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Manchester grabs peddlar

First goods seizure under new powers

Published on June 29th 2010.

Manchester grabs peddlar

Manchester City Council has used new powers to seize goods for the first time from a street trader allegedly trading illegally.

There is an argument that street peddlars make the city scene more engaging, add variety, give it buzz. But clearly if counterfeit goods are being sold then this has to be acted upon.

The trader, who was selling watches at the corner of Market Street and Piccadilly Gardens had his trolley and goods seized by Council officers on Thursday 24 June, and could now face prosecution.

The Manchester City Council Act 2010, which received Royal Assent in April, gave the Council extra powers to control people illegally street trading in busy shopping areas such as Market Street.

Councillor Nigel Murphy, Executive Member for Environment, said: “Illegal traders can cause obstructions on our busiest streets, sell shoddy and sometimes counterfeit or dangerous goods and undermine the efforts of legitimate traders.

This picture was not taken in Manchester

“We have had public support for our efforts to remove them from the city’s streets where they are trading illegally but we have not been heavy-handed in our enforcement of this new legislation. We have taken a proportionate approach, detailed guidance has been handed out to traders explaining the legislation before we have started any enforcement action.

“This individual appears to have chosen to flout the rules and our clear message is that where it is appropriate we will not hesitate to use these new powers to protect our residents and legitimate traders.”

Confidential hopes this wasn’t heavy handed. There is an argument that street peddlars make the city scene more engaging, add variety, give it buzz. But clearly if counterfeit goods are being sold then this has to be acted upon. Still we hardly seem to have the same problem as the Mediterranean seaside resorts where every fake make of watch or perfume is for sale 24 hours a day.

The Manchester response here seems measured, let’s hope it continues in that vein.

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DescartesJune 29th 2010.

Hmmm, Illegal trader..... or entrepreneurial spirit?

Personally I think the picture has got it right, people know they aren't buying the real deal from street traders and they don't care. My ex had a Louise Bouton bag from Stockport market that she loved for ages.

Leigh ScottJune 30th 2010.

I had a Keebok hoodie once!

Leigh ScottJune 30th 2010.

regardless of the quality it should be my choice to buy my cheap immitation crap from a street seller, we buy enough of it from the High Street sellers,have you seen the shit that TK max try to get away with?! If the quality is poor and we all know what were in for when trading with a street seller whats the issue? What do the major chains on the high street have to worry about with one man and his box of gold watches! mind you H.M Samuels will be worried and that stuff that turns your wrist green from Argos' high flying designer Elizabeth Duke'! This is not about the tat or the individual damaging business; it's about the fact that he can trade to people who want to buy from him and the nanny state can't tax him!

Leigh ScottJune 30th 2010.

DIBIGO P personal choice and common sense surely? If a parent wants to buy their child a toy covered in lead paint then thats the choice they make for their child, clearly not a sensible choice but a choice nevertheless.I choose not to take such risks.Don't get me started on child labour, what with Primark et-al.A lot of the cheap stuff that comes in to this country and is sold on to retailers from the manufacturers is from china and india and other cheaper production states. it's just covered up or waiting for exposure! choice should always be part of an individuals freedom

AnonymousJuly 1st 2010.

Can something be done about that man at the top of Market Street who sells that awful thing that one puts in one's mouth and which makes that awful noise. Come the revolution he's first in line...

DescartesJuly 6th 2010.

Dibigo P, ethics aren't taken care of by mainstream chains: Nike are just one example of a big company that're well known for using Asian sweatshops to produce their goods.

The lead in kids toys you speak of, that was an issue last year that affected Toys R Us and Mothercare.

Having a shop doesn't make things more ethical or better. Scottee's right, the issue the council are taking is that of collecting tax, not protecting the consumer.

Peter HarrisJuly 6th 2010.

The quality of fake watches is deteriorating! I have three wonderful fakes purchased in Florida ten years ago that are still going strong and one of them even fooled a jeweller friend.

JaneyJuly 7th 2010.

What about the preachers that populate Market street every Saturday..
Some use 'A' boards that are an obstruction ..plus some of their views are quite homophobic..
I guess because there are a 'religion' they think they can get away with it ??
So much so that a group called Queerstianity (they have a facebook page)set up to shout down the preachers.
They did a good job in getting rid of a ginger haired guy who would regularly stand on his step ladders spouting nonsense....

As for bird whistle man ..there was a facebook group to get rid of him ..i dont know if it still exists but A LOT of people would like to put that whistle where the sun dont shine !!

Earl of DidsburyJuly 13th 2010.

wish they would remove all the other people that hassle you in piccadilly / market st area , promotional people , accident people , charities of every kind , telephone companies , awful the walk through hell!

Earl of WythenshaweJuly 14th 2010.

Lets not froget the religous people and the old guy that dances. He was funny the first time. I avoid market street at all costs on the weekend.

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