive to residents and visitors alike.

The areas of highest demand, zones one and two, will continue to have a two-hour maximum stay and prices would be slightly increased from £2.70 per hour to £3 for zone one and £2.70 to £2.90 for zone two.

The overall average price of parking in a bay, taking into account the whole city centre parking zone, is broadly the same - increasing by less than one per cent.

The changes will also allow for more flexibility in the residents' parking scheme. 

Residents will also be given the option to purchase permits quarterly, six-monthly or annually.

We wouldn’t be doing this if we thought it would have a negative impact on city centre visitor numbers.

Analysis of the impact of the last set of changes to on-street parking - introduced in June 2011 - shows that the number of people paying for parking increased by more than a quarter, while improving the availability of on-street parking spaces and reducing the congestion associated with people driving round looking for a vacant spot.

Councillor Nigel Murphy, executive member for environment, said: "Experience has shown us that previous changes do not deter people from parking in the city centre and we wouldn’t be doing this if we thought it would have a negative impact on city centre visitor numbers.

"Doing nothing is not an option, especially with the city’s population – and by extension car ownership – having increased significantly in recent years.

"We believe these proposals will help us make the most sensible use of on-street parking spaces in the city centre. 

"They set out to encourage turnover in the most-used spaces, which were always intended for short stays, while encouraging people to take better advantage of less-used spaces on the fringes of the city centre. We believe parking supply and demand will be better balanced as a result, but want to hear people’s views to help us shape the final scheme."

For more information, including a map of the proposed zones, people should visit www.manchester.gov.uk/parking The consultation closes on 25 April, 2013. If adopted, the proposed changes would come into force in June. 

Manchester Confidential Comment

Councillor Murphy says "Doing nothing is not an option." 

Doing nothing was exactly the option in 2012.

The on-street charging early evening and on Sunday never needed to be applied as it tackled a congestion problem that only existed - according to just about everybody - in the heads of council officers.

Manchester doesn't have a congestion problem in the city centre although the region does, around the M60, on the M6 and in other hotspots.

What the city centre has is a rush hour and then low levels of traffic through the day with heavy activity on key weekend evenings. 

Congestion usually happens when something goes wrong, an accident perhaps, or through, bad timing, say a game at City or United banging into rush hour.

This congestion has been made far worse by the council's own cack-handed traffic calming and deflecting measures (click here). 

This present parking 'consultation' leading, no doubt, to inevitable delivery, is heroically argued in vigorous, almost dashing, words by Councillor Murphy. 

But what do the latest 'proposals' actually add up to?

The council is saying we're lowering to a miniscule degree (10p, who'll notice?) peripheral parking charges in Zone 3, and by a little bit more (35p) in the even more peripheral Zone 4.

To pay for this, or more likely to disguise the desire to grab in more income from drivers, the council is raising parking charges by 30p in Zone 1 and by 20p in Zone 2.

Since exponentially more people want to park in these areas it's gin and tonics all round for council officials. 

Clever obfuscation.

Hiding things in plain sight and all that. If the council is announcing proposed increases it should clearly state that in its press releases, that's why the announcement is a bit sneaky.

That said Confidential thinks it's asinine to criticise politicians for 'u-turns' and for moving their position. If they've got it wrong or a situation has changed then it's better they act then stick to their misplaced guns. 

In that case Confidential suggests Manchester City Council gets on with admitting that the on-street parking policy is a failure. An experiment too far.

They should press a few computer keys, get the notices on the parking metres re-printed, and hey presto we could have the situation we had up to late 2011: free Sunday on-street parking and free early evening parking. 

Gin and tonics all round for city centre businesses and visitors.

We've also asked a question about how much revenue was accrued from on-street car parking the year before the 2011 extension and the year after. 

When we have the answer we'll let you know.

The figures should tell us a great deal about whether substantial revenues have been generated, and maybe give us a hint as to why Manchester is so keen to pursue this policy of raising the already controversial charges.

Or indeed, the city council can just come clean and admit that it needs the money to finance other transport initiatives in the city. At least that would be honest because the congestion argument just doesn't wash.

Ticket strength in numbersTicket strength in numbersPS

  The photos with this story were taken on Easter Sunday. This was a Bank Holiday Weekend.

Easter Sunday is one of only two days in the calendar along with Christmas Day when all the bigger retailers have to close. 

All five vehicles in Museum Street, in the top picture, had parking tickets. Given nothing but museums, bars and restaurants were open then in all probability the drivers and occupants of the cars were leisure visitors to the city.

Of course they should have read the small print on the parking meters. This refers, ambiguously, to no charges being applied on Bank Holidays.

Is this misleading?Is this misleading?Strictly this means Mondays but people right across the city seemed to have been caught out by the notion that this applied to Easter generally as a Bank Holiday weekend.

At the same time gangs of wardens, in threes at least, were making hay while the parking fine sun shone. 

There's the letter of the law and there's the spirit of the law.

Sometimes the targetting of motorists bringing themselves in to enjoy the city centre seems like entrapment. The number of traffic wardens out and about hinted at the fact that bosses knew more people were likely to be careless while reading the meter rules and regs on an Easter Sunday. 

Pound signs revolved in their car parking eyes. 

Existing zoning structureExisting zoning structure - yep these are the council's own maps and they've lost Zone 1

Proposed zoning changesProposed zoning changes

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73 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousApril 4th 2013.

I don't understand or believe these people who can afford to shop in the expensive city centre and can afford to buy and run a car but claim to be put off by a measly parking charge.

9 Responses: Reply To This...
StephApril 4th 2013.

I'm one of those people. I don't understand what's so hard to believe. I've lived in the city centre since before the 2011 changes and work out of town so need a car. Having a car was fine pre-2011 changes as i only had to buy a half hour ticket for the morning and sort weekend parking.
Due to the current parking restrictions I'm left with a choice of change jobs or move house even though I like both of them. Now I've found out I'm in Zone bloody 2 so the cost is going to increase further.

Manc GuyApril 5th 2013.

What I don't understand, is why city centre dwellers would want to own a car anyway, let alone work outside the city. I thought the 'joys' of city centre living were for single people or DINKies who enjoy the night life, the convenience of being able to walk to work and whatever else the city has to offer them. Everything's on their doorstep isn't it? You can even get a tram to Asda in 'Wastelands' now.

As for parking, as ANON said at the top, if you can afford the cost of car ownership, then why is a parking fee an issue? And whilst on the subject, I undersand the need for conveniently sited disabled street parking, but why should it be free? Those disabled SUV and Bentley owners on King Street West that clog the area most times of the day can certainly afford the price of a ticket can't they?

AnonymousApril 5th 2013.

Manc Guy, it's not a question of choosing to own a car but the necessity of owning a car for work where you are required to travel to various places that are not served by public transport as part of your job.

James KayApril 5th 2013.

It doesn't matter what keyboard warriors like Manc Guy 'thought' about City living, Steph actually lives in the City, as do I. I don't know what Steph does, but my job involves being all over the country and as far as I know, the tram doesn't go to Newcastle or Redditch. (Rail or coach isn't an option due to costs and time). I don't know what Manc Guy's situation is, but since he appointed himself as Head Prefect, we've heard nothing else but the joys of suburban living and how fantastic public transport is; but people are free to seek alternative lives. Increasing parking restrictions is the same as increasing public transport costs and we know what an outcry that causes.

Manc GuyApril 5th 2013.

JAMES..."keyboard warrior"? "Head Prefect"? Shall we meet, so you can explain yourself further there? I'm intrigued.

You MancCon regulars that label others just make me laugh. Shall I just label you lot as a "urban whiners", "NQ types" or "San Carlo lovers"? We don't know each other do we?...so let's just drop the name calling.

As for trams going to those destinations, well obviously not JAMES, but trains do and the quick National Rail search I just made showed 2.30 to 2.50 hrs from Piccadilly. I don't know how that compares to a car journey, and perhaps the cost of the rail fare is more than the petrol, oil, lubricant, mileage, parking and wear and tear it takes to drive to those places, but for you, perhaps that's the price you yourself must pay for choosing to live in the city centre, and nobody's forced you to live in the city have they?

Like the industrial revolution, historically people migrate to where the work is. If your lifestyle is more important than your job, then you might want to find work closer to home, or if it's not, then move closer to a motorway junction that is convenient for you to be able to do your job.

BTW, my rail fare increased in January. There was no outcry from me...more of a shoulder shrug. I assumed the increased costs of running the line are just passed on to the passenger. Well that, and subsidising fare dodgers that travel between unmanned stations.

StephApril 6th 2013.

I was thinking of clarifying my situation further but there's no point because it'll just draw another tedious comment from Manc Guy. All i'd like to say is that the parking restrictions obviously affect people enough for 6300 of them to sign the petition.

Manc GuyApril 7th 2013.

"Due to the current parking restrictions I'm left with a choice of change jobs or move house even though I like both of them."

I'm sure in your ideal world STEPH, you could have both. It's a decision you just might have to make. But, in the meantime, enjoy your lifestyle kid.

James SpencerApril 7th 2013.

If you want to live in the City Centre (or do live there with 15000 others) you can buy or rent an apartment with parking. But it is not 'half and hour on a meter. On the other hand you can park in NCP's some NCP car parks over night for £7.50 or less.

As some who has a car space I pay about £1500 pa including interest charges.

Manc GuyApril 8th 2013.

Wow!...mortgage, maintenance fees and now parking fees? Dead money there. The owners of those buildings are laughing all the way to the bank. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Still, you might get a nice view of Ancoats or Salford from your window.

AnonymousApril 4th 2013.

Manchester used to have a forward thinking council in my eyes. This is just another in a series of measures that is anti manchester. I note that there is now a pop up cathedral on that crazy "calming" measure on deansgate, was this the plan all along?
All very secret handshakes to me !

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousApril 4th 2013.

What's the problem with making the city centre more pleasant for pedestrians? As long as its still accessible then I dont see the issue personally. Hardly anti manchester

Chris PaulApril 9th 2013.

Those Cathedral Canons and their secret handshakes and what not. A pop up cathedral to thwart car freedom? Every time this story runs we get the same ranting and raving. It's a tiny increase overall in on street parking .. to which there are many and varied alternatives.

AnonymousApril 4th 2013.

Why is this such an issue for people? There is hardly limited car parks in the city centre. Plus there is quite a good train/bus/tram network.

Taylor JanesApril 4th 2013.

a) Because the Council never seem to be frank about the reasons for imposing a charge early evenings and Sunday
b) Because traders and businesses suffer and despite what the council says people are put off coming in.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousApril 5th 2013.

Do they suffer? Is this the findamental issue for suggested poor trade? Is this really significant as there is so much other parking in the Centre? I note that the Northern Quarter has this really expensive parking but is doing a roring trade by recent acounts. Or is it more to do with people getting annoyed when the Council does something that limits how they can use their cars as they want..?!

Stephen LakeApril 4th 2013.

There's obviously a push from the council to get traffic off Deansgate by forcing cars down Liverpool Road, Quay Street and Bridge Street. Perhaps they want to pedestrianise?....Parking, traffic and pedestrian zones need to be looked at and completely overhauled. For example Market Street and King Street should allow taxis on evenings. This would also increase even footfall rather than vacuous streets. The issue of parking like library walk is indicative of a council that won't listen. Of course it doesn't have to listen. Sir Richard Leese has a massive majority within the council so his position is secure like it has been since 1996. There's no effective opposition. The best you can hope for when opposing hugely unpopular policies like this is a slightly rebellious ward councillor. Then again, when only 20% of people come out and vote how can things ever change. the proverbial vicious circle.

1 Response: Reply To This...
rinkydinkApril 4th 2013.

Pedestrianisation kills vibrancy so I hope not

AnonymousApril 4th 2013.

I live in the city centre, and bought the property on information from the council that as a resident we could have a parking permit. After a year of having a permit we were informed that our property did not lie within either the city centre or Ancoats and would not be able to have any further permits as our property was in no mans land. We didn't get any helpful response from the council who totally washed their hands of us. The parking to the surround streets is all minimum of 2 hours stay. When I leave for work prior to 8am I daily see tickets already issued on cars before time.

AnonymousApril 4th 2013.

Car culture is dead.

AnonymousApril 4th 2013.

The statistics put forward by the council are a joke, they would do much better to assess city centre visitor numbers, if those have gone up they can claim sucsess. afterall the point of the parking policy is to help improve accsess to the city centre, not to hinder it by pricing people out of visiting.

1 Response: Reply To This...
DrakeApril 4th 2013.

Easy to get the visitor figures I think. manCon has carried them before

Steven ManginiApril 4th 2013.

We were in the City on Easter Sunday and it was like a ghost town except for over zealous Parking Attendants trying their damnedest to make up their quotas.

Manchester on a Sunday was never the vibrant, hustle, bustle place as it is on Saturday but from the moment the Sunday the parking charges were introduced it became almost deserted.

I hardly ever use the on street parking in the City Centre but I truly feel for the small retailers and Restaurants in our City that have been so affected by these changes. Whatever the council do you can be sure it will not be favourable to traders or drivers alike.

AnonymousApril 4th 2013.

Manchester city centre is quiet enough on a Sunday to provide free or reduced parking. Retailers are crying for customers and this is how the council could help. Until the council change it I'll continue to go to the Trafford Centre instead and park for free.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Chris PaulApril 9th 2013.

The Trafford Centre is generally speaking an awful place. And they charge more to pay for the "free" parking. Try to avoid going there.

AnonymousApril 10th 2013.

If indie retailers in the NQ lowered their prices, perhaps they'd have more customers.

AnonymousApril 4th 2013.

Intrestingly people visiting on the bank holiday monday were still buying tickets even though it was free ,couldn't the council have turned off the machines if not are these people entitled to refunds

DavidApril 4th 2013.

Manchester council prefers the 'soft target ' of increasing parking charges,even though I am sure they know this will result in less people shopping in Manchester and more businesses closing.For ideological reasons they don't put the same effort in collecting the much greater amount of unpaid council taxes in the city.
The Labour council like to congratulate itself on the greater vibrancy of the city compared to neighbouring northern cities,but that is down to the creativity of people in Manchester,it owes little to the council.
When Manchester really was the centre of the world,the worlds first industrial city it did not suffer the deadweight of Labour being in charge.If only we could have a genuine local democracy,like in London,but that would require a elected mayor and a local media who was not in Labours pocket.

StephApril 4th 2013.

Please Man Con, put up a fight against these charges. Somebody needs to take a stand and help mobilise the businesses and residents against these stupid charges. Gordo could become the people's champion.

DavidApril 4th 2013.

Does anyone read my posts? I do try to post the same tedious drivel as often as possible as I believe the more I post, the greater my credibility and the more interested people will be in my opinions.

DrakeApril 4th 2013.

They're 'sneaking' in this increase by issuing a news release that leads to a front page MEN story.

Not very good at 'sneaking' are they my precious?

1 Response: Reply To This...
Chris PaulApril 9th 2013.

Indeed. What a sneaky "Press Release" this was, with that front page story and all. Confidential have become obsessed with this "story". It just isn't anything to write home about.

Steve5839April 4th 2013.

Here we go again, increase in the costs for shopping in Manchester, does MCC have shares in all the out of town shopping centres?

I too was in Manchester over the Easter break and it was empty.

rinkydinkApril 4th 2013.

Time this council was voted out. Fat chance of that happening and they know it. Mancunians need to rise up and get some change happening!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousApril 5th 2013.

Maybe most Mancunians don't park in the city centre and so aren't that bothered about this? Sounds like a hobby horse for Mancon.

AnonymousApril 5th 2013.

Most "can't be ar**d" Mancunians don't vote in any election or referendum - that's a FACT. And don't the Labour Party just know it!

David BlakeApril 5th 2013.

Bring back free on-street parking after 6pm and on Sundays, as it use to be. Draw the shoppers back and help out the highstreet - King St is slowly dying

AnonymousApril 5th 2013.

If you're driving a car into the city centre you're doing it wrong.

Ross DaleApril 5th 2013.

What if you live on a hill say in Rossendale you fool?

Chris WoodApril 5th 2013.

I actually think that the parking rules (8am-8pm everyday) are fair. Since the new rules came in it is much easier for visitors to park near where they need to be as all the on street parking is not filled up with resident's who should really get a flat with a parking space/pay a contract for a parking space in a public car park.
Surely this is better for the local shops and bussinesses.

Changing the pricing structure as described in this article seems perfectly reasonable to limit demand in the most popular areas, whilst allowing better use of the quieter regions of the city.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Chris PaulApril 9th 2013.

Amen to this.

SAZKApril 11th 2013.

Im on the fence with this issue, but yours is one of the most sensible comments in favour of the new rules and I agree with it.

I do think the main issue is that the council should be doing everything to attract people into town, whether by car or not. We used to go into town alot more regularly for dinner and it was cheaper and more convenient to go by car. As much as I hate the Trafford Centre, when we are saving the pennies but still want an evening out, the free parking tends to sway it.

Helen TaylorApril 5th 2013.

Bringing in more zones is surely just going to penalise out-of-town visitors who aren't familiar with what is where.

Sometimes it is necessary to bring a car into the city centre - maybe because you can't spare the time it takes to wait for a bus or a tram in and out, or maybe because you need to carry something heavy.

Since the introduction of these charges, I know many people who have stopped attending early evening classes and social clubs in town and I know I have often decided to get something from the Trafford Centre instead.

Surely also the extra cost of employing traffic wardens for 22 extra hours a week must wipe out much of the income benefit? I don't believe the Council are 'consulting' at all; I don't know anyone who would have said they were in favour of the new charges, certainly not increasing them further.

JeffApril 5th 2013.

Just park outside my house for free and walk in like every other See You Next Tuesday...

Garreth ToddApril 5th 2013.

1) Manchester City centre does NOT have a congestion problem. I live behind Debenhams (paying NCP £100 a month for a parking space) and regularly drive around the city and only in rare circumstances, do I encounter any bad traffic.
2) The city is dead on a Sunday. The council should be doing everything in it's powers to ATTRACT visitors, not deter.
3) Look at King Street for example... I walked up it today and counted 9 boarded up retail outlets.
4) The Labour council and our MP are pathetic. Lucy Powell spends all day on twitter complaining about the government.

Katie DeanApril 5th 2013.

Ahem... Aren't we still in austere times... people are still being made redundant, shops and businesses are still going into liquidation, electric, gas and council tax bills going up.. shouldnt the Council be trying to entice people into parting with their ever increasing pressured 'hard earned' in more creative ways... Like going back to pre 2011 and let people park for free after 6 and free on Sundays again? Simples!

I feel sorry for all the restaurants trying to offer 241, or 40% off, or 3 courses for £15 etc - If you're watching your pennies, £8 at the least to park in an NCP for a few hours is enough to cancel out the saving and make you go home!

I work in Manchester, and luckily my firm pay for my NCP season ticket; But getting one of my pals who live out in the sticks to meet me after work for an inpromptu early diner deal, or a late night shop, never seems to happen anymore, the replies being: 'Its less hassle and cheaper for you to drive out to me and we'll go local!'. Nuff said!!

Lisa KenyonApril 5th 2013.

Council is slowly killing the city centre, I've lived here 10 years, I'm not a car owner as I don't need one (thank god!) but I wouldn't mind friends and family (ie my old Mum and Dad) not having to pay through the nose if they visit me in their cars on a weekend. Bring back the free parking after 6pm Saturday and all day Sunday!! The city centre is dead on Sundays, ghost town dead where I live, and while that suits me just fine round my apartment (literally 1 or 2 cars parked when the streets used to be full of people in Manchester for the day!) I'm sure it's killing the local economy, retailers, restaurants etc.

Or at least make weekend travel on trains cheaper (though that's an issue for a much wider area I know), currently it would cost a couple of friends from back home (Formby) circa £30 return just to come to see me Sat/Sun! Or drive and spend the same to park?! Crazy :( I can see the benefits of peak time mon-fri parking but not slamming visitors on a weekend or bank holiday. On another note, is it just the meter outside my flat or do all meters not accept 5ps? My friend tried to put £1.35p in just to bob in for a quick brew after dropping me off last week... kept spitting out the 5ps and a warden walked by and announced... oh they don't take 5ps... err... yet the machines indicate the opposite and all 30 min prices include a 5p!??

3 Responses: Reply To This...
James KayApril 5th 2013.

Hi Lisa,

Trial and error tests have demonstrated that the machines will take the 5p's from the 90's to mid 00's (with a thistle on the back) but they don't take the new ones with the design on the back that appears to be split 4 corners.

Hope that helps.

James SpencerApril 7th 2013.

Why is a well known restrauranteer boasting about his success and planned expansion (including the City Centre) in' another publication.

Who paid him to do that? ....apart from the paper: (not the City Council I think)

Lisa KenyonApril 9th 2013.

Just seen this now, thanks re the 5ps! How random and annoying! :)

AnonymousApril 5th 2013.

No-one's bothered about this apart from Mcr Confidential and a few Top Gear watchers.

If you choose to live in town/somewhere not well served by public transport/travel for work then stop moaning that the world doesn't revolve around you.

4 Responses: Reply To This...
James TurnerApril 5th 2013.

Idiot. Isn't Top Gear one of the most watched shows across the globe?

Manc GuyApril 5th 2013.

"then stop moaning that the world doesn't revolve around you."

Are you reading this JAMES KAY?

AnonymousApril 6th 2013.

6300 people were bothered enough to sign the petition.

Chris PaulApril 9th 2013.

6300 people? It was a vote early vote often was it not? Every day for a month. Could be just 210 people. With no addresses? Do a proper petition if you want credibility. Get 4,000 genuine signatures supporting a truthful petition and you can have a debate at some Council meeting or other if you wish.

Kevin PeelApril 5th 2013.

I fought for a relaxing of pricing and zoning in the largely residential areas of the city centre where those most likely to be coming in to visit residents park so I'm extremely pleased to see this introduced. I also fought for the new residents parking scheme, one which was more flexible, and I'm delighted that the council have heeded my calls.

ManCon like to reference city centre voters (although it is not city centre voters who make up the vast majority of those parking in the city centre), so perhaps you could acknowledge that city centre voters get a good deal out of this.

But as you say, it's just a consultation. I look forward to receiving representations.

Cllr Kevin Peel
Labour & Co-op councillor for Manchester city centre

6 Responses: Reply To This...
DavidApril 5th 2013.

Who voted for you..what was the voter turn out?.I would be embarrassed if I were you.Instead of proclaiming your supposed achievements.All you and your Labour chums are doing is destroying business in the city centre.

Garreth ToddApril 5th 2013.

Absolute rubbish Kevin. Is this what you call an "achievement"?!

Not heard you from in a while. I usually get a leaflet around election time, then sod all.

Not. Good. Enough

AnonymousApril 6th 2013.

Fail to see how city centre voters get a good deal out of this.
Although considering the paltry number of voters we could probably ring around and ask them in a few hours.

Stephen LakeApril 8th 2013.

Turnout in both the last local election and recent by-election were around 20%. When I see a turnout of >60% I'll then acknowledge some sort of endorsement of this self serving council.

Stephen DouglasApril 9th 2013.

I have a residents permit, which doubled in cost last year. Now my street is being rezoned from zone 3 to zone 2. The result is that the cost of a permit for me will have gone from £130/yr to £500. Is that fair?

Stephen DouglasApril 9th 2013.

Incidentally, the zone 4 stuff around the mancunian way was something me and other residents suggested at the consultations 18 months ago. Good to see you claiming credit for our suggestions, Kev.

Jonathan SchofieldApril 5th 2013.

I've learnt today that all the train services through Bolton and beyond were suspended on Easter Sunday.

So I know people drove in instead, because they've told me. Easy meat I suppose.

1 Response: Reply To This...
DavidApril 5th 2013.

Where is you interview with Leese,the one you said was finished and waiting to go on the website?.
Your silence in this matter is an insult to your readers.

AnonymousApril 5th 2013.

as a taxpayer and a proud mancunian i too would like to be afforded some pleasantries of our so called city centre...? and not be ripped off and penalised by our council...who seem to be running the show on profits from traffic revenue.

manchester city centre is currently on death row...
With the exception of match days and MEN arena events
there have never been pedestrian or congestion problems in the city centre, and Deansgate has been turned into a (whatsmacallit) ?

why should my owning a car get up peoples noses...(i work damn hard for it...) just as well since i depend on it to take me to the Trafford Centre....

Dave MartinApril 5th 2013.

I'm somewhere in the middle on this. On the one hand, I don't see why its a problem to pay for parking given the relative cost of running a car in the first place, and its environmental impact during busy periods, versus having to pay for a tram ticket. On the other hand, charging on Sundays is probably causing a net loss for the Council (paying overtime for traffic wardens) and local businesses are losing out on what used to be a good day for them.

1 Response: Reply To This...
SAZKApril 11th 2013.

Couldnt agree more with this.

But what riles me is the cost of public transport, I dont think its cheap enough to compensate for the fact that its much less convenient.

Jo NightingaleApril 5th 2013.

I live between Whitworth St and the Manc Way, and half the meters are always empty. As far as I can make out above, our zone has been upscaled from zone 3 to 2, despite it also being a largely residential area (people don't seem to park here for the Palace, and there are no shops), presumably to increase its earning potential from the residents and their visitors who do need to park here. The same upscaling applies to the area SW of Miller Street, so how many city centre dwellers are going to be better off Kevin?

AnonymousApril 6th 2013.

The Council are obliged to make these changes and charges due to an agreement they made with NCP years ago who do you think payed for and runs the cctv in the city ,its NCP who are the villians here.

Chris PaulApril 9th 2013.

You can of course park outside the zones. You can of course use a car park - surface or multi storey. You can use passenger transport too. Did you know that from Friday at 6pm until end of service on Sunday you can use a Metro ticket that costs just £5 for the WHOLE NETWORK? If you are a resident you can buy a space with your home, or rent one like anyone else. Why should residents who haven't bought or rented a space get free on street parking? Gareth Todd pays £100 a month to NCP for a parking space he says. That seems like a fair price. Expecting free on street parking everywhere is just not fair to those who have bought/rented a space. Those of us who want garages or off street parking or a space on the street outside our house all pay the relevant premiums in the house price for those options according to where we live. Have Confidential editorial staff been to other world cities and considered their on street and indeed overnight parking charges? No, not Sheffield or Nottingham; try San Francisco, Madrid, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Berlin, Budapest. Honestly, do try downtown San Fransisco. The idea that anyone really thinks a Saturday or Sunday within a "Bank Holiday Weekend" is treated like a Bank Holiday seems preposterous. As does the absurd idea that MCC parking enforcement is somehow in cahoots with train operating companies who throw in a day's closure on a certain line.

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Stephen DouglasApril 10th 2013.

We don't get free on-street parking. A permit is available that for example in zone 3 costs £250/yr and only covers you for 4 hours per day during the week. So cheaper than paying a meter, but most definitely not free.

M. WardApril 10th 2013.

I want to sign a petition or campaign agains this!

Another TimApril 19th 2013.

Great to hear drivers are continuing to lose their god-given-right to park their private vehicles where they like on publicly owned roads cheaply or for free. Judging by the comments the drivers' sense of entitlement is still going strong but of course we can't expect the turkeys to vote for Christmas.

As a Manchester resident who doesn't generally park in the city centre it's nice to have a few fewer cars around at times. On-street parking right in the city centre is one of those things which benefits a small minority while cars manoeuvring around and taking up space makes the area less pleasant for everyone, and the cost should reflect that. If there's a requirement for parking spaces I'm sure private carparks can provide plenty at the market rate. And unless you have mobility issues a two minute walk is not the worst thing that can happen to a person.

I really can't see any sign of the city centre turning into a ghost town any time soon.

Just a bit of a shame to see the often-sensible ManCon getting all Daily Mail indignant about it though. Everybody knows a Sunday isn't a bank holiday, and calling that sign misleading just makes Mr Schofield look ignorant.

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