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New MCR Restaurant, Northern Food Recognised By South Shock And Bez

Sleuth Wk 12: Fact, Absurdity, Quotes And Headlines

Written by . Published on March 21st 2014.

New MCR Restaurant, Northern Food Recognised By South Shock And Bez

SleuthSleuthSleuth is a sideways glance at the city every week, it's the truth, but Sleuth's truth. He's several people all at once. We give £25 for every story/rumour and piece of absurdity you find for us to publish. Sleuth sometimes even gets serious. We ask for the money back if any legal action follows. Follow Sleuth on twitter @mcrsleuth

Cane And Grain Opening Soon

Cane and Grain is fitting out in the old Thomas Restaurant site on Thomas Street. Yes, that’s in the Northern Quarter and this is our daily news about something opening in the Northern Quarter. This baby comes from the Black Dog/Liars Club/Dogbowl stable of food, drink, bowling, basements and terraces. Apparently they’re going to specialise in ribs, rum, beer and bourbon. They’re going to do this on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Umm, life can just be one long list sometimes can't it?

Former Thomas Restaurant

Former Thomas Restaurant

New Crocodile, Rice Crispy And Bomb Shop To Open In The Northern Quarter

It’s apparently a snap, crackle and pop up shop. Raymond Twix, the owner, said to Confidential, “I was just standing in Stevenson Square at the bus stop and realised there was a huge gap in the market for this sort of progressive outlet that would appeal to a long list of people such as policemen, concierges, bar and restaurant owners and fans of Paul Hogan.”

Crocodile Dundee - Paul Hogan will be at the launch

Crocodile Dundee - Paul Hogan will be at the launch

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

Of course the above story is entirely false but Sleuth just wants something to open in the Northern Quarter besides bars or restaurants.

Bez For MP

Bez, The Former BeekeeperBez, The Former BeekeeperThe greatest living North Westerner, man of the people and what-the-hell-does-he-actually-do Bez has put himself forward to be MP for Salford following Hazel Blears’ retirement. Attending the anti-fracking gig in a field just west of the city he said some jumbled up words that sounded vaguely English but were possibly Welsh. He's recently been living in Wales keeping bees. Then shortly before tweeting about the evils of ‘facking’ he indicated he was campaigning on a policy of ‘free energy, free food, free everything’. Sleuth blushes to see how the local media lap up Bez, just because he did very little in a fine Madchester band some decades ago. 

The BBC And Sutherland

Sleuth wasn't sure about this BBC headline about the recently resigned boss of the Cooperative Group on its web pages last week. Of course Confidential never makes any errors in its copy. 

Bit rude that BBC

Bit rude that BBC

The Beat Goes On: Wythenshawe

Sleuth has been pleased by the response to Confidential's Manchester Beat columns profiling the city suburbs. Next week we're doing Alderley Edge, this week we did a similar type of place, Wythenshawe. It was written by Phil Griffin, writer, broadcaster, pub supporter. Phil occasionally takes interested parties around Wythenshawe showing the place off. He doesn't do this by coach or on foot but by magic as this picture shows. 

Phil Griffin about to move the group on

Phil Griffin about to move the group on

We're M62 Corridor Winners - Hurrah

Leading food and drink magazine Olive has spotted something. In its April edition it will highlight trends. One of these is the rise of food in the M62 Corridor - a glamorous sounding location if ever there were one. Yes folks we have good food up here. Sleuth wonders whether we should be happy with the attention or feel patronised? He'll leave that one up to the reader. 

M62 Corridor - Just Eat Me Would Ya?

M62 Corridor - Just Eat Me Would Ya?

Here are some of the key trends in PR not Sleuth's words:  

The M62 Corridor – mighty tasty‘Time was a northerner had to head to London to experience food’s cutting edge. No more. Now, the capital’s hip outfits are heading north, while, after last year’s headline-grabbing openings at Manchester House and the French, the hits just keep on coming.’  

MELDs‘That Music Eating Late-night Drinking Spaces; those fast-rising, multi-purpose, bar-gig-restaurant venues where you’ll find craft beer, tattooed staff and often, great food at keen prices.’ 

See through kitchens‘Forget open kitchens, which merely offer a glimpse of proceedings. Now, it’s all about display-cooking, as seen at Manchester House (manchesterhouse.uk.com) or Bruno Loubet’s Grain Store (grainstore.com). At both, the kitchen is part of the dining room. The chefs cook right in front of you.’  

Badass bar food‘Move over scotch eggs and sausage rolls; increasingly Britain’s publicans are inviting hot street food operators into their kitchens.’  

Get ur freekeh on‘After the quinoa hoo-ha, chefs are taking a fresh look at the nutty, nutritional possibilities of ancient, unrefined wholegrains like freekeh, wheat berries and black barley. Superseeds like chia and flax are trending, too.’  

Fearless street food‘Edgy experimentation and clever fusion is hardwired into street food’s DNA, and such creativity is no longer confined to London.’

Serious cider‘Craft beer is still the zeitgeist pint, but slowly, mainstream cider drinks are moving on from Magners. They’re being helped by venues which, rather than serving wacky flavours over ice, emphasis authenticity.’

Other trends highlighted listed include: fennel pollen, sherry, rock ‘n’ roll restaurateurs and barrel aged cocktails. olive also lists four trends that leave it cold, including robot restaurants, US burgers, bewildering botanicals and distressed dining spaces.

Apparently Gorilla's Eggs Benedicts are the best in city according to the piece. That's about right at least. 

Sleuth Has Just Nipped Out Of The Room So Finally....

Every seven days or so Sir Howard Bernstein is asked by policemen, concierges, corridors, crocodiles, Twixes, Euan Sutherland, Bez and all the people in Wythenshawe, this question: "Where can we find in Manchester a wonderful, well-designed, central, probably hard-surfaced, square of the sort you might see in one of the best European cities?"

"Why," says Sir Howard (in this interview), "that would be Piccadilly Gardens. It is an undoubted success."

"Surely not," cried all the policemen, concierges, corridors, crocodiles, Twixes, Euan Sutherland, Bez and all the people in Wythenshawe, and showed him these pictures of the successful 'Gardens'.  

"Coo, we love, coo, the bits of old burger we find on this, coo, mostly broken thingy, coo."

Beautifully maintained lawnsBeautifully maintained lawns

A Nice Place To SitA nice place to sit

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25 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Poster BoyMarch 21st 2014.

It's worth repeating again. Sir Howard Bernstein says "Piccadilly Gardens is an undoubted success, look at the levels of use, the footfall." Priceless.

AnonymousMarch 21st 2014.

Well everybody likes a pop at the BBC these days, don't they Sleuth? Meanwhile down at Trinity Mirror's Chadderton HQ this past week, they're printing pictures of the Liverpool waterfront thinking it's Salford Quays! (Yes, incredibly on page 2 AND page 24, March 18.) But nobody says a thing do they Sleuth? Oh and here's another BBC news story that for some reason Sleuth ignored last week too :- www.bbc.co.uk/…/business-26557265…

ShybaldbuddhistMarch 21st 2014.

Piccadilly Gardens, fills you with pride doesn't it! Beautiful.

SquirrelitoMarch 21st 2014.

World class! Undoubtedly!

DavidMarch 21st 2014.

Where does that leave all those local Labour MPs and councillors with financial links to the Coop,is it not time they stopped taking money from this financially mismanaged organisation?.All of them loved to say how the Coop was different from the big banks in London,that it was run for the benefit of its members.All of that proved to be completely untrue it was run by an unaccountable leadership who paid themselves excessive salaries,and who were totally incompetent at running a business. Now they are all silent,they just pretend it does not exist.You won't hear a word now from them now about their personal links to the Coop.Many of these incompetent people who were supposed to be supervising Coop management were like Rev Flowers associated with the Labour Party.No wonder so many Northern Labour run councils are badly run.

7 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousMarch 21st 2014.

What such as Labour & Co-operative Councillor Kevin Peel (formerly North West Rep for Co-op Youth- doesn’t appear to remember that on his LinkedIn page) or recent & current MCC Executive members Jim Battle, Mike Amesbury or Paul Andrews amongst others. Actually there appears to have been quite a bit of editing of both parties’ websites regarding connections between the two.

Poster BoyMarch 21st 2014.

Whist the reputation of the Co-operative Group has undoubtedly been sullied by the proclivities of Paul Flowers, the Co-op's problems result from a toxic merger with the Britannia Building Society -founded on the naked personal ambition and greed of two bankers (no surprise there then) Neville Richardson and David Anderson.

DavidMarch 21st 2014.

Poster boy that is not true that the problems started with the acquisition of Brittania Building Society,if you read the report by Lord Myers about the Coop the problems are far wider than that and go back further in time.The previous acquisition of Somerfield was also a very bad business decision.The Coop has mismanaged for decades and the people who were supposed to be supervising this management,on behalf of the members,were largely people with links to the Labour Party,to whom the Coop has given an enormous amount of financial assistance.

AnonymousMarch 21st 2014.

In the mid-90’s Andrew Regan famously tried to “carpet bag” the Co-operative Group using corrupt payment to Co-op Executives. This time round they merely invited the parasites through the front door believing themselves to be powerful players. They were cash rich in a recession and sat down at the roulette table just as the Banking Big Boys were working out how to save their losses. It was ineptitude and corruption in equal measure for which still nobody has been charged. The Co-op HQ building looks more and more like a massive urinal every day.

Poster BoyMarch 24th 2014.

David; whilst the Somerfield deal might be described as reckless it is the acquisition of the Britannia and its bad debt that has brought the Co-op to the brink of bankruptcy. You might also reflect that I did not state "that the problems started with the acquisition of Brittania (sic). " And, the Myners Report is not published until April. But hey, let's not let facts get in the way of your unremitting anti-Labour diatribe...again.

rinkydinkMarch 27th 2014.

I don't see what's so wrong with what Paul Flowers did. I know plenty of drug taking businessmen that use rent boys. None of them are priests though admittedly. It's all bollocks anyway... people are people. No one is perfect

Mark FullerMarch 28th 2014.

An extended period of silence from pious, sanctimonious,hypocritical bankers like Rev. Flowers would be most welcome.

GimboidMarch 21st 2014.

David, I note that you've not made a connection between the local Labour Party and today's Fitzgerald review. www.manchesterconfidential.co.uk/…/The-Fitzgerald-Northern-Quarter-Reviewed-Manchester… Have you been too busy? Were you arguing with your shadow perhaps?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousMarch 24th 2014.

I think you'll find that the connection between the Co-operative Group and the Labour Party is very real Gimboid and absolutely no silly little joke. Heck, I thought a town hall apparatchik like you would have known that?

GimboidMarch 24th 2014.

That's hilarious. I don't work for the council, I'm quite happy working in the private sector where I have very little to do with MCC. I've also never voted Labour in my life. In fact, the only non-anonymous pronouncements I've made have been against the council.

AnonymousMarch 21st 2014.

Those benches in the so called "GARDENS". Why,in our climate, so much wood and badly maintained, Manchester style?????Been to BERLIN?????

DavidMarch 22nd 2014.

The Coop is one of the few major businesses with its headquarters in Manchester.It should be a source of pride to the city,but it has be ruined by a incompetent management largely under the supervision of clueless board,who come mostly from the Labour movement.

5 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousMarch 23rd 2014.

A decent local newspaper would have been "onto" all this (Flowers and the wider incompetent management at the Coop) years ago. So is it because of "weak local journalism" in Manchester these days, or the fact that the MEN is now owned by Labour Party supporting Trinity Mirror group?

AnonymousMarch 24th 2014.

The MEN covers low-hanging fruit stories - violent crime, United and City, celebs out in town.

AnonymousMarch 24th 2014.

People should realise,that the Coop has lent the Labour Party millions of pound at interest rates far below what any individual or business would be allowed to borrow at and it gave over £850,000 a year to Labour MPs.Yet now the Labour Party pretends the troubles of this organisation have got nothing to do with it. Only today the Coop was forced to admit it needs to give an additional 4 hundred million in funding to the Coop bank and it's next financial results have been delayed,with speculation that it could have lost over two billion pounds last year. Yet what passes for local media in Manchester have done nothing to hold anyone to account for the wanton destruction of this organisation.

AnonymousMarch 25th 2014.

And yet the Labour dominated MCC Executive (with 4 Labour & Co-operative Party members at the time- out of 12) gave the Co-op £20m to fund its NOMA speculative build project in 2011. This moved the Inner Ring Road, changing the postcode from M4 to the more lucrative M60 and paid for the landscaping of the whole area. Having done this the Co-op subsequently sold their new HQ and “our new Public Realm” to Deusche Bank and a Chinese Investment Bank for £145m- making a profit of at least £35m on their original investment- the Co-op Group haven’t done too bad out of New Labour as well. Don’t see much mention of that in the Local or National press either.

SimonMarch 25th 2014.

Four out of twelve seats is 'dominating' ? Wow, even real elections must seem terribly undemocratic to you David, I mean 'Anonymous'...

Crazy TownMarch 24th 2014.

Is it just me that thinks its crazy that Bez is running for MP? Only a few years ago he was convicted of assulting his girlfriend, now visits schools teaching the children of Manchester & Salford about veg and bees!! How did he even get CRB checked and allowed into schools?

1 Response: Reply To This...
rinkydinkMarch 27th 2014.

He will never get voted in in a month of (happy) Sundays

AnonymousJanuary 5th 2015.

Northerners had to go to London to eat cutting edge food! I remember the sheer delight of my first jellied eel followed by pie and mash covered in thickened up urine. That knocked my mum's rag puddings,potato pie and hot pot into a cocked hat Guvnor.Wonder if you can still buy those gastronomic wonders down there. All washed down by tea made from third world water.

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