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Manchester Is 'Open For Business'

'Go and enjoy your city' says council

Written by . Published on August 11th 2011.

Manchester Is 'Open For Business'

MANCHESTER City Council has told local residents to show their pride and support local businesses tonight and during the weekend.

Businesses in the city centre are planning to resume normal opening hours tonight following the public disorder on Tuesday night.

"The jobs of thousands of people in the city centre should not be jeopardised by the actions of these mindless thugs.”

Bars and restaurants across Manchester city centre including the Northern Quarter, Deansgate Locks, Canal Street and Piccadilly will remain open.

The Manchester Arndale shopping centre and stores including Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer and House of Fraser will also stay open until 8pm tonight as usual. 

There will be substantial policing arrangements as a precaution and reassurance to members of the public wanting to enjoy Manchester’s nightlife. 

Councillor Pat Karney, Manchester city centre spokesman, said: “We’ve already seen the real people of Manchester stand up for their city by coming out in force to help clean up the streets. Now, we need Mancunians – as well as people who visit the city – to show how proud they are of Manchester by supporting local businesses tonight and over the weekend. 

“This means doing exactly what they would normally do, and going out to enjoy everything this wonderful city has to offer – our bars, clubs, restaurants, cinemas and shops. The jobs of thousands of people in the city centre should not be jeopardised by the actions of these mindless thugs.”

Vaughan Allen, chief executive of CityCo, Manchester’s city centre management company said: “We’ve been liaising with all our members and they are eager to return to normal operating hours tonight.  Businesses are defiant and want to get back to normal hours as quickly as possible. Manchester has been massively successful over the last few years beating the recession and we can’t let one night of madness beat us.”

Northern Quarter spokesperson, Nicky Rybka Goldsmith, proprietor of The Bay Horse public house, Cord bar and Thomas Restaurant said: ”As a community we have taken the decision to open tonight as usual.  Businesses and customers alike are keen for a feeling of normality to return as soon as possible. 

"Part of the Northern Quarter’s attraction and charm is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere and we will not let the events earlier in the week destroy this.”

There is currently no police intelligence to suggest there will be any further outbreaks of violence but for regular up-dates visit www.cityco.com.


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22 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousAugust 11th 2011.

I would happily go and 'enjoy' manchester and spend money with businesses but can't afford to as I lost my job in the city councils spending cuts in youth services. Hmm. The only city in the UK to practically cut the youth service by nigh on 100%. Saving money?

Simon BinnsAugust 11th 2011.

It's from a press release that was sent out to all media by Cityco this afternoon.

We thought the information in it was useful, as we had a lot of people ask us if bars, shops and restaurants would be open tonight and over the weekend.

Sorry if you didn't find the information useful. We hope others did.

AnonymousAugust 11th 2011.

'Slopping' Melanie? Sloppy ranting if you ask me.

Jonathan Schofield - editorAugust 12th 2011.

Melanie, look at the police and council press releases and then at the MEN's and Beeb's coverage and mostly they are topped and tailed and then left verbatim as the Police wrote them. We very rarely do that. We did yesterday in the way of a public information service kind of way. Nothing's changed at all at Manchester Confidential, except we keep increasing readership and providing an alternative media. If you don't like what we do don't read us, simple as that. Thing is of course, we keep up your negative comments for all to see. Again a point of distinction with so many other media outlets.

Simon BinnsAugust 12th 2011.

Hackhound, or should I say Melanie, that's just down to our story entry system. Whoever puts the piece up gets the by-line.

You seem to be getting really upset by this, and I can only apologise for causing you so much distress.

Phil BurkeAugust 12th 2011.

Firstly can I show our absolute full support and admiration for GMP, who had an
unbelievably difficult and impossible situation to deal with. Thugs, idiots and
mindless morons like these deserve to treated in the manner that they have
chosen to treat our premises, properties and the law abiding citizens of our

And it is a credit to the police that they are unfortunately not only
faced with dealing with these idiots, but they also have to deal with the sandal
wearing human rights lawyers looking over their shoulders criticizing their
every move.

What about the human rights of the businesses trashed last night? But now is not
the time for that debate I guess.

At this time the police deserve our full support, help and encouragement in
their handling of this dreadful and atrocious situation.

It was also great on Tuesday night to see the city centre CCTV control room passing on excellent information via the nightnet Radio to all businesses, this very important information and updates were superb, we must also thank the staff from Cityco for also keeping us all updated by their own press office regular updates
and was a definite help to a lot of our Network members.

We cannot and we should not allow these thugs to change our way of life and our businesses.

It business as usual for all our city centre Licence Premises , Please come out and show your support to both the day time and night time economy

In conclusion can i say that walking through the town on Wednesday morning and seeing
the vast team of volunteers and helpers organizing cleaning teams and working
hard to eliminate all signs of trouble from the night before proves what a great city we live in.

Manchester at its best is something we should be very proud of, and something we
absolutely must fight to protect and maintain

James SpencerAugust 12th 2011.

Dear Hackhound I agree.. there is a way of doing these things which tells the reader where they come from (the names and pictures for example?)

1 Response: Reply To This...
MaggieAugust 12th 2011.

Bitch, moan, whine, whinge.

I'm just happy that information is being sent out, whatever the source. Mancon were brill on the night, I stayed up late reading the ManCon 'blog' which was FIRST HAND info GLEANED IN THE HEAT OF BATTLE!
I'm now encouraged to continue with my regular weekend visit to Manchester to try and support the independant and chain shopkeepers and restaurants that provide us with such good service throughout the year - and pay lots of rates to provide us with a city centre to be proud of.
So Melanie/Hackhound and the acolyte James Spencer - GO AND WHINE SOMEWHERE ELSE.

AnonymousAugust 12th 2011.

Is this seriously the way you respond to criticism? "If you don't like it, don't read it"? What an utter moron you must be. Someone else then agrees with the poster and you immediately assume it is the same person?

Your website is abysmal. Your e-mailouts are at best annoying, at worst poorly informed and light on information. Your staff are self congratulatory, back slapping hacks.

The fact this excuse for a website is all Manchester has to rely on is shameful.

AnonymousAugust 12th 2011.

oh for heavens sake! Stick to the MEN then!

By the way way I am NOT a hero, NOT a loyal follow, NOT a mancon member using a pseudonym etc etc.

And anyway, this site is not twitter or structured to be an instant update site so how can you compare the coverage?

4 Responses: Reply To This...
HackHoundAugust 12th 2011.

Point proven

AnonymousAugust 12th 2011.

no you twat - read the post.

Your point about crediting the piece as a press release is a very good one though. Confidential - take note.

I still think yuour a twat though hackhound, as you seem unable to read.

AnonymousAugust 12th 2011.

but I am unable to spell. So I am obviously a twat too.

HackHoundAugust 12th 2011.

What is it I am not able to read?

Simon BinnsAugust 12th 2011.

Blimey. I'm surprised you don't like the fact that we engage with our readers.

You're entitled to your opinion, but if someone criticised your work, I'd expect you'd want a right of reply.

No pseudonyms here; just me, responding to feedback from a reader. That's one of the benefits of this type of media - a two way debate between writers and readers.

Much like the restaurant game, if you've had a bad meal or bad service, you'd always expect the restaurant to take note and respond.

It seems you prefer a one way conversation where your views are the only allowed.

To label an attempt at a discussion an 'over reaction' seems a little strong.

AnonymousAugust 12th 2011.

Oh this just gets better!

"Thing is of course, we keep up your negative comments for all to see. Again a point of distinction with so many other media outlets"

Erm, so why have you deleted my negative comment posted earlier today? You really are pathetic!

SmittyAugust 12th 2011.

Dear God, get a grip. Mancon has done a brilliant job this week. As has the MEN, Radio Manchester, Key 103 and all the other media. And let's be fair to Mancon, they've got a lot less resources than the other media in the city. And I reckon that most Mancon regulars feel the same.

Chris-afortunadoAugust 12th 2011.

Good to see we're focussing on the real issues...

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