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Manchester Day Goes Worldwide

We have international pulling power

Published on June 20th 2013.

Manchester Day Goes Worldwide

THIS is a fun idea from the City Council.

If Councillor Karney develops this idea we could have quite a party on our hands. 

Tens of thousands of people watched this year's Manchester Day Parade - but now, Councillor Pat Karney who chairs the annual celebration, is appealing to a wider, global audience for an event to incorporate every Manchester across the world.

The move for an International Manchester Day comes after wishes of support were sent for the city's recent (2 June) parade from two American Manchesters in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and also from Calgary in Canada, where there is an industrial area called Manchester.

"I've always known that our Manchester is deserving of worldwide note," says Cllr Karney, "But now, we can extend the hand of friendship to every Manchester in the world, for a global celebration of all things Manchester.

Manchester Day Parade


Manchester Day Parade

"I'm very keen for us all to share links and get to know each other - and I'm issuing an open invite for visitors from other Manchesters to come and see our great city. And, if they want to visit for next year's parade we could make it an International Manchester Day."

Manchester after Manchester after Manchester as far as the eye can see

This idea may be bigger than Councillor Karney knows. There are more than fifty Manchester's around the world.

Most of these are in the USA but there are several spread around all parts of the old British Empire. In Massachusetts there is a holiday resort called Manchester-by-the-Sea - main picture at the top of this page.

Weirdest of all there is a Manchester in a country that was never part of the British Empire. In the Amazon rainforest in northern Bolivia on the Rio Manuripi, a hundred miles and more from the nearest road, is one of the world's most humble Manchesters.

And one of my greatest disappointments - Radio 4's Journey of a Lifetime.

There are probably more Manchester namesakes around the world than for any other UK town or city. These derive from emigrants settling in recently colonised areas or because Manchester, as the embodiment of industrial progress, seemed a good title for energetic towns wanting to gain reflected glory. 

But that's not the end of it.

The numbers of the Manchester's around the world attending an International Manchester Day could be massively boosted beyond these fifty plus other 'Manchesters'. 

The city's industrial fame in the nineteenth century led just about every country in the world to nick-name their first industrial area, especially if characterised by textiles, as Manchester.

Thus Osaka was the 'Manchester of Japan', Ahmedabad was the 'Manchester of India' and Norrkoping was the 'Manchester of Sweden' and so on.

If Councillor Karney develops this idea we could have quite a party on our hands. 

It could be the equivalent, but less misty-eyed and sentimental, of Ireland and Scotland's Gatherings, where people with ties to the 'auld' countries return.

Jonathan Schofield

You can follow Jonathan Schofield on Twitter here @JonathSchofield or connect via Google+


Ahmedabad - 'Manchester of India'Ahmedabad - 'Manchester of India'

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14 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Jonathan MoranJune 20th 2013.

Pat Karney exists with the sole intention of promoting himself first and this city second. The M.E.N almost work as his personal publicity agency constantly referring to the man as "city centre spokesperson" and even the truly vomit inducing "Christmas spokesperson" (Google it) - elected by who?! Pat do yourself a favour and start looking after your constituents - the people of Harpurhey- they need you and are among the most deprived in the UK.

9 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 20th 2013.

Jonathan, you're absolutely right. To quote councillor Karney 'if was up to me I'd start the Christmas markets in June'

SmittyJune 20th 2013.

Funny that the good people of Harpurhey always return him with a landslide when he's up for election. Pat Karney is a decent, hardworking committed man who, I would humbly suggest, has done more for this city than you or I have managed.

AnonymousJune 20th 2013.

How long has Karney been the "city centre spokesman" for now? I think the answer to that will tell you just what a "politically dead and non-vibrant" city Manchester is! Something not worth celebrating, or to be proud of, in THIS Manchester at least.

Jonathan MoranJune 20th 2013.

Well P̶a̶t̶ - sorry Smitty. As I'm sure you're aware You could put a sausage in suit, pin a labour badge on it and he'd win by a 'landslide' in most areas of Greater Manchester. My point is his ward is Harpurhey and he has no business constantly commenting on city centre affairs- it just seems to me he loves the publicity more than the city.

AnonymousJune 20th 2013.

Councillor Karney lives in the City Centre and is Lead Councillor for the City Centre. and charged with oversight of its character including promoting fun for all Manchester people. In this context it would be interesting to know what people in Manchester actual want for the City Centre. Sometimes I fell they just want a free car park Thc CC Councillors concentrate on residents issues but do don't neglect the wider contextt Sometime I feel it would be better moved to Chorlton now there is tram and I could enjoy my lift in the 'old City Centre'

SmittyJune 20th 2013.

Jonathan, I'm not Pat, I'm just someone who likes and respects him. I also respect my fellow citizens who take the time to go out and vote - whichever party they vote for. Except those who vote BNP. Dismissing Manchester people because our city is overwhelmingly Labour demonstrates a nasty cocktail of arrogance and disrespect. So there.

Jonathan MoranJune 21st 2013.

Smitty you've proved my point perfectly there. "respect my fellow citizens" EXCEPT those that offer a different view point then your own. I do not want to silence anyone (apart from Pat maybe!) whether I find their views abhorrent or not. Controlling the media and silencing people all sounds a bit communist to me......

AnonymousJune 21st 2013.

In answer to a previous question, Pat Karney has actually been the "city centre spokesman" since 1929 when he was first elected as councillor for Harpurhey. He is most famous though for achieving the highest poll rating ever for a Manchester council ward, when he got 37 votes at the last local election - which of course ensured him a "landslide" victory in Harpurhey.

SmittyJune 21st 2013.

Eh? All I said was that I don't respect people who vote BNP. It doesn't follow that I want to put them in the back of a black van and have them dumped in the ship canal... I certainly don't want to silence the BNP because the more they open their mouths the more the great British public see them for what they are.

AnonymousJune 20th 2013.

There's an area of Gent known as little Manchester. With the Belgians in, that's the beer sorted.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 20th 2013.

Dear Gent, Ghent?

Keith BarrattJune 21st 2013.

www.visitgent.be/… Gent if your Femish, Ghent if your Wallonian

Keith BarrattJune 21st 2013.

or even Flemish

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