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Ex-Granada HQ Building Converts To 'Hello House'

We get news of ourselves...plus rooftop bar stuff

Published on April 10th 2014.

Ex-Granada HQ Building Converts To 'Hello House'

ALLIED London, has announced plans to immediately transform part of the former Granada site in Manchester city centre into a new media hub when it takes control of Old Granada Studios on Sunday 1 June. This will include a rooftop media bar.

The initial building will include places to meet, chat, hold events, talks and launches, together with dedicated areas, which have been designed to allow businesses to interact and work together.

Allied London intends to introduce substantial media, technology and innovation propositions to the area as part of its short, medium and long terms plans.

The Granada HQ extension building will be transformed into a dedicated media industry workspace and branded Hello House.

It will provide workspace to media start-ups through to established businesses and broadcasters. A number of early adopters have already confirmed they will be moving in on day one, including Echo PR, Manchester Confidential, Journey9, a radio station, plus two new media start-ups.

Michael Ingall, chief executive at Allied London, said: “We have been supporting a number of young start-ups and early growth media companies in Spinningfields, which we are now going to relocate into Hello House, creating a hub for PR, marketing and media companies. More importantly, we aim to establish a media, tech and innovation proposition at Old Granada that we will nurture and support. We hope that this will become embedded in our long-term development plans.

“The initial building will include places to meet, chat, hold events, talks and launches, together with dedicated areas, which have been designed to allow businesses to interact and work together. It will include a media roof bar and social club designed for press launches and events, which may be opened to the public at weekends.

“We’re investing a lot of energy and resource into this project and all that we ask in return is that the people moving in commit to working together and help us create something that can grow organically around the businesses that come here. Manchester has some great media tech and innovative businesses, some of which will need support to develop.

Ingall continued: “Following on from our successful development of MediaCom’s new headquarters, together with companies such as Outsourcery, Great Fridays, Yahoo and Worldpay, all now based in Spinningfields, we’re increasingly looking to work with the media and tech industries."

Given the former nature of the building the 'hub', being created within this development, seems wholly appropriate. Let's hope as Ingall hopes, that this can be the start of something big for Manchester's already well-established media community. The name of the building will take some getting used to but you can see what the marketing team are trying to achieve. Just. 

And there's a lot to live up to. For a couple of decades Granada was the most important independent TV company in the country, World in Action, Brideshead Revisited, Prime Suspect, Cracker, Cold Feet, Coronation Street, University Challenge,  Stars In Their Eyes, The Jeremy Kyle Show...you know what we mean. Should be exciting. 

For Phil Griffin's superb look back at Granada TV read this article. 

That old sign all stored and safe on siteThat old sign all stored and safe on site

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AnonymousApril 10th 2014.

Great move - the best of luck to you Manchester Confidential. Still no signs of the MEN returning to the city they so shamelessly abandoned though?

10 Responses: Reply To This...
DavidApril 10th 2014.

Both the Mirror and Guardian abandoned Manchester,despite their supposed left of centre politics.

AnonymousApril 10th 2014.

Didn't the MEN (ie Mancunians) "cross subsidize" the Guardian for years? First sign of trouble though and they sell it (and a huge chunk of Manchester civic pride) down the river to that City of London media conglomerate, Trinity Mirror! The morals of Britain's pseudo Left, eh?

Simon JonesApril 10th 2014.

What does that actually mean, David? How does leaving Manchester (a damnable choice to be sure) in itself betray their left of centre politics? Or are you just bashing the left-leaning papers for the sake of it?

AnonymousApril 10th 2014.

Wasn't the Scott Trust originally established to protect "both" The Guardian and the MEN newspaper(s) from future sale, interference from future proprietors and party affiliation? If so, the sale of the MEN was a "betrayal" wasn't it?

Simon JonesApril 10th 2014.

Possibly not. en.wikipedia.org/…/Scott_Trust_Limited…

DavidApril 10th 2014.

The Guardian rank hypocrisy.For all its stories about banks,Starbucks etc avoiding tax,it itself has being doing exactly the same as them.While at the same time befitting overwhelmingly from all the public sector job advertisements,as a result of its friends in the Labour movement.

AnonymousApril 11th 2014.

At some point Simon, those trustees (a fine selection of London's metropolitan media elite) must have changed the objectives of the Scott Trust though? Obviously protecting jobs, editorial independence & ownership in Manchester - would be of "no concern" to such a list of metropolitan Londoners anymore? Whereas in their beloved London it would be, right? So now we have a Manchester newspaper that is not even based in Manchester anymore, has no right to use the word 'Evening' in its title, is owned & run from the City of London and affiliated to the Labour Party. Yep, the North shafted by the metropolitan elitist Left, yet again!!!

DavidApril 11th 2014.

If you read the Guardian online now compared to the print edition it's pretty obvious by many of the stories it runs that it won't just be Manchester that it abandons but the Uk as well.It clearly sees a bigger market in the USA,for a Democrat leaning website. There is something ridiculous about a newspaper attacking the class origins of the Tory leadership,when it's own journalists are overwhelmingly public school educated.These people have no connection with the north or the working class,just like the Labour leadership.

DavidApril 11th 2014.

The Major government must be blamed for ruining local journalism in Manchester,by allowing the mergers of Granada and LWT leading to a consolidated ItV based in London,that largely abandoned any commitment to regional television and in particular news.Labour allowed exactly the same thing to happen with the local press,because of its cosy relationship with the Mirror Group.

DavidApril 11th 2014.

The problem with local journalism started when Margaret Thatcher privatised words and broke the power of the unions over diction. Since then fascists, right-wingers and toffs have been stealing grammar from poor people and using the ill-gotten proceeds to exploit Africans and keep people in the inner-cities in poverty.

Calum McGApril 10th 2014.

Great news! And... please put the Granada sign back on display. It's iconic! :)

SquirrelitoApril 10th 2014.

Good to see this all kicking in so quickly

Just247April 11th 2014.

Will it be known as Granada House, or something Granada-ish? Even when ITV rebranded it was always called Granada. Taxi driver: Where to mate? Granada. Right ho... And get that sign back up - it was a beacon for the city!

ConmanApril 12th 2014.

Bravo to the developers. Fantastic to see what is in my opinion the most important bit of the whole estate being retained, the modernist HQ building / studios. And not only that but promoting it's use by media companies. Let's hope it takes off. A few questions though, Hello House is the main (large) block or the smaller block in the picture? If the smaller block are ther plans to reuse the main HQ building along similar lines? Will this use be permanent - i.e. not just an interim use before the whole thing is redeveloped like Quay House opposite?

LukewarmdogApril 13th 2014.

"Hello House" is an awful, awful name. Cg for getting in there tho for the rooftop media bar if nothing else.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousApril 14th 2014.

Agreed, it is a diabolical name. How about approaching ITV for permission to see if they can incorporate "Granada" somewhere within the new name and reinstating that genuinely iconic signage somewhere.

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