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Nuovo Finally Finished - Seven Years Later

126 apartment development in Ancoats is now complete after work began in 2007

Written by . Published on October 8th 2014.

Nuovo Finally Finished - Seven Years Later

IT'S BEEN a slowly rusting relic of the last property boom for years but Nuovo, the apartment scheme formerly known as Sarah Point on Great Ancoats Street, has finally been completed.

If you do want a place of your own in town but don’t have £10,000 or so to spare for a deposit, don’t despair. Nuovo are offering 40 apartments on a shared ownership basis.

Started back in 2007 by Bashar Issa, the Iraqi developer now in jail for tax fraud, it was taken over by the banks in 2008 then bought by UK Land and Property (UKLP) which had their own funding hiccup before the Homes and Communities agency (HCA) stepped in with £6m to get the building back on track.

Nuovo before completionNuovo before completion

UKLP have now delivered and it’s good to see the building complete, the lights going on and to have some new stock in the city for anyone looking to buy a place of their own.

There are 126 apartments in two linked but very different buildings with prices starting at £117,500 for a one bedroom unit offering 595sq ft of space. Two beds at £149,950 for 646sq ft.

Car parking underneath the building is an extra £15,000 – first come first served.

Nuovo apartmentNuovo apartment

There are retail units on the ground floor fronting Great Ancoats Street and we're told they've already been snapped up. Not by one of the usual suspects for an expensive express outlet or Costa, but by the HCA which wants to encourage independent retailers into the building and is prepared to take a punt on budding entrepreneurs, presumably with lower rentals until they get established.

This is a fabulous idea and will hopefully encourage some of the quirkiness of the Northern Quarter to cross over the dual carriageway and set up shop in Ancoats.

The main entrance to the apartments is on Great Ancoats Street and it’s pretty slick - double height, curvy walls, classy graphics and some nice furniture and lighting.

No concierge, as they want to keep service charges down, but along with the key fob to get in the front door you'll need a code to access the lift and the underground car park for increased security (Urban Bubble will be the managing agents in case you are interested).

Nuovo AtriumNuovo Atrium

The big surprise is the vast atrium at the centre of the lower building, with its own little olive grove and seating. Some have suggested it looks a bit prison-like, especially as the landing walkways are clunky with steel, but the communal feel and light from the glass roof lift it. You can imagine residents using the space for neighbourly events or just to escape their own four walls.

The apartments themselves are a little underwhelming. After six years you'd probably expect something with more class, in some areas like the bathroom, they are pretty basic.

The tower building has a different feel, much more private with only a handful of units on each floor, and lots of glass, much of it gently curving to wrap around the view. The views from the higher floors are stunning.

Unsurprisingly, the penthouse in the tower is the pick (£310,000). A big space with an expanse of curved window looking back over Ancoats and Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium lit up in the distance like a space ship.

Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) are the selling agents and had 200 people signed up and eagerly awaiting the release of prices, such is the demand for new stock from city renters looking to buy and investors wanting a long term rental.

They are quoting rents at between £695 to £725 for a one bed and up to £1250 for a penthouse with parking.

Paul Johnson from UKLP said: ”For us it is great to hit the market now when demand is high and stock is low. We now need to keep that momentum going.”

He revealed they had already had 'a good conversation' with Manchester Life, the Abu Dhabi/City Council partnership to deliver 8,000 new homes in East Manchester over the next decade.

He said: “Everyone knows how strong the city is and the projections for growth so we are working really hard to try and secure our next residential scheme.”

Nuovo penthouseNuovo penthouse

Deborah McLaughlin, HCA’s executive director for the North West, said:

"It is great to see Nuovo completed after many years of hard work. It's an extremely important scheme, and is a prime example of the positive outcomes that the HCA’s funding and support can deliver.

"It is a superb addition to the 'City Fringe' area, which is being transformed by the work of the Manchester Place partnership between the HCA and Manchester City Council.”

If you do want a place of your own in town but don’t have £10,000 or so to spare for a deposit, don’t despair.

Instead walk to the back of the building down Jersey Street where you will find a third Nuovo building offering 40 apartments on a shared ownership basis.

Reeds Rains are the agents and there’s an open day on 18 October where you can buy a 35% share for £35,950.


Jones Lang Lasalle and Reeds Rains

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31 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

rinkydinkOctober 8th 2014.

No doubt anonymarse will be disappointed that this building could not have been put to better use, like a performance space or boutique cinema

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 8th 2014.

Oh, do shut up you bigot! Peace out and word to the Mother or something...it says here.

rinkydinkOctober 8th 2014.

Are you actually on drugs? Do you actually know what the word bigot means? You're a complete buffalo hiding behind your anonymarse mask. I recognise the tone of your pathetic posts now and won't be engaging with you and your meaningless and seemingly drunken rants any more. Out of my face, idiot

AnonymousOctober 8th 2014.

I don't take drugs because there is a war on drugs and you people know that!

AnonymousOctober 8th 2014.

I like this. It's like 80s retro mad shit with all those colours. Nice to see it finished. Pleasantly suprised by the atrium. Love the curves on the tower. It's a bit Milton Keynes or something.

AnonymousOctober 8th 2014.

Iraqi developer? Fancy living under an oppressive a cruel regime like Saddam's, bettering yourself and then ripping off your adopted country!

Poster BoyOctober 9th 2014.

A means to an end...

SteveOctober 9th 2014.

Dull and uninspiring. Will look dated in no time!

AnonymousOctober 9th 2014.

That atrium would make an ideal location for a pop-up dirty street food market. Mmmmm £6 for a hotdog. Can't wait.

AnonymousOctober 9th 2014.

I think it looks nice!

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 9th 2014.

Well that's all that matters then doesn't it?

AnonymousOctober 9th 2014.

+1 livens up Great Ancoats Street slightly.

AnonymousOctober 11th 2014.

It's ugly and cheap. The developers stripped the design of any flair it may once have had. Will look tawdry and dated in no time.

Melissa ConnellyOctober 10th 2014.

I thought this was an office block!! Why would you build flats to look like offices? (Glad its finished though)

5 Responses: Reply To This...
GimboidOctober 10th 2014.

What difference does it make? They look like flats on the inside... which is mostly what the people who buy them will care about.

AnonymousOctober 10th 2014.

Check out the brains on Gimboid!

GimboidOctober 10th 2014.

Hi Anon! Anything useful to add?

AnonymousOctober 10th 2014.

I see you haven't...again.!

GimboidOctober 10th 2014.

You're really VERY boring, Anon.

AnonymousOctober 10th 2014.

Shame they never replaced the rusty foundations before patching this place up........

5 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 10th 2014.

You really don't have any construction knowledge, do you?

AnonymousOctober 10th 2014.

Happy to confirm I do not have any construction knowledge. It was merely an observation, having walked past the building on numerous occasions. I just noticed that the steel beams have become rather rusty over the years and surely this does the foundation no favour.

AnonymousOctober 11th 2014.

The foundations are underground and are generally made of concrete. The steel structure above grounnd had superficial rusting of the surface. This was treated to inhibit further corrosion, however the structural integrity was not in any way affected.

AnonymousOctober 11th 2014.

ground, not grounnd, oops

AnonymousOctober 11th 2014.

You learn something everyday, thanks for that.

AnonymousOctober 11th 2014.

AT LAST is finished even if a bit boring.....

AnonymousOctober 12th 2014.

You couldn't pay me to live on great Ancoats street!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 13th 2014.

No one is asking you to. I am sure someone will want to live there, developers rarely build if there is no market.

AnonymousOctober 13th 2014.

mm2 didn't have any issues selling all of the apartments as well as the hudson building etc, can't see Nuovo having any issues selling them either

AnonymousOctober 12th 2014.

Where do you live?

AnonymousOctober 28th 2014.

had a look at a few apartments here yesterday, they are actually really nice, the building does look very office like from the outside though but I guess it will be livened up when the ground floor retail units are in

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