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Obsidian Closes, Rebrands As 24 Bar & Grill

New menu will be all about the steak

Written by . Published on September 29th 2011.

Obsidian Closes, Rebrands As 24 Bar & Grill

The restaurant formerly known as Obsidian has closed and will be replaced by 24 Bar & Grill, which opens this weekend.

"We plan to soon become a destination venue of choice, establishing our own place in Manchester’s vibrant restaurant and bar scene."

The new restaurant, which is under the Arora Hotel Manchester on Princess Street, will focus on steaks, with beef aged for at least 28 days, sourced by 24 Bar & Grill’s independent butcher, Althams.

Diners can even order their favourite cut of meat, such as chateaubriand or porterhouse, 48 hours in advance of their booking.

Along with a range of steaks, 24 Bar & Grill head chef Adrian Taylor will also be serving up fresh fish and seafood, homemade rice pudding and Manchester tart trifle. 

The bar will serve cocktails mixed by an award-winning team and sample a range of new craft beers and ciders.

Neil Woodward, manager at 24 Bar & Grill, said: “As a city centre venue we really value our local community and want to give something back to our neighbours by consistently delivering outstanding product at a sensible price.

"We plan to soon become a destination venue of choice, establishing our own place in Manchester’s vibrant restaurant and bar scene, through our commitment to quality and our friendly approach."

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AnonymousSeptember 29th 2011.

Another grill place for Manchester. Yawn.

AnonymousSeptember 29th 2011.

Shame about Obsidian - so much early promise after the relaunch with Bryn Evans in the kitchen, then he left and it all seemed to go downhill rapidly.

Still one of the nicest looking dining rooms in the city though.

AnonymousSeptember 29th 2011.

Menu on their website looks terrible.

AnonymousSeptember 29th 2011.

Are they seriously trying to make it sound a good thing that you can order "chateaubriand or porterhouse, 48 hours in advance", why would you do that when you can go around the corner to Grill on NY or Smoak and get there and then.
Got a feeling I'm going to be dissapointed in this place.

AnonymousSeptember 29th 2011.

Re the boring menu, it features a wholmeale bun, surely that's a bit special

the Whalley RangerSeptember 29th 2011.

an italian grill, now THAT would be a revelation!

IzzySeptember 29th 2011.

Oh er Missus. Not liking the sound of this, seems like Manchester restaurants bow under pressure and although they promise much on opening, they oft revert to a formulaic 'Italian' theme or become some form of 'Grill'. I'll reserve passing comment on their choice of meat supplier..........

AnonymousSeptember 29th 2011.

I love this place and cant wait to try out the new menu!!!

AnonymousSeptember 29th 2011.

No, no, no. The awful menu layout has already put me off. 4, 5, 17.5, what's that all about????

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LouLouSeptember 30th 2011.

Ugh, totally agree, Smoak does that too, pretentious load of c**p.

The menu is 'OK' rather than exciting.

Stuart MallalieuSeptember 30th 2011.

It was the worst dining experience I've ever had. Will never set foot in the place again- re branded or not!

AnonymousSeptember 30th 2011.

Is it true that Cliff Richard(s) ! owns the Arora hotel?
Wired for Sound

Liam McDonaldSeptember 30th 2011.

There's a starter on the new menu called Cliff Richard Pate. Its made from his colostomy bag contents.

Andy VoSeptember 30th 2011.

So it's marketed as a grill restaurant with the focus on steak and there are only three varieties of steak on offer?!?!

AnonymousOctober 2nd 2011.

Let's be honest it's not gonna top Gaucho, there all trying but not succeeding.

James SpencerOctober 2nd 2011.

When does the import from Marylebone open

AnonymousOctober 2nd 2011.

Gaucho... even I can do better than that

AnonymousOctober 2nd 2011.

I agree with the comment above, I can do better that Gaucho and so can most restaurants in Manchester.

movementOctober 3rd 2011.

Not a very inspiring menu, in fact it's almost spookily like a slightly cheaper version of Smoak's. Re the missing pound signs: it's been proven that it's beneficial in revenue terms to not have currency denominiations on menus. Sad but true.

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IzzyOctober 3rd 2011.

Interesting that, about the pound signs. How does that happen then? Do diners think it's half the price 'cos they're paying in dollars not pounds or maybe we've secretly adopted the Euro?

AnonymousOctober 3rd 2011.

I ate here on the opening night and it was fab! As well as the menu there was loads of market specials created specially by the head Chef. Ive eaten at Smoak and the steak I had here was cheaper and better cooked plus the service was amazing.
You guys should give the place a chance before you start moaning - your missing out on something great.

AnonymousOctober 3rd 2011.

Hello, good evening and welcome to the employee from Obsidian..........

ClarckOctober 4th 2011.

I think we should hope that all the chain will close and the old fashion family restaurant will be back in town where you can taste the food now is all bland frozen or worst with no personality low wage or service charge in the big company pocket.We should stop to go in those big chain.They only destroy the local economy .The worst is strada in spinningfield with cafe rouge bella italia all part of one company.

8 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 4th 2011.

yes is right the worst is strada and bella in densgate

AnonymousOctober 4th 2011.

I Have been in Strada and well the food was like every chain restaurant no taste at all, but worst was the service ,the manager she was very arrogant,well I heard they will close soon.

AnonymousOctober 4th 2011.

Is it true than?are they close down?like cafe rouge?

AnonymousOctober 4th 2011.

I think they change the manager ,but still the same was before ,a place where better not to go .

AnonymousOctober 4th 2011.

Cafe rouge is close they will be soon too .

AnonymousOctober 4th 2011.

Strada in Wimslow is not better they are all the same, now worst than before with new manager

AnonymousOctober 4th 2011.

Anon, we know that you are the same user, so you're either having a conversation with yourself, and should seek medical help; or you are trying to stir up trouble.

Cut it out, or all of your comments will be removed.

Simon BinnsOctober 4th 2011.

That above comment was by me. Apologies.

Andy VoOctober 4th 2011.

I tried to give this place a chance by going on Sunday afternoon however the restaurant wasn't serving any food apart from bar snacks.

AnonymousOctober 4th 2011.

Cafe Rouge Spinningfields is closed then?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 4th 2011.

It is - you can read more about that in tomorrow's food and drink round up...

Simon BinnsOctober 4th 2011.

Sorry, that was me btw...

Calum McGOctober 4th 2011.

y can no 1 on here spell or use gramer

2 Responses: Reply To This...
the Whalley RangerOctober 6th 2011.

Thatcher's Britain?

Jill JillianNovember 15th 2011.

You two should mate.

Helen TaylorOctober 5th 2011.

Tried this tonight - always liked the bar at Obsidian but eating was a let down - after seeing on Man Con about the new exciting grill went to try it out - realised on arrival same bar, restaurant and staff etc just rebrand and new menu. The cocktails were very good and 2 for £10 was good value. Seated in booth, only one other diner - arrived at 6.15pm. Staff very attentive and pleasant, was with my partner and daughter - male bar tender helped partner downstairs with buggy. Looking forward to nice meal - felt menu very similar to Smoak menu - only ordered one course at 6.30pm - asked where food was at 7.05pm - very pleasant waitress said chef was plating up, asked again at 7.20pm, told was on way - ordered burger and fish and chips. encountered something I had never seen before - my partner left his food, burger so overcooked it was inedible. Blue cheese on burger frozen. Fish and chips - generous on fish but so overcooked and chips so hot and the basket burned fingers - didnt complain but asked to point out to chef that burger was inedible, good waitress apologised and went to speak to chef - comp round of drinks and burger removed from bill. She explained that due to function an agency chef had cooked our food!! Not great start to new venture but appreciated the very apologetic staff. Worth going for drinks but not food. Very disappointed again! If its empty in conference week maybe they still havent got it right.

Chris MooreOctober 13th 2011.

Interesting that most of the "rants" seem to be posted by non visitors to this superb restaurant! I had visited Obsidian previously and was interested to re-visit under the new format. We dined on a busy Saturday night - the bar was atmospheric and lively - with some great cocktails. The Restaurant was busy - 2 Hen parties one of which must have been on a de-tour from Blackpool! However the staff were amazing in keeping the noisy female guests in good order whilst attending to us and all other diners with interest only in our pleasure and dining experience. The food and wine was fantastic - a simple but varied menu and a quality wine list. However the over-riding memory that will ensure that I will definitely return was the smiling and positive staff.

AnonymousOctober 18th 2011.

Everyone needs to give this place a chance, had a meal here the other night and really enjoyed it, the pork dish was lovely and my wife had a special which looked amazing on the plate and was delicious
Will definitely return to 24

Chloe ChambersNovember 15th 2011.

I had a meal here the other night and found my food bland. I had 3 courses and all 3 were boring. My partner on the other hand had the mixed grill. I had a taste of his steak (as you do!) and it was as if it had been cooked in a different restaurant, it was delicious! service was slow but staff were amazingly polite and smiley. 5/10 because some of it was horrible and some brilliant.

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